Führer Lloyd F. Johnston & Propaganda Minister Leonard T. Stuart
Das Vierte Reich
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Air. Water. Earth. Fire.
After a long, fulfilled and yet exhausting life, Avatar Korra passed away, being succeeded by Sari of the Earth Kingdom, who died early and nearly didn't play a role in history.
The current Avatar is Asura of the Fire Nation, who mastered the elements quickly.

But her greatest task lies just upon her.

Previously on Avatar: The War of the Worlds

The de facto Dictator of the USA, Lloyd F. Johnston, reveals his evil plan about the destruction of all "unworthy life", reintroducing the National Socialism. Mike doesn't want to let this happen, the forces of all of Eurasia, the Gliese 370 and 581 and the Kepler 22 colonies join him in order to stop Johnston, but fail greatly in an almost broken-out space battle in which they could not have a chance. While Mike tries to warn the people of Avatara, the Space Fleets of Eurasia fly to the Kepler 22 system.
Meanwhile, spies of the URN report that Fire Lord Olizon is going to attack the other nations in very soon.

Unexpected Happenings

Mike flew over Republic City, whose residents he was going to warn about the war which was coming. There laid several ships in the harbour, the Nemesis being one of those, where he could see two familiar persons: Avatar Asura and Captain Zolu, who both looked baffled at the sight of Mike's Valkyrie. He had to hide it, and so he flew faster, towards the mountainous landscape behind the huge metropolis. He evaded skyscrapers, airships and a few airplanes, streets and avenues passed beneath him as he was focused to get to the mountains. As he arrived in these a few minutes later, he looked out for a cave, which was hard in the yellow, orange, red and brown shades of autumn. Almost an hour later, when he had found one near an old village at the bottom of a volcano, he maneuvered his spacecraft into the mountain's hole and took all of his stuff as he walked out, taking a last look on the Valkyrie before walking off to a near road. He waited for a car to come, he wanted to get to Republic City as a hitchhiker, but was somewhat scared as a few police cars came into his vision. Knowing it would be futile to run, he stood there silently, -obviously- awaiting his arrest. A few minutes passed until the cars reached him, stopping immediately. A man Mike had met before jumped out of one car's cabins, Captain Luo Beifong.
"Grand Admiral Michael Přemysl, you are under arrest by order of councilman Zhang Asano," he spoke.
"Maybe I've made this promise, but what crimes did my scientists commit?" Mike asked, dodging a metal cable bent at him.
"Men, what are you waiting for? Arrest him!"
"You didn't answer my question!"
"Silence, you're our captive now!"
"I'm here to warn you! I want to help you, a war worse than you could possibly imagine is coming!" Mike, who had been dodging metal cables all the time, stated, continuing after finally being caught, "Fools! You should prepare for war and not capture someone who wants to help you!"

After an hour, Mike found himself in an interrogation room, which did not seem to have a door or a one-way mirror, again. Mike waited for five minutes, ten minutes, half an hour or more, when he realised he was just becoming weaker if he would wait for someone to interrogate him, so he concentrated on his defense while staring on the ornamented walls of the room. After he had waited for more than two hours, the door, which only could be opened by metalbending, finally opened, revealing his interrogator's identity: Minister of State-security Zhang Asano.
Not being surprised to see him, Mike had prepared a steady defense against him, which proved to be futile since Asano was a master of rhetoric and gesturing, as well as Mike would have lost anyway. So Mike went for a show trial he would never win after an interrogation of two minutes.

One day later, Mike sat there in his prison cell, being guarded by Luo, who announced, "You're being visited?!"
"Who wants to see me in my lowly prison cell? Well-" Mike started, but got cut off as he saw who it was: Avatar Asura.
"I want to know something: What's this war you're talking about?" she asked.

Wollt ihr den Totalen Krieg?

Johnston began to walk out onto the balcony. This was the day he had prepared for the last twenty-four years, since he took power in the USA, this was the day he would finally make it a National-Socialist dictatorship - de jure. De facto, it was such since he eliminated the old gouvernment and replaced it with his own. He thought at what he had accomplished. He had ended the Second US Civil War, eliminated his two major enemies in Europe, the Marshal of Central Europe and the War Minister, he had supplied the so-called Fire Nation with blueprints of weapons they never could have imagined, and, recently, he had forced the honored Space Fleets of Eurasia to flee in the place of their greatest victory. And now he was going to end them and their ambitions. Forever.
All of his high-ranked officers stood there, as well as his once opponent and now most loyal and devoted man, second in command of almost everything: Propaganda-minister Leonard T. Stuart. All of them saluted in their new brown uniforms and their red-white swastika armbinds. Johnston saluted too as he marched through the row of soldiers. Arrived at the front of the balcony, he stretched out his right arm, a motion everybody in the huge crowd below, as well as the Generals and Admirals, repeated. Around the huge yard hung dozens of swastika flags like they had not been seen in more than two-hundred years.
"Sieg heil!" he screamed, the crowd returning it.

In his mind, Johnston began to smile, before he began his speech of war, "Aryan men! Today, we are going to write history! Today, the last of Jewish, Black and Communistic filth is going to be erased from the Galaxy! Today will be the proudest day of the Germanic-Aryan race!"
"After the betrayal of Europe and Asia, who refused to join our crusade, they were crushed and occupied! Their Space Fleets are no more! The Nemesis has met her own nemesis! The planet of Avatara must be cleansed of the Earth Kingdom, Water Tribe and Air Nomad people, they are unworthy life, just as Jews! They must perish like this dirt! We, the true mankind, will be in full bloom after it, and our Empire, our Reich, will live on for the next thousand years and eve further! Today. From now on, I, the Führer, declare the United States of America not to be anymore! Their place is taken by the Fourth Reich immediately! From now on, there neither is Canada nor Mexico, only the Generalgouvernment Nord and Generalgouvernment Süd! The US Army is replaced by the Wehrmacht with the end of this sentence. There is no Stars and Stripes flag anymore, only the Hakenkreuzflagge!"
"From now on begins our golden era, our decadent enemies will perish by the sight of our mighty troops! And to aproove this, I only ask you one simple question:"
"Wollt ihr den totalen Krieg?"
The crow recognised these words and a confident "YES!" was the answer that followed.
"Very well. Therefore I now officially declare war upon the treacherous states of Eurasia, the Kepler 22, Gliese 370 and 581 colonies and the Earth Kingdom, both the Water Tribes, the United Republic and the Air Nomads!"
"For those who start to pray at the list of our enemies, do I have to remind you that they are defeated already? Also, we don't need any gods or similar -all we need is power! Which we have -in the form of the Wehrmacht, the Kriegsraummarine, the Luftwaffe and finally, the Geheime Staatspolizei, the Gestapo. We are invincible! Sign up for military service, fight for the glory of our race! We cannot be defeated in any way, we are superior to the rest of the world!" he abruptly closed his speech, one of the most racist ones since the Second World War. He smiled evil as he heard the crowd cheering "Sieg Heil!".

What was awaiting their enemies was another Stalingrad and Auschwitz.

In one.

Fall Schwarz

The Führer stood in the front of the bridge of his flagship, the Germanina, overlooking his huge Force of spaceships, formed by the Space Fleets of Africa, both the Americas, Oceania, the Solar, the 55 Cancri and CoRoT-7 colonies.
"Fall Schwarz can begin," he said in a confident tone. Fall Schwarz.
"Fall Weiß was the Fall of Poland," he continued.
"Fall Gelb was the Fall of France," he explained before he made a longer pause.
"Fall Blau... was a terrible failure. But Fall Schwarz, Case Black, will be the Fall of Avatara!"
"Are the Armoured Shuttles ready? The Bombers?" he asked Stuart.
"There still are reinforcements coming from our allies, also the naval units still are absent. They'll be here in a couple of hours," the minister replied.
"Then we will have to start without them. Phase one, the bombardement of their defensive positions, can start."
"Mein Führer? We're not ready yet! We have to wait!"
"What do yoou think could hold us up? The Nemesis? Surely..."
"Very well." Stuart backed down, later ordering," Men, prepare for phase one."

"Fall Schwarz or Case Black is an invasion plan, divided into several phases:"
Phase one: Bombardment of the enemy positions that could be a threat for phase two, as well as others, but mainly those described before."
Phase two: Aerial Landing. The First, Second and Third US Armies land in the area of Republic City, later being reinforced by the Fourth, Fith, Sixth, Seventh and Eighth."
Phase three: Transfer of planetar (defense) units into the secured area. Tanks, regular Aircraft and even ships are transported from the USA to the Yue Bay and its surroundings."
Phase four: Together with collaborator's Armed Forces, the URN is cleansed of resistance and completely occupied."
Phase five: Establishment of KZs, also called Concentration Camps, along occupied territory in order to wipe out the non-Aryans."
I could continue now, but it's too complicated to explain," Mike told Asura, who had been standing right in front of his cell's door, listening.
Asura was about to ask something, but was interrupted by Luo, "See? Told ya. This guy's insane."
"Shut up!" she shouted at her former master. "This information could save our lives!"
Mike, who had seated himself in the centre of his cell, replied, "I'm sorry, but this is all I know about this stuff. I tried to hold 'em up, but obviously, it didn't work."
Both of them walked out, leaving the Grand Admiral alone.
"It's alright, don't listen to me, it's not me who's gonna be destroyed... Oh, well...." he said to himself. His situation was linked with theirs, if they would die, he would too. There was no way he could escape prison, and even if he would manage it, he would be hunted down and he would be in mistrust.
Asura thought about what the Grand Admiral had said. She looked into the dark night sky and could spot a few metallic reflections there, similar to the way she discovered the HMS Nemesis. As she looked down, she kept telling herself that all of this was just a lie and fantasy, but she should be proved wrong.

Dead wrong.

Stuart finally could convince Johnston to wait until the reinforcements arrived, and so he waited. As dozens of dozens of spaceships emerged a huge ray of light, he impatiently said, "Finally. We are going to write history. Avatara and the Avatar will both fall!"
"Mein Führer, the Fire Nation agreed to destroy the non-Aryan races, joining our side." "What do you mean with this cryptic answer, mein Führer?"
"Fall Schwarz shall begin," Johnston commanded, watching his forces forming a swastika.

Notes and Trivia

  • This - finally - is the real beginning of the war, now it becomes the War of the Worlds.
  • If you don't know what the German phrases/words mean, ask me, the author.
  • The title of the second section is from a very famous speech by Joseph Goebbles.
  • The title of the third section means "Case Black", as written several times. This is a reference to the Wehrmacht's cover names for the Invasion of Poland (Fall Weiß/Case White), the Invasion of France (Fall Gelb/Case Yellow) and Fall Blau/Case Blue, the Axis' advance to Stalingrad and the Caucasus.
  • [Personal message from the author] Don't expect too much. I'm just some thirteen-year-old guy who grew up bilingual. Also, I try to post one chapter per week at least.

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