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Forces of Nature


Anger (愤怒)


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November 24, 2016

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Chapter 2: Anger, Part 2

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Chapter 4: The Institute

More than half the town had left their homes by the time chief Tonraq and the other chieftains arrived in the Harbor. Tonraq noticed his men being beaten one by one by the mysterious figure.

  • Tonraq: "What is that thing!?"
  • Chieftan: "We do not know. It could be a spirit"
  • Tonraq: "Let's go and find out".

Tonraq took the lead, heading past his citizens who were running for their lives. The watchmen outnumbered Fann greatly, but they only continued losing numbers by the second. Fann was leaving destruction far enough his parents could see it from their home. As one of the watchmen helped one of the citizens out of his home, another watchmen was thrown into him, knocking them back a few yards.

  • Watchmen: "Chief Tonraq is his way. Head to the beacon, we need to signal Avatar Korra."

As the other watchmen got up and began running towards the dock, he was hit by a large stream of water, knocking him into the nearest home. The Watchmen turned around and saw a figure. He saw a young man, barely dressed, his hair hanging down with his head facing the ground. He recognized the boy as Massak, his nephew. He then looked up, and the watchmen could see Massak's eyes glowing dark yellow, with a crooked smile on his face. As two other watchmen came to give him backup, Massak encased both their legs in ice, and preceded to twist the ice half way, breaking both their legs. Whoever this boy was, it wasn't Massak.

The watchmen attacked, but before he could land a blow, Massak had his arms raised. In an instant, it felt as if the entire world had stopped. The watchmen found himself in the middle of a snow storm. He felt something tug at his clothes. He turned round, and saw a boy.

  • Boy: "Dad, is that you?"
  • Watchman: "Mouok? Where's your mother?"
  • Mouok: "Dad. Why did you let us die?"
  • Watchmen: "I didn't. What do you mean?......"

He leaned forward to try and hold his son tight, but at that moment, Mouok was pulled away, and into the arms of a woman. It was his wife. He quickly got up and tried running to them, but each step he took pulled them two steps backwards. He fell to his knees, and held himself in fear. Suddenly, the sky above him grew darker as dark spirits began circling the air above them. His family, were only moments from being destroyed in front of him, and he had no way to save them. He could hear someone walking behind him, the sound of its feet getting louder and louder until it was standing right behind him.

  • The Figure: "Such a pathetic fear, for a pathetic man".

It's voice was near as fearful as seeing his family about to die. All at once, the spirits dropped from the sky, and he saw his family, destroyed.

The figure came out of the Watchman's mind, to see him writhing on the floor in madness and fear. His crooked smile turned into a slight grin. He continued walking towards the source of the storm, with no one left in his way. He continued walking into the storm, until his feet immediately became encased in ice. He looked up, seeing a boy at the heart of the storm. A smile stretched wide on his face.

A his body was consumed by the storm. Another figure walked past the man. He was covered in a cloak, his face hidden, but his grey eyes seemed to smile through.

  • Hooded Figure: "Interesting"

Once he was halfway through the storm, the figure, he had a clear view of Fann, at the center of it. His sight still needed work in his new body, but he had no fear, for himself or the storm.

  • The figure: "Fann!"

As soon as Fann noticed the figures glowing eyes, the storm died out quickly. He fell to the floor from a great height, the only thing left was a look of anger on Fann's face.

  • Fann: "It's good to see as well, Ogon. I see your merging has left you weaker than you expected"

Fann turned Ogon round to see the watchmen, still crying hysterically in fear. When he turned round to face Fann again, his glowing eyes disappeared.

  • Ogon: "Believe me. I will have all my power back soon enough. He will do for now"

They looked around them, and the destruction Fann had caused.

  • Fann: "I believe Shah is close by. And these humans can help us find him."

They then heard the sound of people approaching

  • Ogon: "The chief"

Fann eyes began to glow again, causing a wave of mist to cover the area. When Tonraq and his soldiers arrived, Fann and Ogon were gone.

  • Tonraq: What ever happened here, it was no normal storm. Spread out, find any waterbenders you can.

Tonraq ran straight to the watchmen, still shaking with his eyes wide open.

  • Tonraq: "what happened here!"
  • Watchmen: "Massak. Yellow, eyes. Son. Massak"

Fann and Ogon had made it halfway across town, and were at Cannaq's door. They would finally awaken Shah and leave the south. One knock on the door, and they felt strange. They didn't sense either Bagguk or Massuk gaining strength again. What they felt was far more threatening. The door opened, but no one was there to greet them. As they had a better look inside, they could see a pair of glowing eyes, this pair glowing dark grey; Shah had taken over his host body, just like them. He seemed to be sitting down, like he was waiting for them. They wasted no time walking straight to him, but were shocked to find that he wasn't just sitting there waiting for them, he was tied up.

The door shut behind them. Standing by the door was a young man, bandages hanging off his right leg and his clothes torn. He looked as if he was exhausted. Fann recognized him. It was Hoddo, one of Bagguk's friends, one of the humans Ogon had attacked that night. But his eyes weren't blue like Bagguk remembered. Instead they glowed a pale pink. Whatever was controlling Hoddo, it wasn't a dark spirit.

  • Hoddo: "It wasn't easy, getting him tied up."
  • Fann: "Now it'll be even harder!"

Before Fan could react, a stream of water hit Fann from behind, sending him into the nearest wall. The stream then grabbed and smashed, before finally slamming him into the ground. Ogon turned to see the young woman on his left. Urrana, he'd given both him and Fann a good fight when she'd been running for her life. On his right, someone else stood at the doorway. It was Hallaq, the other human he'd attacked. But just like Hoddo, it became clear that they weren't in control of their bodies either. With Hallaq's eyes glowing pale brown and Urrana's glowing a pale green, Ogon's eyes widened as he finally understood what was going on.

Ogon continued the attack, sending a strong stream of water towards Urrana. She dodged out of the way, and the stream blew a hole through the wall behind her. Urrana used the water on the floor to push Ogon against the wall. Hoddo followed by forcing a stream of water onto Ogon, freezing it as soon as it hit his body. Hoddo turned to face Cannaq, still trapped to the chair but now with his face up, apparently ever since the fighting had started.

  • Hoddo: "If Shah has taken over this boy, then you are Ogon, and that must be Fann".
  • Ogon: "Annan. So, you, Aia and Kua have met the same fate. Your plan failed, and ours succeeded".
  • Aia: We'll see. Even in control of these humans, you're just as weak as us.
  • Annan: At least for now, we'll keep you from causing any more harm to these people. Vaatu failed again, and so will you!"

A barrage of water swarmed into the room, breaking through the wall behind Annan. With it, Annan created a water cloak, and used it to encase Ogon, sending him straight through the open entrance and outside into the snow. As soon as Ogon gained his footing, Annan used the water to grab his arms. Annan followed him into the snow, leaving Urrana and Hallaq to fight Fann. Out in the snow, Annan watched as Ogon's eyes started to glow. In an instant, Ogon had gained the upper hand. Using Annan's water spout against him, he lifted him up to the second story of Cannaq's house and slammed him through the ceiling where he landed between Fann and Urrana. For a second, Ogon had a wide smile on his face, before he was pulled back inside the house, and straight into Fann. Before they could get back up, they were encased in ice, with only their heads free. Aia turned to see Annan, who had a puzzled look on his face.

  • Aia: Annan? "What is it?"
  • Annan: "I felt something, when I was fighting him just now. It was like we were connected."

Aia walked up to Cannaq, and looked at Hallaq.

  • Aia: "Fear and hope. Two halves of the same coin."

Aia placed her hand on Cannaq's head, and instantaneously her glowing eyes glowed even brighter, and so did Shah's. Shah let out a roar of anger. Behind Annan, the ice encasing Fann and Ogon began to fall apart; they were trying to escape. Hallaq and Annan rushed over to them, and followed what Aia was doing. What was left of the house only continued to shake around them. Ever wall began to crack; every window shattered. Inside their minds, Aia and Shah spirits were trapped in an endless embrace.

Suddenly, a dark mist flooded the room, sending everyone flying into the only wall undamaged. Ogon felt trapped, not just physically, but mentally. When he looked up, he saw a figure holding Fann by his neck, and it seemed that Fann wasn't able to move his body either. The figure was wearing robes colored grey and yellow, with black and red lapels.

  • Fann: "Whoever you are, this is my body!"
  • Hooded Figure: "I don't need it, don't you worry. But there is something you can give me, in the future"

The figure took a step back, letting go of Fann's neck. All six of them fell to the floor, and took a moment before they could move their legs. The figure lifted his hood and showed them his face. He looked to be an old man, with grey eyes and a grey beard, hanging down his neck was a bead necklace. Fann recognized him, the way he appeared human, but it was if his earthly presence had been molded into something else over the centuries. This wasn't a human being, at least, not any longer.

  • Fann: "You're Hundun"
  • Hundun: "It's nice to see you in the material world, Fann. I didn't know Vaatu liked sharing his pets"
  • Fann: "Vaatu is gone......"
  • Hundun: "I'm aware. But no matter. Vaatu isn't here to help you now, but luckily for you, I have a proposal"

For a moment, Fann noticed something grow out the back of Hundun's head. It looked like another head facing out towards the snow.

  • Hundun: "More waterbenders will be here soon. So I don't have much time."
  • Fann: "Your proposal...."
  • Hundun: "I have been recruiting followers to my cause ever since I returned. I intend to destroy the Avatar once again, something I should have completed a thousand years ago. Should I fail again, there must be an alternative. You and your friends will do nicely"
  • Fann: "Us? Defeat the Avatar? Have you forgotten Vaatu?"
  • Hundun: "Vaatu fused with that fool Unalaq. But once they had succeeded, they were but one. You are all something else."
  • Ogon: "Not all of us. I, Fann, and Shah. These three......"
  • Hundun: "These three will follow in your footsteps eventually."
  • Fann: "How is that?"
  • Hundun: "However you became this way, you won't stay in control for long. Like Raava and Vaatu, you have succeeded in merging with these humans. But it has not been completed. The more you are in control, the more of their sanity will be stripped away, the more you will be corrupted. You must find a way to complete your merging."
  • Fann: "How do we complete it!"

Fann eyes began to flow red. Hundun froze Fann in his tracks, slamming him against a large wooden post. Luckily, it didn't break. Hundun looked to Ogon as noises could be heard only a few hundred yards away.

  • Hundun: "I must leave you now. But think carefully. My time has just begun, but your time is of the essence. But, before I go".

Hundun turned and grabbed Fann's head in a tight grip, knowing that Fann had just tried to sneak up and attack him. Fann fell to his knees and began to scream. His eyes instantly glowed red. Then, Ogon and the others followed him; their eyes glowed, and they began screaming. Hundun watched as the house shook around him; it was going to collapse completely.

  • Hundun: "Until we meet again."

Hundun vanished. By this point, all six of them were lying on the floor, their eyes going from glowing to the eyes of their hosts.

  • Fann: "I will be back Bagguk. I WILL BE BACK!".

Bagguk gained back some control, and the last thing he saw was Cannaq crying in fear, still strapped to his chair. The top of the house began to cave in, but a large wall of water stopped it from falling on to them. Bagguk passed out. Around eight watchmen entered the building, and all could find were the six kids. Massak was the only one still conscious, but he was silent now, his body was shaking and his eyes were staring upwards. He looked as if he had gone insane.

  • Watchmen: "What happened?"

Southern Water Tribe Courtroom

Chief Tonraq was busy sorting through the wreckage at the harbor. Luckily, most of the tribe had fled, but a few of the watchmen were left in critical condition.

All six kids had been strapped in chairs, their hands and feet restrained in metal. The last to come to his senses was Cannaq. All of their families were present. Around them stood several guards, pointing spears towards them. For the time being, the knew it was wise to stay quiet, and to not make any moves. Cannaq looked up to see the chieftains of the Southern tribe, with Katara sitting on the far right. A silence was ordered, and one of the chieftains arose.

  • Chieftain: "Last night, our tribe was attacked by these six waterbenders. Days after Harmonic Convergence, these six were found in the frozen tundra. And in the early ears of yesterday morning, they were brought to master Katara, claiming to hear strange voices in their heads, screaming psychotically......"
  • Bagguk: They were real! What happened last night wasn't our fault! Please believe us......."
  • Chieftan: "Quiet. Not one more word from you. Now, I would like to hear from master Katara, and know if these offenders are traitors, or otherwise.

Bagguk looked at Katara, desperate to get an assuring look from her. But she could only look away in shame.

  • Katara: "Councilman Hulunok, I don't know what to tell you. Yesterday, all six of them came to me, all telling me the same story of what happened in the Tundra. They told me dark spirits had attacked them that night. Even with the spirit waters, the only thing I found wrong with them, was what was inside their minds. But I assure you, none of them are traitors, but none of them are well".

Bagguk watched as the trial continued. Every few moments or so, someone else was called to testify. Even his father was called.

  • Hulunok: "You are the boys father, and I correct?"
  • Bagguk's father: "Qallo, councilman."
  • Hulunok: "Yes, Qallo of the Northern tribe."

Bagguk felt appalled that Hulunok was bringing up his father's Northern heritage.

  • Hulunok: "We understand that your loyalty to the north holds no bounds. A perfect thing to teach your son, especially during our small conflict with the North only a week ago."
  • Qallo: "What I feel for the North has had no part in my sons raising. What I did in the past, remains in the past."
  • Hulunok: "Just know that from now on, we will be keeping a much closer eye on you and everyone you know. Your son however, may never see you again after what he and his friends have committed. That will be all."

Qallo went to sit back down. Bagguk tried to look him in the eyes, something that always told him he could be trusted. But all Qallo did was look down in shame.

  • Hulunok: "As with our laws, we have no choice but to banish all six offenders from the Southern Tribe. However, from the testimony we have received from their parents, and master Katara herself, we can also not allow them to wonder free. We have found them unfit to receive an official punishment, and hereby sentence them to live out their days in the Tokilluk Institute for the mentally ill".

The room fell silent for a few second, and then Bagguk heard his mother begin to cry. He could hear several others including his father begin to sob. The chieftains left their seats, and followed all six of them as they were taken away.

On board a ship

All six of them were put into separate rooms, still kept in their restraints.

  • Crewman: "We'll be having a long trip......."
  • Bagguk: "You better get comfortable then!"

Bagguk's words took him slightly by surprise. Of course he felt angry, but he wasn't the type of person to intimidate or threaten people. The crewman glared at him and proceeded to lock the door and walk away.

  • Bagguk: "What now?"
  • Fann: "The only way you and your friends will escape, is with our help. But I'll wait, until your sanity leaves you. You'll will lose control, and then, we're going fishing."

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