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Dawn of a New Age



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January 19th, 2013

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Hello all. I'm pretty sure you are all familiar of the story of Oma and Shu, but I am going give a bit more background to the very first Earthbenders in my own words. I will try not to deviate too much from the original story. Enjoy!

Chapter 3

A hail of arrows rained down on the opposing warriors. Several men fell, some silent, some screaming in pain. These two particular villages were fighting over a plot of land that would greatly benefit the village. A truce had been proposed to split the land so both villages benefited but after just a short two weeks, the two factions were back in battle. This time the battle was getting ugly for both sides, both had suffered heavy losses and both were running out of resources.

General Pong from the Eastern Village eventually raised a white flag with a green dot in the center, which requested a mutual retreat. Moments later the General from the Western Village rose his as well. The two armies took a few moments to realize a cease fire had been called and slowly retreated to their respective villages. As the battle field two silhouettes moved closer together through the lingering smog of battle.
Oma and Shu

Secret meetings

They embraced for a moment before heading off towards a large mountain. Soon they reached a cave opening a slipped inside.

"Where shall we begin today my dear?" Shu asked her.

"Well, we've covered quite a bit of the Eastern side of the mountain. Let's get some work done on some more of the Western side, can't have it too easy for me," she winked.

You see Oma and Shu had already learned the art of Earthbending from the Badgermoles about a year ago when they had first started meeting in secret.
Oma and Shu learn earthbending

Learning Earthbending

The two Earthbenders had not been given the gift of Energybending but their parents had, passing on the trait of learning new forms to their children.

At first the two had to worked extremely hard in order to shape even a small tunnel but eventually they were able to make them with ease. Oma seemed to have a natural talent in Earthbending.

"It is because you are rock solid," Shu would always say referring to her determination.

She could create several tunnels at once if she wished, often weaving designs into the side of the tunnel at the same time. Shu was skilled himself but even he could tell Oma was the better Earthbender. Today Oma seemed troubled though.

"Is something wrong dear?"

She sighed, "My father caught me sneaking back in last night. He demanded to know why I was covered in dirt..."

"What did you tell him?"

"The only thing that he would believe..."

"Something about my village?" he said, raising his eyebrows.

She looked a little tearful,"Yes, I told them one had tried to kidnap me on my way home from the market...he was furious and it's my fault they had such a terrible battle today.."

Shu was quiet for a moment and she looked at him through the tears. At first she thought was going to lose his cool and yell, something he rarely did. Instead he walked forward and wrapped his arms around her.

"I don't blame you...he would have been even more furious if he discovered what was actually going on. So how did you manage to slip away this time?"

"Well, it was eas-"

"She didn't!"

The two lovers froze at the sound of the loud, gruff and extremely angry sounding voice. They both spun around to see the face of General Pong illuminated in the glowing crystals that helped them find the exits more easily.


"How dare you! Fraternizing with the enemy. My own daughter!" his face was visibly red even under the green glow of the crystals.

"He is not the enemy! We love each other Father and there's nothing you can do to stop us. We've created several tunnels in this mountain, you'll NEVER find us!"

"The two of you," he scoffed "created all of this?!"

"You wouldn't understand..."

"I don't need to. You follow me home and you will remain there until this war is settled. Something I plan on doing immediately. And YOU!" he roared spinning upon Shu "Tell your village we attack at dawn, the war ends tomorrow!"

He grabbed Oma but the arm and lead her back to the exit. She received the third degree all the way home. He said he planned to lock her in her room until they were victorious. She smirked at that idea, as if a house made of rock could hold her.

The General would make an announcement to the entire village upon their return, most of who were furious that she had been seeing that boy. Others cried for the fighting to end and to just find another plot of land.

"We will NOT give up on this. You all know as well as I do that that particular plot of land is some of the most fertile in this region. Men, we march at dawn, prepare yourselves and Spirits be with us!"

Promptly following the speech Oma was shut in her room back at the Pong residence. She played along with it as she heard her Father shouting and hollering, no doubt getting drunk off power and ale at the same time. Sometime during the night she drifted off but the sounds of war preparations woke her from a dead sleep. She peeked out her small window to see the battalions already marching out of the village with her Father riding the lead ostrich horse. Immediately she kicked out a large portion of her bedroom wall and used Earthbending to propel herself towards the Western Village. As fast as she traveled it was still not enough as both villages had met on a small plateau between and the battle was already waging.

"Father, STOP!"

The General spun around to see his daughter...riding giant mounds of earth. He stared at her in disbelief.
Fong close-up

Pong's disbelief


She halted in front of him, her eyes wide with fury.

"You were right Father, this fighting ends TODAY!" she shouted.

"I don't know how you're doing that but leave this battlefield you insolent child!"

The battle had slowed to a near crawl as warriors from both sides were shocked by what they saw the General's daughter doing. Her fury was causing the ground to shake, pebbles began to float into the air.

"If you do not stop this, I will!"

Across the battlefield the opposing General noticed the distraction of his enemy. He spun his ostrich horse around.

"Archers, ready!"

They cocked their arrows and launched the volley. By the time General Pong realized what had happened, that he let his guard down, it was too late. His warriors raised their shields as quick as they could but another flash of movement caught everyone by surprised. A young man had leapt in front of them, raising a huge wall of rock to block the arrows.

Oma smiled, "Shu! You came!"

He stood smiling at her but there was a sadness in his eyes. She looked down to see an arrow buried in his chest.

"I-I'm sorry...missed one..."he sputtered before collapsing. General Pong stood in shock and soon turned to face his daughter. Tearing were spilling down her face as rage contorted across it. The rumbling returned. Oma ran forward to the center of the battlefield towards her fallen lover. She looked up at her Father then shifted her gaze to the Eastern General.

"ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?!" she screamed at him, "YOU KILLED ONE OF YOUR OWN!"

The General seemed at a loss for words, unfortunately this was a mistake as Oma lost her temper completely. Cracks appeared in the plateau, she rose herself up on a pillar. Several large boulders rose with her. Punching her fists all while yelling the boulders began to crash upon the battlefield, scattering soldiers and flattening a few. The land around the plateau suddenly sunk, creating a large ravine around the whole thing. Oma stood and extreme strain showed on her face, the ground shook immensely, starting the steeds and knocking several soldiers down. From the East and West came two shapes.

"Spirits..." General Pong breathed. His daughter was actually dragging the two villages onto the plateau she had created. In a matter of minutes the two villages were side by side, pile up next to each other in one giant, sloping city. Oma had stopped her rampage and wept next to her fallen one upon her lone pillar. She composed herself as several soldiers and villagers alike surrounded her.

Omashu's founding

Oma, the world's greatest Earthbender.

"The fighting is over. Our villages are now one. The farmlands WILL be shared. Am I clear?!"

Slowly, one by one, everyone around her bowed and murmured her name. Oma was shocked to even see her father on his knees. This story soon became legend and the city of Omashu was born, but Oma's story is far from over. Just a few short weeks following the creation of Omashu, a stranger wandered into town. He was lost apparently, seemed very wise but at the same time very unfamiliar with the world. His name was Krag...

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