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Chapter 4: General Ozai

As Ryu stares at the shores of the Fire Nation the ship stopped and a girl goes up the ship.

"Greetings, I am Princess Azula the II, heir to the throne of the Fire Nation."

"Isn't General Ozai heir to the throne" said Ryu.

"No. After my grandmother's death, General Iroh, my uncle, took the throne. His only son, General Ozai, choose to remain in the United Forces, so I became heir since I am the only one left in the blood line," said Azula.

"Anyway, my cousin will return to the Fire Nation in 7 days from now. I am your firebending teacher."

"Okay," said Ryu.

So they walked to the Central Plaza and climbed all the way to the Fire Nation Capital.

They went inside the palace and outside to the firebending ground of the palace where they would train.

"Ryu, the first thing you need to know is fire is from the breath not from brute strength."

In the course of 2 days, they were training tirelessly.

"Okay, Ryu, I will teach you the secret of blue fire, a fire more intense than normal fire."

So finally on the fifth day, he mastered the ability to produce blue flames.

They were training tirelessly until on the sixth day, they stopped and took the rest of the week off.

"Aargh," yelled a young woman.

Dark Spirits are roaming the capital. They try to hold them of with bending.

"Meanwhile in the Spirit World

"Aang what should we do? asked Kyoshi.

"Go manifest yourself unto him.

"Back in the real world.

Ryu was triggered unto the Avatar State and then a dark cloud surrounding the capital started swirling and Ryu started to glow. Soon the dark cloud rained down and covered Ryu and when the clouds were cleared there appeared Kyoshi.

Kyoshi used the calming technique to calm the spirits. Then fought the rest with her bending.

Dark Spirits were spawning and climbing the city.

Kyoshi began releasing lava from the city, raining it down to the spirits.

Soon the Spirits were defeated and returned to the Spirit World.

Kyoshi too returned and Ryu was back in his body.

Soon on the seventh day, he sees a United Forces boat and General Ozai. Ryu thanked Azula for her training and that really helped him.

"Meanwhile in the Spirit World

"The Dark spirits are attracted to Ryu's energy and that's why they spawn everywhere, said Aang.

"The Boy shall need guidance, said Kyoshi.

"He will.

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