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This is the second chapter of my fanon, Fanon: Adventures of Li Hua. The main page for the fanon is here

~What Happened Last Time~

Last time on Adventures of Li Hua: Li Hua and Jiha played a fun game of catch. While playing catch, Jiha thought it would be a good idea to incorporate Waterbending into a simple game of catch. But when an accident occurred, Li Hua loses control of her wave. Li Hua is left unconscious.

~Oh No~

While in my subconscious mind, I could hear someone calling me. Who is calling me? Why can't I see anything. Where am I? Why do I hear crying and people talking? This is what I call weird.

"I'm afraid it's now up to your friend to wake up now. We've done all we could do. I am sorry."

Who is that? I never heard that voice before.

"Li Hua! Please, oh, please wake up!," said Jiha.


As soon as I realized her voice I sprang up and said "... What happened to me? Where... where am I?"

With tears streaming down her face and a little smirk, Jiha replied "Oh, thank all that is good in the world. You really shouldn't just pop up like that, but you're alive! That's all I could really want right now. Well... you were bending a wave and you lost control of it. I'm sorry. If I would have never forced you to play this game and bring in Waterbending this would have never happened. I am so, so sorry. Really."

"Um... my head hurts now." I said as I held my head in my hands and began to lay back down. "It's fine. The game was fun. I just need your help on trying to perfect my Waterbending. I keep forgetting Waterbending takes focus. I wasn't focusing. It's more my fault."

Jiha looked away then back to me. By this time the tears have stopped but the expression on her face said it all. She replied with "Hha, well that what you get for popping up like that." She said as she put a cold water pack on my head and gave me a hug. "Of course I will help you. I never want this to happen again. I feel sooo guilty. Gosh. I can't believe I even did that."

"Can I ask you something?"

"Sure. Of course, ask me anything"

"Where are we? You never answered that question."

"Oh.. um.. I don't know. What I do know is that we are at this village hospital. When you almost drowned by your own wave and you weren't waking up, I got scared so I picked you up and ran. I ran upon this village and when the people here saw me with you they offered to direct me to the local hospital." Jiha said with her eyes beginning to water again.

"Okay, I guess. Can we go home now, Jiha?"

"See... well... that's a problem. I don't know where home is. We ran and I'm afraid we are lost."

"What?! Lost? Stop playing around Jiha! We got to go home. My parents would freak if I don't get there by dinner..."

Jiha looked at me with big eyes and she turned red as she replied."I'm sorry! Stop yelling at me. I didn't mean for this to happen! Really Li Hua, since you woke up you haven't been nice to me one bit. How about "Thank you Jiha, thank you for saving my life?" Huh? Huh! I don't remember you saying it! Why are you so ungrateful? Seriously! Tell me now! I saved your life! And this is how you repay me?"

I began to get tears and my eyes, I quickly wiped them away. I can't believe her. But am I wrong? Have I not said thank you? Why am I yelling at her? We need each other more than ever right now. We are lost, have no shelter, no family to help us, we are in a strange town with no way of knowing how to return home. As bad as this looked, I knew something good had to come out of this. There has to be. Oh please, who am I kidding. I don't know how to survive this. Gosh, all because of some catch game that went wrong. Extremely wrong.

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