The Dancing Dragon
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Avatar: The Adventure of Thoyrn


Book One: Nations



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Avatar thoyrn

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Chapter 2: A New Master

Thoyrn was in a hurry frantically packing his things he would need for the field trip to the Sun Warrior ruins with his firebending master today. Thoyrn took the essentials: food, water compass, and a cellphone (despite knowing there would be no signal but he's a teenager so what do you expect?). Thoyrn's cellphone went off and he went to answer it. Celina was calling so he picked up and Celina's voice came on.

"Hey Thoyrn. What time do I come to your place for when we go to the ruins?"

Thoyrn had that noted on a bulletin of events on his wall. Being the Avatar makes him busy enough, but he also has to juggle it with school and work so organization was a must. Thoyrn checked the section of the bulletin board marked "Avatar Training" and on the list it had sessions and trips and at the very top it said: "Trip to Sun Warrior ruins. 9:00 AM: Departure from house to Air Temple Island." From there, they take the airship to the ruins at 9:30 and stay there for the entire weekend camping out.

"We have to be at Air temple Island at 9:30. Come to my place at nine. Chang, Fang and Jun should be there by then. My mom's making breakfast and still thinks we're a couple."

Celina blushed at that last comment hoping that Thoyrn's mother could be accurate knowing that she really liked Thoyrn and hoped he really liked her too.

"I wouldn't miss it."

Celina hung up the phone and knew she truly wouldn't miss this opportunity. She always wanted to visit the Sun Warrior ruins, always fascinated by their culture and way of life and wanted to get a picture of the Eternal Flame up close and maybe put it on pictogram. Celina looked at her things and knew she was well behind on her packing and needed to look for things in the disaster area she called a bedroom. Only Kuvira's spirit energy cannon could clean her room or at least create a clean model the mess which could never compare. Celina found her pack next to her computer desk overloaded with CD'S, movers, video games, her tablet and all sorts of junk. On the chair, she found a backpack ready to go with a note from her mom.

"I owe Mom big time."

Celina knew that this was her mom's reminder to clean her room up at least the slightest bit. Celina then called Jun, waiting as her phone rung, just going off until Jun finally picked up and answered the call.

Jun started talking and actually seemed ready to go.

"Hey Celina. You ready to go or are you having trouble locating your bag in your junkpile. I mean bedroom."

"Haha very funny Jun, but I am more than ready and my room is fine. We can't all have punctual moms who clean our rooms for us like you now can we?"

Jun made a sour face, knowing Celina couldn't see it, but sensed Celina's jealousy about how she thought he was spoiled. Celina was right though; Jun normally got what he wanted and had no chores to do around his house and his parents gave him money all the time, but he wasn't going to own up to being spoiled.

"Maybe I am spoiled, but at least I can be responsible."

Celina gave a pissy reaction face. Celia thought she was very responsible, but she knew Jun was more responsible, but she wouldn't say so.

"Jun, I have to go. I'll call you back."

Celina knew she was running late and her mother wouldn't give her a ride to Thoyrn's house, so she would have to run five blocks. Celina then realized she was next to the river and could get there faster; it would be wet, but she'd be on time. Celina grabbed her backpack, went to the river, froze her boots to some ice and created a powerful wave that took her five blocks over in no time and was at Thoyrn's door in no time. She was never going to walk again.

Thoyrn had just finished packing when the doorbell rang and he got a text from Chang, Fang, Jun and Celia in the group chat Fang created.

Thoyrn looked at the group chat on his cell phone. The message read:

"At ur hous thoyrn"

from Celina, while Chang texted.

"We meeting Una at temple?"

Thoyrn didn't respond, but instead opened his front door as his friends all came and Celina bent all the water off of her onto Chang and Fang.

"Thanks for wetting me, Celina," came from a whiny and slightly upset Fang and Celina had to retaliate.

"Get over it Fang, I can bend it off; better yet, have Thoryn blow you dry."

Thoyrn was thinking of not doing so, but he could not resist and began to create a blast of air as Jun entered the front door, being blown into the wall with Fang.

Jun wasn't as much a mess as Fang, but wanted to know what was going on, so he asked:

"Why was I just blown into a living room wall? Ya know what? It doesn't matter. We gotta get moving if we want to make it to Air Temple Island in time."

Thoyrn gave a smirk as he thought of his idea and stated it.

"Don't worry, Jun, we'll get there in time."

Thoyrn then whistled, and Dola ran into the living room and started to lick Thoyrn.

"Down girl! I'm happy to see you had a good night's rest, but we need to get going."

Celina and Jun looked skeptical and just looked at Thoyrn. Celina then just spoke what was on her mind.

"Thoyrn, you expect us to ride Dola there? Is she even big enough to hold five people? Is she even fast enough to get us there on time? And what about when we get to the air temple?"

Thoyrn wanted to tell Celina she was just afraid to ride Dola but that road wasn't important now so he answered all her questions.

"Yes, I expect us to ride her. We all can fit on Dola. She can run up to 75 miles per hour and fly at 85 miles per hour, which I do not recommend. And Dola is coming with us, now hop on."

The group obliged and hopped on Dola as Thoyrn took the reigns as they set off on the city sidewalk.

"Guys, hold onto something!!!!!!"

As Thoyrn commanded, Celina grabbed onto Thoyrn's sweatshirt and started feeling his body and how good she thought his body felt as they were moving. Jun noticed the motion and got slightly jealous and then went on to embarrass Celina.

"Celina, can you ask your new boyfriend when we'll be at the ferry?"

Celina blushed a bright red, very thankful Thoyrn was wearing headphones so his music would hopefully block out her yelling as she went to defend herself.


Even though Celina said so, she thought of how good it would be to date him when Jun gave Fang a high-five. Luckily, they were at the ferry station, and they got on the ferry. Thoyrn took off his headphones and looked at Celina and could tell she was upset and thought about asking her.

Thoyrn then asked Celina when the ferry began moving.

"Celina, are you okay?"

Thoyrn's question may have gone through Celina's head, but she didn't want to process or answer it in case she may get emotional and kiss him, but she figured if she controlled herself and figured if she came up with a lie, she wouldn't end up yelling at him and just came up with an excuse.

"I'm fine. I've just been thinking, are there any Sun Warriors left? What if this trip ends up a total bust?"

Thoyrn thought that it didn't really matter about meeting Sun Warriors but knew of the cultural and spiritual properties that he thought were worth it.

"Well I guess we'll find out soon, because we're already at Air Temple Island."

Dola was happy to get up and off the boat and stretch her legs before getting on an air ship and upon seeing Una was happy for new attention.

Thoyrn noticed that Dola was already trying to keep Una's attention and apologized.

"Sorry Una!! Dola likes attention. A lot of attention. Here girl!!"

"Avatar Thoyrn nice of you and your friends to make it with only a few minutes to spare."

Thoyrn's face turned a brighter red than the airbender wingsuits as he gave a bow to Master Fong Li and finally grabbed some pride to say something.

"Sorry for the delay master. There was traffic."

Thoyrn's Master didn't take the traffic excuse too kindly but for the most part didn't care.

"I don't need to hear your lame-brained excuses. You may be the avatar but that doesn't excuse you from being on time! Now get on the air ship so we can get moving!"

Thoyrn thought about how bittier his master he seemed. At first Thoyrn thought it was because he was old and entering a mid-life crisis but he knew that something was wrong although it wasn't his place to toy with his emotions Avatar or not.

As the airship was about to take off Una now wearing an airbender wingsuit hastily crashes in gracelessly and everybody then just stared at her. Una felt embarrassed but she needed to defend herself in some fashion.

"I figured I would be less of a burden without my staff and I've always wanted to try the wingsuits."

Una wasn't nearly skilled enough with gliding to the point where she could use a wingsuit. She was barely capable on a glider to the point where she is more of a harm than help in the air. Jun even felt the need to bring this up.

"Una nothing personal but if you can barley fly on a glider how do you expect to use a wingsuit?"

"Using a wingsuit isn't like actual flying it is all physical and revolves around skill and I think I'm pretty good at airbending."

Una's cockiness was obvious even from the other side of the room where Fang was looking around in awe.

Thoyrn and Celina just gave each other a grin and Thoyrn felt the need to bring up this was Fang's first time on an airship.

"This is Chang and Fang's first time flying on an airship so I think Fang wants to take it all in. Right Fang?"

"Wowwwwwwww. all those people look soooooo small like little ant-beetles."

The airship was over the water and there weren't any people to look at as there weren't many ships in the area either.

"Fang. we're over the water. there aren't any people down there"

Celina also felt the need to ask why Chang was sitting in fetal position in his seat but with his first time in an airship he did have the right to be scared.

                              Meanwhile, at the Southern Air Temple

Elder Shana was at her office looking over her schedule and plans for the temple like the new renovation in the bath house and her big announcement in the sanctuary and then her intercom beeped so she had to check it.

"What is it Li-shan? I'm very busy."

Li-Shan then filled her in.

"Remember when you told Furatio to meet you in your office? He's here to see you now."

"Send him in."

As Furatio entered Elder Shana then got a devilish grin on her face as behind a curtain had all of his earthly attachments. Not just material processions but his loved ones too all unconscious soon to die in front of him so he will achieve flight.

"Furatio. It is a pleasure to see you. may I ask how you're feeling today?"

Furatio was nervous and he was unsure if she should know that so he thought is was best to just say what she wanted to hear.

"I feel great Elder Shana. How do you feel?"

"I feel great thank you for asking me. Do you want to know why I wanted to see you? But don't worry you aren't in any trouble. In fact I wanted to give you something. Do you know the story of Guru Laghima?"

"Yes Elder Shana all airbender children learned about his ability to fly. We also learned about the Red Lotus agent Zaheer. The first airbender to fly in generations to fly. Why did you want to know?"

"Furatio I was wondering if you ever wanted to fly?"

Furatio was confused now. A little scared even because he knew there was only one way to fly but Elder Shana wouldn't. She couldn't. He needed to carefully word his response.

"I never really thought of the opportunity of such power."

"Well what if I told you I can give you that power right now."

Elder Shana then proceeded to open the curtain, showing all of Furatio's earthly attachments. His parents, his brother, his wife, his children, what looked like a bison horn (most likely taken from his bison), his personal possessions or at least their remains. Furatio then asked the deadly question.

"What are you going to do with these?"

Elder Shana answered.

"Furatio, I already told you: I'm going to make you fly."

With that, his family came to but not for long as Elder Shana began to remove the air from their lungs, surrounding each of them in a sphere devoid of air, removing the sphere killing everybody in his family, except his wife. Elder Shana had a special treat on removing her as she mediated and her spirit left her body and entered his mortified wife; her eyes began to glow blue and she screamed for her husband to help her as her skin turned blue and her body began to deform and she collapsed dead in front of her husband.

Now Furatio was angry and upset as Shana's soul returned to her body.


"I told you, Furatio, I'm going to make you fly. The only way to do that was to remove all your earthly attachments. That meant destroying everything you owned, killing your bison and selling his carcass, and killing your entire family in front of you and now you have nothing left and you can fly."

Furatio was furious now and proceeded to attack Elder Shana.


Furatio then began to charge at Elder Shana and started to attack her, but his attacks were useless as she scaled the wall and pushed him on the edge of the open window and was about to push him.

"Now to see if you can fly, Furatio."

With those final words, she threw a gust of wind at Furatio, and he plummeted to his painful death as she heard a thud and knew that Furatio was dead and that he was just another failure. Of course her people could not know that she just murdered an entire family. She had already told the temple that Fuaratio's family had died in a bison riding accident, and she was now going to have to forge a suicide note so people would believe that Furatio killed himself when he learned that his family was dead. Shana proceeded to forge a suicide note and luckily she had a sample of his handwriting and she began.

"To all of those who may be affected by this suicide. Living in this world has become too awful. Nobody could understand the anguish I have been going through. First the loss of my bison, then my entire family. Although some people may claim to understand nobody has lost their entire family being left alone like a bison being the last of his pack after the members of his group or family have been killed by bison rustlers. I AM THAT BISON . that accident is the equivalent of the rustlers. The lonliness is unbearable.

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