The Beginning of the End
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Order to Disorder

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January 23, 2013

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The Mystery Deepens

Lao and Poppy Bei Fong are seen gathering papers, documents, and other envelopes as they tear through draws and desks. " It has to be here somewhere." "Lao what if we don't find it?" Lao rips out a draw and just dumps it onto the floor and searches through the pile.

" We have to find it it's our only proof that they exist. We can't let go on like this anymore." Poppy goes and grabs a small chest and looks through it. A few moments go by as the search finally ends. " I find it!" Lao goes to his wife and overlooks the small envelope with a simple symbol on it. "命令"

They briefly look at one another and then remove rings they had on their index fingers, with a centerpiece inscribed with the same symbol. " My love are you sure you want to do this, I'm the one they want, you ..." Lao is silenced as his wife kisses him. " Whatever happens we'll face it together."

Lao and Poppy enter the main hall of their home carrying luggage. " Are you sure that Toph will help us dear. After all we've done to her and what we're going to tell about what our business." "She may not understand, but she will have no choice. I never believed that they would gone so far as to..." BOOM

A sudden explosion shakes the foundation of the estate as it leaves the rest ignited in flames as they run back into the house. " No how could they have found us so quickly." The couple quickly run up the door as several estate guards run into the room. " Master Bei Fongs Go to your room! We will protect you!" The couple enter the room as the guards move a chair and bookcase to barricade it. The guards then gather around the door prepared to face whatever comes next.

5 Minutes Later

The debris covering the gate to Bei Fong estate is instantly blown away as Toph goes charging in followed by Aang who runs and in stops seeing the courtyard filled with the bodies of many estate guards. " Toph be careful we don't know what's happening!" " I don't care we have to save them!"

All of a sudden several figures dressed in black emerged in front of them and pull out blades and charge at them. Toph grabs the ground collapsing the ground beneath the assassins, only to see them jump into the air. Aang blasts a burst of air into one of them sending him flying into the house while the other lands on the ground only to have his feet submerged underground as Toph runs in and kicks him in the torso, sending him flying back.

" Who are these people?!" Toph brings down the debris covering the door to her home as four more assassins run out and throw several shuriken and small knives at them, only to be blocked as Aang and Toph rise a wall of Earth stopping them. The assassins then jumps over wall as they break into pair and attack Aang and Toph individually.

Toph rises a pillar of earth to break them apart as one attacks her hand to hand, Toph is able to evade his attacks but she ends the fight by raising a spike of earth and sending into the one of their chests knocking him out. The other assassin brings out a sword as he attacks Toph with only to fail as she grabs it in midair and bends it backward, finally punches him.

Aang meanwhile fights the other two as they attack him at the same time, Aang is able to evade the attack and creates a whirlwind of wind in all directions to send them flying. Aang then entraps one of them in earth, while firing bursts of fire at the other as he charges for another attack. He is able to evade the opening salvo of Aang's attack only to be stopped by a stronger blast of fire which sends him tumbling over the ground.

" These guys must be crazy to attack us both at the same time!" " We don't have time for this Aang we have to find my parents!" Toph runs into her home now quickly becoming a burning inferno, Aang bends water from a small nearby decor lake and sends it into the house dousing most of the flames and then runs in. "She never thinks things through."

Roughly a mile away

A group of Earth Kingdom troops are seen patrolling on a road. " Keep your eyes out men there have been reports of a rouge earthbender in the area, we need to find and contain him before he harms the civilian population." The troops only continue to walk as suddenly a man runs out in front of them. "Halt civilian who are you?!"

The man removes his hood and speaks to the solders in an alarmed tone. " I mean you no harm I was a guard from the Bei Fong estate, I was sent to get help. The avatar and an earthbender are attacking it! Please you have to stop them!" The officer then lowers his guard. " Okay you have our attention now show us the way." The man points his finger in a the direction he came from. " The estate is up this hill, about a mile. If you hurry you may be to capture them." " Very Well."

The Troops move as the man reopens his radio link. " Sir, I have alerted local forces to the Bei Fong estate." "Good this could work to our advantage." " What do you mean?" " The avatar maybe out of the way, but his friend could be a problem as well." " Do we have a plan of action?" " Yes. Here's what I want you to do..." The Bei Fong Estate

Aang POV

Aang continues to bend the fire away as it continues to grow. " Toph where are you!?" Several planks of wood collapse and fall down only to be stopped as Aang blows them away. Then suddenly a man jumps in behind from him and quickly jabs at Aang's arm quickly rendering it numb. A spike of earth immediately flies out and into the man sending him through a wall as Aang's arm collapses. " Great... Chi blockers. This just gets better and better."

Aang continues to search for Toph and kicks down another door, while also killing the flames as he goes. Aang is then attacked again

Aang then suddenly hears a scream from the upper floor, as it echoes through the house. " Toph!" Aang quickly runs up the stairs and notices more bodies of guards and assassins as they lay scattered across the floor. Aang arrives at a massive door blown to see Toph standing in shock in front of the door. " Toph what has happened..." Aang freezes at the sight before him.

Toph POV

Toph runs up the stairs ignoring the growing flames devouring her childhood home, as she prepares to enter a hallway several Shuriken quickly embed in themselves in the wall in front of her, as a guard's body falls afterwards. Toph makes the turn to five assassins standing in front of her parent's bedroom door. Toph roars in anger at the sight ." You guys are going to pay for this!"

The assassins immediately draw blades while one fires several more shuriken at her, several of them cut into her arm leaving a deep wound, but she quickly bends a wall from the stone floor to stop the others. Then two of the assassins leap at her from her sides with blades drawn. Toph quickly bends a piece of debris into one of them and then quickly evades the other's attack. The assassin continues to attack while the other assassins charge in with a spear, mace, while the other uses a hammer.

Toph slams the floor throwing the assassins on their feet, while one with a hammer jumps into the air and slams his hammer against the floor since he missed Toph. Toph quickly bends a small boulder and sends it into him, sending through several walls, while also entrapping another assassin into the ground. The other two quickly get and attack only for Toph to break the man's spear in half while bending mace's metal so it is thrown back into the man.

Toph finally ends the fight by slamming her feet against the ground sending all the assassins out a window. " Finally!" Toph runs into her parent's room and stops as soon as she steps on the stone floor and screams in shock at the sight.

POV ends

A single assassin decorated with black armor, with a series of decorative stones across her hip in a belt as her face is revealed completely exposed to show a flawless complexion with long black hair as well as showing no fear in her eyes with her blade drawn and two more assassins at both of her sides. Finally at her feet are the bodies of Poppy and Lao Bei Fong.

" Well, well isn't this just my unlucky day." Toph suddenly lashes out in anger as she throws a massive boulder from the first floor and throws into the air blowing the side of the house and taking the two assassins with it but the woman is still able to survive by evading it.

" YOU KILLED MY PARENTS!" Toph then charges into the room pulling stone around her body and runs at her. Toph throws her arm at the woman in hopes of sending her into the sky, only to miss just barely as she slides across the floor and goes between her legs grabbing them and throwing Toph into the air. She then throws several shuriken at Toph in the air, only to be stopped as Aang air bends them away.

Aang then joins the fight by blasting several bursts of fire at her while Toph lands on the floor and sends a fissure to collapse the floor underneath the woman. The woman jumps into the air avoiding Toph's attack and then notices Aang's arm having been numbed, she lands on the floor and then jumps behind Aang using him as a shield against Toph and then grabs his arm to send her into the air above and then quickly jabs at Aang's other arm to eliminate his bending.

She then prepares to draw her blade on him, but is stopped as Aang sends a blast of wind form his mouth. She flies across the room but catches her pacing and lands on a desk, as Aang and Toph encircle her. " WHO ARE YOU AND WHY DID YOU KILL MY PARENTS!" " Nothing personal, just another job for me." Aang then speaks out in anger, his tattoos even slightly glowing. " WHO ORDERED THIS HIT AND WHO ARE YOU!" " I have my orders and besides even if I did know why would I tell you?" Toph bends a boulder into her hands while Aang bends a ball of fire from his legs as they both throw it at her.

The woman is just barely able to evade the attack and fails, but she able to grab a blow gun and fires a dart that hits Toph in her chest. The woman then is hit by the attacks as it sends her through a wall leaving Aang and Toph to recover. " Ow!" Toph grabs the dart from her body and throws it away as Aang rushes to her side. " Toph are you alright." "I'm fine." Toph then walks clumsily and bumbling as she is barely to catch her footing, Aang quickly catches her using his numb limbs but they carry each other to the hole in the room and arrives at the body of the woman.

" Ugh... so much for a milk run." The woman just stands only to be blown against a wall by Aang blowing to allow Toph to entrap her into the wall. " We'll ask you one last time, who are you, why did you kill them, and what did you do to Toph?!" The woman looks at them now shuttering as she sees their faces with sign of utter anger and hatred.

" My name is Kiran, again it's a job I don't know who..." Toph responds by punching her square in her jaw. " DAMN! What the hell! I swear I don't know who ordered the hit my master handles the clients, I just do the job!" " And who's your boss!?" "Wouldn't you like to know, ho and don't worry about that toxin it is just there to stun the body's charka pathways, I won't say anything else."

Toph lets go of Aang as she nearly trips but brings her hand to the wall. " She telling the truth. " " You better talk or I'll...!" Kiran responds with a triumphant tone. " Do what? Kill me..." Toph tightens the bounds on her arms and legs sending her deeper into the wall. " Again who is your boss?!" The woman remains silent as Toph then gives up and leaves to go back in her parent's room struggling with each step as the toxin goes through her body... Toph stops at the bodies of her parents.

She is joined by Aang who does his best to hug her as she just collapses at the bodies of her parents and begins to cry. " I'm so sorry Toph." " NO I am, I should have went back to see them at least once or twice." They stay there for a few moments together as the world to Toph shrinks to just a few feet. " No Toph don't do that to yourself. This is not your fault! This was her..." Aang turns around in utter shock to see that Kiran is gone. " What's that's impossible!"

Toph and Aang stood up in shock at her disappearance. "Aang we have to find her before she can get away!" then several debris falls from the ceiling as the fire finally reached the room. " Toph I know we just have to..." " Aang get down!" Several arrows hit the wall behind them as they lay on the ground Aang and Toph go to where the wall was stood to see Kiran in the arms of a man and behind him a platoon of Earth Kingdom troops.

"Look there the avatar and the earthbender they have ransacked the Bei Fong estate and have killed the masters." Toph stands up in shock. " No wait we didn't..." Toph is silenced as the guard's archers fire another salvo of arrows and is pulled down by Aang.

Spy and Kiran POV

" The earthbender fugitive is Toph Bei Fong, she has aligned herself with the avatar!" Two solders run up and put their hands into the ground and the house begins to shake and tumble as the Kiran is carried off with the man while the Earth Kingdom troops continue to assault the estate. " You're lucky that the Order decided to bailed you out."

" The Order!" She then looks at the man in shock. " No wonder Wen wouldn't tell me anything about this job, but you guys didn't mention about the Avatar or the world's most powerful earth bender." " Oh shut up! Did you at least get it?" The woman reaches into her armor and pulls out an envelope with the symbol along with a Bei Fong stamp. " I have it right here." The man takes it. " Good now we have to leave."

Aang and Toph POV

The house continues to shake and tumble not helped by the earlier weakling of the foundation from the fire. " Toph we have to go! " Toph stops and looks at where her parents lie. " We can't just leave them here!" " I'm sorry Toph but we don't have the strength to carry them." " No Aang we have to take them with us!" " Toph we can't, those people killed your parents and they're our only lead into what's going on. If they get away we lose everything!"

Toph looks back at her parents in sadness and then bends the floor beneath them to send out of the house and save their corpses from the growing inferno. " Let's just go already." Aang and Toph walk out just as the room collapses and then they run through the rest of house now a burning ruin. Aang constantly blowing blasts of wind to blow away Fire and smoke as they reach the end of the house.

" Toph get my whistle and blow into it." Toph quickly grabs Aang's bison whistle hung around his neck and then blows into it, grabbing the attention of a flying bison as he flies away into the sky.

Aang and Toph reach the back of the house and wait as they analyze the situation. " Avatar Aang and Toph Bei Fong surrender immediately!" They look up to see several solder encircling them. " This is your final chance!" Aang just looks around and makes his decision. "Come and get us."

Aang then brings his mouth to Toph's ear as he speaks. " Forgive me." Toph just looks in confusion. " For what?"Aang then jumps into the air by several yards as Toph screams in terror. Appa then emerges from the horizon and flies across the area ready for Aang to land on top of him.

Aang then let's go of Toph only to regret that decision a moment later. " Never do that again!" Toph punches Aang in the arm knocking him down, as Appa flies away in the distance, Toph quickly looks back to where she believes her house might have once stood. " Don't worry Toph we'll find out who did this and why!" " We had better!" Toph grips the saddle tightly as she becomes filled evermore with anger as Appa continues to fly into the sky.

Several moments later

A carriage is seen waiting with an Ostrich horse eating some grass in a timid manner, but then looks up in surprise as two emerge from the forest and come onto the road. " Well that could have gone better." " It was your mission to kill the traitors and intercept the will." " Will we did that! But the Avatar and his friend now know about us! For generations The league of assassins have operated in shadow and myth and now, that is gone!"

" Your league will be well compensated for your dedicated effort." The two enter the carriage and sit on the seats as the rider swings a whip telling the Ostrich horse to go." Wen won't be happy with the results." " He won't have much a choice." "Just who do you guys think you are?!" The man lowers his fists revealing a ring with the symbol "命令"

" To bring order to a world of disorder first you must make yourself known and strike at the best opportunity to insure success. and destroy our enemy." Kiran merely smirks. " What is that supposed to mean? " " Oh... one day the whole world will discover why." The Carriage walks on in the distance unaware of a bison flying out of sight following behind them in the sky. " Maybe now we'll finally find some answers." Toph responds in a determined tone. "We had better find something."

The journey continues as a new day rises.

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