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Chapter 3 Escape part 1

It was a sunny day outside, sky was blue and a cool breeze blew through the Fire Nation town. Aya, a young woman in her mid 20's, was sitting at a table. She had short black hair that fell just above her shoulders and intense brown eyes. The table she was at was right outside of a tea shop. She marveled at how much the town had changed in the past seven decades. Cars drove down the streets and lampposts lit up the town at night. But the buildings still kept their traditional styles.

Aya was waiting for her friend Horuo. She'd asked him to find out who the best benders in town were. She was hoping to get them to help her with a certain mission she was on.

She noticed that everyone in town was talking about the recent attack on the Earth Kingdom town, and how Korra had saved the town and then vanished. Rumors were spreading about who had attacked the town.

'It had to be Haman', she thought, 'he's the only one I can imagine being a threat to an Avatar. And her disappearance must mean that he won. We need to find that scroll.'

Horuo walked up the street towards Aya. He was a muscular man in his twenties with a fair complexion and short blond hair. He sat down at Aya's table. "Did you find them?" she asked.

"Yes" he replied.

"Great, she said looking up from her cup of tea, "where are they?"

"They have parents."

"What? "She said clearly surprised, "I asked for Benders not child prodigies."

"They are teenagers. But we'll still have to get their parents to agree."

"Well let's get started," she didn't like the idea of having to talk their parents into letting them go but she needed their help. "You have the addresses? " She asked.

Horuo nodded.

Thirty minuets later they were sitting in Jia's small and neat living room. A small fireplace was in front of the couch, and a tabel was set close by for any drinks. Her parents invited them in and they all sat in the living room. Aya had just finished explaining the mission to everyone.

"So you want us to let our daughter to go with you, a woman we've never seen before, on some crazy chase after a scroll that no one believes even exists?" Jai's Father asked, as he set his cup of tea down on the table.

Aya and Horuo were sitting on the couch and Jia's parents were sitting on two chairs they had pulled up. Jai was a slim girl with a light brown complexion just like her parents, and black hair that she had cut short similar to Aya's hairstyle. She stood next to the fireplace, quietly listening with some interest. She wondered what was in the box on Aya's lap. She thought she heard some movement in it.

"The Lightbending scroll does exist. And if the people that made the Avatar disappear find it first, well, saying it wouldn't be good would be an understatement," Aya said, " remember what happened last time the Avatar disappeared. A century of war began, until he came back and stopped it. And anyway, you know your daughter can handle herself, she is one of the best Waterbenders in the world."

"That may be," Jai's Mom said, "but she's never been in a fight for her life. She's not some kind of soldier. Ready to go into battle and find lost scrolls. The outside world is very dangerous."

Aya took the top off of the box on her lap and said, " look." Everyone peered in too see what was in it. It was an elephant rat. A black rat that had a trunk. Aya snapped her fingers and the rat disappeared. The whole family stared in shock. Aya snapped her fingers again and the rat re-appeared. "I'm not joking Lightbending is real. And an army with that power is very dangerous. I need the best help I can get, and your daughter is it."

"Are you saying you can Lightbend?" Jia asked.

"No I can't. I found this Elephant-rat and I need to find the scrolls, or others will be able to do the same as this rat."

"What about the boy? Isn't he really good too? Can't he help you? " Jia's Father asked.

"We're gonna ask him to come too, but we still would like your daughter's help. What do you think Jia?" she asked looking the girl in the eye.

'This place is boring anyway,' Jai thought 'and I don't know how many times I've told Mom that I can take care of myself out there. This'll be my chance to prove it.' "Well I'm all for it," she said.

"Alright she can go," Jia's father said," but I'm holding you personally responsible for our daughters safety."

Jai smiled. Her father at least, wasn't so protective.

Her mother was reluctant but finally agreed.

"Fair enough, so then meet me at the dock's tomorrow morning at six am," Aya said and they got up and said goodbye.

Bo, the best Earthbender in town couldn't come. No matter that he was 18 and could handle himself in a fight. His parents wouldn't let him come.

"Well if you change your minds meet me at the docks tomorrow morning at six," Aya said as they left.

"Well," she said, to Horuo, as they left his house, "talk about overprotective parents. But we got the girl so it wasn't a total loss."

The next morning they got up early, it was a few minuets before the sunrise when they met Jia at the docks. It was a cool morning the sun cast a purple glow in the sky, and a cool breeze blew through town. Not many people were even up yet. A row of one story shops that sold everything a sailor could need, faced the docs. And many ships were docked that morning. A few night guards stood around trying not to fall asleep after a long night at their posts.

"Okay so first thing we need to do is get the map," Aya said.

"You don't already have it?" Jia asked in surprise.

"No. It's in there," Aya pointed to a Fire Nation ship docked at a nearby pier. It just had one guard.

"Okay. But were we expecting company? " Jai asked and pointed over her shoulder.

Aya turned around to see what Jia and Horuo were looking at and saw Bo walking up to them. He was a tan guy with short black hair and he had a backpack on. He looked a lot like Jia but was a bit taller.

"So your parents let you come," Aya said when he reached them.

"Yeah," he said. In fact his parents didn't let him go but he had sneaked out while they were sleeping and walked over to the docs. 'No way my parents are gonna make me miss this,' the thought.

"Well our first mission is to get the map from that ship," Aya said, "so stand back." Aya got ready to send a fire ball into an empty shop to create a distraction.

"Wait ," Jia said, "why don't we sneak on? At least we won't attract so much attention."

Aya thought for a moment and then said, "Okay, Jia and I are gonna go on the ship, Bo and Horuo, you guys stay here and be our backup if anything goes wrong."

Bo nodded, and a few minuets later they were walking across the bay waters on a sheet of ice that Jia made. They went around behind the ship, staying out of sight of everyone, then Jia made some ice stairs up to the ship. They went up the stairs and crouched on the top step. They peeked over the edge of the ship.

The ship was large and made entirely of metal, with a lookout tower in the center of it. There was a door at the base of the tower that led below decks, where the crew and captain slept and the engine room was. The whole ship looked empty.

'Good this shouldn't be too hard' Aya thought. " Come on," she said to Jia and climbed onto the ship. They went to the door on the lookout tower and opened it.

"You know where the map is?" Jia asked.

"It should be in the navigation room. In a safe or something."

"You know where the room is?"


"That's great, did you even have a plan before we came up here?" Jai hissed.

Aya didn't say anything.

They went down the three steps to the hallway and looked a round. The hallway was lit lit by red lights, and it was so quiet that their own breath sounded loud.

They searched the empty ship for the room, opening door after door. And after a while Jai came upon the right room.

There was a large table in the middle of the room with chairs around it and framed maps covered the walls.

"You see anything?" Aya asked.

"Well this is a room full of maps so I guess I found it. How would I know wich map we need?"

Cupboards lined the floor along the wall. They opened a few of them and only saw books, in the few cupboards that weren't empty. Aya started looking behind the maps on the wall.

"Found it," she said, and took down a map revealing the safe behind it. She melted the safe door with a fireball and reached in. 'It shouldn't have been this easy' Aya thought,' are you tripping up Haman? Or...' She took out the map at the same time that they heard footsteps in the hallway.

"Well that was easy," Jai said, "but we took too long." They heard a voices outside. Bo and Horuo were trying to stall the guards.

"Quick hide," Aya said, and got in an empty cupboard. Jai followed suit. The door opened and they heard footsteps enter the room.

"We have intruders!" the guard shouted when he saw the open safe, and he ran out.

Aya and Jia got out of the cupboard and Jia jumped on the table.

"Good idea," Aya said when she saw the vent in the ceiling. They opened the vent and it swung down. They climbed up into the vent and closed it behind them.

"You know how to get off the ship? " Jia asked.

"All these grills lead to the outside. Eventually," Aya said, "and then you can Waterbend us to land."

Jia nodded and they kept crawling. The vents were dusty and dark, spiders skittered away as they crawled by, the vents were lit up by an occasional grill. "Whatever you do don't sneeze," Aya said, "the way these vents are, the whole ship would hear you if you did."

"Okay" Jia said.

They were passing over the guards room when the dust tickled Jai's nose, she tried to stifle it but she still sneezed. The sound echoed through the vent and into the room below, where the guards were searching for them.

"What did I tell you girl?" Aya hissed angrily.

"Sorry. It's not like I did it on purpose!" Jia snapped.

"What was that?" one of the men asked. They froze as the guards looked up. Then the grill that Aya was on gave out and dropped her right into the middle of the room, that was filled with six Firebending guards. She rolled to her feet and ran for the door, but one of the guards slammed a chair into her back sending her sprawling onto the floor. The seven guards rushed her and she let out a breath of fire. Sending them flying back.

Jia crawled over the empty vent and waited for an opening so she could help.

Aya stood up and ducked just as quickly. Dodging a punch and sending a fireball into the guard. He flew back out the door, and knocked another guard down. One of the four remaining guards came up behind her. She spun around and hit him in the chest with a fire ball that sent him flying.

She dropped down and tripped another guard. She turned and ran out of the room and down the hallway. The guards were right behind her. 'Gotta lose them quick' she thought. She turned a corner and ran right into the Captain of the ship. They fell to the floor in a tangle. She got up quickly and turned to face the guards and their captain. 'I could run. There's no one behind me' she thought.

"So this is the intruder that stole the map," the Captain said, " give it back. Now." He held out his hand.

Then the grill behind the guards and the captain quietly opened, and Jia dropped down without a sound.

"I don't have it. But she does." Aya pointed to Jai. Everyone turned and stared at Jai. Jia's mouth dropped open in surprise. ' Aya, what are you doing?' she thought in confusion.

Aya used the distraction to bend the electricity out of the sockets on the wall next to her, and sent a jolt into the guards and their Captain. They fell to the floor and Aya stopped.

"Oh," Jia said letting out a breath in relief.

"What you didn't actually think I was gonna betray you? After I promised your parents I'd look out for you? Now how do we get out of here?"

Then the ceiling was ripped open and Bo looked down on them. Fire balls flew over his head as he helped them up.

The Rise Of Haman
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