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The Third Chapter of The Legend Of Korra: The Prodigy.

Opening Scene

"Water, Air, Fire, Earth"

"When I was young, I was thought that the Avatar was the connection between our world and the Spirit World. He was supposed to be a bridge between all four nations, which were ruled by each nations most powerful bender. But Avatar Aang disappeared and the Air Nomads went extinct. The Prodigies were forced to conceal their destiny.

Avatar Aang tried to find and reunite the Prodigies once again, but he was unable to find them.

But I believe that the Prodigies will return when their time comes."

Chapter 3: North Pole Rumble

Korra and Mito were imprisoned in a small room which was build of metal and concrete, Korra was sitting on one side and Mito on the other. They were already sitting there for over an hour. Korra stood up and started to examine the "Cell", and then tried to bend anything. But her fire and earthbending weren't going to get them out of here, especially because Korra hasn't mastered the art of metalbending yet. Korra tried and tried, while Mito was sitting against the wall with his head resting on his hands. Korra gave up after a few minutes of intense bending, she sat down next to Mito. She looked up and thought of Tenzin and Ishi, she wondered if they were also imprisoned as they were both skilled benders.

"Mito, we are going to get out of here." she assured him.

Korra meditating

Korra in her cell

"I know Korra, it is just that I wonder if this is actually the right place and moment to tell you something. Something that will not only change your life, but also mine." he replied.

"What do you mean?" she asked

"Well, I actually wanted to tell you about it at the square. But then my girlfriend ruined the moment." he replied.

Mito stood up and raised his hand,

"Korra, I think I am the Prodigy of the Water Tribe. It is actually the most important reason for the Chief to change the law so that only non benders could become chief. Because as you know, The Prodigies are meant to be the natural leaders of their nation." Mito stated.

Mito looked at Korra and noticed her confused face,

"Do you actually know what I am talking about?" he added.

"Well, it sounded very important." Korra said sarcastic

"I don't believe this! you are the Avatar and you have never heard of the Prodigies?" he yelled in anger.

"I am sorry Mito, nobody ever told me about the Prodigies. Please, enlighten me." she replied, with a little smile on her face. which was actually meant to calm Mito.

Mito made a circle in the sand with his finger. He divided it into 4 sections, which each represented a nation. It was actually the same sort of drawing that Iroh made for Zuko, to teach him about the quality's of each nations bending.

" Katara, Tenzin's mom and Aang's wife was my waterbending teacher. She thought me everything I know about waterbending and the spiritual side of it. She noticed that I was already capable of great things when I was a young, and that is why she thought that I might be the new Prodigy of my people." he explained.

Korra nodded to let him know that she understood his story so far.

"Katara told me that the Prodigies were meant to be the natural leaders of their own nation, the Prodigies each were active in their own nation in their own ways. One Prodigy was the Fire Lord of the Fire Nation, when the other was just a general in the Water Tribe's army." he added.

Mito Took a little stick and carved a little unfinished circle beneath the big circle.

"She told me that the cycle of the Prodigies were alike the ones of the Avatar. But then with a little changes, for instance: a new Avatar is born when the old one dies, the Prodigies are very skilled when they are young but that changes when they are about 40 or 50 years old. They lose most of their skills, a new Prodigy would be born just before the old one loses their skills. Katara believed that it was nature's way of keeping balance among the people." he continued.

"How come that the Prodigies aren't ruling their country's at this moment?" Korra asked.

"The Water, Air and Earth Prodigies were all killed at the start of the Hundred Year War. It was part of Sozin's plan, which was to not only exterminate the Air Nomads. But also to stop the Prodigies from stopping him. He used propaganda and the war to do so. He told the other nations and their population that the cycle was broken, that the Extinction of the Air Nomads made an end to the cycle. So the citizens of the sieged nations lost all hope, the new Prodigies weren't taken seriously. Besides, the Fire Nation let the other nation believe that they were the only one that possessed a Prodigy, which were Ozai and later Azula, as the Fire Prodigies always were a part of the royal family." he explained

" And Azula made the people believe that all the Prodigies would just abuse their abilities for more power." Korra Added.

" Yes, Katara told me that Aang has spent his life Searching for the new Prodigies. But he realised that he already found them when they were already to old. Aang realised that Katara and Toph were the prodigies of his time, because they were both able to master the secondary abilities that came with their element. Katara was able to Bloodbend and Toph was able to bend about anything that was connected to her element. Besides, she was the first Earthbender to ever bend metal. Aang never found the actual Air and Fire Prodigies."

Tenzin and Ono were at a gathering at the Palace. They were attending the meeting because it was about Korra and Mito's Disappearance. But it went down as Tenzin already expected,Benders blamed Bolgar and his Equalists while the Chief was telling everybody that Benders couldn't be trusted. Ono, Grand Lotus in the Order of the White Lotus and at the time the Confidant of Avatar Aang stepped forward,

"Ladies and Gentleman, Benders and Non-benders. At this very moment our Avatar and Royal Family member are missing, and you are still fighting over the position of benders and Non-benders? Avatar Korra saved all the benders in Republic City when she stopped Amon, but she also helped the non-benders because Amon was clearly tricking them. So please, do what is right for our nation and help us find Korra and Mito." Ono speeched.

" And what if we don't want to rescue the Avatar? the Avatar has always been a symbol of abuse, a creature that always get what it wants." Bolgar replied

Ono face changed from annoyed to offended.

" I am actually accusing you of capturing them Bolgar, it looks that my theory is just confirmed." Ono suggested.

"I will not be accused of anything by any bender sympathizer, I hope you will not find your Avatar any time soon."

Bolgar and his associates left the room. The Chief looked at Ono and seemed to be convinced that he should help Ono in any way he can. Mirlo entered the room.

" Sorry that I am so late, is there any news yet about my son and Korra?" he asked.

"Not yet, councilor, do you actually know anything about Korra's disappearance?" Tenzin asked.

" No I don't, Korra would meet me at my office at midnight. But she never showed up. If you will excuse me, I will be searching for clues." Mirlo added.

Mirlo left the room and slammed the door behind him, Tenzin and Ono were walking around and thought that Korra might be kidnapped when she was on her way to his office, they walked to a servant to talk about what happened.

"Excuse me miss, but could you tell me if Avatar Korra has asked you for anything yesterday" Tenzin asked a servant.

"No Sir, but Sola gave Avatar Korra and Royal Family member Mito directions. She is right there, next to the stairs." She replied.

Tenzin didn't thank her, he ran to Sola and demanded an explanation.

"I.......I....." Sola Turned around and ran away from Tenzin and Ono. The meeting turned within a few seconds into a pursuit.....

" Alright Korra, Please pay attention" Mito suggested.

Mito pointed with his finger at the four symbols which represented the nations, beginning with Water.

" Water is the element of balance and tranquility, because the water nation has always been a save haven for everybody and everyone. The history of the tribe only contains a few wars, the Tribe has always been a peacemaker rather than a nation that has a hunger for power.The Water Prodigy has always been an embodiment of these politics, the Water Prodigy has always been a leader rather than a general. The Water Prodigy has always been the Prodigy that had the strongest spiritual bond with any Avatar, it might explain the strong bond between Aang and Katara. Finally, The Water Prodigy has always been able to bend Blood."

Korra was listening very carefully, Mito pointed with his finger at the Air symbol.

" Air is the element of knowledge and Silence, the Air Nomads always believed in peace and understanding like the Water Tribe did. But they have always been very isolated, and therefor not very concerned about the world politics and wars. In fact, there is actually very little known about their history because their Air temples have been destroyed at the start of the Hundred Year War. For as far as I know, the Air Prodigy has always been a spiritual leader and has always lived among his people instead of ruling them like the other Prodigies did. The Air Prodigy is able to sense energy within anything that lives. It sounds pretty harmless compared to Bloodbending, but energy bending should be able to stun an opponent for a short period of time. Ioo bad Airbenders are such peaceful people.

Mito smiled for a second and looked at Korra;

"Mito, Please tell me more about the Prodigies. Tenzin and Ono never told me about them or Aang's search." Korra said.

"Alright, I actually think that Tenzin and Ono never knew about the Prodigies. I think that Katara and Aang were the only one that knew. I guess that Aang and Katara wanted to see how the nations would be ruled without any Prodigies."

Mito looked at the figure again and Pointed toward the Fire emblem.

" Fire has been the element of Ferocity and power, the Fire Nation has always been a nation that had a hunger for power but they were contained by the three other elements. As I said earlier, the Fire Prodigies have always been a part of the royal family. I don't know why or how. Azula was the last know Prodigy ever, and she was therefor able to bend Blue flames. Fire Prodigies are also able to bend electricity, but the blue flames are what defines them."

" Last but not least, Earth. It has been the element of peace and prosperity. The Earth Kingdom has always been more of a economic nation than a nation that prefers war. The Earth Prodigies have always been peaceful leaders or economic masterminds who thought about the people first, and themselves second. The Earth Prodigy should be able to bend metal and should be able to feel movements and changes at the earth withing a small perimeter."

Mito stood up and looked at Korra,

" You have seen what people are running this tribe. I think that it is time for the Prodigies to return."

Sola managed to escape the palace without been caught by Tenzin, but she had to make haste. Sola ran through the street of the Northern Water Tribe while Tenzin was following her. He tried to bring her out of balance with swift bursts of Air that should block her path. But Sola turned out to be pretty trained for a simple servant, it was clear that she was actually an Equalist. But Tenzin wondered if she would eventually lead him to a "Safe house"" or that she would actually give up after a few minutes. Sola suddenly turned around in a little corridor, Tenzin walked towards her and said;

" Give up Sola! you are no match for a skilled bender, even if you actually are a chi-blocker"

" Well, I guess you made a little mistake..." Sola whispered.

Sola swiftly jumped to the right and unleashed a barrage of Icicles, accompanied with additional bursts of water. Tenzin barely managed to dodge the icicle, he rolled over the floor and fired small bursts of air. Sola was able to defend herself against Tenzin, but she knew that she wasn't able defeat him with waterbending only. Sola used her environment and managed to climb to the top of a roof. She started to strike at Tenzin with multiple small bursts of water, which were more difficult to dodge than giant chuncks of ice. Tenzin is able to reflect them with his airbending at first, but it turns out to be too much. The young waterbender had more power and energy than the old airbender, Tenzin tried to resist the water and ice bursts but he wasn't able to retain his ground. He was forced to slowly walk back, until he was nailed to the wall by several little charts of ice.

" So, this is how the Equalists are trying to take control of the North Pole, you are fighting your own people!" Tenzin yelled.

Sola started to come down from the rooftop. She was already walking in Tenzin's direction, armed with a huge icicle.

" Why are you doing this?" Tenzin added, he knew that this might be his last few minutes alive.

" I am not that much of an Equalists as you migt think. Yes, I think that Bolgar is right. But I have my own motives, the other nations are gaining to much influence at the North Pole. Bolgar promised me and my brothers and sisters that he will fight for a free and independent nation. It is a promise where even benders are willing to fight for." Sola explained.

she was just a meter away from Tenzin, she was pointing the icicle at his forehead.

"Ánd, Bolgar is aware of what the Chiefs nephew really is. He would only abuse his powers, like the last Prodigy did. So Airbender, any last words?"

"Well, look at your right." he mumbled.

Sola was about to finish Tenzin, Tenzin closed his eyes but sensed the Icicle approaching him. He heard a loud burst of wind and sensed a big object that was missing his head just by a few inches, it was followed by a loud burst of wind and a very loud noise, which sounded like some kind of impact. He noticed the voice of a woman, which was about a few meters to his right.

" Do you want some more Boulders with that Equalist water freak!" the women screamed.

multiple huge objects raged by Tenzin, followed by a small sandstorm and an explosion that sounded like the Fire Nation scientists had been experimenting with explosives again. Tenzin was pretty curious about what he would see when he opened his eyes. He waited a few seconds. It turned out that it was pretty quiet, so he dared to open his eyes. Everything was destroyed, several buildings collapsed and there was a huge pile of boulders, pieces of wood, and things that might once belonged to a house. In the middle of all this mess was Ishi, she seemed to be pretty tired by all her bending.

" Ishi, I ... don't know what to say. You saved my life!" Tenzin shouted.

Jin asks Zuko out


" It is okay Tenzin, I was just trying to find out were my boyfriend went. I was already following Sola for a while because I noticed that she was the last person that talked to Mito at the party last night." she Replied.

"Do you have any idea were Korra and Mito are then?" Tenzin asked.

"Well, we are about to find out." Ishi Explained. She walked over to the pile of rubble, there was no clue of Sola.

"Where did she go?" Tenzin asked.

" Look Closely." Ishi mumbled, she tried to feel any vibrations within the earth. After a few moments she raised her hand and turned a few boulders away with her earthbending. Sola was lying on the floor, it was surprising that she only had minor injuries.

"Where are Korra and Mito?" Ishi asked.

" Do you realise that the citizens of the Water Tribe will be afraid of you? the next Prodigy?" Korra asked.

" I guess they will, but I think that I am more capable to lead my people than some Equalist like bolgar."

" How about the other Prodigies? Do I have to help them to rise to power?" Korra asked.

" I think that it is in everybody's best interest to have the Prodigies as their leaders." Mito replied.

" I don't know Mito, I certainly think that we need somebody sincere to lead the Water Tribe. But I am afraid that you or the others might abuse your skills." Korra noticed.

" Korra.....Please." Mito said silently.

" Mito, please. Let me think about it." Korra suggested.

" Alright Korra, we will decide about it when we get out of here. Aren't you able to Avatar State us out of here?" Mito asked.

Korra sat down and stared at the ground.

"Not yet Mito." she declared.

Mito sat down beside her.

" Where are you thinking about" he asked.

" I am thinking about so many things at once, for instance: I am really missing Mako, Bolin and Asami. I am also very worried about the Tribe, this are still my people you know?" Korra stated.

She looked at Mito.

"What about you?" she asked.

" I Don't know Korra, I am afraid that Ishi has been captured. She might be a little annoying sometimes, but she is still my girlfriend. And I miss her very much." Mito stated.

" Who knows, we she might come save us in just a few minutes." Korra replied sarcastic.

They both started to gloat, which turned into laughing in a matter of second.

Korra? I am very happy that I met you." Mito said.

And out of the sudden, the roof started to collapse. Korra and Mito weren't able to see anything because there was a lot of smoke that was created by the explosion. The smoke left the room in a matter of seconds, Korra was able to see two silhouettes. She wasn't able to identify them at first, but they turned out to be Tenzin and Ishi!

Korra and Tenzin walked toward each other, and they started to hug after a while.

Korra breaking down

Korra and Tenzin

" I was so worried about you" he stated.

" Is Mito here as well?" he added.

" Well, see for yourself!" Korra replied gloating.

Tenzin looked around and already noticed Mito and Ishi hugging and kissing. He blushed a little.

" How did you found us?" she added.

" Well, that is a long story." Tenzin stated.

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