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Kuruk waterbending
"New Projects"
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Avatar: The Legend of Miranda




Disease (疾病)



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"Past and Present"

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"New Projects" is the third chapter of Book Two: Disease (疾病) of Avatar: The Legend of Miranda.


Book Two:


Chapter Three:

New Projects

As the most famous park in the world, the Agrarian Park contained a lot of attractions, including a Firelight Fountain, a restaurant, a bar, and even a hotel, known as the Agrarian Park Hotel.

To maintain order, the park and the hotel were lead by a group known as the Agrarian Park Council.

Being the leader of the park, it was naturally that William was a part of this council.

While Willy served as the Chairman of the council, Miranda was head of economy in the park and Dandelion was the leader of the hotel.

The council had scheduled meetings at William's office, and although Myrdin partially served as a member of the council, he was currently at the hospital to support Mei, so he was not at the meeting today.

"Insofar, I can agree that there were a lot of interesting stuff to find both in the Fire Nation and Republic City ..." Willy started.

"But you've got something else in your thoughts?" Dandelion asked.

"The Agrarian City," he said.

"What?" Miranda asked, she looked quite skeptical already.

"The concept the newest trend in Republic City, but we can be the first ones to start it up here in the Earth Kingdom," Willy explained.

"What is this trend exactly?" William asked.

"We simply turn the hotel into a city. We can offer everything; entertaining, shopping, you name it," he explained.

"So it's simply a new way to think of a hotel?" William asked.

"The guest won't even have to leave the park unless going to sightseeing inside Ba Sing Se, something we of course will arrange as well," Willy explained, and gave William a bunch of papers which explained it deeper in details, as well as examples on other hotels around the world which did it this way.

"I thought we agreed to do revitalization, not expansion," Miranda said. .

"This is revitalization, my sister. We're doing more out of what we've got. It's not like we're building any new hotels. First of all. Our guests will leave their money here, not in the city. Additionally, even more people will come visit us," Willy explained.

"Interesting. I think this is very refreshing thoughts. However, if Miranda has objections, then ..." William said. Miranda shrugged.

"Fresh is fine. Change revels. I think we should take a closer look at this," the Avatar said.

"I would really appreciate that," Willy said. However, it was pretty obvious that Miranda did not like her brother's idea at all. He looked her in the eyes, and she sort of smiled, however, she realized that she had to tell him what she actually thought about it.

"You can't just throw wreck on everything our family has built up!" she said, with a pretty loud voice.

"What?! Father would've loved this idea!" Willy yelled.

"No, he wouldn't!" Miranda yelled back.

"You're afraid of change as much as a washcloth. Come on, Miranda! You're the Avatar! You should know that change is something we have to accept," he said.

"Don't you see the value of preserve traditions?" she asked.

"Don't you see that sometimes, to preserve, we have to renew," he said. Then, Dandelion barged in.

"Please, Willy. Don't you pretend like you care about traditions," she said.

 "Excuse me? What's your problem?" he asked.

"Please, guys. Dandelion. Let's calm down a bit," William said, and everyone did so.

"Why does this always happen with you, Willy?" Miranda asked calmly.

"I can say exactly the same things to you. We're taking one step into the revitalization, you get scared, and we have to take four steps right back," he said.

"Can't we just change the name to the Willy Park?" Miranda said. Dandelion smiled.

"Guys, stop! I suggest we end this meeting now, and then we can get the time to digest all of these changes," William said. They did so, although the atmosphere, especially between Miranda and Willy, remained pretty ugly.

When Miranda was depressed, she used to remind herself that she was the Avatar, so she went to the Agrarian Gym, where she booked her own room where she simply practiced the bending arts. She was currently practicing waterbending. She walked in circles in the room and focused on the water. It was kind of like a dance. Then, she wanted to use the water to reach the roof, so she entered the Avatar State and did so. After she reached the ground again, she went out of the Avatar State, and then she felt a bit better. Some bending was always refreshing in a busy day.

The next day, the council met again, without Myrdin, however.

"Let's try to be a bit effective," William said.

"It's the calculations. I don't know how much you guys ..." Willy started, but was interrupted by William.

"You can read my remarks about the shopping centre and the roof terrace," he said and gave the others a bunch of paper.

"However, there's mainly nothing to point out. I suggest we adopt this now, and then we can start up with the engineering as soon as possible," he said. Miranda did not agree.

"Do you seriously mean that we're going to adopt ..." she started.

"Have you read the project description?" William asked.

"Yes. But we're going to discuss this," Miranda said.

"I think we've discussed enough," William said. Miranda seemed pretty shocked and dissatisfied.

"Miranda, I'm trying to be effective. Then the Council has taken a decision," he declared.

One week later:

Miranda was at the office, and when she heard William's telephone calling from his office, knowing that he was not there, she decided answer for him.

"He's out for a while, but I can take a message ... Doctor? What is this about? ...". She made sure to write his words down on a paper.

"I see ... Sure, I'm going to treat this condential ... Okay. I will ask him to call you back as soon as possible". 

Later, William returned to his office. Miranda came into him.

"William. Something happened?" she asked.

"What do you mean?" he asked.

"You seem pretty ..." she tried, but was interrupted by Willy, who barged into the room.

"There you are," he said to William.

"You're a difficult man to reach," he said.

"I've been pretty busy lately," he admitted. Willy had a bunch of paper in his hand.

"This is the contract proposal on the revue scene in first floor of the hotel," he said, but that was not all of it.

"And counter current pool and a waterfall on the roof". Miranda still stood behind Willy.

"William ..." she tried.

"Miranda, don't you protest before you've seen it," Willy said.

"Now you're being quite too effective. Perhaps we should hurry a bit slower. Currently, there's a lot of inputs. I need to get some time. These things must get time to ripen a bit," William said.

"You asked me and Dandelion to come with inputs," Willy reminded him of.

"I don't have the time right now," William explained.

"All right. We have to take a look at the contract, however. We've promised to give feedback today," Willy said.

"I'm sorry. That won't happen. We put the revue scene on ice, temporary," William said. .

"Excuse me. I'm going to an important meeting in half an hour," William said and leaved. Miranda seemed to be quite worried about her boyfriend, but he did not seem to notice that yet. She would not give up on him, so she followed him into the elevator, and they were all alone.

"An important meeting? You just arrived. Are you going to meet a doctor?" she asked. He did not answer. Miranda almost cried.

"Why are you keeping so many secrets for me, William? Have you been infected by the Dead Lotus as well?" she asked worried.

"No, no, no. I'm not sick, Miranda, I promise," he said and smiled.

"I noticed how you just reacted when I mentioned the doctor. Don't you lie to me, William!" she said.

"I'm not lying. You see, I have been contacting the doctor, but for other reasons than you believe," he assured.

"What reasons?" she asked with an air of hope.

"I've always been concerned of making money. The most important thing is what I spend the money on. That's what can make a difference in the world," he explained. The elevator reached to lobby. He made sure that the Avatar had nothing to worry about, gave her a kiss and leaved. However, she still felt like not letting him just leave.

"I promise, I'll tell you everything later," he said, and actually managed to leave.

Dandelion was in her home, the penthouse of the hotel. She sat in the couch, drinking a cup of tea, while working with new projects related to the Agrarian City. Willy arrived.

"I was on William's office. He wanted to put the whole revue project on ice. And he didn't even want to take a look at the countercurrent pool," he said and sat down with her.

"Why not?" she asked.

"I don't know if it's Miranda who's persuaded him or ..." he said and sighed. So did Dandelion. She had actually worked pretty hard with all these suggestions. .

"I can call him and ask," he said. .

"No! Don't do that ... Yet," she said and sighed once again.

"I'm hungry. Can we take a break from all this work throughout the day and just relax?" she begged.

"That actually sounds perfect," he said, smiled, and gave her a kiss.

Meanwhile, in Miranda's apartment, William had finally revealed to his girlfriend what his new vision was. .

"Do you want to build a hospital?" the Avatar asked. She was very surprised to hear his special plan. .

"No, a Heart Studio," he corrected.

"A hospital where you want to practice healing sessions and even operations?" she asked.

"Not me. The doctor is going to handle the operations themselves," he explained. She sighed.

"Look. There is a lot of people, especially in the small villages around the Earth Kingdom who simply doesn't have the money to travel to other nations to take such operations," he explained. That made Miranda a bit more excited, actually.

"Hmm... You've got some very interesting thoughts here, William," she said. However, she soon seemed to realize something that made her change her mind back again. .

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"This isn't about business anymore. You're starting to involve national politics. Maybe you even may stand for election as a new Earth Guardian," she suggested.

"No, no, no. I can never become an Earth Guardian, because I'm not an earthbender. And I'm not a politician either. I'm a businessman. I make visions become real. I want to build a Heart Studio, which is open for everyone," he said. Miranda was now actually positive to his thoughts.

"Well, then. Then I think you should build this Heart Studio," she declared.

"Really?" he said and was very happy. They hugged, followed by a kiss, though she still seemed to have something to say before she could celebrate.

"It sounds very costly. How are you going to finance it?" she asked.

"The building itself, I'll spend my own money on. And remember that the operations and healing sessions will get support from the public Laogai Region," he explained.

"But what about the daily operation? That's what's a bit costly," she reminded.

"Listen carefully," he said and smiled. She smiled back, and was excited.

"This is where I'm planning to involve the Agrarian Park," he said. Her smile disappeared immediately.


"Miranda. What do you say to revitalize the Agrarian Park in the actual sense of the word?" he asked. She looked shocked due to his request.

"If the Agrarian Park are going to run a hospital, how is that supposed to be profitable?" she asked.

"It will give the park a completely unique profile. 'Come to us and be revitalized.' We're focusing on health. I'm convinced that we're going to earn the expenditure due to increased number of visitors," he pointed out.

"So your hospital idea is actually nothing more than a market stunt?" she asked.

"No. Or ... Yeah. It's kind of both, actually," he said.

"Now I understand why you were so repellent against Willy earlier today. You don't even want to go on with the Agrarian City anymore, do you?" she asked.

"I'm afraid that those two ideas aren't really compatible," he admitted. Miranda laughed.

"I've gotta say. I'm look forward to that moment when you're going to present this to Willy," she said.

"I'm not going to tell him yet," William revealed. She stopped laughing.

"William. You can't let Willy work on the Agrarian City while you actually plan to lead the Council in an entirely different direction," she explained.

"As the situation is right now, I don't really see any other option. Just take a look at your own reaction. It's too early to bring this up on the table in the Council yet. Besides, I need more time. Then, I can create a great business plan," he explained.

"What you're actually asking me for now, is to keep this a secret for Willy," she said.

"Not for a very long time. Just a week or two," he assured.

The next day, William showed his son his Heart Studio plan. .

"Wow. I think making a hospital to reduce the queue of hear operations is fantastic," Wilbert said.

"But what does the council say about this?" he asked.

"Do you think they're going to like that?" William asked.

"I hope you have Miranda on your side," Wilbert said.

"I think I have," William said and smiled.

Meanwhile, on Willy was talking to Miranda at her office. .

"I want to moderate my suggestions related to the Agrarian City a lot. Starting from your inputs. I've realized that if we're going to get to do something here, we have to make some compromises," he explained and continued talking while giving his sister a bunch of paper.

"So we're going to skip the revue scene, the escalators in the hotel lobby, and the water portals," he said.

"Wow," was the only thing she said at the moment.

"I know that I'm often getting a bit too excited, and then it's very frustrating when you always have to keep holding me back. However, by experience, I know that you're often right, Miranda. And the fact that we keep our traditions and the family loyalty is entirely essential for who we are. So I hope you'll take a look at it together with William," he said. His speech literally made her cry. Although she said she agreed, she still knew what William's actual plan was.

Later, William arrived at Miranda's office.

"I've thought about showing the Heart Studio to the Council," he admitted.

"Yeah ... About that ..." she started.

"You were right," he said and sat down.

"Really?". She did not see that come.

"At the time, you warned about that we got Willy as our chairman. You said he would get to big power. And I'm afraid he won't listen to sense when it comes to the Heart Studio. Therefore, I wanted to suggest for you that you and I simply work together to remove him from that position," William explained. Miranda was shocked. She could not believe that her boyfriend wanted her brother removed from the position as Chairman.

"Remove Willy? What are you talking about?" she asked and gave him the papers which she got from Willy. .

"Take a look. Willy has actually revised his plans sharply, to show respect for the park and its traditions. Without imprint from anyone," she explained.

"He has new plans?" he asked kind of supplied.

"Yes. Because in fact, he's following the Council's decision. You've got no basis at all to remove Willy as a Chairman," the Avatar said.

"Then we'll never get through with the Heart Studio," he complained.

"There is no we here! You're welcome to build a hospital. However, it has nothing to do with the Council," she declared.

"I'm not only going to build a hospital! I want to create something more! Something great! Something that can make a difference. Then the council has to follow it!" he yelled.

"Now I think the Park Leader should take with him the Chairman of the Park Council's revised plan and treat it real and fair," she said. William did not say anymore. He just sighed, grabbed the papers and leaved his girlfriend's office.

However, William later called Willy into his office. While William himself sat behind his desk, Willy sat in another chair.

"I heard you'd talked to Miranda," Willy said.

"Yes. I've understood that you're willing to really moderate the plans for the Agrarian City," William said.

"If we're going to go in the same direction, we have to be able to make compromises," Willy said.

"Good to hear that you're open for inputs," William said.

"In fact, I mean it would've benefit the Park a lot more if the revitalization was done more in the society kind of spirit. Willy kept listening.

"To make a long tale short. I mean we should skip the Agrarian City," he admitted.

"Skip?" Willy could not believe it at first.

"Are you serious now?" he asked.

"Absolutely. You see, I want to build a hospital. A Heart Studio. I want the Heart Studio to be an essential part of the Park's revitalized profile. And I want this profile to be related to health," William explained. Willy could not believe it.

"It's pretty interesting. You can read about it here" William said and gave Willy a bunch of paper.

"We have a Council decision on the Agrarian City," Willy reminded him of.

"We have a Council decision on revitalizing the Park," William corrected and continued.

"And that you are going to make suggestions. I have made a suggestion myself, which I honestly think is considerably more provident". Willy got up from his chair, and started yelling.

"You have started to work with this without informing the council?!"

"I'm informing now," he explained. Willy took up the papers about the Heart Studio, .

"This will NEVER happen!!" he yelled and threw the papers back on William's desk.

"Listen, Willy. I'm going to do this anyways!" William yelled to a Willy who had already halfway leaved the room. He was now standing in the door. William got up from his chair as well.

"Even if it's together with you or without you," he said.

The furious Willy barged right into his sister's office.

"What do you lay in 'the traditions of the Park' and 'family loyalty'? You're pretending to support the Agrarian City! However, you and William don't want to take it back!" he screamed.

"We do want to," Miranda said.

"That was not the impression I got from William. He told me that you guys are planning a Heart Studio!!" he screamed.

"I told William that the Heart Studio doesn't have anything with the Park to do," she said.

"You guys have discussed it?!" he screamed.

"Yes. But I didn't want to go behind your back," she said. Willy shake his head.

"Talk about family loyalty," he said, and roared while letting go of his extreme anger with firebending, causing the floor to be black.

Later, William sat in the couch in the apartment, listening to the radio. Miranda arrived.

"Hi, Miranda!" he said, but she was not in the mood. She turned of the radio.

"How could you do this to me?" she asked.

"Have you talked to Willy?" he asked.

"He meant that I went behind his back," she said.

"Don't you care about what he says," William said.

"He's my brother! If you wanted to separate us, you've succeed," she yelled.

"I wanted to avoid separation. I've got a great project. I can't leave it because personal relationships. I'm playing with open cards," he explained.

"A play I don't want to be a part of. From now on, you're all alone, William. Blame yourself," she declared.


  • This is the first chapter of Book Two: Disease (疾病) to include bending.
  • This chapter was originally going to be far longer, but I decided to leave the rest for the next chapter, as I realized that it would have been too long. Not that the chapter itself would have been too long, but due to its long and complicated dialogue, I felt like it was better to split it up.
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