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Chapter 3: Escape
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Yin and Yang decide to travel towards the Fire Nation Capitol. However, they were interrupted in their path by a blue wind, which turned out to be a dragon owned by a Fire Sage. The Fire Sage, named Shen, offered to take them to the Fire Nation Capitol. The twins accepted the offer and reached the Capitol within a few minutes. However, the Fire Sage hideout was in an underground cavern filled with Earthbenders, who locked the twins inside. Will the twins be able to escape? Read to find out.

Chapter 3: Escape

"Welcome, children, I am Fire Sage Shen, but please, just call me Shen," the Fire Sage, who was apparently Shen, said, while walking silently through the cavern.

"Why exactly did you take us here?" Yin asked scratching his black hair and combing it back, as he did when he sensed danger. Shen laughed coldly as if what Yin had just said was humorous. The Fire Sages left the room leaving Shen and the twins alone.

"I have studied the Avatar pattern for several years and I had searched for the Avatar as well, but now my search has come to an end but another problem has arose," Shen explained.

"What problem?" Yang asked, Yin elbowed him, signaling that it would be best Shen finish first.

"You see, Raava is the spirit of the Avatar, but is completely different from humans, that is regarding physical properties and behavior. An Avatar is a being that, not only controls all four elements, but also has the spirit of Raava inside of him. But Raava has the ability to split into two separate spirits which we call sub-spirit. Both Raava and Vaatu, for example, are merely sub-spirits of the greater spirit of balance, whom we know as Chi. Chi had split into two separate spirits long ago, and Raava and Vaatu remain as sub-spirits. So, I have concluded that Raava, who accidentally connected with you at birth, didn't realize that you were twins. This caused a forced reaction of Raava to split into two separate sub-spirits. Thus, we are here today with the first known pair of Avatars. But, there are more problems that arise as the result of two Avatars. Two Avatars causes complete imbalance of the Nations and Vaatu may split, in order to balance good and evil. As you may or may not know, Vaatu is physically trapped and can only be freed during the Harmonic Convergence, but if Vaatu splits as a result of Raava's splitting the results can be disastrous. Therefore I reached the conclusion that one of you must sacrifice yourself, in order to save the world." The Fire Sage finished and looked at the brothers, neither of them volunteering.

"How could you even know that we are Avatars?" Yin finally asked bewildered.

"Well, the Avatar does feature extra powerful abilities in any skill, as the Avatar obtains most of its energy from Raava. Your firebending skills as you should know are powerful and amazing. Both of you must be Avatars," Shen replied. There was a prolonged silence in which no one talked. Shen sighed.

"If none of you two are going to volunteer than I must kill one of you," Shen called for his assassin. Expecting a few Fire Sages, both twins were taken aback when they found the swordsman who had nearly killed their master. He now wore an armor covering every part of his body except his face which was exposed. On his forehead there was a mark of a sideways, red eye. The assassin's hands clenched in a tight fist as a blade slowly grew from between his knuckles.

"How the hell?" Yang said gasping. Yin didn't waste time to reply; he quickly shot a blast of lightning straight towards Shen. The lightning strikes through the cavern with an ear-blasting sound, but at the verge of impact Shen redirected it without even moving a muscle. The lightning crashed against a rock, instantly destroying it. Shen sprinted towards the twins, while Yang shot several fireballs, which were each easily deflected. Shen pointed his blade straight towards Yin, even though they were several yards apart. Shen took a deep breath inhaling all the oxygen around him, before shooting the blade, which pierced through the air and through rocks. Yin acted quickly and ejected himself up using fire directly from his feet. The blade went straight through the rock that blocked the entrance and down into the Redding Strait. Yin preparing for the worst started to shoot several bolts of lightning. As usual the assassin deflected them, but Yin kept firing holding nothing back.

Understanding what was about to happen, Yang joined in and shot several bolts of lightning. The rocks around the tavern were beginning to crack. The assassin yelled completely enraged, as a final bolt of lightning reached his deflecting range, the assassin violently kicked the bolt straight towards Yang, who ducked skillfully. The lightning went straight towards the rock blocking the entrance, instantaneously exploding it into crystal shards. Without another moment's hesitation, Yin and Yang both jumped off the edge of the cliff straight towards the sharp rocks beneath.

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