Aang knew it wouldn't be a good idea to go on his glider right above town but he had been craving some fun ever since he arrived in this boring town. So, he settled with gliding over the ocean.

Summer sat on the edge of the dock dipping her toes in the water. She had been thinking about how bored she was and looked up to see a young airbender on his glider. She smiled at the young Avatar and sent him a small breeze to help him along.

Aang had to double take. A random breeze centered and controlled directly at his glider by a random occurrence? no. A bender? maybe. He decided to go back and check it out. Aang made a Uwey and flew down to the girl to see that she was smiling.

"How did you do that?" he asked in amazement.

"I'm the daughter of mother nature. I can control the breezes, waves, currents, storms, anything in nature."

"Oh! I know mother nature!" Exclaimed Aang, "She's the Storm Spirit."

"Yupp." Summer nodded and caused a surfer to have the ride of his life.

"That's cool, but can you do this?" he asked her as he formed a ball of air and jumped on it, doing the air scooter. Summer laughed.

"No, but I can do this." she formed a small tornado and rode around on it.

"That's cool." there was a short pause.

"Hey! There's something I want to show you!" Aang grabbed Summer's arm and ran extremely fast out of town, down the highway and into the forest. He took her to where his campsite had been but when they got there everything was burnt to the ground. Summer swore.

"Who would do such a thing?" Aang asked, astonished, "And I thought the firenation was bad."

"I don't know but whoever they are, they better stop." Summer said as she began regrowing the trees in the forest.

"Wait.." Appa and Momo were gone, along with all of his supplies. "APPA!!" He called him several times.

"Momo!" Summer vanished and reappeared with Momo.

"You mean this little guy?" she asked.

"Yeah that's Momo, but where's Appa?" He blew his bison whistle once and waited a moment.

"I think it's broken" Summer stared at him looking extremely skptical. But After a few moments Appa flew down with all of Aang's supplies in the saddle.

"Summer, this is Appa, my flying bison!"

"Whoa..." she walked around him. "He's so.. big!"

"You wanna go for a ride?"

"Uhh sure!" He jumped onto Appa and held out his hand to help her up, even though she was obviously fully capable of getting up on her own. She accepted his help and climbed on. As he took off, he smiled at her. Summer was very pretty.

"So uhh. Since you're kind of in contact with the Spirit World and everything through your mom, do you think you could find me a waterbending master?"

"I could try." Summer closed her eyes and concentrated for a few minutes. It began to rain, just the slightest bit, only over summer. She smiled and opened her eyes. Aang looked back.

"So did you find anyone?" Aang asked. Summer was still smiling.

"That was him. He sent the rain" Aang smiled.

"That's great! Where is he?" She pointed down at a small cabin below.

This is the end of Chapter 3.

Previous chapter: Chapter 2: The Girl in the Tree

Next chapter: Chapter 4: The Waterbending Master

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