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This last year has just been so hectic. I recovered from my injuries after three years, defended Republic City again, and defeated Kuvira. I'm the Avatar, and defending the balance of the world is what I do. Kuvira really gave me a run for my money. Her spirit vine cannon backfired and tore open a portal into the Spirit World. Asami and I have travelled to the Spirit World on a lovely, romantic vacation. Now, I'm just chilling out in the pool with Asami in her massive mansion, which surprisingly was not destroyed in the invasion.

My arm is wrapped around her shoulders. I then take my arm off her and submerge myself underwater. I am very good at holding my breath, I am a waterbender. I know I am showing off, but I don't really care. Asami likes it. Well, she hasn't told me otherwise. Asami pulls me up, and I can feel the panicked desperation in her tugs. I cough up some disgusting pool water. "What is it?"

Asami isn't saying anything, but I can tell by her pale face that something is wrong. With a limp hand, she turns my head to a wall. The wall begins to bubble and hiss violently. It falls in on itself and disappears, as if it is being eaten. As if it is eating itself. The wall is replaced with a waterfall. I lift my hand and flick my wrist in its direction, but I just can't bend it. I swear I can see men on the other side of it. They are wearing white coats and all three of them have brown hair.

I have no idea who they are, but it is best to assume that they are dangerous. I can't let anything bad happen. Not again. Not after Amon, Unalaq, Zaheer, and Kuvira. I climb out of the pool and hoist out Asami, then proceed to dry us off with waterbending. I stand in a fighting stance and raise a large tendril of water as the men walk through the waterfall without getting wet.

They speak in funny accents which sound rather civilised and sophisticated. The tall skinny one blurts out, "So this is what it smells like? Not bad... not great, either."

Asami is standing by my side. She doesn't have her gloves or bending, but her fists should do the trick. "Stand back!" I yell to the men who do not seem to have taken any notice. They seem to be walking leisurely and muttering about the Avatar and the expulsion and other stuff that I don't understand.

"Stand back or I will attack!" I warn one more time.

Still, they take no notice. I throw my stream of water at the curly haired one to grab his attention. His back is facing me, so I assume it will be easy to hit him. Suddenly, he turns around, extends his palm and blows the water into a fine mist that returns to the pool.

"Ah!" he exclaims. "The natives are attacking. See Chris, I told you they were the aggressive type who attack before knowing who you are and then complain when you beat them."

The tall one with the spiked hair and muscle responds, "All right, I'll pay you later."

I send off Asami to call for help. I am not going to take chances with these people. They outnumber me 3 to 1, but I am the Avatar. I keep an eye on all three of them. They're probing for a weakness but cannot find one.

The one who called me a native appears to be in charge. He says to me, "Calm down, Barangaroo. Stand down and let us pass. Or do we have to use force?"

"What do you want? Where did you come from?" I reply.

"We came from a distant world. What we want is none of your business."

"Well then," I throw three great streams of water, one for each of them, "you'll have to use force."

The men avoid all of them. The curly haired one breaks it on his palm, the skinnier one returns it to me, and the tall one side-steps it.

The leader nudges the skinny one on the shoulder. The skinny one jumps into action and exchanges water whips and ice shards. Neither of us are able to land an affective hit, but at least I am holding him off. Or is he holding me off? Do they also have reinforcements coming? What the hell do they want? Do they want to invade us or something? My thoughts are cut short by the arrival of Mako and Bolin. Bolin slings a sack to the ground and opens it, revealing many rock disks.

Now that they don't have numbers on their side, we are on the offensive. They dodge and parry our attacks with minimal effort. There is something different about the way they bend. It is more rigid than how we do it. They seem incapable of great and powerful swirls and kicks but their attacks are efficient and pack a punch.

The tall man appears to be a powerful firebender who can fight on equal terms with Mako. He doesn't seem to care about defence, rather, he attempts to overwhelm Mako with a merciless barrage of fire.

The waterbender jumps over Bolin's rock disk and throws a stream of pool water at him, which strikes him in the arm. Bolin raises a disk with his uninjured arm and throws it at his foe. The disk collides with his enemy's chest and knocks him over.

Now that their waterbender is down, it's time to get across the pool. I waterbend it frozen and charge over the ice. I charge at the leader, who, despite not doing anything, seems to be calling the shots. I ignite a fireball in my hands and see him mouth the word "Impossible."

I get within striking distance of him. I'm close enough to cast him down with one punch to the face. Just as I get close, he extends his palm and touches me in the stomach. I go flying through the air and skid on the ice pool. How is he so strong?

He stands in his place, pushes a large, concentrated gust of wind at me which knocks me over as I stand. I collide into the wall. "Wait!" I request. "You're an airbender?"

The three men stop their attack. The leader speaks to me. "Of course I am. Why wouldn't I be? And how did you bend two elements?"

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