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Chapter 2: The Danger is Coming

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Chapter 4: The Assassination

One dark, clear day, a mysterious person crawls to the Fire Nation Royal garden.
Then suddenly, he hears coughing. The man jumped into the nearby brush just barely in time. Two Fire Nation royal guards walked by. The man walked to the two men. He was getting closer and closer. And then.....

"Wow!" Shouted Fuzu. He barely jumped away from a fireball.

It was thrown by Azalia. We were always training together. It was normal.

Azalia smiled evilly at me. "No please, don't," I said.

However, it was too late. She smiled as she threw a huge fireball at me. I made a huge firewall; however, at my right, another one came at me. The fireball threw me against the tree.

"Thirteen!" said Azalia with a smile.

I answered, "That does not count, Azalia!"

"You are so lazy, Fuzu! You must train more! Be stronger!" she said to me.

"Ooh! Why work when being lazy is just as much fun!"

She smiled again. We did not mention the kiss from earlier against each other. We are family. We can never be together. The spirits always said that you will find a person you love to be with forever but there all lies! It was two weeks ago but it still hurts me!

Then suddenly, I saw a few guards running by us.

"What is going on?" I said to a guard.

He answered, "We found two guards dead! Murdered, my Lord."

I looked at Azalia. "Hey, I am going with the guards to see what is happening. You must tell Uncle Zalon of what is happening!"

Azalia nodded and went inside. The guards took me to the royal gardens. There I saw two men lying dead. One had a throat slit open while the other was beheaded. I had been on a battlefield; however, even I could not believe my own eyes with seeing this massacre.

"Wait! No, what have you done?"

"Done what, my Lord?" asked a guard to me.

"Oh nothing, never mind," I quickly answered.

Father is moving forwards with his plan. I can't stop it! What must I do? I can not tell that Father is behind it. Who will believe me? I know that the Firelord will believe it but I can not let my father be arrested and executed for treason.

I walked back inside. I noticed that I was walking by the portrait gallery. I saw my great great grandfather's portrait. Firelord Sozil. He reigned for sixty years. He taught Avatar Wu firebending. He also was known as a wise man of peace and virtue. He even looks friendly. Next to him, I saw his son, my great grandfather Firelord Azulyis. A grim looking man. He held the throne for only 3 years. Azulyis tried to take the Earth Kingdom. He and his entire army were never seen again. While I walked by, I saw my grandfather and uncle. They are so different. My grandfather was nice and friendly but a war hungry man. My uncle is peaceful and wise. He will bring a new era of peace to the land like the one from Firelord Sozil, but better.

I walked into a huge red golden hall. I saw the huge curtains of the throne room. I went through. I saw my uncle, the great Firelord Zalon, sitting on the throne. A few men were talking to my uncle, who sat on the throne.

"There is a plague in the east, Brother. We must burn those lands to the ground so the nation will survive. Even the people who are infected must die for the good of the nation." That was my father talking.

My uncle looked grimly at my father and answered, "No! I will not let the people die! Burn the plague ridden fields and send as many doctors as possible. Anyone who can help must help. Put a reward out for the person who can solve it."

My father bowed and stepped aside. I saw his golden eyes look at me, full of anger and hate. He knows I have discovered his plan.

"Uncle, have you heard about the two dead guards? We must raise more troops to defend you! Otherwise you will die!" I said.

My father and everyone looked shocked. My father looked at me with anger and said, "You do not know what you are talking about Fuzu! Behave like your brother! You can learn from him!"

My uncle answered: "Silence! Zulas, be gentle to the lad. He means only well. And Fuzu? I will raise more guards for protection. Will that make you feel better?

I bowed to uncle and walked away. I walked by a room and saw my other uncle, Admiral Azulion, talk to someone. He whispered something. I could barely understand the words, "She may never discover." He looked angry at me and closed the door fast. What was Azulion talking about? This is strange. And where is Azalia, now that I think of it?

I went to my chambers as fast as I could. There I saw a letter. I opened it and the content was shocking my to my very soul! The assassin has Azalia. He wants me to come to the Dragonbone Catacombs tonight. He will pay for this! I promise.

I spent the rest of the day in my chambers waiting for nightfall. How long can it take!

After all this waiting, nightfall had come! I took my things, put on a robe and went on my way. I found it pretty fast. I fired at the ground and...Nothing! Then suddenly I saw the ground changing and a stair came. I used it to go down. For hours I walked and walked. Then I came in a labyrinth of halls. I followed the main hall and came out at the tomb of the Great Dragon Lord! He was a man of legend and the first Firebender ever. He founded the capital. Why is this a secret? If the myth is real, why hide the truth? I saw that the door was open and I entered.

I saw a two huge dragon statues and right in the middle I saw a huge golden stone box. The man himself was buried in here! I can not believe he is real! Then I saw chains connecting the two dragons and in the middle, Azalia was hanging unconscious. Then a voice called out to me, "Well, well, well. It is Fuzu! I wondered if you would ever show up."

I saw a hooded man with a dragon mask on.

"Let her go! Now!" I said angry.

He laughed demonically and walked by me. I made lighting and threw it at him. The man easily defended himself. It is not possible! He defended himself with ease!

Then the man answered: "You can save the dear bastard, or save the Firelord by fighting me! The choice is yours."

"How dare you call Azalia that!" I screamed!

"You mean you don't know? You do not know of Admiral Azulion's greatest weak moment?" He said and he laughed demonically and he walked away.

What is he talking about. She is not a bastard. She is my niece! I do know that this means another secret! Another mystery! No time for that right now. I jumped on the statues and fired at the right dragon. The right chain broke and Azalia was only hanging on the left chain now. I went standing under her and fired at the left chain. The chain broke and she fell. I barely caught her.

"Azalia, are you alright?" I asked her.

She looked tiredly at me and said: "Yes, but what about that man! He will kill Uncle!"

"We must stop him!" I said.

Then I got Azalia back on her feet and we went as fast as we could after the man. Unfortunately, he had completely disappeared. I knew that now we have to stop him on the parade tomorrow!

Meanwhile, in Ba Sing Se, Hao saw a messenger enter his study.

"Your Majesty, news from our men in the Fire Nation," said the messenger.

He dropped the paper at the desk and walked away. Hao read the letter and saw the great news! Any moment now would the Firelord be killed! That will give us the moment we need to attack! Soon Firelord Zalon would be dead and the West would have fallen! The world would soon be his.   

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