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The Northeastern Earth Mount
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The Northeastern Earth Mount is the third chapter of Book 1 and of the whole series.


Kurai and Mizu finally arrive at their destination and learns many about the Avatars through the years and not only. Two new members join their team and what about the Firebending sisters Gloomietta and Arietta...Will they kill or help each other ?


The sun shined brightly in the morning, giving a warmth to them.

They have been traveling to snow so much that they have forgot how is to feel warm.

Mizu just awoke after many hours. Since they were covered in snow she hasn't awoke.

The last days were too exhausting for her.

" You woke up finally."

" What happened ?" She asked and then she got up and stretched...

" We survived luckily from a deadly attack. " He said and got up too.

" Are we near the mountain? "

He opened the map and they both hold one edge.

He pointed a place 'Here is where are we.' He said and Mizu show they were on the other side of the mountain.

" But I was sleeping... How I got here? " She asked confused.

" I carried you. " He got the map into her back and they walked their way up to the mountain...

" Can't I sleep a little longer? " Mizu asked yawning.

" No."

" But..." Mizu jumped back as a reflex as she stepped on a snake.

It was white like the snow. It got up and opened it's mouth ready to attack.

With a quick swing Kurai cut it's head off...

" Now let's go." He said and went on.

" Thanks God. it wasn't a bird-snake." Mizu followed him on the rocky road.

The mountains had less snow probably because the sun fell on them without blocking.

" So , yesterday why were you at the ship ?"

" They caught me."

" Why. Wouldn't they kill you ? Why they took you on their ship ?"

" Because they were looking for you and they knew I knew where you were... "

" So they did bad things to you..." Mizu asked feeling guilty.

" They tied me on a chair but I got out thanks to your knife..."

" My knife ? " Mizu asked slowly...

" Yes. I got it when you first attacked me. I kept it... " He got it out and held it on his hand.

" For what ? To remember the good moment?" She said angry and took it.

Kurai looked at her weird as he haven' see her so angry even when she froze the ship...

" Sorry, It's just one of the few things that reminds me of my home..."

" Why you left Mizu ?"

" Hey I don't ask you how you got frozen or from where you are ... "

" Excuse me. You have a point." He said and passed her...

" So from where you are ?" She asked happily...

" Uhh, why I always am so gentle ?"

At a river very far from Mizu and Kurai on the northeast part of the Earth Kingdom the sister of Gloomietta lands on the coast...

" Tell me why we need to stop ?" She asks a man that is dressed in Fire Nation warrior's outfit.

" Because we need to repair it from the attacks of your sister, leader Arietta."

"But the path we took , this small rived that was created because of the winter damaged our ship more..." Arietta said to him...

" We couldn't escape otherwise..."

" Captain Liandao, Earth Kingdom's ships are approaching..." A man shout.

" Prepare for battle..." Arietta shout.

The warriors started moving to their position, the spearmen in the front and the Firebenders on the back...

Arietta stood in the middle of the ship while Liandao went on the very front...

Rocks were sent flying but although it damaged the ship's board no soldier was killed at all.

" Now !" Liandao shout and the Firebenders sent fire on the edge ship while Liandao burned a ship himself...

Arietta throw a huge fire in the shape of ball in the air...

It fell like it was a flaming rock from a catapult and it looked like a comet.

It burned the ships on the back.

The ships burning were sinking slow by slow.

Some people got on the coast. The soldiers of Arietta jumped on the coast to hunt them.

" Remember , we kill only to defend ourselves. That's leader Arietta's words."

Liandao shouted...

" Liandao !" Arietta said watching something from the edge of her ship...

" What is it ?" He asked worried.

He saw it too... Gloomietta's ship.

It was double the size of their ship and it had a banner of blue flame...

" What they want ? " Arietta whispered.

" Maybe they want to punish you for helping those that they were hunting..."

The ship stopped meters away of them...

" Sister we need to speak." Shout Gloomietta from the edge of her ship while one of her soldier was moving a white banner.

" It's a trap. " Arietta whispered. Gloomietta jumped of the ship.

" We can't know if we don't go." Liandao said...

" She took from her, she taught her to play tricks..." She said angry and jumped from the ship.

They stopped before each other and remained silent for quite much time.

" Well sister, are you a traitor ?" Gloomietta asked and broke the silent.

" No, I just hate you."

" We must discuss."

" We have nothing to say."

" We are sisters, we must be together. Why don't you come to my ship for tea?"

" Okay then sister. I will come for tea. "

" Then I will to..." Liandao said and jumped off the ship to the coast.

" It's not a problem, right Gloomietta ?" Liandao said and she nodded.

They followed her across the shore.

" What are you doing ?"

" I am helping you, if it is a trap we can escape and also do damage to her ship." Liandao whispered and they went into Gloomietta's ship.

They walked through the dark rooms lighted with small fires.

Arietta and Liandao went to a room that had an office in the middle of the room.

Arietta sat on a chair with Liandao by her side.

" Should we worry?" Arietta whispered.

" Calm down." Liandao said and gave her a smile.

Gloomietta closed the door and walked and sat on the chair behind the office.

" So Gloomietta why did you follow me ?"

" Mother..." In this first word Arietta got up really angry shouting.

" Stop call her like that. She is not our mother."

" She is." Gloomietta shout and one tear fell from her amber eyes.

" She is few if not one years older than us. She is not our mother."

Gloomietta calmed down and answered. " Mother is a woman that take cares of you. And so she did."

" So she send you to hand me down..."

" She gave me three missions. To catch you, to kill our uncle and to find the Avatar."

" So, what will you do ?"

Kurai and Mizu arrives at the end of their way.

They stopped at the edge of the mountain and they could see it.

Earth Kingdom Avatar Temple

So this is it Kurai. The northeastern earth mount...

It was big with two floors.

The firs one was the main floor and it's entrance was great.

It had red colons around it and it's roof was green.

The second floor was smaller in a strange shape.

It was made of rock and on the top stood a small sharp tower.

" So this is it Kurai. The northeastern earth mount." Mizu said but Kurai had already walked towards it not having time to admire.

" Wait!" She shout but he didn't stopped.

But he froze on his steps and showed the place burning like a vision on his head.

He moved his head around to wake.

" What's wrong ?" Mizu asked arriving him.

" Nothing let's go." He said and they went towards the temple.

" Why do you want to find the Avatar?" Mizu asked.

" I have a message for him and I think I am the last one that know it. It was given to me by a wise person. "

" But the Avatar was lost one hundred years ago..."

" And I was frozen for 30 years." Mizu stopped on her tracks and gave him a weird look.

" Yes. I told you. After all I know the Avatar is alive."

" How are you so sure ? " Mizu asked him...

" I have my ways... Come on little girl..." They began walking up to the stairs to get to the temple.

" Hey, I am fourteen. I am not a little kid. I am a grown up woman. How old are you ?" She asked him with sarcasm.

" I am twenty four years old."

" You look younger."

" And you older."

" Yes thank you. That's what every girl wants to hear."

" I hope it is not abandoned. "

" It look clean, someone take cares of it..."

" The sun is about to set. I hope he or she will let us rest there..."

" And I hope anyone that lives here have some food. Our supplied have ended. We need water too."

Back to the river in Gloomietta's ship Arietta is waiting for an answer.

" I will hunt the one most near to me." She answered.

Arietat kicked the officer furiously who held Gloomietta to the wall.

Liandao opened the door and they left running. Firebenders tried to stop them but Liandao was stopping the fire while Arietta was throwing them away with her fire waves.

They got out of the ship and run for theirs.

The soldiers of Arietta threw the wooden bridge so they could go up.

" Set sail!" Arietta shouted.

Gloomietta unfortunately have already been freed and threw fire at the wooden bridge.

Liandao managed to hold from the edge of the ship but Arietta fell on the grass near the coast.

She got up as she heard Gloomietta walking near her.

" We will fight! In an agni kai."

" I am in." Arietta said and took her fighting stance.

Arietta was the first to attack but Gloomietta dodged her fire.

Both were throwing fire from their hands and feet but they were unable to land a blow as both dodged it's other attacks.

" Even if you kill me and your uncle the Avatar is dead." Arietta shout as the battle was raging on.

" Mother said I should find him , even dead." Gloomietta shoot and Arietta threw her back with fire.

Gloomietta tried to get up but Arietta threw fire from her foot and Gloomietta jumped on the right to miss it.

She lied in the ground but then she got up with tear on her eye.

" I can't fail mother she said."

She run and threw fire exactly near Arietta but Arietta moved Gloomietta's hands away with her own.

They stood back to back doing circle and throwing fire.

They both at the same moment jumped away with fire on their feet and landed in the exact positions they were at the begin.

They jumped min the front leaning with one of their foot extended and so fire was thrown from both of them.

The fire waves were met in the middle and created a wall of fire between them.

" She sent you here Gloomietta to get rid of you."

" No, mother would never,ever do that."

" She is not your mother."

Gloomietta close her eyes with anger and tears ran from her cheeks.

But such rage cannot keep inside of someone for too long. She started to shouting and with a very reflexus move he jumped above the fire wall running towards Arietta.

She was going to punch her but Arietta turned around and kicked her in the back throwing her down.

" I won. You lost." She said and left Gloomietta who was crying on the sand."

As Arietta was going back to the ship Gllomietta still in anger got up and threw a huge fire blast almost half of Arietta's ship at her sister.

Arietta by the ehat understood what happened and turned around. She would have been dead if Liandao hadn't jumped in front of her and cut the blast in the middle.

The remains of the blast were sent into the water.

Arietta's Firebenders threw a ladder and Liandao along Arietta got up to it.

Their ship set sailed.

" Thanks Liandao." Arietta said watching the place they were minutes ago.

" Nothing. Were we go now?" He asked smiling.

" For now, to the east. To the east..."

At the northeastern earth mount Kurai and Mizu find the door to the entrance opened.

They opened the door a little more but although the slightly move the noise was heard.

They saw no person in the first floor.

" Is someone here?" Kurai asked but no answer was given.

" Maybe they are upside." Mizu said and they walked through the stairs.

The second floor was smaller and as they walked up they saw a man sitting front of a tapestry.

The man turned to look at them but then the tapestry glowed.

Tapestry glows

Their eyes looked like small stars.

They saw that on the person on the tapestry on their eyes were light.

Their eyes looked like small stars.

" The Avatar returned..." The man mumbled. Kurai heard those words and watched surprised the tapestry.

He understood that these were Avatars of old.

Suddenly the light wore off after some time.

The man got up and turned to his unknown visitors.

" Who are you?"

" I am Mizu from the Northern Water Tribe and this is Kurai..." Mizu stopped as she remembered he didn't know from where Kurai is.

" You said the Avatar is back." Kurai answered.

" Yes I did... Why are you interest to the Avatar?" The man asked doing slowly circles around them.

"I have a message for him. You know where he or she is?"

" No. But I can tell you everything I know about the previous Avatars."

" I am listening."

" Sit down." The man said and Mizu along Kurai sat on the floor with the man sitting across them.

" Long ago, before even the war starts to the Air Nomads was born the next Avatar.

Her name was Yangchen. She was spiritually strong and her actions kept the world in peace for around a century more the world was in peace.

In this period of peace to the Northern Water Tribe was born Avatar Kuruk.

Kuruk has the exact opposite personality of Yangchen challenging every bender he knew, showing off to women. He let the four nations solve the problems on their own. He was selfish and arrogant.

But this would cost him because he as everyone fell in love and because he didn't fulfill his duties as the Avatar his love lost her life and not only that.He searched for her until his death and a legend says he still search for his lost love.

Then on the southwest of the Earth Kingdom was born the next Avatar.

Her name was Kyoshi and a war started at her era.

Chin the conqueror took as an advantage the unpopularity of the Earth King and conquered the whole Earth Kingdom expect Bang Sing Se and Kyoshi's land.

When he went to conquer Kyoshi's land Kyoshi killed him against her will and turned her land into an island that was named Kyoshi Island.

Later after Chin's dead the people of Bang Sing Se began a riot and Kyoshi was summoned by the king to stop it.

Instead of killing the uprising people she made the Earth King hear them.

In return she created an elite team of Earthbenders to protect historical and cultural artifacts.

She instead of Yangchen and Kuruk did children.

Her daughter was named Koko and she became the governor of Kyoshi Island.

The next Avatar was born to the Fire Nation decades before the War began.

Roku was a friend of ire Lord Sozin but he was against Sozin's ideas of expanding the Fire Nation.

A legend says that when they were old Sozin killed Roku and then he after twelve years when a comet was returning he began the war first attacking the Air Nomads cause the next Avatar would be born at them."

" So the Avatar must be hiding in one of the temples ?"

Kurai consider.

Mizu got up and started to hunt two small white hamsters. " Come here small cuties." She said.

" I can't believe you travel with her." The man said with a weird look.

" So as you search for him can you deliver my message?"

White hamster

two small hamsters

" I don't know yet. Can we sleep here ?" Kurai said.

" Of course. I will also give you supplies if you want. I am sure you need them. " The gentle man said.

" Thanks. I appreciate that." Kurai said and smile.

He walked off shouting Mizu's name.

" Hey Kurai." She came from the stair with one hamster in each of her shoulder.

" Now that I know the Avatar is alive I will go to search for him." Kurai said.

" Can the hamsters come with us?" Mizu asked.

" Why?"

" Because I already made a bond with them. This is Noko the male one with the black spot on his left eye and this is Shonen the female one." Mizu said and he saw Kurai staring at her with the look " You don't understand." He sighed and then he said

" I mean why will you come with me?"

" Because I don't have where else to go. After all in each place we go something happens." Mizu said.

On the night Mizu, Kurai and the man were sleeping on the first floor.

Kurai was moving around his sleep place.

He saw in his dream a lady with short hair leaving him behind.

As she walked she was consumed by shadow.

Kurai woke up suddenly waking also Mizu.

Kurai got up and went to get support on the wall.

" Kurai are you okay?" He fell on his knees with his hands on the wall.

" Did you saw someone you fear or someone you lost?"

Within this sword Kurai didn't move.

His place was lit up.

Mizu watched and couldn't understand what happened.

The man also awake from their noise.

" Kurai?" Mizu called him and when he turned she was scared.

His eyes were glowing with light.

Both Mizu and the man got up scared.

Kurai got up and his body turn to shadow that was going upwards but it wasn't ending.

A sphere of shadow started to grow around him and Mizu and the man ran to leave of the building.

The shadow arrived Mizu but the man grabbed her hand and pushed her out along him.

They run a little further and then stopped when hey saw that the shadow sphere was not growing.

Inside the shadow only the glowing eyes of Kurai were visible.

First the water from inside the temple were thrown out and turned to ice.

With such sharp rain they wouldn't survive.

" I can't use my bending." Mizu shouted.

" I will do it." The man Earthbent the ground and created a shield around them.

They could hear the ice smashing on the rock and when it stopped the man removed the rock.

But then the ground started to moving and the whole mountain changed shape.

Pillars with the sharp point being towards them were thrown to each direction.

They dodged them but then fire consumed the whole building and an explosion destroyed the second floor throwing fire everywhere.

" Is he the Avatar?" The man shout holding his hat with one of his hand and with the other a pillar as strong wind blew from inside the destroyed temple.

" I don't think so." Mizu answered holding also from a pillar.

" Kurai, calm down." Miu shout and his eyes disappeared in the shadow.

" For any reason you become angry there is an explanation. I know you are angry but there is always hope."

With Mizu's words to Kurai's mind came the phrase: Even in the deepest darkness there is light.

With this light came from him throwing away all the shadow.

His cloak was flaming, his clothes were sand his hair were invisible like the air and his eyes were blue like the water.

Air sphere

His cloak was flaming, his clothes were sand, his hair were invisible like the air and his eyes were blue like the water.

The light consumed all the shadow and he turned to his previous self and fell to the ground.

The sun started to be visible from the far east.

Mizu and the man run to him to see if he was okay.

" Thank both of you." He said and with their help he got up.

The two hamsters run to Mizu and she was happy to see them safe.

" Sorry for your building." Kurai said.

" It's okay. I will find more Earthbenders so that we can fix it."

He Earthbent the ground revealing a secret small room.

"Here is food and water." He gave them three sacks for each one of them.

He close the room with Earthbending.

" Em... Sir..." Mizu was trying to say something to him.

" My name is Belerop." He answered.

" Thanks for everything." Mizu said and smiled.

" Sorry again for everything and excuse me because I don't want to discuss about the things you saw."

" It's okay everyone's has things that he doesn't want to discuss."

They have walked down the mountain and were on the fields.

" So where are you going?" Belerop asked them.

" Where fate goes us. I have a feeling that we will meet the Avatar somewhere." Kurai said.

" I will go to Ba Cing Ce to find Earthbenders and deliver the message to the Earth King about the Avatar."

Belerop left them walking towards south.

" Should we go?" Mizu asked with Noko and Shonen on her shoulders.

" Let's go." Kurai said and they went running to the west with their fate as guide.

Productions notes

Series Continuity

  • Noko and Shonen joins Mizu and Kurai

Character revelations

  • Some of Kurai's power are revealed
  • It is revealed that the Avatar has returned as Kurai had said.
  • It is revealed that Mizu has lost her powers because she overpushed herself.

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