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Chapter 4: Preparation

"It can't be," Dan kept telling himself, "It can't be Zuko. He's not here for you. He has to have another reason to come here." As Zuko came down with his firebending guards at his sides and the rest of his soldiers behind him, Sokka came yelling at him at full speed with his club high ready to strike Zuko down. "Sokka, don't get yourself killed!" Dan yelled, but he still ran only for Zuko just to knock his weapon out of his hands, then kick Sokka to the side for Sokka to fall into the snow. Then it was Dan who was coming at Zuko with sword raised high. Dan swung his sword at Zuko, only for Dan to be blown away with fire.

As Dan got up to recover, Zuko started yelling the village people, "Where is the Avatar?"

"The Avatar? So, is that who he is looking for?" Dan thought with a sigh of relief, "But who is the Avatar is a better question."

Suddenly, Zuko, out of impatience, shot fire towards the crowd, and then without thinking, Dan bended the flames to go to and around himself, and onto Zuko and his soldiers.

"Dan?" Katara said with confusion.

As Zuko and his men recovered, Sokka came from behind, yelling with his weapon high, only to be flipped forward and in front of Dan, Katara, and the village. As Zuko shot fire towards Sokka, Dan jumped forward and blocked the attack. "What... Dan, how did you..." Sokka asked, before Zuko blasted more fire which Sokka and Dan was quick to dodge. Dan countered Zuko with a blast of flame while Sokka threw his boomerang at Zuko. Zuko then quickly dodged the fire and boomerang.

"Show no fear!" said one of the children as he gave Sokka a spear. As Sokka ran forward with spear pointing at Zuko, Zuko broke the spear, took the rest of the broken piece from Sokka, and hit Sokka with butt of the spear, knocking Sokka down. As Zuko was about to claim his victory, Sokka's boomerang came spinning back and knocked Zuko in the head. After Zuko recovered, he looked like he was going to blast Sokka into a crisp, until Aang came sliding on a penguin, tripped Zuko, and landed in front of the crowd.

"Hey, Katara. Hey, Sokka," Aang said casually. "So, what did I miss?"

"Oh, nothing. Fire Nation just looking for the Avatar, discovered that Dan can bend fire, you know, the usual," Sokka said sarcastically.

As Aang turned around, Zuko then ordered his men to surround him. Zuko then said, "So, you're the airbender, you're Avatar?"

"Aang?" Katara said.

"No way," Sokka added.

"Should have known," Dan thought, "Zuko isn't looking for a Fire Nation deserter, to earn back his honor. He was looking for someone as great as the Avatar."

Then Zuko blasted fire towards Aang, almost burning everyone behind him before he blocked the flames with airbending. "If I go with you, will you leave these people alone?" Aang asked quickly. Zuko then nodded.

"Aang, don't do this!" Katara yelled when they were taking him up the ramp.

"I'll be okay, just take care of Appa for me until I get back." Then he was up in the ship giving a reassuring smile, only for Katara to see it disappear into a sad frown when the ramp moved back up. When the ship left, Dan then realized that he just let the world's last hope get taken away. The hope not only to end the war, but to redeem his good will, and heal his wrongs in the past.

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