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Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan


Book 2: Water



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King Bumis Heir


King Bumis Heir

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April 10, 2013

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Chapter 2: The Crew

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Chapter 4: The Royal Lady


Senlin and Palartok survive the fall, they head to a village with a bar and meet a man who's on the same page as them.

Chapter 3: Survivors

Book 2: Water

Chapter 3: Survivors

Southern Air Temple

Below the mountains of the Southern Air Temple, lie a massive amounts of piled rocks on the ground. All of a sudden a large rock begins to tremble and it then breaks into smaller rocks and dirt. A hand emerges from the piled rocks, and rocks bend to the side. Out comes General Senlin from the rocky tomb he was in for the past week. Admiral Palartok follows right behind.

Senlin and Palartok, stretch all the muscles within their bodies and begin to dust the dirt off their clothing. They look at each other, then chuckle.

"Not even the Avatar, could 'end' us. A kid up against veterans? Please." Senlin joked.

"No kidding." Palartok replied.

"If I remember correctly due east of here is a small village called Hyu Shi, it is not far from here." Senlin said.

"Let's hurry then before any Earth Kingdom soldiers come by here and discover us." Palartok suggested.

Senlin nodded at Palartok's suggestion and the duo begin walking out of the mountain range, and walk eastwards. About an hour of walking passes by and they walk over a green hill, and see the village over in the distance.

"Ten more minutes and we should be there." Senlin noted.

Walking down the hill, ten minutes pass by and they enter the village. Hyu Shi village consisted of a few streets with homes of the civilians, a market street, a local watering hole, an inn, and a bar. A few men were hanging outside the bar talking to each other.

Senlin and Palartok, walk down the market street which is bustling with business and continue down the road towards the bar. One of the men walks in front of Senlin and stops him.

"State your business, old man." the man said.

Senlin and Palartok exchange looks and both chuckle at the man.

"Move it, junior. I ain't telling you nothin'!" Senlin answered.

Pushing the younger man aside, Senlin and Palartok enter the bar. The bar is filled with men and women from the village and some of them look like they're travelers. Senlin and Palartok walk up to the bar counter and call over the waitress who's handing drinks to the local patrons.

"Two cups of cactus juice please." Senlin told the woman.

The woman came back with two drinks of cactus juice, she stuck out her palm awaiting for Senlin to give her copper coins for the drinks. A man sitting on the right side of Senlin threw in ten copper coins to waitress.

"I'll be paying for their drinks." the mysterious man commented as he took another gulp of his drink.

Senlin and Palartok, look at the man who just paid for their drinks. He was dressed in a dark blue vest, dark blue pants, and brown boots, he carried a waterskin on his left side, and wore a large straw hat, it was hard to see his face other than the newly found scar on his right eye, and the brown goatee he wore on his chin.

"There's a reason I paid for your drinks, I wanted to get your two are not from here..." the man said.

"Neither am I, I'll be glad to tell you my story and reveal my identity, if and only if, you two tell me who you are..." the man added.

"I am-" Palartok began but then was interrupted by the man.

" us move to the table in the back of the bar." the man acknowledged.

The three men walk to the very back of the bar and sat in the dark corners of the building. Palartok spoke again, "I am Admiral Palartok, and this is my friend and ally the great General of the Earth Kingdom Senlin."

"Just as I imagined, you two are top notched wanted criminals here in the Earth Kingdom. I escaped the Fire Nation." the man began.

"Wait why did you escaped the Fire Nation?" Palartok asked, as he took a gulp of his cactus juice.

"Some old Air Nomad, with a Fire Nation boy captured me and turned me in to the guards. I was supposed to be sent to the Fire Nation's most infamous prison...the Boiling Rock!" the man explained.

"The fun part, was when they carried me in the caravan to the Boiling Rock, we were passing by a stream, and I used the water from the stream to cut the iron bars of the cage I was in. The guards were on top of these lizard-like creatures. I broke out and they continued to ride on, the same water I had used I had frozen into icicles and sliced the two guards throats, I had broken the reigns of the animals, and let them both go into the wild." the man said.

"You're a waterbender!" Palartok blurted out.

"Yes, I am. What tribe do you hail from, brother?" the man asked.

"From the Northern Water Tribe." Palartok replied.

"Aye, same here." the man added.

"I traveled to the east from where I had just murdered the two men, I had stolen clothing from a nearby house that were hanging on clothing lines. Though the clothing was still a little wet I put them on. From then on I traveled to the nearby docks by the house. I climbed into a crate and was carried onto the cargo ship that was headed to the Earth Kingdom. From then on I climbed out of the crate and traveled eastwards and have since been here." the man finished.

"Sounds like a great tale, tell me more about this Air Nomad with this Fire Nation boy, can you still remember what they looked like?" Senlin asked.

"Yes, the Air Nomad was old, might've looked like he was in his nineties or maybe he was a century old. Though he was still pretty strong for his age. I will not underestimate this man by his looks. The boy had short brown hair, and was dress in red colors. He also wore a red hat atop his head." the man explained.

"I think it is the same kid we were fighting. We tracked this kid from Ba Sing Se, to a small village, to Taku, to the village of Xi Tong and ended up finding the little rat hiding in the Southern Air Temple." Senlin hissed.

"I hear that boy is the Avatar, but those are just rumors." the man commented.

"That boy IS..the Avatar..we still haven't gotten your name." Senlin smirked.

"My name is Kimaru." the man claimed.

"It is a pleasure to meet you, Kimaru." Palartok said.

"...Likewise..." Kimaru replied.

"The last time we've seen the boy he was shooting air out of his hands.." Palartok said.

"He mastered airbending I suppose." Kimaru commented.

"Aye." Senlin agreed.

Senlin pulled out a map of the entire world, and handed to Kimaru, with which his finger pointed at an eastern spot of the Earth Kingdom.

"We're here...what's the next element on the list?" Kimaru asked.

"Fire...Air...Water.." Palartok answered.

"He's headed to either one of the two Water Tribes." Palartok added.

"Which is closer?" Senlin asked.

"The Southern Water Tribe is the closest. You're just a wanted criminal here in the Earth Kingdom I doubt anyone has heard news of you over in the Southern Water Tribe." Palartok replied.

"But still, I need to be in disguise and keep a low profile. You two can just stay the same way you are dressed now." Senlin claimed.

"Excellent, when do we head out?" Kimaru asked.

"Tonight." Senlin commanded.

"Great General Senlin of the Earth Kingdom, tell me your story." Kimaru said.

"I was young man interested in the military, I wanted to serve my country against the tribes. There was another man there, by the name of Ku Tei, he had just started out as well, we were soldiers within the war and we were deployed to the frontlines of the battlefield. We became friends but not for very long. He was taken out of the frontlines, Ku Tei was informed that he was the Avatar. I've worked hard to earn and escalate through the ranks of the Earth Kingdom army, while he traveled the world and earned these ranks like nothing. He came back and the war still raged on. Ku Tei and I were changed men, we were no longer friends, I didn't like the fact even though he was the Avatar the other generals and the king himself gave him the title general like he was a god. I began to envy the man, they listened to his plans instead of mine. I was the army's tactician. Days have passed that I deserted the army and traveled to the Northern Water Tribe and began to give away our tactics and plans to the Northern Water Tribe army who had then shared the plans with the Southern chief. Months passed as each of the Earth Kingdom's outposts and small groups of deployed troops were slaughtered by the Water Tribe warriors that invaded the Earth Kingdom. The Earth Kingdom was losing the war, then one day, I was discussing pressing matters with the Southern chief, when the Avatar walked into the palace.." Senlin explained.

Senlin remembered a flashback.

"Senlin what are you doing here in the Southern Water Tribe?" Ku Tei asked.

"I am here as the ambassador for our nation." Senlin suspiciously answered.

"Senlin, I am the Avatar, the four nations know that I cannot choose one side, I am apart of the four nations. I am here to make a treaty between the Earth Kingdom and the Water Tribes to bring peace to us once again. The chief would've had you killed!" Ku Tei claimed.

"'re the traitor of the Earth Kingdom, you've been giving OUR war plans to the Water Tribes!" Ku Tei added.

Ku Tei ran out of the palace, the flashback faded with Senlin's face in shock of being discovered. Senlin drank the rest of his cactus juice, and slammed the cup onto the wooden table.

"He then had a meeting with the chiefs of the Water Tribes, and the Earth King as well. They all agree with the ending of the war being Ku Tei and I in one final battle. He made the stupidest mistake of not ending my life there. Those mongrels imprisoned me in the capital city's prison. It was a mere holding cell I bended myself out of there. I escaped and met a woman who could get me out of the city. She introduced me to a gang leader, by the name of Baotu. I promised the old lady revenge, because, the king had murdered her son for false accusations. In turn I killed the Earth King while he slept like a baby by slicing his throat. I then escaped from there and helped drive out rebels from a nearby village who were not in terms with Admiral Palartok. From then on I traveled to the camp where the admiral was said to be in, and reunited with him. And that is how we got here." Senlin finished.

"Nice story. How about you, admiral?" Kimaru asked.

"I was just a young boy in the Northern Water Tribe army. I rose through the ranks, throughout the years of dedication and hard work just like my comrade here I earned the title 'admiral'. I was forced to fight a war I did not start. Like other young men my age we trained hard, and engraved our names into history. Many of my friends died on the battlefield...the war changed me. I fought alongside years later with General Senlin, I was already an admiral. Though after the war I went back to the Northern Water Tribe and raised a family. Years passed, and rumors had gotten out of propaganda uprising in the Earth Kingdom about an upcoming minor war, several rebel veterans had already left for the Earth Kingdom. I too left along with more who had just heard of the new war. I too along with them thought the way that the war ended was a cowardly way to end it. I later found out that my old comrade General Senlin had escaped prison and had killed the Earth King. It was he who wanted the war to start again, so that he may take the fight to the entire Earth Kingdom with the Water Tribe rebels. I sent a scroll to the general, he received my letter and we reunited. Together we're powerful we decimated a few villages before we found the Avatar. Now here I am, alongside my friend, and a new found ally and brother of the Northern Water Tribe." Palartok told his story.

A man nearby their table had heard everything they had said, he stood on his table, and burst out before being interrupted by Senlin, "Everyone Wa-"

Senlin cupped his hand over the man's mouth who screamed, putting his hand over the screaming man's mouth and whispered in his ear, "Say another word or even scream, and right here, right now I won't hesitate to snap your neck, do you understand me?!"

The man let out a few tears, and nodded like crazy. Everyone in the bar had their eyes on Kimaru, Senlin, and Palartok. Kimaru then yelled, "The man's a snitch, let's get him!"

Senlin lifted the man up in the air lifting him up and down yelling, "Riot! Riot! Riot!"

The bar grew silent then out of nowhere, men began to beat each other up. Senlin threw the man into the pit of men who were beating each other up, a man with a wooden chair charged towards Senlin.

Palartok tripped the man, and took the stool from his hands and smashed it onto his back. Kimaru, slammed two other guys into wall. Senlin was hit on the head with a bottle, he turned around angry looking at the small man who had hit him. He punched the man square in the face breaking his nose.

All three of them crouched down, and dodged every hit that was flying towards them and ran out of the bar. Senlin rubbed his head, from where the man had hit him with the bottle, and Kimaru, and Palartok followed behind him.

Five minutes have passed and they had left the village. Palartok stopped Senlin, and bent water out of his waterskin, and placed the water above Senlin's head and healed him. The part of his head was no longer swollen but left a minor bruise behind.

"Thanks." Senlin muttered.

All three continued to walk west of the village towards a dock village that sails twice a day between the village itself and the Southern Water Tribe.

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