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Rong Yan's Master
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Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan


Book 1: Air


Chapter 3

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King Bumis Heir


King Bumis Heir

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August 24, 2012

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Chapter 1: New Beginnings; Chapter 2: The Identity of the Avatar

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The new Avatar arrives at the Fire Temple to begin his training.

Chapter 3: Rong Yan's Master

Book 1: Air

Chapter 3: Rong Yan's Master

Scene begins in the morning, Rong Yan awakes himself in a room made of metal on a comfy red bed, and the decorations of flags and curtains with the Fire Nation insignia on them. He sits up on his bed and gets ready for the day. Walks to the very top of the temple, out and onto the rooftop where Fire Sage Xiao is standing on the roof with a tall, tan, and muscular man, a fit figured pale woman, and a short muscular bald man with a black braided beard. Rong Yan walks up to Xiao rubbing the drowsiness out of his eyes, Xiao turns around.

"Ahh you're awake Rong Yan, you're ready for your first day of training?" Xiao asks Rong Yan. Rong Yan responds with a nod still rubbing one of his eyes. "Good, now there are three master firebenders here that heard you were the Avatar and traveled from the around the Fire Nation to the temple just to teach you. I can't tell you which one will be your trainer, you must choose your trainer since you're the Avatar." Xiao explained.

Rong Yan looked at all three and thought long and hard, he then points to tall, tan and muscular man with his long black hair running down to his shoulders and a small topknot on his head, with a very thin mustache and goatee, he bows to Rong Yan and introduces himself.
Sifu Takumi

Sifu Takumi introduces himself to Rong Yan.

"Hello Avatar, it is a great pleasure to meet you and a miracle to be in your presence, you have chosen me to be your Firebending Master, please call me Sifu Takumi." Rong Yan bows back at Sifu Takumi and begins to walk with him on the roof. "Nice to meet you Sifu Takumi, something in my head told me to choose you." Rong Yan replied, Takumi nods and replies, "It is an honor to teach you Avatar, now tell me, were any of your parents firebenders?" Rong Yan shakes his head, "No both of my parents were non-benders but my grandmother was a firebender, my father worked at the coal mines and my mother stayed at home as a housewife raising me," he said.

"Hmmm..I see, can you firebend?" Takumi asked. "I know some basics that my grandmother has taught me but that's it nothing else just the basic punch and kick." Rong Yan replied. "Okay, we'll work on other basic moves and head on to the advanced sets but first we'll start with some breathing exercises, I'm sure you know how breathe in and breathe out, but there's more to it than just breathing," Takumi explained.

Takumi looks away from Rong Yan and faces towards the sun. "Okay, Rong Yan squat into place, breathe in and out, and at the same time feel the heat coming from the sun." Sifu Takumi said.

Rong Yan squats down, and begins to inhale and exhale slowly. "Good, good now feel the heat!" Takumi said raising his voice. Sitting there for about an hour he begins to feel the rays of the sun beating down on him. "We firebenders can control the heat around our bodies, try to control the heat around your body and make it warm."

Squatting down for several minutes, sweat slides down his forehead, down his nose and drops off his chin, then all of a sudden he stops sweating. "I...I..think its working Sifu Takumi, I am no longer sweating, I'm controlling the heat around my body, and I no longer feel the hot sun beating down on my neck." Rong Yan said.

Takumi looks off to his left side and sees a bonsai tree, he kneels down to the tree and grabs a leaf. He stands up and hands it Rong Yan. "Here hold each thumb on each side of this leaf." He presses his thumbs against the leaf, making a little hole in it with fire.

"I want you to stop the flames from reaching the ends of this leaf, for as long as you can." Takumi explained. Takumi walks away and into the temple. Rong Yan looks down at the leaf begins to concentrate on it, then begins to inhale and exhale as the leaf burns a little rapidly. An hour passes by and the leaf soon turns into a small flame.

Takumi returns with a tray, with a kettle and two cups and sets it on a little old wooden table. "Sifu Takumi! I did it! I have a little flame in my hands!" Rong Yan shouted excitedly. "Good boy, now raise your right leg and stomp down and punch with the fist that has the flame. Don't forget to breathe in and out!"

Takumi shouted back. Rong Yan lifts his right leg up and quickly stomps down, then inhales, and aima at nothing with his left fist and quickly exhales. The flame then turns into a small fire ball and shoots out of his fist, and flies into the sky then fades.

Sifu Takumi claps slowly. "Nice shot, Rong Yan!" He said. "Let's get started on some fire squats!" Takumi walked over to Rong Yan's left side and began to squat then stand and punch fire out of his fingertips along with the young Avatar.

After half an hour of fire squats, they stop. "Whew! Looks like its time to go back inside, its getting dark. Let's head back into the temple and sit at the feast table, and see what Sage Li has for us today!" Takumi said.

They both head inside the temple. Soon after the scene fades and they sit at the feasting table. Rong Yan and Sifu Takumi sitting by each other. Takumi pours some ginseng tea into a tea cup for Rong Yan.

Fire Sage Li walks out of the curtains leading to the kitchen with a serving tray carrying a bowl of soup and a plate of a cooked and steaming purple fish with the top of the tail fin longer than the bottom part of the tail fin.
Fire Sage Li

Fire Sage Li, is the main cook in the Fire Temple besides being a Fire Sage.

Fire Sage Li places the steaming bowls of soup that smell of vegetables to both Takumi and Rong Yan, then the purple fish. Fire Sage Li then walks back into the curtain and comes back out with a small bowl full of small round slices of ash bananas and mangos. Fire Sage Li bows down to Avatar Rong Yan and walks back into the kitchen. They begin eating their meals, Rong Yan begins chewing on the meat of the purple fish, smiling in delight of the delicious taste of the purple fish.

He then swallows and begins to speak up. "Wow! Where's this purple fish from? Its so delicious!" Rong Yan asked with curiosity. "Well young Avatar, those fish come from the icy cold waters around the Southern Water Tribe. You should be honored to taste such a great, and rich tasting fish!" Sifu Takumi replied. Rong Yan continued eating the fish and several minutes after, he appears on his chair leaning on it a little bit backwards, with a full stomach, he unlatches his belt, and it falls off quickly and hits the floor with a soft clink.

Picking a small fish bone between his teeth he places the bone back on the plate and loses balance and falls back on the chair, with a thud he stands on his knees rubbing his head, and looks at Takumi then laughs. Takumi gives him a slight shake of his head, Rong Yan then nods and places his chair back on the ground, and sits on it again.

Fire Sage Li walks in again with a servant wearing a light red vest, and dark red platoons, and brown boots. The servant picks up the plates and bowls and goes on his merry way back into the kitchen. Rong Yan looks to left side and sees Fire Sage Li, he gets out of his chair and begins to talk to the Fire Sage, "Excuse me, Fire Sage Li." Rong Yan said.

The old Fire Sage turns around and asks, "Yes, young Avatar?"

"I'd like to thank you for cooking such a fine fish! It was delicious!" Rong Yan said with such thankfulness. Fire Sage Li then bows to Avatar Rong Yan, then replies, "With much pleasure young Avatar, but just cooked it, I believe you should thank the young Water Tribesman that caught the fish himself. He's still on the docks outside of the temple," Li replied.

Rong Yan bows back to the Fire Sage. Sifu Takumi signals two Fire Nation soldiers to lead the young Avatar to the docks. "You two escort Avatar Rong Yan to the docks outside of the temple." Takumi said, looking back at one of the soldiers and nodding. "Let us go Avatar!" one of the soldiers says, one of the soldiers goes in front of Rong Yan and the other goes behind him. They continue down the halls, and soon leave the temple.

They walk around the back of the temple, and out onto the docks, where they see Water Tribesmen putting up sails on their boats and collecting nets. Rong Yan sees a fat Fire Nation cook, probably from a restaurant within Yin La, on the docks, paying a somewhat tall Water Tribe fisherman Water Tribe money. They both bow down to each other than the fisherman walks away.

Rong Yan runs toward the fisherman, as the others stop what they were doing, the Fire Nation soldiers run up to Rong Yan to stop him. "Wait up! Excuse me!" Rong Yan shouts. The fisherman stops then looks back to see who's calling him, he then sees a tall Fire Nation boy in red and dark red robes, with long dark brown hair in a top knot.

He then walks up to the boy. "Yes?" He asks the boy not knowing who he is. The others who had stop continue working. "I would just like to thank you for the purple fish that you brought into the Fire Temple for Fire Sage Li to cook for me." he says.

Rong Yan sticks out his hand to shake the young fisherman's hand "My name Rong Yan." he says smiling at the young fisherman. The fisherman pauses before shaking his hand, "Rong..Yan? Wait!.." he replied then pauses. He kneels on the wooden floor of the docks and bows down to Rong Yan.

"It is truly an honor to be in your presence Avatar," he said. The others heard, and stop what they were doing and walk over to the middle of the dock in two short, straight lines and each kneel on their knees and bow down Rong Yan.

"You're welcome Avatar Rong Yan, my crew and I are honored to have met you, and be in your presence, and we give you a welcome that you like our delicious fish from our lands!" the fisherman said excitedly.

Prince Unaraq

Prince Unaraq of the Southern Water Tribe, is the main fisherman of his crew.

"I am Unaraq" he replied. "It is a pleasure to meet you Unaraq." Rong Yan says bowing down to his elder. "Well safe travels back to your homeland Unaraq maybe our paths shall cross again!" Rong Yan says, raising his fist like a sky rocket.

Unaraq and his crew quickly put everything on the boat, they each wave goodbye to Rong Yan, and begin to sail the boat. Rong Yan looks back and sees a beautiful young Water Tribe girl in light blue robes, with a dark blue Southern Water Tribe insignia on the back of the robes, with white fluff on the exterior of the robes and hood, with long snowy white hair, and beautiful oceany blue eyes, waving back at him. She then winks at him, and he blushes. The scene fades.

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