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Avatar: The Tragedy of Korra


Book 1: Bloodbending



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Bolin now has a job to do, or pay the price. Bolin must kill Korra in order to get Mako and his parents back. He wakes up early in the morning to start his day, with a plan to end Korra's life, but secretly.

Korra is on her way to the Peacekeeper's Tower in Republic City to celebrate with Zuko for his retirement.

"Everyone Ambassador Zuko will be arriving shortly! We need everything looking absolutely right before he arrives!" Tenzin said. Everyone turned off the lights as if it was a surprise birthday party and waited for Zuko.

Zuko stepped one foot into the door and everyone screamed "HAPPY RETIREMENT ZUKO!" and almost immediately, Zuko fell to the ground and appeared to be in some sort of seizure. Everyone quickly ran to him and his grandson, Iroh, held him in his arms. Zuko whispered to him and said, "Gotcha..."

The entire room was shocked at what Zuko had done because that's the last thing they expected from the serious ambassador. He suggested since he now is jobless he can ease off of being so serious all the time.

About two hours later, Bolin arrived to the party, with his Pro-Bending Match in an hour. "I'm so happy to see everyone here," he said. He eyed Korra from across the room and made his way over to her.

Korra was just about to greet him when all of a sudden he attacked. He had almost nothing to bend with besides his new signature weapon, his rock whip. He and Korra were fighting only for about 10 seconds when Tenzin blew them apart from each other. Bolin's eyes turned amber and he continued his attack on Korra.

"Bolin why are you doing this?!" Korra said while dodging the rock whip.

"In order to get my brother, and parents back, I have to kill you". He threw more attacks.

Tenzin completely stepped in on Korra's side as they both were fighting Bolin. Zuko and Iroh joined in as well, as it seemed Bolin had become way stronger than ever before. His hair started turning brown with orange streaks as his fury unleashed on all of them.

He hit Korra in the leg with the whip and she tripped and began to yell.

"Bolin why are you doing this?! You're hurting the people that love you!"

Bolin's eyes and hair turned back to normal, his angry look turned calm, and it seemed he had created a new form of himself, much like the Avatar State. Everyone stopped attacking and stared at Bolin.

"Bolin why were acting so evil?" Tenzin asked.

"I'm sorry. But I won't stop." he replied.

Bolin jumped out of the window and used his whip as a rail he slid down. Nobody pursued him as he disappeared soon after.

"Korra what just happened? Who was that?" Zuko said.

"That was Bolin, I don't know why he was doing that. That isn't him!" she said.

The party ended on that note and Korra left the building with White Lotus guards and Metalbending Police Force guards. They arrived to her house and she thanked them.

"Avatar do you need us to stand guard around the house while you sleep?" a Metalbender said.

"No, It's alright. I'll be fine."

The Metalbenders walked away but the White Lotus members refused to leave the Avatar and had guards stand watch over the house.

Meanwhile Bolin was dealing with a crisis internally. He really wants his brother and parents back but he also doesn't want Korra dead. Again, the voice and fire appeared to Bolin.

"Bolin, I see you tried to take her life today so soon. You'll have to be more smart than that. Attack from the shadows and attack quietly. Only then will you have your brother and parents back."

"There isn't another way I can get them back?!" he screamed.

"There is no other way, now do as I ask!"

"And if I refuse"

"If you refuse that'll be the end for you and your brother!"

The light disappeared and Bolin thought he was helpless. Korra spoke with Asami the next morning about how Bolin was acting. Asami said Bolin had been acting weird just the day before the attack.

"I don't see why he's doing this Asami" Korra said.

"Maybe someone or something is making him do this. Because I know he wouldn't ever hurt you without something being incredibly wrong."

"Weird thing is though, when he was attacking me, his eyes began to turn gold and red and his hair was getting a bit longer and turned brown. I don't know what was going on with him."

"Did he hurt you at all?" Asami asked.

Korra pulled up her pants sleeve and showed Asami the bruise. Asami began to cry and walked away for a bit, then returned with the old Equalist glove.

"It's time we put an end to this" Asami said.

Korra opened the door to leave when all of a sudden the rock whip appeared right in front of her and she slammed the door. It broke through the door and wrapped around her, dragging her out the house. Asami grabbed the whip and yanked it back into the house, freeing Korra.

"That was most likely Bolin. I've got to face him right now" Korra said.

She ran out the door looking for him, but nobody was there. It was quite peaceful since Bolin and Asami moved to a newly created suburb of Republic City. But everyone came out of their houses and were wondering what happened to Asami's house.

Korra began breaking down in front of Asami and asked her if she can take her home. While in the car, Asami began telling Korra of a once powerful ancient secret society formerly known as The Shadowbenders. They were benders of all nations, and all were able to bend the darkness and create massive amounts of it, perfect for attacks.

"The Shadowbenders were also rumored to have been able to bend the Spirit World in a way. They were able to go into the Spirit World, and bring back whatever they find there, even people. They used to be well known thousands of years ago until they were hunted by the world and became supposedly extinct by the end of Avatar Yangchen's life."

"Wow. How do you know all of this?" Korra asked.

"I know because I come from a bloodline of shadowbenders. My eldest uncles were shadowbenders and before they passed, they revealed a lot of secrets to his close family, which soon was passed down to me."

"Do you think they have Mako, and they're the reason for the disappearances of the other people?"

"Possibly. All witnesses claimed to see darkness rise and take over bodies, mainly in alleys and dark areas of the city. I think that's where the last residing Shadowbenders might live. But it'll be hard to catch them. When they go into the Spirit World, they are able to bring their bodies along with them."

Darkness appears around Korra when Asami was finished talking. The same flicker of light appeared that Mako and Bolin saw.

"Avatar Korra, you're lucky I can't touch you right now, but I can assure you, you will never be safe. The shadows are everywhere."

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