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The Darkness Always Has Another Dark Way
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Jan 9th, 2013

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The Scent of Cinnamon

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The Breaking Point

Ty Lee, Suon, and Nia have been walking in the woods for hours. The night was completely silent, expect for the sound of twigs snapping under Suon's feet.

"Maybe you should be a little more quieter, woodwalker!" Nia said letting her hands fly in the air and then landing them on her hips. She took caution with her steps, she didn't want anyone yelling at her.

"Well maybe if you wouldn't have ran towards the woods we wouldn't be in this situation!" Suon snapped back. Ty Lee tried hard to ignore the bickering between them.

"Well if you took those boots-" Nia started, but Ty Lee was fed up.

"If you two would stop all this arguing, maybe we could walk peacefully without being burned to a crisp by firebenders or hit with any other type of weapon." Ty Lee said outraged. Nia and Suon whispered to each other, still carrying on their conversation.

"What's with you two?" Ty Lee mumbled to herself. The group came across an opening in the woods and decided to make camp. The stars had a natural glow to them, lighting up the huge trees around the camp.

"Isn't it fascinating that the stars... Like... They, it has an "le" at the end." Ty Lee said looking into the sky deeper.

"Sparkle?" Suon and Nia replied at the same time.

"Yeah, sparkle," Ty Lee yawned, she fixed her sleeping bag and laid in it, "Well I'm going to sleep, night."

"Goodnight." Suon replied. Nia nodded. After Ty Lee went to sleep, and they were sure of it, Suon and Nia crept off into the darkness. They sat on a couple of rocks, away from the campsite.

"What is with you today?" Suon asked.

"Nothing. All I want to know is..." Nia stopped looking to her left. Either she heard a leaf crumble or it was just her imagination. Certainly wasn't her imagination. There was a moment silence between them.

"What? Is this about our relationship?" Suon put an extra emphasis on relationship. He faced her and smiled.

"What, no! You and I were never anything!" Nia said standing up and walking away. Suon's smile faded a little as she walked.

"I didn't mean it like that, Ms. Touchy!" Suon joked.

"Woodwalker!" Nia yelled back as she continued. She blushed and chuckled to herself. For once in her life.

"Wait up." Suon replied sprinting towards Nia. He didn't even see the rope that was tied between two trees. The rope tripped him and he fell to the ground with a grunt. Ninjas came out of nowhere and tied him up. Suon was blindfolded and taken away. When Nia didn't hear his footsteps anymore she turned around in fright.

"Suon?" As she turned and stopped.

"Suon!" She screamed. The rope from the trees was gone.

Ko-yu stood in front of two heavily armed guards. She gave them orders and sent them out marching down the long corridor. A ninja walked in holding Suon by his arms. He threw him on the floor and left. The room was dimly lit and dust covered the floors. No windows were in sight, not that Suon could see them anyway.

"So what are you doing out here alone, at night, little boy?" Ko-yu said glaring at Suon harshly. He didn't answer. She took his blindfold off and repeated her question. The ropes were cut off of his wrists and ankles. Suon sat up on his knees and stared at Ko-yu. Once the smell of cinnamon was out of his lungs he started talking.

"First of all, I'm not a little boy and I wasn't alone." Suon replied hanging his head in shame.

"I know. No need to be mad about it. I'm guessing you were with your girlfriend... Nia, right?" Ko-yu teased grabbing a steaming cup of jasmine tea off of a table.

"She's not my girlfriend." Suon snapped. Ko-yu walked away and sat on the edge of the table, sipping her tea silently. He looked at her as her eyes turned a bright orange. There was something unusual about her, besides the color changing eyes.

"Right," she said after she was done sipping.

"What are you going to do to me?" Suon questioned her. An again, her eyes turned a different color, this time a light shade of green with envy. Suon noticed that her eyes turned a different color depending on her mood. She muttered some words under her breath. Suon could hear every word she said, he had excellent hearing. No wonder he was an "All-Star" student in the Fire Nation Academy. Right now his friends were in grave danger. Ko-yu got up and walked out of the door. She commanded two troops of ninjas to the woods, where Ty Lee and Nia were staying.

Nia ran to Ty Lee as fast as she could. She made it to the camp and woke Ty Lee up, who was still halfway sleep.

"Nia, it's not even morning yet. It's like midnight," She said dazed, "Too early to be up. But something must be on your mind." Ty Lee snuggled back into her sleeping bag.

"Ty Lee please, it's about Suon! We were out talking and he was captured!" Nia pleaded. She looked at Ty Lee with a sad face. Ty Lee was shocked at the news. She immediately got up and heard something howl.

"What was that? Was it your stomach? I kinda had the feeling you were a midnight snacker." Nia replied proudly, but deep down inside, she still felt concerned at Suon.

"No! I'm not a midnight snacker. And I d-don't know. Things just got a little creepier." Ty Lee stuttered. There was a bark and the movement of paws. Ty Lee stepped closer to the tree when the sound was coming from. Nia yanked her back.

"Are you crazy?!" She whispered in Ty Lee's ear.

"No. It sounds like a wolf or maybe a bear." She whispered back.

"What! Bears don't-" Ty Lee had already made it to the tree. She peeked behind it and saw a light gray wolf. It's eyes were sky blue and looked at Ty Lee, snarling. It's coat was shiny and clean.

"Awh!" Your so cute!" Ty Lee exclaimed. The wolf growled and trotted towards her. Nia came rushing towards the tree pulling out her broadswords.

"That's a big wolf. Almost as tall as you, but three feet more taller." Nia said walking around the wolf.

"Isn't she adorable," Ty Lee replied bubbly, "Were keeping her!"

"Alright." Nia shook her head, then she remembered they still had to find Suon.

"We'll name you... Mani." Ty Lee said to the wolf as she rubbed Mani's head. She barked and put her nose against Ty Lee.

"Ty Lee, we need to find Suon." Nia said to Ty Lee. Nia put her swords away and stood with her hands folded across her chest. Ty Lee hopped on Mani after a few attempts of falling off. She strode over towards Nia.

"All aboard the S.S. Mani!" Ty Lee said extending her hand out to Nia. Nia shook her head, displeased. She grabbed onto Ty Lee's hand and flung herself on the wolf.

"You owe me big time for this." Nia replied as they ran off in search of their missing friend. Their journey was going to end badly. Not like any fairy tale that has the "Oh-So-Happy-Good-Ending". No definitely, not like a fairy tale. More like Little Red Riding Hood turned evil.

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