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The Bait

Vakama spent the day lying on his back deep in thought, which wasn't that hard do to his situation. Besides what else could he do? Since he was in the Spirit World he never had to eat or drink and he couldn't practice his Firebending. He could do a few combat exercises, but that would make him tired and frustrated, a perfect opportunity to have his face taken.

"Ah, you woke up, good morning Vakama", Koh said with his owl face.

"Good morning Koh" said Vakama with a straight face.

"While you were resting I added another face to my collection..."

The next moment Koh dashed full speed at Vakama with a hideous face of a spider, even touching, but not harming, Vakama. Koh resorted to physical fear to increase his chances of claiming Vakama's face. He couldn't actually harm him, but he hoped a little unexpected poke would make him jump.

"What do you think?" Koh said with a grin.

He could clearly see the disgust and shock in Vakama's eyes, that's all he needed, a person's eyes to tell their true emotions. However Vakama only said,

"That's quite an impressive face; maybe you can use it on your next victim."

Koh narrowed his eyes and slithered away, probably thinking of another way to scare Vakama. Then he remembered. He was closer to achieving his goal when Vakama was saddened or joyful then he was scared.

"Tell me" Koh started, "how much do you know about the Avatar?"

Vakama was taken aback by this, but didn't show it.

"The Avatar? The Avatar is supposed to be the spirit of the world in human form, and is the only person who can bend all four elements."

"Hmm, your knowledge about him seems quite advance"

"Well some of your stories are about the Avatar, namely Avatar Kuru-"

"Don't mention him!" Koh interrupted before Vakama can finish.

"Then why do you mention the Avatar?"

There was silence before Koh answered. "What do you know about the most recent one?"

Vakama knew he was being baited, but took the risk anyway, "He was an Air Nomad, but he disappeared for nearly a century, no one knows where he is."

Koh grinned very widely now and said,

"Ah but I know where he is...and apparently also two Southern Water Tribe children."


  • Kuruk is mentioned for the first time.
  • Sokka and Katara make a cameo appearance.

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