Xin Fu and Yu
A Rough Start
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Child of the War



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December 22, 2011

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"A Rough Start" is the 3rd chapter of the Child of the War continuity. It was written by Annawantimes.

Story Edit

Jenju awoke early the next morning to a different world – altered by the events of the previous day. He decided to get an early start and find his father, if he was still alive. The sky gleamed gray in the light of false dawn. Clouds began to reveal themselves as Jenju prepared to head off. Just as the sun crept above the horizon, he left his home, hopeful that he would see it again.

He walked quickly and steadily along the only path out of the village. It headed south, towards Makapu Village, which was still miles upon miles away. He had been walking for an hour soon, knowing he had probably covered three or four miles. In the distance, he spotted something, which appeared to be a trading post, although Jenju was not sure.

He trotted closer, planning to bypass the location quickly. A man of about 55 years of age could be seen conversing with a younger and stronger man dressed in green Earth Kingdom attire. Maybe they have seen my father... thought Jenju. This thought urged him to stop, so he could ask if they had seen him.

"My boy! Come in! You look in need of refreshment!" Said the older man. The strong young man who he had been talking to had dashed back into the woods. Jenju did not like the looks of the place, but his curiosity about his father drew him inside.

"Hello, I uhh..." Jenju tried to speak, but was rudely cut off by the man.

"Son, you look like an honest young man, so I will slash my prices for you!"

"Umm, okay, but..."

"Say no more, I'll throw together a fruit beverage for ya! I could tell that's what you was thinking!" The man said in a thick backwoods drawl.

"Okay, but I have a question, if you don't mind."

"Fire away kid."

Jenju cleared his throat and said, "You wouldn't have happened to see any Fire Nation soldiers come through here, would you?"

The man slammed down the glass on the table angrily. "Son, you best not mention those men 'round here, they've burnt this place down two times over! We just finished rebuilding! If they did come here, this place would be burnt to the ground."

Jenju looked disappointed. The man gave him the drink, and asked for the money in return. "Son, are you going to pay for that? I said I'd slash the price, not make it free."

"Uhh, sorry, but I don't have any money."

The man grew an evil smile. "Well you best be high-tailing it outta' here, boy."

Jenju dropped the beverage, shattering the glass cup. He ran for the door, and saw the huge young man standing in his path. He spoked in a deep voice. "You're going to have pay for that cup, son."

"Get him, Liam."

Liam, the younger one, shot a large chunk of earth at Jenju. Luckily, he dodged it.

Jenju thought for a moment, wondering how to get out of his situation. His thoughts were interrupted by another chunk of earth, smaller this time, flying towards Jenju. He was struck down by the blow, hit directly in the stomach. The older man walked over to Jenju with a knife.

"Are you sure you don't have any money, kid?"

Suddenly, a swipe of dual swords could be heard. Liam straightened up right away. Two broadswords could be seen behind Liam's head. "If I were you, I wouldn't hurt the kid, dirty backwoods pirates."

The old man dropped the knife. "Step forward!" The intruder ordered Liam. Jenju caught a glimpse of his savior. It was a dark skinned man with dark brown hair and brown and green clothing. He wore a brown headband, and ironically, looked like a pirate himself. "Let the kid go."

"Hey, we don't take orders from random strangers, and he didn't pay for a beverage he done ordered."

The man re-positioned his swords to Liam's neck. "Do I need to repeat myself?"

"Fine." The old man removed the chunk of earth from Jenju's stomach and Jenju stumbled up. He hobbled over to the man who save him, and they walked out the door.

"Kid, first lesson for backwoods trails. Never stop at a shop unless you're in a village. No honest man builds a shop way out here." Jenju brushed the dirt off his clothing and sniffled.

"So who are you?" Jenju looked trustingly at the man.

"Kid, I'm a gambler, a bounty hunter if you will. The only thing I can't stand is those dumb bandits that prey off of travelers out here." The man pulled Jenju off the path and into the thick forest. They walked around to the back of the trading post. He looked around and made sure they were inside, and he proceeded to throw an explosive into the building. Less than five seconds later, it was completely demolished.

Jenju gasped. Nothing remained of the bandit's outpost. Now it had been destroyed three times. Jenju still hadn't found out what he intended to about his father. He didn't trust what he'd heard from the dishonest "pirate". He proceeded to ask, "Have you seen any Fire Nation troops around lately?"

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