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No Longer Royalty
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The Perspective of the Banished Prince





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Chapter 3: No Longer Royalty

"Spare coins for weary travelers?" Uncle asked many people. We were in a village as poor refugees. No longer royalty. Just refugees.

"This is humiliating! We're royalty! These people should be giving us what we want," I said angrily.

"They will if you ask nicely. Spare change for a hungry old man?" Uncle asked a peasant girl.

"Here you go," the girl said, giving a coin.

"The coin is appreciated, but not as much as your smile!" Uncle complimented. I turned away in disgust. Then, a man with broadswords came up.

"How about a little entertainment in exchange for a gold piece?" the man asked. I frowned.

"We're not performers," I said. Uncle then stood up.

"Not professional anyway," he said. Oh no. Please Uncle, please don't. He then proceeded to sing a song about the girls of Ba Sing Se. Then, we got a gold piece.

I hate living life like this. It's terrible just wandering and begging for food. I could have captured the Avatar and have my father's love but no, instead, I'm wandering villages, looking for food.

Finally, I cracked. I donned my Blue Spirit disguise and found the man with the broadswords. I then proceeded to rob him of all of his possessions.

When I came back, Uncle got suspicious.

"Where have you been?" he asked.

"Nowhere," was all I said.

Author's Note

So sorry about the length

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