Imperial Firebenders of the Phoenix King
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Nuclear Spirits



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December 13, 2015

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"Chapter 2: Downtrodden"

Months passed in Ba Sing Se, Andrew lie dormant, slowly adjusting to the New World around him. His power armor had run out of Fusion Cores promptly rendering it useless. As such he found an alternative usage of his time. Traveling South, to the Earth Kingdom port city of Mushao, he became an apprentice under the tutelage of Yen Diao, the foremost Smith and Swordsman on the entire Earth Kingdom continent. After three brutal hard weeks near nonstop and continuous training, he finally mastered the sword. As such, he smithed his own blade. Using the materials from the Northern Spirit Pole which Yen had salvaged in a bygone era, he fashioned a black shadowy blade, the sharpest in all the lands.

However, word spread south quickly. Ba Sing Se had fallen, and as such the Earth Kingdom had effectively fallen as well. The week after, a royal Fire Nation caravan entered town, escorted by a contingent of Royal Guards. He assessed the situation, and instantly knew the consequences of their arrival. As such, he quickly intercepted the Convoy, halting their advance. "May I ask who wishes to parlay with the inhabitants of this town?" Andrew said confronting the Fire Nation convoy, clad in his armor, gripping his Dai-Katana with both his hands.

"Her Royal Majesty Princess Azula's caravan is here to collect anything of monetary value from this locale. Stand Down immediately or be eliminated!" A Fire Nation Army Commander shouted a decree. Ten Fire Nation Soldiers dismounted their cavalry and surrounded Andrew. "Last chance moron, step out of the way or die." The Royal Guard Lieutenant threatened Westfield who held his Katana in a ready stance. "I don't think so." Andrew muttered as he threw a smoke bomb to the ground. The Fire Nation soldier's vision was obscured as the blindly pummeled the location with a torrent of flame.

Westfield came up behind the first soldier and thrusted his Katana, the Blade piercing the Guardsman's back. He quickly turned left and with precision cut two Soldier's abdomens open in one fell swoop, spilling guts across the dirt. Westfield pivoted slightly rightward and delivered a critical blow to the back of the next of a guard before decapitating the other two beside him with a one swing. He took out four throwing knifes as the smoke cleared and tossed them at the remaining two Fire Nation soldiers. The first knife pierced the man's visor entering his brain. The second projectile slammed into the poor sod's neck causing him to bleed out. The remaining two both hit their targets in the center mass, one impacting the heart, the other piercing the lungs.

As the smoke died down a scene of primal carnage surrounded the masked man. "Any further questions?" Andrew tauntingly asked just as a bolt of lighting hit the ground next to him. Three teenage girls hopped off their lizard mounts an charged Westfield. He swung at the one with the braid first, who knocked the blade out of his hands with a kick leaving him defenseless. Prior to the freak accident, Andrew had studied for years learning Bo-jitsu, Kung-Fu, and Ju-Jitsu as a hobby, now it had come in handy. She went in for a roundhouse as Westfield grabbed her leg in midair and tossed her into a market stand; collapsing it onto her.

The second female warrior launched a barrage of Kunais at him, he quickly slid to the left, narrowly dodging the barrage. She threw another fusilade, this time Westfield managed to catch two of the flying Kunais and he tossed them back at her. Both Kunais hit her robes, pinning her to the wall of a nearby house. The Last member of the trio shot more lighting towards him which he narrowly avoided with a barrel roll forward in which he grabbed his sword. He charged forward dashing left and right to avoid her electric strikes. He leaped into the air and hit the Lighting Warrior with a bicycle kick to the face, knocking her out cold. He sheathed his sword as he said to the remaining Fire Nation contingent "Collect your damn wounded and don't come back!". They promptly obeyed and collected the female trio and loaded them onto the back of their mounts and sped off.

"Nice performance, we could use someone like you on our team." A voice congratulated from behind Westfield's back...

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