The Guardian Spirit
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The Tale of Naton



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May 15, 2014

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A new evil has risen; a darkbending nation. The world may be fighting, but only the Avatar can defeat the Dark Lord and bring peace to the world.

Book One: Dark

Chapter Two: The Guardian Spirit

Chapter Two: The Guardian Spirit

"Oh...gosh...what just- AH!" Naton opened his eyes, and in front of him was an armored soldier, with a gold sword in his hand.

"Don't hurt me with that. I know kung-fu." The soldier put the sword away. "Hello Naton. You're late."


"You're awfully late for an Avatar. What took you so long?"

"Avatar? Me? I think you got the wrong guy."

"If your name is Naton, then yes you are the Avatar. Did you forget?"

"I... guess. I'm the Avatar?" Naton asked.

"Yes," the soldier nodded. He bowed to Naton. "I am Alang, the guardian spirit. I was assigned to assist the Avatar in his bending training."

Naton looked confused. "Bending? If you haven't seen me, I don't bend."

Alang shook his head. "The sage did redirect your chi paths."

"Sage? Chi? What?" The spirit put a hand on Naton's chest, and he felt a surge of energy. "Whoa. What was that?"

"I redirected your chi. You can now bend all four elements."

"I can? Sweet!" Naton punched the air, and out came fire. He kicked, and a swirl of air flew out. Naton raised his arms, and water seeped out of the ground. He stamped the soil, and a flat boulder rose from beneath. "Whoa... so this is bending..."

The guardian spirit approached Naton. "The Avatar must master all four elements and defeat the Dark Lord."

Naton smiled. "Awesome! I've always wanted to be someone special!"

"Fire seems to be hardest for you, and air and water the easiest. Earth is in the middle," the spirit said.

Naton created a small air bubble. "How long will it take to master all the elements?" Naton asked.

"Usually 3 years. But if you trained by me, 3 months."

"3 months?!? My dad will go crazy!"

"Keep in note that time is different in the Spirit World."

"I'm in the Spirit World?"

"Why, yes. I'm a spirit."

Naton flung a whip of water. "So.... how can I tell if I mastered all the elements?" Naton asked.

"I'll tell you. Now, shoot fire."

Naton whipped around, and shot a fireball. "For a first-timer, especially for a bender, you've picked up pretty quick," the guardian spirit said.

Naton lifted a giant boulder. "So, what happened to the Avatar before me? You know.... Korrie?"

"Korra. She was killed in her home."


"So... where's the Dark Lord? Is he easy? Of do I have to use energybending like Aang?"

"The time will come."

"I heard the Master Onza can lightbend. Is it true?"


"Will I join the Ben Hai?"

"Maybe. Now's not the time to ask questions. You must train, Avatar."

"But you said I picked things up quickly!"

"Yes I did, but you must master it! Do you expect to beat the Dark Lord with just pebbles and sparks?" Naton shook his head. "That's what I thought."

Naton continued to bend fire, and as time dragged on, he began to grow tired. "Can't you direct my chi to help me master it?"

"It doesn't work like that."

"Well, it should. It's a suggestion."

He fired a stream of fire. "So... what did you mean by I was late? Were you expecting me?"

"Sort of. I've been waiting 24 years for the Avatar to bend all 4 elements, but you never did it until now. Most Avatars find out they're the Avatar when they're at least 12. And you're 24."

"Yikes." Naton created a bubble, and froze it.

Two Months Later...

Naton fired a stream of flame one way, a wave of water the other, a tornado to the right, and a row of pillars to the left. "It's gotten much better," Alang said. Now you just need to do it faster.

Naton nodded. "Don't worry. I'll just create less pillars and maybe cut down on the fire, and I'll do it lickety-split!"

"No. There are no shortcuts to success."

Naton bowed, and redid the move. The guardian spirit looked up into the sky. It began to grow dark. "The darkbenders have gained power."

"Then, is my training over? You know, saving the world, Avatar stuff?"

"No. you must master all four elements. Continue with fire."

One month later....

The sky was covered in dark clouds. Naton fired a final lightning bolt and created a sculpture of himself made of ice and earth, and he lifted it with a giant whirlwind.

"Did you see that? And I didn't mess up the nose this time!" The spirit nodded, and turned to the sky.

"It's time."

Really? Yes! Let's go save the world!"

"Be careful Naton, darkbenders are everywhere." The guardian spirit touched Naton's head, and he teleported back to the Guang Bank.

The entire town was in ruins, and the Ben Hai fought a squad of dark spirits.

"Hey guys! The Avatar is here!"

The earthbender turned and looked at Naton. "Hey look! It's the Fruit Juice kid!"

"The Avatar!" the airbender cheered.

Naton ran forward, and shot a plume of fire at a dark spirit.

"That's it, Avatar!" the waterbender said, launching a giant wave.

Naton performed the 4-element form, and then fired a tornado at a nearby darkbender. "Taste my earth!" He flung a boulder at a dark spirit.

"Over there! Near the shops!" the firebender pointed to a few dark spirits. Naton lifted the ground, and squished them. Then something caught his eye. Wushu's Fruit Juice was destroyed, the machines broken down and the wood burned. "Where did my parents go?"

"They went with the rest of the town towards the mountains," the firebender replied. "They'll be safe."

"Man, that Avatar stuff was awesome! What took you so long?" the earthbender patted Naton on the back.

"I learned it from the guardian spirit," Naton answered.

"Why didn't you bend before?" asked the female waterbender.

"The spirit said my chi paths were redirected by a sage."

"Well, who cares? We have our Avatar! There's hope!" the earthbender hugged Naton. "Welcome to the Ben Hai!"

The master smiled. "Let me introduce myself. I am Master Onza Rakaen."

The firebender stepped forward. "Tazen."

"Kian," the waterbender said.

"Beeno!" the earthbender shouted.

"My name's Aeron," the airbender shook Naton's hand.

"Call me Karrie," the female waterbender said.

Naton looked at his new comrades. "Call me Avatar Naton."

"Boom! That's the spirit!" Beeno cheered.

Naton grinned. "Finally, I can save the world."'

Character or Plot Revelations

  • Naton has mastered all four elements.
  • Alang is the guardian spirit.


Writer: GretriXcape

Illustrator: GretriXcape

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