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Dark Signs
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The Last Light



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Aang 112, Korra2000, everyone who sees mistakes

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The 1st of May 2015

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The Beginning of the End

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Dark Signs

Korra was shocked. She had to do something, but she didn't know what. Desperately she ran back to Iroh, told him what had happened and asked him what they could do next. He was also horrified. Such a thing had never happened since he live in the Spirit World and he wished that it would never happen. But as Korra described the man, who had kidnapped Asami, he lacked words. Iroh knew the identity of the man very well: Zhao. He told Korra, that Zhao was an old admiral of the Fire Nation during the Hundred Year War, but the spirit of the ocean, La, brought him to the Fog of Lost Souls. It was impossible that he could escape.

Anxiously he looked to Korra, who said: "Iroh, do you think that this event deals with my dreams?"

"Don't be afraid," he said, but it sounded not very persuasive. "There is still hope."

"I will pursue them!"

But Iroh thought that would be a bad idea: "You can't fight him alone. You don't know if there are more people who are like Zhao. Go back to your friends and talk with them. Together you will find a solution."

The young Avatar was disappointed. She couldn't imagine, that Iroh wanted, that she should leave Asami alone. But she knew he was right. If there were more people, more enemies, who wanted to see the Avatar down, she would have no chance. But what would her friends say? She didn't tell them that Asami and she had gone to the Spirit World. Certainly they were worried about them. And Korra knew, that it was wrong to go away without a word. She hoped, that they weren't too angry.

A few hours later, the sun rose and Korra began to travel back to the Spirit Portal, which she opened a week ago. It was hard for her to leave Iroh alone, because Zhao could return, but she had to go, if she wanted or not.

While she traveled back, Korra tried to speak with Raava. Maybe she knew what happened. She said: "Raava, I know you don't speak very much, but I need your help. Do you think Vaatu returned?"

Korra waited a few minutes, but nobody answered. She was alone, without any help. Once again.

A short time later Korra reached the portal. She held her hand in it and felt the cosmic energy of the universe. It was an unbelievable feeling. Suddenly Korra heard something. She thought, that it came from the flowers next to her, but she wasn't sure. So she ignored the portal to find it out. Korra studied the flowers exactly and saw a creature, which looked like a little bee. It almost flew into her face. She got a short fright, however, as Korra wanted to turn around, a person jumped out of the ground. He was small, but had a lot of muscles, carried a long beard and was quite old. The man was an earthbender with green clothes.

"Who are you?" Korra asked confused.

But the earthbender didn't respond and only stared at her. Korra soon lost the interest and was about to walk towards the Spirit Portal as the man suddenly shot a rock at her which she evaded easily. In response, she sent a fireball into his direction. It didn't take long when Korra realized that she found herself in a fight. The man kept on throwing rocks at her and even went over to new techniques like creating earthquakes and quicksand. The Avatar was totally caught off-guard and she was hit by several rocks. Yet, she didn't think of giving up and attacked him with airbending. Now that she was back in the move, she could take her challenger out and hit him to the ground.

"Why are you attacking me?" she shouted while a pearl of sweat ran down her forehead. She was confused and didn't know what to do with the lying man in front of her. Before she could tell, a strong draft caught her from the side that became stronger the second. Eventually, she couldn't keep herself on the ground and was thrown into the portal.

The next time she shut her eyes open, she found herself back at the Southern Water Tribe. Looking around, she realized that she was standing on the cliff where she had met Aang for the first time. The memory of the special moment back then found its way back to her mind. She could remember the magnificent moment too good: it had been one of the best of her life although she had been totally upset all of day before.

But why was she here? A row of questions were flowing in her head and were about to blow her head. Where was Asami? Who captured her? Why did she have those dreams and what was about the mysterious man she had fought against in front of the portal? And why were there always new problems over and over again in the world she had to solve alone while sacrificing her life? Sure, her friends were always on her side, but the responsibility was laying on her alone. She couldn't take it anymore. But she knew why of all people it was her who had gotten the duty: she was the Avatar and it was her task to guide the world into peace and balance. She wasn't denying it: she loved being the Avatar. It was the greatest thing she could ever think of. But who could know that being the Avatar brought so much pressure? Sometimes she wished someone else, even if it was just for a week, to take her role as the Avatar.

Korra noticed that something was sneaking from behind. Turning around, she couldn't believe her eyes. It was Raava.

"Raava," she wondered, "why are you here? And how is this possible?"

But the spirit didn't answer. Confused, Korra took a few steps toward Raava, but the light spirit still didn't say anything. When Korra touched her, the appearance of the spirit changed to someone new. Korra blenched, stumbled and fell onto the snow. The figure of Raava changed into her predecessor: Avatar Aang.

Korra stood up and confronted the airbender: "Aang? Why are you here and what's going on?"

But he ignored her question and only said: "When we hit our lowest point, we are open for the greatest change."

Then something unbelievable happened: Aang stretched his arm forward and sent an airblast towards Korra that threw her to the edge of the cliff. She groaned and got up. Before she could do something, Aang's figure formed into another Avatar.

"Roku," the waterbender whispered.

Without saying anything, Roku created a tornado, so he could fly a few meters above the ground. He made quick moves with his arms, before a slot was formed under Korra's feet. The ledge was about to break. Korra tried to send a firestream at Roku, but before she could do so, the ledge broke and she fell into the icy cold water.

Mid-air, she bended the air to break the impact, but before she fell into the water, the wide blue ocean disappeared and instead, all left was a black ground. With airbending, Korra landed safely on the ground, but where did all the water go? But not just the water seemed to go black; the surrounding area started to turn black just like in her dreams with Vaatu. But everything was too fast for her. She wasn't able to take everything in. In an attempt to calm down, she said to herself that everything was only a dream while trying to close her eyes. But she couldn't. Right after, Avatar Wan appeared in front of her. But unlike the other Avatars, he didn't attack her.

"Wan," she said carefully, in hopes, he wouldn't attack her, "why can I see you after almost four years, but am being attacked by you? What does that mean?"

Wan closed his eyes: "Korra, I'm here to warn you. There is not enough time, so let me explain everything without interrupting. Something is controlling the spirits of all the past Avatars. They are being forced to take over the Spirit World. The material world isn't in danger yet, but as soon as they gained more power, they will ..."

Wan grabbed his head and let out a painful scream. He fell to his knees and clenched his jaw.

"Listen to me," he shouted, "you have to find a way, or ..."

Suddenly, his eyes became red. His pain seemed to be gone and he stood up. He jumped into the sky and created a tornado he could fly with. A circle consisting of all four elements appeared around him.

"Die," he gritted with such a dark tone, before the deadly elements made their way towards Korra.

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