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February 11, 2012

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Chapter 1: The Shadow

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Roshan reflects on his latest dream and comes to grim conclusions...

Book 1 - Chapter 2: Sifu Lin

Roshan screamed and fell to the floor in a heap of his own bedsheets. He clawed his way out from beneath the fabric and took the air in gulps. He imagined the door to his room flying open and a dozen concerned friends and neighbors rushing in to console him, but he knew that not to be the case. This was a nightly occurrence; nothing out of the ordinary whatsoever.

Well, it's ordinary for them, he thought. This was the farthest he had ever seen into this abnormally elusive dream. Never before had he had the same dream over and over for such a long period of time, nor could he ever recall it having been so difficult to stay asleep long enough for the dream to finish.

But this dream was distinctly different, even from the other night terrors he had experienced in the past. Before they were manageable, at least to an extent. He could train himself to focus on specific aspects of the dreams, or force himself to stay asleep longer to get past the most frightening parts.

This dream was completely out of his control. It was not of his own will that he had seen more of the dream tonight than ever before, and what he had seen was truly frightening. These dreams were notorious for making little sense, yet the events they depicted always seemed to become reality in some obscure way or another.

Once when he was little he had dreamed every night for a week that a sword would fall from the sky and destroy his house. A year later his father was murdered on his way home by a sword gang who, as Roshan later learned, had found out about Roshan's identity as the Avatar and sought revenge for something a past Avatar had done.

The night after he was told of his identity as the Avatar, Roshan had dreamt that he would be separated from his village by a tornado. The following week his destiny "became more urgent," and he was sent away to begin his elemental training at the Air Temples early.

So what did this dream foretell, then? Nothing was for certain, except for the sinking feeling in Roshan's gut that the period of peace and balance that had existed since the life of Avatar Korra was quickly coming to an end...

By this time the sun had begun to creep over the mountaintops, and the first rays of the morning sun in Roshan's eyes lulled him from his reverie. He channelled wind currents beneath his body and let the wind carry him to his feet.

"Hello, Mei," said Roshan as he walked out into the main room. A woman with frazzled curly hair was busy tidying up various details of the house, but stopped for a moment to greet him.

"Well hello, Mr. Avatar. Not gonna wreck the house again, are we?" she asked slyly, nodding toward a portion of the wall that was still under construction after Roshan had inadvertently Earthbended a boulder at the house a couple weeks back.

"You'll never let me live that down, will you?" Roshan replied with a grin. "I've gotten better since then, you know."

Mei simply chuckled and then resumed cleaning the table.

"Better, eh?" a deep voice called.

"Oh! Good morning, Sifu Lin." Roshan stood at immediate attention.

The man gave him a puzzled look. "Training doesn't start till after breakfast. At ease, soldier. Yeesh..." The man kissed his wife's hand and then collapsed into a chair at the table. It took him a moment before he realized that Roshan had not relaxed his stance.

"Oi, enough with the formalities." Lin rolled his eyes. "If you're that eager to begin training you can run around town a couple times with a boulder on your back?"

"Sifu, it's not that."

Lin was an astute man, and it didn't take long for him to realize that something was wrong. His eyes narrowed and his smile faded. "Roshan, my pupil, what is it?"

Roshan took a hesitant step forward. "Sifu, I fear the worst. The world is out of balance..."

Author's Note

Comment away! Real action begins next chapter ;)

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