Welcome to Raikoville pt 2
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The Wolf, Windbag, and the Great Depression





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Ferrandor Republic

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May 10, 2014

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Chapter 3 - Prison Break

Earth, Fire, Air, Water.

Only the Avatar can master all four elements. Unfortunately, the Avatar is never around enough and the world needs her. There is a depression ravaging civilization, leaving thousands to go hungry and go mad. The Avatar is too busy resolving international disputes and spirit conflicts to help the common man. In times like these, real heroes will rise from the ordinary folk and try to restore peace and prosperity to the world.

Late in that autumn afternoon, dozens of chi blockers ransacked old empty apartments and abandoned mechanic shops. These kinds of locations are prime places for safe houses involving hardened criminals like Grei Naite. Most of what the chi blockers found was abandoned triad gear and old paperwork for businesses. After hours of searching since dawn, the chi blockers found a rooftop with piles of ashes and a safe.

"I think I found something!" One of the recruits shouted while trying to pry open the safe on the roof top.

Their squad leader climbed up to the roof top and sheathed his electrified sticks. Unlike the other recruits, he wore a maroon shroud. He wore tough leather armor below his Equalist gear and had a full helmet. "Good evening gentlemen. I believe you found something," he said in his dark distorted voice.

"Uh ... why ... yes I have," the recruit stuttered and shook. "But I can't open it. It's a combination safe." The man squeaked while bathing in sweat.

The squad leader smacked the lackey with the back of his hand and knocked him off of his feet. "Then use your imagination," he groaned.

One of the other recruits pulled out a machete and sliced the combination knob and opened the safe door. A pack of lychee nuts, some pharmaceuticals, a bar of illegal gold from the old Imperial Fire Nation, and a roll paper of sat inside of the safe. The squad leader pulled out the sheet of paper and unrolled it.

"Our search is nearly over lads," the leader said.

"Aye Lieutenant!" The men shouted. All of the chi blockers scaled down the side of the building and mounted on their motorcycles and fired up their truck. They fired up their engines and raced off through the streets. Their destination: the West Side sewers.

Meanwhile on the streets of Republic City, Anil and Baijin were up to their usual hustles. In these dark times, anything goes in Republic City. Anil would create the distraction and Baijin would pick the rich guys pockets or vice versa. The constant hustles were the reason that Anil never trained with Tenzin. After a couple of hours of conning, Anil and Baijin strolled down the shabby sidewalks on their way to Anil's home on the roof. While strolling, Baijin unintentionally splashed a puddle on one of the other pedestrians.

"Hey blockhead, why don't you watch where your stomping those heavy stone feet?" The lady said. She was young, about seventeen perhaps. She towered over Anil, but stood on the same level as Baijin.

Baijin, being immediately infatuated, immediately pulled a move on her. "Well lady, even a scorching hot dame like yourself can't be put out by a bit of water."

Unfortunately his advances ended as soon as they began. The lady punched Baijin in the face and sent him to the ground. Then she started to walk off.

"Wait!" Anil shouted. "Allow me to clean that off."

"No thanks," she said while walking away.

Anil then stepped back and twirled some air in a ball. Then he stepped forward to release a rather gentle blast of wind on the lady. She turned around after noticing her clothes to be completely dry. "You're an ..." She stuttered.

"An airbender? Why yes I am," Anil told her with a smug tone.

"Well, thank you for the drying job," she said then ran off.

"Wait, I never got your name," Anil said.

"It's Li!" She shouted as she ran off.

Anil helped Baijin off of the ground. "You know, I think she's a keeper." Baijin said.

"She's too nice for guys like us." Anil remarked.

Deep in the bowels of Republic City's sewers, Grei Naite sat next to his pet wolf it while his brothers sat around playing cards. Beast, which is what Grei named the pet, had an acute sense of smell, but he had trouble distinguishing smells in the filthy underground. However his could still tell when trouble was near.

Within minutes beast woke up and started to pace around the room. Grei thought nothing of it at first, but that changed when Beast started barking.

"What's wrong boy?" Grei asked his pet. Beast growled and pointed his nose toward the corridor. "That can't be good." He said.

Grei looked down the corridor to see two dozen chi blockers wading through the sewage water and holding lanterns. The Naite Brothers were camped on a concrete platform amidst the muck.

"Brothers, we have guests!" Grei shouted.

Immediately, Zed and Warsh sprang into action. Warsh had to be careful in order to not collapse the tunnels and Zed could not really electrocute the water. The three brothers stood side-by-side ready to do battle.

"Ladies first," Zed remarked then Grei groaned.

Grey pulled the sewage water towards him, lifted a wave, then hurled it at the group. Some of the chi blockers leaped above the wave and grappled on to the roof of the tunnel. Many of them swung from their grapples and landed on the platform with the Naite. The chi blockers teamed up on the brothers with superior numbers.

Zed was not very proficient in hand-to-hand combat. Every punch he threw at them the blockers redirected it. Then he combined his punches with fire blasts. The attacks overwhelmed the chi blockers and blasted them off the platform with fire.

Warsh did not need his bending to dominate. He threw huge punches and slammed his opponents into the ground. Then he lifted the blockers up and hurled them back into the sludge. Grei then yanked all of the blockers with water and splashed them in the sludge.

"Now for the grand finale," Grei remarked as he began to freeze the water. Before he could finish his strike, several of the Chi Blockers hurled bolas at the brothers. Neither Zed nor Warsh were a match for the strange weapons and were knocked off of their feet, bound in steel cords. Grei deflected the bolas and summoned ice spikes from the sludge.

"Come now, there's no need to use dirty tricks," Grei said as he prepared to rain ice on his enemies. Suddenly, the squad leader emerged from the shadows and electrocuted Grei with kali sticks. Then the leader lifted Grei off of the ground and bound his arms and legs.

"Well done gentlemen," the squad leader acclaimed. "Now throw them in the truck and bring them back to headquarters!" The chi blockers followed the orders and carried the brothers up a ladder to the surface then loaded the prisoners in the truck.

Anil and Baijin had been lingering nearby the truck when the chi blockers returned. They just sat on the bench shooting the breeze until Anil spotted Grei out of the corner of his eye.

"Oh crap!" He said then pulled Baijin over towards the truck.

"Now, now I don't think we should get involved," Baijin said in a cowardly manner.

The chi blockers saw the two benders then leaped off of their motorcycles and pounced on the benders. Anil and Baijin immediately retaliated at the blockers with an air and earth combination, blasting wind in one of the blockers face and hurling rocks at the others. The other chi blockers immediately hurled bolas at the benders and bound them. Then the chi blockers hauled Anil and Baijin into the truck and sat them next to the others.

"Dude, you guys suck," Grei told Anil.

"Meh... I've only mastered 15 tiers of the 35 available tiers of airbending," Anil said.

"And I can only use one arm." Baijin stated.

"Shut up!" One of the chi blockers said while closing the rear door. The trucks engines fired up and drove off along with its motorcycle escort.

The convoy failed at keeping a low profile. Every pedestrian turned their attention to the truck when they drove by. Fortunately for the chi blockers, there weren't any police on patrol. Their route took them past Li and her normal commute. Li watched as the convoy drove by and decided to follow them. Li then bolted down the sidewalk and ran followed them to their base.

The convoy eventually arrived at an abandoned warehouse and drove into the empty building. The chi blockers unloaded the prisoners and escorted them into a single file line. Inside the warehouse, one of the guards pulled a lever and opened a tunnel large enough for them to walk through. Anil, Baijin, and the Naite brothers had blindfolds on while they were marched through the tunnel.

After marching them through the tunnel, the chi blockers shoved the group into a prison cell but didn't remove their blindfolds. However, Grei was separated from the rest of the team and escorted him to a dark room with a single lamp inside. The guards strapped Grey into a chair that was bolted to the ground and bound his hands and feet.

Out of the corner of the room, a tall figure (same from chapter one) stepped up to Grei and gripped his face. "What a fine specimen."

"Coward! Take this damn bag off of my face or I'll ..." Before Grei finished his sentence, the tall man smacked him with the back of his hand.

"Don't worry. I'll take your hood off. First, you're going to tell me a few things." He said.

"Me? I don't have any information on nothing. I'm a street rat for spirit's sake." Grei shrugged. "Why me?"

"I've never heard someone with more falsehoods from their mouths," the man said. "You have more information inside of your head than even President Zieng Raiko himself."

"And I you'll buy that, I have ocean front property in the Si Wong Desert," Grei smirked.

The man stopped pacing and turned to Grei. He approached him and yanked the bag off of his head. Grei looked up to see the tall man wearing Amon's mask and all of the same gear.

"But ... you're dead," Grei stuttered. "How ... how?"

"The original Amon had caused massive amounts of bloodshed in the Republic. His ideals became unpopular. However, men have become desperate in recent years. Giving the ideal opportunity for a coup d'état," the masked man said.

"So you're the new Amon then?" Grei inquired.

"If it pleases you to call me so then fine, I am Amon," the man said. Amon walked over to a kennel and opened its door. From the kennel, a dark and twisted spirit emerged growled and hissed. "Since clearly information will not present itself, perhaps more elaborate methods."

"You wouldn't," Grei said as he looked at the creature with his eyes crossed. The spirit stretched out to cover a length of four meters then coiled back likewise. Slowly it extended its wispy tentacles and began to coil them around Grei.

"Don't worry. It won't hurt at all." Amon smiled from under his mask while awaiting and enjoying the screams of agony.

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