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Noah's Tale


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March 12, 2013

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This is the second chapter in the Fanon Noah's Tale.

Chapter 2

The next morning, we got together to head out. I grabbed Toby and the tiny necklace I have – all my possessions – as I glanced around and saw everybody else packing up. Neville packed up his tools and put them into his pack. El took up all her maps, compasses, and especially makeup, and packed them as safely as she could in her tiny pouch. Then I saw Tal as he took his spare clothes, along with a few tools, and packed them un-neatly into his pack. They all put their packs on their backs, and glanced at me.

I nodded to them, and turned to the man who was standing in front of the false wall. I nodded to him, handed him a few Earth Kingdom coins – for his shelter – and he opened the wall. We all walked out, looked around to see nobody but ourselves, and headed out for the mountains on the far end of Republic City. We jumped from rooftop to rooftop, Tal using his Firebending, El using her expertise Waterbending, Neville using tiny springs in his boots, and me using my Earthbending.

We kept up our pace until we got outside the city walls. We landed directly at the foot of the mountains. We all looked up at the breathtaking view, speechless. This was the most amazing view. The green grass, covered by the white snow about halfway up, and the tiny huts placed in the most convenient places.

Suddenly we were greeted by a young Airbender girl, about Neville's age and height. My expression turned from surprise to happiness in a matter of seconds. "Nina!" I exclaimed.

"Noah!" she greeted the same way. We hugged each other for a moment, and let go when we realized the others were staring.

I coughed, and said, "Tal, El, Neville, this is my long-time friend Nina; Nina, this is Talkai, Elena, and Neville." She nodded to me, and extended a hand to each and every one to shake. She seemed much more cheery since the last time we met.

The last time we met, Nina was still on Air Temple Island training. I went there to meet up with her before setting off to find the others. She looked so horrible, so unhappy. I had to set her free; she had no reason to be there, her training was complete, and she had the choice to either stay there or become an Air Nomad. Except, she didn't have that choice; the Air Master wouldn't let her go.

So we devised a plan to escape. One late night, while the White Lotus Sentinels were asleep, along with everybody else on the island, Nina and I rushed down to the harbor. She told me she could make an air bubble for us, but I told her to conserve her energy, and I also told her I could take care of myself. When we got on the other shore, I took her to the mountains outside the city, and said my farewells, telling her I would see her soon.

Now here she is, looking happier and better than ever. She had those loose, yellow and red, Air Nomad garbs, her long brown hair put back in a ponytail that flowed down her back, and those soft, nice, forgiving eyes. I really couldn't believe she was going to help us fight this new threat; she was too nice.

"Well?" she asked, snapping me out of my memories. "Are we going to go? My cabin is just across this path." She pointed to a path behind her that sloped up, the contents of the other side a mystery.

"Yes, of course," I replied. I fell in step beside her, walking this hard, rocky earth beside her. I would pick up the tiny pebbles every so often, lift them in front of her, and she would blow them away. She was always so kind, so nice, and I liked that about her.

We trekked on for about half an hour, until we finally got to the top of the slope. Nina's cabin was on the right, a small wooden house with windows on almost all sides. She opened the door for us to come in, and as we came in, we saw the spectacular view that lied below; Republic City outlined by the ever-so-shrinking shadows of the rising noon-day sun.

Just then a tea pot whistled, snapping all of us out of our trance. I turned to see Nina pouring six cups of tea; that put a smile on my face. She handed me a cup, and I accepted. I sipped it; Jade Tea, just like mom used to make. I closed my eyes briefly, letting a tiny tear fall into the mug of tea. I opened my eyes later to see Nina pleading with Tal to have some tea. He kept refusing, but Nina kept persistent. Finally Tal lost his temper and was about to let out a blast of fire when I came in between the two.

"Whoa," I said, glancing at Tal. "Stop; she was just trying to be friendly."

Tal snorted and muttered; "Well now she should know I don't want any." He put emphasis on the final part, making sure Nina heard it. He then decided to turn angrily back to El.

"Don't worry about him," I whispered into Nina's ear. "He gets a little cranky." Nina's eyes widened as she glanced at Tal and El kiss. She turned to me, and her soft, gentle eyes shrunk as she looked up at me. We both smiled at each other, and in that moment, I felt something, something good.

Nina walked away to heck on something in her tiny kitchen area, and I saw Neville walk towards me. "You're in love," he whispered as he took his gaze off of me and towards Nina. My eyes widened and I realized I was blushing.

"Quit it!" I exclaimed in a voice louder than I wanted. Luckily nobody heard me. I shook my head and finally said, "Everyone ready? We should be going." I saw nods from everybody in the tiny cabin, and nodded back.

After we shuffled out the door, we traveled down the path, leading to the nearest city. Every so often we would come in contact with a stream or a stray animal. We each homed our abilities as we traveled, trying to get the best out of them.

Finally we came upon a little town, right in the path between Republic City and Ba Sing Se. This was more out of hand than I thought; this unknown enemy that we were chasing had attacked this tiny town and taken control of it.

The clock in this tiny house that the captors used as a prison ticked on. Tal, El, Neville, Nina and I were all sitting along the back wall of the house. Tal would raise his head to the ceiling, close his eyes, and bang on the floor every so often. I just sat there, trying to figure all this out or figure a way to get out. I racked my brain on the things I had recently discovered and saw; three new companions, one with the ability to use tech.

Then it hit me: Neville's new tech! I got the perfect plan, but I couldn't say it here in front of everyone. I leaned over to Neville, who was sitting to my right, "That new tech you made, we can use it." He gave me a confused looked, until I continued, "I'll call Toby my Fire Ferret to get the people good and in here, make them mad, and then we just have to get them to shoot some lighting. Connect the tech, and the power core charges!" Neville's eyes widened in excitement, but he kept his excitement a secret.

I closed my eyes, channeled my animal instinct, and did a little whistle. Toby came running in, some guards running after him. I nodded to Neville, and I shot an Earth wall directly in front and behind one of the guards. He fell to the ground; Neville got his tech out and attached it to the guard, right before the guard shot off some lightning. It sure worked, it charged it up.

I blasted the cuffs off of the rest of us, and got up to take the others. I took my stance, and before he could shoot me with his expertise lightning, I shot him down with an Earth wall, connected the Tech and got it charged up. We each did the same, until we were all charged up, ready to go.

I stood in front at the door, turned around, and saw confused looks. "Alright," I whispered. "This is how we're going to do it. We get out there, and we just take them out. But," I looked at Tal, "only the enemy." Tal narrowed his eyes and looked at me. I offered with a steel look, narrow eyes, lowered head, and a nod. He rolled his eyes, while I just ignored him. I nodded to everyone, and we went out fighting.

We used a combination of our new tech and our bending – well except for Neville, who just used the tech and his staff. It was too much for them, and they went out easily. I took out five; I glanced over and saw Nina was fighting off ten at the same time. I gave her a hand, crushing all ten in the earth. She glanced over at me, panting, and gave me a little smile. I smiled back, nodded, and turned to Tal who was having a time taking out four. I shook my head, and went to help him.

As I hit the last with an Earth shot to his stomach, Tal turned to me, got up in my face, and said, "I could've taken them."

My eyes widened, and I reluctantly nodded. I backed up, turned to El, and saw she had already taken her bunch of six out. I turned to Neville, who had already taken his nine out. I then realized that everyone was staring at me and Tal.

We grouped together all of the knocked-down men, and put them all together. I used my Earthbending to encase them in earth.

"Didn't I tell you there'd be tests?" I remarked. I saw Tal glance at me again. I replied with a tiny earth shot that hit him in the foot. I stuck my tongue out, trying to be funny, but when I opened my eyes back up, I saw a blast of Fire coming right at me. I ducked just in time, but not without singeing my hair.

Nina got in between us and knocked us both out with a blast of Air. "Quit it, boys," she said. "You're both pretty," she added, with a little chuckle. We sat up, looked at Nina, and let out a tiny laugh. That was the first time I saw Tal smile.

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