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January 11, 2014

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2) Resurrection

Below is a transcript of an alternate third episode of Legend of Korra: Book Two. Titled Masquerade, it explores a world in which no cure to the late Amon's bending blocks has been found.

Edits to trivia, goofs, grammar and choreography are encouraged.


Shiro Shinobi [Narrating a newsreel.] Previously on Legend of Korra! Chief Unalaq and Katara failed in healing Korra's bending block. Bolin met eccentric billionaire Varrick, and began dating Unalaq's daughter, the equally eccentric Eska. Unalaq held a ceremony for the Glacier Spirits, but it was interrupted by Southern hooligans, causing violence to erupt between Northerners and Southerners. And as if that weren't bad enough, Korra learned that her father Tonraq is actually Unalaq's exiled older brother!
Open to Northern guards marching down Southern streets.
Northern Guard [to Bolin and Mako, who is comforting Korra] Move along! Curfew begins in less than an hour.
Bolin Geez, pushy much?
Korra [to Mako, who has an arm over her shoulder] I still can't believe that Unalaq's been my uncle this whole time!
Bolin Which makes Eska and Desna your cousins, right?
Korra And Dad's an exile? That's the worst punishment the Water Tribe can give! He must have done something terrible in the North. How could Mom and Dad keep things like this secret from me for my entire life?
Mako Haven't they talked to you about it, now that it's all out in the open?
Korra Dad was held overnight with the other Southerners arrested at the festival, but they haven't released him yet. And Mom won't tell me Anything without Dad there too.
Mako I'm sure there's a good explanation.
Korra How is a "good" explanation even possible? I don't know what's happening.
Bolin [throwing an arm over Korra's other shoulder] Hey, when people care about each other, they can get through anything. Just look at you and Mako! Didn't you have a fight just last night about how insensitive, thoughtless and self-centered Mako was being?
Mako [angry] Says the guy dating a robot!
Bolin Hey! You don't know what two people are like when they're alone together!
Flashback to Eska seated in front of a Pai Sho table and growing increasingly frustrated.
Eska Pai Sho is more than just a game, it's a battlefield of logic. I can defeat any opponent in fewer than 20 moves. But you're completely unpredictable, making moves that fly in the face of all logic and theory. [Cut to Bolin, looking lovey-dovey as he swivels a pai-sho tile around with his finger.] It's as if you have no sense of planning, purpose or intent!
Bolin [swooning] I love it when you strategize.
Cut back to the present.
Bolin She so Gets me.
The romantic reverie is interrupted by an altercation down the street, where Northern occupation forces are blocking Southern workers from entering a factory.
Worker 1 Let us in! We have jobs to do!
Soldier Not a chance, there's a curfew. By the order of Chief Unalaq, everyone should be home by sundown.
Worker 2 But I have a shift starting in five minutes! You'll ruin our production schedules!
Soldier [spluttering] Production? You should all be at home anyway! The winter Solstice is just around the corner. This is a time for meditation and fasting, not making cheap trinkets. Any Real member of the Water Tribe would know that.
Worker 3 You saying the South ain't Water Tribe? Just because Unalaq don't like the way I earn my living?
Soldier If the snowshoe fits!
Workers start bending and shoving the Northern soldiers out of the way of the doors. Southerners in the background cheer on the workers.Korra tries to break up the fight, bending a bubble of air in between the Northerners and Southerners, pushing them apart as it expands.
Korra Would you all calm down? You're all part of the same tribe, start acting like it.
Worker 2 [Angry.] You're taking their side? We thought you were one of us.
Korra [Defensively.] I'm not taking anyone's side. [Korra is hit by a snowball to the head.] Hey!
Little Girl You're the worst Avatar ever!
Meanwhile down the street, Tonraq, sporting a new black eye, is released from the holding tank. He spots the altercation, and Korra in the thick of it.
Worker 1 [voice-over as Tonraq runs over] Tonraq may be her father, but she's Unalaq's niece.
Tonraq Everyone, walk away from this.
Korra Dad! They let you out? What's going on? Why'd Unalaq say you were an exile?
Tonraq Korra, this is not the time. [to crowd] I promise I'll get things back to normal, but this isn't the right way. [The crowd doesn't move] Come on! They're not worth our trouble.
Civilians drop their water and walk away. Soldiers follow suit.
Tonraq Korra, I- [Notices Korra is leaving.] Korra!
Cut to Avatar Island. The airbender kids bounce around on air-scooters.
Meelo Hide and seek! Hide and seek!
Jinora I'll count.
Ikki No way! You always cheat!
Jinora Do not!
Ikki Oh that's right, your "imaginary friends" cheat for you! [Ikki makes air quotes. Jinora grits her teeth in anger.]
Meelo [raising hand] I can count.
Jinora No you can't.
Ikki [putting Meelo's hands over his eyes] Go away Jinora, no one likes you.
Meelo Wun... Ate.... [Sniffle...] For...
Cut to the library, where Tenzin and Jinora sit reading quietly.
Tenzin How was your day, Ji- [Jinora radiates flames and gives Tenzin a death-glare as she turns the page of her book. Tenzin gulps and goes back to reading.]
Cut back to Ikki, searching for a place to hide in the acolyte's hall. She runs into the now-acolyte vendor guy, and he starts to say hi.
Ikki Sssshhh! [Air-scooters up to his eye-level to whisper in his ear] I'm hiding! [Vendor guy gives her the thumbs up]
Ikki keeps flying through the halls on her air-scooter, but then backtracks to look into one of the rooms.

We see Monk Jikoh in his room, carefully opening a box on his desk. Ikki peeks in from the door in interest. Jikoh places his hand in the box, and removes an Equalist mask! Ikki is petrified, and flashes back to her kidnaping at the hands of Equalists, being bound and gagged on the Equalist stage, Amon's masked face approaching her, reaching out his hand. Jikoh notices her in the doorway, and Ikki screams.

Cut to the library, where Tenzin hears the scream.
Tenzin [jumping up] Ikki!
Jinora She's in the Acolytes' hall!
Cut to Tenzin roaring through the Air Temple, leaving chairs toppling and shutters crashing open in his wake. He comes across Ikki, who's in tears, and shrinked down against the hall wall opposite Monk Jikoh's door. Monk Jikoh, still holding the Equalist mask, reaches out to Ikki. Tenzin hits Monk Jikoh with a powerful air-blast, sending Jikoh flying back into his room and pinning him to the wall. Tenzin winds up to deliver another hit, the air tearing up the room in a whirlwind around them.
Tenzin What did you do to my daughter?!
Jikoh Nothing! I swear!
Tenzin Don't lie to me, Equalist.
Vendor Guy [comforting Ikki] It's true! Monk Jikoh didn't do anything!
Tenzin stops airbending, and Monk Jikoh drops to the floor, the desk hitting his side painfully on the way down.
Tenzin Explain.
Jikoh [bowing on the floor] She must have seen the mask, Master Tenzin. I try to keep it hidden for just this reason, I didn't want to frighten them.
Tenzin You shouldn't have it at all! What are you planning here?! Who sent you?!
Jikoh Nobody! I- [sits up suddenly, but then grimaces with pain and grabs his side where he hit the corner of the desk. Ikki wipes the tears from her eyes.] ...Nobody.
Cut to the Air Temple Infirmary, where a male acolyte wraps bandages around Monk Jikoh's ribs. Tenzin and the Abbot preside.
Jikoh Learning Amon's true identity was devastating to me.
Flashback to the public reveal of Amon as a waterbender. A masked Equalist fighter looks on, and rips off his mask, showing himself to be Jikoh.
Jikoh [Voice over.] He promised a road to fixing the inequalities in our city,

[Jikoh staggers away, pulling off his electric batons, and other bits of Equalist get-up.] but every word that came out of his mouth was based in lies. [Jikoh wanders around the city, staring at the broken buildings, ruined streets.] I was lost without the revolution. All I had wanted was to make the world a better place. [An Air Acolyte in work-clothes with an Air Temple arm-band brings him over to a soup-line, where Acolytes are doling out free food. But the Air Temple Public Outreach Program showed me a better way. [cut to Jikoh wearing an arm-band and a hard-hat, working at reconstruction efforts.] They saved my life.

Cut back to the present.
Jikoh I kept the mask as a reminder of the life I left behind, but I'll throw it away! I promise!
Tenzin ...See that you do. [Tenzin sweeps out of the room]
Cut back to the South. Eska and Desna approach team Avatar.
Eska Avatar Korra.
Desna Our father wishes to discuss an important matter with you.
Eska He requests your presence at the palace.
Korra Finally! Someone who wants to tell me what's going on.
Eska Bolin. My sweet turtleduck. Accompany me on a romantic excursion while my cousin learns of our shameful family history.
Mako [to Eska] Hey! Leave off her, would ya? Let's go, Korra.
Korra You don't have to tell me twice. [Desna leads them away]
Eska I have made a socially unacceptable remark.
Bolin Hey, me too! I do that all the time! [clasps her hand in his] Isn't it wild how we have so much in common?
Cut to the palace. Mako waves as Korra walks onto a balcony for her private audience with Unalaq.
Korra Chief Unalaq. [She bows]
Unalaq Korra, you're here. I think we can dispense with the formalities now. Call me uncle, or better yet, let me officially welcome you to the family.
Korra Thanks, Uncle Unalaq.
Unalaq I'm sorry we couldn't have spoken earlier, years earlier. In fact I wish I could tell you everything right now, but it's your parent's place to tell you, not mine.
Korra But it's my right to know. How could my parents not tell me I had more family?
Unalaq I don't know. After my wife died, Eska and Desna became even more precious to me. [puts hand on Korra's shoulder] We all have to take care of what family we do have. I hope we can be closer from now on.
Korra [smiling] Me too, but, Uncle, why did you bring your troops down from the North? [cut to Northern waterbenders below creating a wall of ice, blocking off the harbor.]
Unalaq You saw for yourself how quickly the Southerners turned on us last night, after they desecrated the ceremony. What the Water Tribe needs now is a firm hand to guide it.
Korra But Chief- Uncle Unalaq, I'm afraid it's sending the wrong message. A lot of Southerners feel like their tribe is being invaded.
Unalaq I am their Chief. I'm uniting, not invading.
Korra I know, but I'm just afraid if something doesn't change, there could be a civil war.
Unalaq I understand, and I share your fears, but as the Avatar, you must remain neutral in this conflict. You will naturally want to help your people, but showing favoritism will not help our tribe find peace and unity.
Korra I'm usually the one starting fights, I don't know how to stop them from happening.
Unalaq I believe in you, Korra. The North and South may have their struggles, but deep down we're all one family.
Cut to the Sato Estate, Asami's office.
Beifong Alright, Sato. Can you tell me what this is? [slams a device down on Asami's desk]
Asami [picks up device] It looks like one of our new diamond-tipped drills, but the logo's been filed off.
Beifong Good start, now why don't you tell me how it came to be used in this morning's attempted robbery of First Republic Bank?
Asami What?! Chief Beifong! Future Industries may be in trouble, but things haven't gotten so bad that I've started pulling That kind of caper. ...At least not yet.
Beifong [more gently] Of course not, but let me ask you this, Sato. Are your warehouses guarded?
Cut to a Future Industries warehouse. Asami holds the smashed lock to the open warehouse doors. Beifong stands behind her.
Asami Our guards come from a private security company. I could let them go and know they'd still have jobs the next day. [They enter the warehouse and walk through the ransacked aisles]
Beifong If you can manage it, I'd hire them back on. The triads have been aggressive lately and my department can't keep watch over private property. Word on the street is that the Triple Threats are expanding into Red Monsoon territory, the peace between benders and non-benders is paper thin, and now with tensions boiling in the South, [Beifong shifts to stand with her face dramatically shadowed] the cop in me can't help but wait for it to all spill over.
Asami And I thought things had gotten better since we took down the Equalists. ...I'll make a list of the stolen inventory. Will that help your investigation?
Beifong Yes. Thank you, Sato. ...But you know, in some ways things have improved. I'm a better cop now than I ever was when I could earthbend.
Asami What do you mean?
Beifong [hand falling to her electrical baton] Now that I'm normal, people talk to me. Your average citizen isn't comfortable making eye-contact with a metalbending police officer, much less opening up about criminal activity. The trust just isn't there.
Cut to Korra riding Naga through a Southern Water Tribe village, then to the interior of Senna and Tonraq's house where many Southerners are meeting, including Senna, Tonraq, Varrick, Zhu Li, Osen, and Osen's father. Tonraq still sports his black eye from earlier.
Tonraq Thank you for coming, everyone. I know we're all grateful to the Daily Southern Star for their help in spreading word about this meeting. [cut to Osen and Osen's father, who nods in support.] We're facing troubling times.
Varrick [Helping himself to cookies.] Troubling? Troubling is when I get that itchy rash that won't go away, and Zhu Li's not around to scratch it. This is shocking. [Stands straight and drops cookies off plate before tossing the plate to the floor.] Nay, sickening! But these kale cookies? Opposite. [To Zhu Li.] Remind me to get the recipe later. [Zhu Li nods.]
Tonraq What's your point, Varrick?
Varrick My point is, [Helps himself to cookies once more.] Unalaq's already booted our chieftains out of their palace. How long before he starts telling us what kind of cookies [Tosses cookies away.] we can eat?
Zhu Li Probably a couple of days.
Varrick [To Zhu Li.] Rhetorical question, Zhu Li, you gotta keep up. [To gathering.] Not to mention, I've got a cargo ship full of halibut that's rotting thanks to this harbor lockdown? [Enraged.] Who wants to buy a ship full of stinking fish? [Slams plate to floor as Korra enters the house] Seriously, it's not rhetorical. I need to sell these fish.
Korra Chief Unalaq is here to help the South. He wants to show us how to restore our heritage and our balance with the spirits.
Tonraq Korra, I'm glad you're here.
Varrick The only spirit I'm interested in restoring is our spirit of independence. Am I right, people? [Gathering agrees in anger.]
Korra All Unalaq is trying to do is make our tribes unified again.
Varrick No, he wants control of our wealth. My wealth. And I like my wealth. If Unalaq doesn't pull his forces out, then we have no choice but to fight for our freedom! [Gathering agrees in anger.]
Korra You want to start a war? Are you crazy?
Tonraq Unalaq started this, not us.
Korra You mean your brother did! Are we ever even going to talk about why you were exiled?!
Osen's Father That's an old story, young Avatar.
Korra [Overwhelmed] Am I the only one who doesn't know?! [Tonraq and Senna exchange glances.]
Senna Please excuse us for a moment, everyone.
Cut to outside the house as night is settling in. Tonraq closes the door to the house.
Korra Well?
Tonraq I'm sorry, I know I should have had this conversation with you sooner, but we wanted to do it all together, not while I was still in jail. [Tonraq touches his black eye] Though I can't really blame Unalaq for throwing me in there, or jumping to the conclusions that he did. You see, I was exiled from the North for destroying something very sacred.
Korra [shocked] But why? Why would you do that?
Tonraq Why? [half-laughs.] Because I was angry and arrogant. [Cut to a young, angry Tonraq waterbending violently, the target of his attacks out of sight.] Whatever reason I gave myself at the time doesn't change that. I was a very different person when I was younger, Korra. My exile was probably the best thing that could have happened to me. I realized the gravity of my mistakes, I met your mother, and was lucky enough to have you for a daughter.
Korra And you didn't tell me? Are there any Other family members you forgot to mention?
Senna You were already saddled with the legacy of the Avatar, we didn't want you to grow up carrying the burden of even more history.
Tonraq We just wanted a normal childhood for you, Korra. I see so much of myself in you, I didn't want you to end up repeating my mistakes.
Korra [backing away] You both lie to me my entire life, keep me from knowing who my family is, and now you're plotting to overthrow the Water Tribe in the living room?! I don't know who you are anymore!
Senna Please Korra, things are more complicated than that. And the problems between the North and the South started long before you were born. Can't we just talk about it?
Korra I can't believe anything you have to say! [runs away. Tonraq moves to go after her, but Senna places a hand on his shoulder.]
Senna Lets give her space for now. We knew this was going to be hard, and we still have more work to do tonight. [they hug]
Tonraq and Senna head back in, Varrick munches on cookies.
Varrick I cannot stop eating these things. [to room] Look, we all know where this conflict is heading. We need to start preparing for war.
Cut to the interior of the palace, where Korra runs in.
Korra Uncle? Uncle I need to talk to you. [Stops, and notices Northern troops tied up and unconscious.] Oh, no. Uncle? [Runs and stops at a corner and watches a masked rebel carrying an unconscious Unalaq while three others stand guard.] Dad? [Runs to the rebel.] Dad, don't do this.
Masked Rebel Turn around, Avatar, and pretend you didn't see anything.
Korra No. Leave Unalaq and go. I'll tell him I tried to stop you, but you escaped. We can still avoid a war.
Masked Rebel No, we can't.
The rebel traps Korra within an ice wall while they make their escape. Korra punches through the ice and pursues the rebels. While the rebels run down a flight of stairs, Korra airbends the carpet out from under them, and glides down the handrails in front of them.
Rebel 2 Get him out of here! [The masked rebel runs away. Korra tries to follow but is blocked by an ice wall.]
Korra We're all part of the same tribe. I don't wanna hurt you.
The rebels prepare to attack Korra, but she dodges their offenses. Korra leaps up and grabs a banner while evading the rebel's offenses. She runs up a pillar and tosses the banner against two rebels, using airbending to ensnare them. Korra continues dodging the remaining rebels' offenses and grabs the rope of one of the rebels and kicks another rebel, slamming him unconscious on the staircase. She then ties the rope around the rebel's wrist and swings him to a pillar, knocking him out. Korra runs out of the palace to see the rebel leader leaving.
Korra Dad, stop! [Airbends at the snowmobile, causing it to change course and crash.] Why did you do this, Dad? [Removes the rebel's hood, revealing him to not be Tonraq.] What? Who are you? Where's my father?
Unmasked Rebel He wouldn't help us. He's a traitor, just like you.
Unalaq awakens. Cut back to the palace where the rebels are led away in handcuffs.
Unalaq Thank you for saving my life.
Korra I'm just glad I got here in time.
Unalaq [to troops] Find whoever's responsible. I want them to freeze in prison with the rest of these traitors. [Troops lead rebels away.]
Korra Wait, you can't just lock them away. That will only make the South angrier.
Unalaq You want them to go free?
Korra No, but let them stand trial for what they did. Every Water Tribe citizen deserves that right.
Unalaq [Softens.] Very well. I will respect the Avatar's wishes in this matter.
Korra [Smiles.] Thank you, Uncle.
Cut to Senna and Tonraq's house. Korra returns home, and opens the door to find Tonraq, Senna, Osen and Osen's father working to make posters, pamphlets and petitions.
Korra Can I come in?
Senna Of course Korra, [standing up to greet her] Welcome home.
Korra What are you doing?
Tonraq What haven't we been doing? [gesturing to mess of papers] All this is for a peaceful protest of Unalaq's occupation of the South.
Osen's Father I'll announce the protest in tomorrow's edition of the Southern Star.
Senna I still think we should change the wording in the petitions. [Korra begins to cry] Honey? What happened?
Cut to slightly later that evening. The papers and posters are all neatly piled, and Korra, Senna and Tonraq all sit closely together.
Tonraq Many people were advocating for violence while I was in jail, but I turned them down. I had no idea how far they were willing to go.
Osen's Father I'll need to write an article on this, the attack on Unalaq will be front page news. Let's go, Osen.
Osen I'll catch up, I've still got a little more stapling to do. [Tonraq and Senna look annoyed]
Osen's Father Now, Osen.
Osen and his father exit, leaving Korra alone with her family.
Korra I'm sorry for thinking you were working with the rebels, and for all the pain I've caused you both.
Tonraq No, I'm sorry. I should have been honest with you from the beginning. I never wanted to put you through all this hurt.
Korra [Beginning to cry again] I'm so glad you weren't there. For a minute I thought I'd lost everything.
Senna We'll always be here for you, Korra.
The family embraces.
Fade to credits.


  • When Korra fights the rebels kidnapping Unalaq, there are four rebels. However, later when the Northern guards are leading the rebels away, there are five.


  • Along with Eska, Iroh is also notable for declaring that "Pai-Sho is more than just a game."

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