The 3 Avatars
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Christmas after the War


1: Discovery



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December 9, 2011

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A Relaxing Day

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The Boiling Rock

The Jasmine Dragon, 8 A.M.-9 A.M., December 6, 100 AG

Everyone wakes up and finds Iroh brewing a pot of tea. Iroh hears them walk and says, "So you're awake! Are you ready for the Battle of the Borders?"

"Yeah, I guess." Aang said.

"Let's get moving! I haven't knocked a soldier's head in months!" Sokka replied.

"So, neither have I" Toph remarked.

Iroh said, "Let's have breakfast first. I made jook!"

"Okay, sure" Everyone replied.

At 9 A.M., everybody was already on Appa.

General Fong's Base, 9 A.M.- 2 P.M., December 6, 100 AG

While they were flying, they had no clue that the captured soldiers and General Fong had a plan. Aang was busy controlling Appa while Katara was busy practicing Waterbending. Sokka was playing with his boomerang while Toph was Metalbending the metal that was leftover after they destroyed the prison that Haru was in a month ago. Zuko was practicing lightning and Iroh was drinking tea. No one was paying attention at what they were doing.

At 11 A.M., when they were above General Fong's base, General Fong's soldiers broke the net and took over Appa. They were forced to land at the base.

General Fong and the army got ready to fight.

Zuko launched a bunch of fire blasts at the armies.

Toph knocked some in the air with earth pillars.

Sokka used his space sword to stab and whack some soldiers.

Aang sent air blasts at soldiers and like Sokka, whacked some soldiers with his staff.

Iroh drank tea! Then, he used his breath of fire on some soldiers.

Mai used her darts and swords to trap some soldiers to bring to the Boiling Rock.

But the armies were too strong. They quickly defended themselves and struck back. They knocked back Katara, Sokka, and Mai but they quickly got up again. They tried to escape on Appa but he was too heavily guarded.

Aang's eyes glowed white for a second and Avatar Roku appeared beside him, it happened again and Avatar Kyoshi appeared by his side too! Now Team Avatar, Avatar Roku, and Avatar Kyoshi were fighting against General Fong and his armies. My friends and my past lives are fighting against 2 armies. With our type of power, we could win, I just know it. Aang thought.

Zuko generated lightning and was about to shoot it at a soldier but Avatar Roku grabbed Zuko's 2 fingers with his left hand and aimed for General Fong instead.

A bolt of lightning was now being shot at General Fong but he blocked it with an Earth Wall.

But luckily, Toph shot a boulder, knocking General Fong down.

All the soldiers came to his aid but at that very time:

1) Aang created a tornado.

2) Katara shot water jets.

3) Sokka knocked some soldiers.

4) Toph threw boulders.

5) Zuko shot fire blasts.

6) Mai trapped soldiers.

7) Iroh breathed fire.

8) Roku and Kyoshi made and erupted volcanoes.

They were all attacking General Fong's armies.

General Fong saw and said, "Look out!" but when the soldiers turned around, they got attacked.

After this battle, there were 230 soldiers captured.

"Okay, we have to go to the Boiling Rock first," said Katara.

Everybody agreed.

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