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Avatar: The Chronicles After Yakone's Trial



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March 4, 2013

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After a family outing, the Gaang decides to clean up the temple for Zuko's arrival.

It's a peaceful morning in Republic City. Aang awakens and stretches. He looks at his wife, Katara who is still sleeping peacefully. He kisses her forehead and gets out of bed tiptoeing. When walking down the hall, the kids follow him quietly. 

Tenzin:Where's mommy?

Aang: She's sleeping Tenzin. We have to be quiet everyone. 

Bumi: Are you supposed to be up right now, or are you trying to get some time to yourself before mom wakes up?

Aang: She just gets a little overprotective of me sometimes, and even though I enjoy every minute of her healing sessions, sometimes I feel like I need to be the one that's overprotective of her. 

Kya: So? She's a mother, she looks out for all of us.

Aang: Yes, but I'm a father, and the Avatar. I can't just look out for my family and friends, but for everyone. 

Kya: So are you saying that you don't need mom every time you get hurt?

Aang: Well, not for a little thing, like a cut or bruise, but when I was bloodbended yesterday yes.

Katara walks out of the bedroom, and notices Aang and the kids tiptoeing down the hall.

Katara: Aang? What are you doing out of bed?

Aang: *frantically* Katara, sweetheart, uh, I was just going to...uh...

Katara: Kids, get in your rooms.

The kids walk away from Aang and pass Katara as they walk down the hall back to their rooms. Katara begins speaking when all the kids' bedroom doors are closed.

Katara: Sweetie, where are you going?

Aang: I have to take Appa to fly around the city for a few minutes to make sure everything is safe.

Katara: Aang, I thought you were going to stay home so I could heal you and spend time with you're family.

Aang: Well first off all, Appa is family, second, what's so wrong about sitting on Appa, and looking around the city?

Katara looks away from Aang, thinking

Aang: Tell you what. Lets get the kids and take a morning flight around Republic City. We can pick up some breakfast and get you some traditional Water Tribe noodles and such.

Katara: Well, how can I say 'no' to something as sweet as that? [At the kids, yelling] Kids, get ready, we're going on Appa for a ride and breakfast! 

The kids open their doors and rush down the hall to the front door.

Bumi: WHOO!!!!

Kya: I love riding on Appa!

Tenzin: I love Appa!

The family exits the temple and walk towards Appa. They all climb aboard Appa, Aang sitting on his head and his wife and kids sitting on the saddle. 

Aang: Appa, yip yip!

Appa takes off and flies across Yue Bay. They start flying across Republic City. Katara looks down, distracted. She starts pointing at someone on the ground.

Katara: Hey! There's Toph!

Tenzin: She's arresting some bad guys!

Aang: We should go down and help her!

Aang turns around Appa and he lands near Toph.

Katara: What's going on Toph?

Toph: Well sweetness, I'm arresting these lily livers for thinking they could steal food from this restaurant.

Aang: Why were they trying to steal food?

Toph: Apparently they thought it would be fun to steal it and sell it for twice to price.

The 'lily livers' somehow manage to escape, and make a break for it. 

Toph: On no! They're on the loose!

Aang: Katara, get the kids home, I'll handle this!

Katara: No! I'm coming too! 

Aang: Katara, I don't want anyone else getting hurt, I need to handle this. I'm the Avatar.

Katara: *sigh* Please Aang, I can help.

Aang: *sigh* Fine. Let's go!

Aang, Katara and Toph run after the 'lily livers'. Aang earthbends one in an earth-like belt around his body. Katara waterbends the other one to the ground and freezes the water so he can't get up. Toph earthbends the one guy out of the earth belt and handcuffs him. Katara unfreezes the water and makes handcuffs out of ice. They walk back to the scene of the crime and Toph puts real handcuffs on the other guy. A couple guards show up and take custody of the crooks. They take them away, in the direction of the police station. Aang and Katara walk over to the pile of food they were trying to steal. Katara picks up a bowl.

Katara: Hey, these are Water Tribe noodles all wrapped up in a bowl. *unwraps the wrap around the bowl and puts a noodle in her mouth* and it's still warm!

Aang:*picks up another bowl* And this is an egg custard! *Starts eating the custard unmannerly.*

Toph: I hope you're going to pay for that.

A couple hours later, the Republic City Council is having a meeting about the crooks who were trying to steal from the restaurant. Sokka is going on about an idea.

Sokka: Because of this restaurant break in, I suggest we put alarms that will go off during closing time for every restaurant, shop, and anywhere that involves paying for something. All in favor?

The other council members raise their hands in agreement. Sokka bangs his gavel on the table. About an hour later, there is a knock at the door of Air Temple Island. Katara opens the door. Sokka is the one at the door.

Katara: Sokka! *hugs him* What brings you back here?

Sokka: Oh nothing, just came to stop by and say hello to my family. Oh and I passed a new law.

Aang: Really? What kind of law? It better not be the one you came up with about having a boomerang in your home for protection in case someone breaks in.

Sokka: No, not that. I passed a law that there should be alarms that will go off during closing hours for any place that sells items.

Katara: That's a great idea! Now it'll be harder for people to break into places.

Sokka: So what is planned for today?

Katara: Well, I have to clean this place up for when Zuko gets here, I don't suppose you want to stay to help clean up.

Sokka: I don't, but he's the Firelord, we all need to show his respect when he shows up. Maybe I'll just use my sword to cut some grass.

Katara: Well, if you care so much about making sure this house is clean, you can start by washing the dishes. 

Katara points to the sink in the kitchen where there is a huge pile of dirty dishes filled with gunk and bugs swarming around it. Sokka's jaw drops.

Sokka: Are you kidding me? That'll take years to clean!

Katara: It's for the Firelord.

Sokka: *annoyed face* *sigh* Fine. *walks into the kitchen shamefully*

There's another knock at the door. Katara goes to the door and opens it.

Toph: I hope I'm not interrupting anything.

Aang: No, just some cleaning.

Toph: Well count me out.

Katara: We're cleaning for Zuko, he'll be here in a few days and everything needs to be perfect.

Sokka: Yeah Toph, even I'm attempting to clean and I can't even remember the last time I picked up a rag!

Toph: Well, I'm going back to my officers and I'm going to tell them about Zuko's arrival.

Katara: How come?

Toph: There's still people that are against him. We'll need security around the city when he arrives.

Aang: Normally I'd object to you're idea, but after all these years, people still can't get over what Zuko did a long time ago. He's not that person anymore, and he's nothing like his father.

Sokka: Is there any particular reason why Zuko is coming?

Katara: He didn't say anything in the letter, maybe he just misses us.

Sokka: I don't think so. I think that he does miss us and wants to visit us, but knowing Zuko, he wouldn't just come for something like that, he must have some big news, and bad news.

Aang: You think so?

Sokka: When have my instincts been wrong before?

Aang: Well, there was this one ti--

Sokka: Don't answer that. 

Katara: *looks out the window* It's getting late, I take it you both will be going home soon.

Aang: They can spend the night if they want.

Katara: I don't know.

Sokka: I'm fine with that Katara! I don't take up that much space in the guest room.

Aang: Last time you spent the night, it took Katara and I two hours to make the guest room look normal again.

Sokka: So, I'll just sleep in that chair, *Sokka points to a chair in the living room, walks over to it, and sits down.* although it might take me awhile to fall asle--*starts snoring*

Toph: I'll take the guest room if you don't mind.

Katara:Of course not, go on ahead. Aang, are you ready to go to bed?

Aang: *yawns* Yeah, we've all had a long day.  

Aang walks upstairs. Katara smiles as he goes up, but her smile fades to a frown looking at her house. Katara picks up a broom and starts sweeping the floor. 

Aang: *yelling from the bedroom*  Aren't you coming to bed Katara?

Katara:*yells back* I will in a few minutes! 


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