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Chapter 2 - The Plan
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The Future of Korra





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May 4, 2014

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Chapter 1 – Birth

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Chapter 3 – To the South

Korra wakes up, she sees that Mako is sleeping on top her. Korra scooches over to the edge of the bed and moves Mako to the opposite side of the bed trying not to wake him up. Korra gets up from the bed and realizes that she has no clothes on. At that moment someone knocks on the door.

"Korra, Mako, time to get up," Tenzin yelled.

Mako rolls over and then wakes up to see a clotheless Korra looking down at him. Korra tosses some clothes at Mako's face.

"Put on your clothes Mako, it's breakfast and we need to come up with a plan."

Mako gets up and looks down at Korra's crotch, and then looks up at Korra and gets in close with her.

"Someone's excited," Mako says.

Korra hugs Mako and gives him a kiss, while kissing Mako puts his hands on Korra's breast, and Korra puts her hands on Mako's hips, then she looks up and remembers what happened last night.

"Maybe we should not do this again... You know, we just did this last night. Right?"

"I guess you're right, but you're just so sexy Korra, I just want to be in bed with you for the rest of my life!"

Korra blushes and smiles at Mako. "You're the sexiest man I ever saw! Just look at yourself!"

Mako blushes at Korra.

"Anyways let's just get dressed," Mako said to Korra.

"Shoot, I forgot! Pema must be having a very fun time dealing with her Airbenders and our Firebenders!" Korra said to Mako.

"Don't forget the Earthbender!" Mako and Korra chuckled.

Mako and Korra rushed to get their clothes on as fast as possible. After putting on their clothes, they burst out of the room and ran to the nearest bathroom. In the bathroom, Korra and Mako do their hair and made other final adjustments. Then Mako and Korra ran to the dining hall on Air Temple Island. Korra burst into the room.

"Oh you're up Korra, we almost started breakfast without you," Tenzin said.

"Looks like I arrived just on time," Korra replied. Korra and Mako sat down at the table in dining hall and they meditated before eating their breakfast.

After breakfast, Tenzin stood up and grabbed a map.

"So now we have to come up with a travel plan, I say that we go to Valem town first and then head down south to Vogdar after exploring the attractions that Jinora wants to see. I also say that we could bring the whole family and let them stay at Valem town as it seems, Valem town is pretty peaceful and quiet," Tenzin proposed.

Korra responded to Tenzin's proposal. "How about we first stop at the Southern Water Tribe? I will see my parents and maybe see Katara too? And we could also ask Kya if she wants to come. It would extend our trip but I think it's worth it."

"I was thinking about that too, but I wasn't sure if you would agree to that. Katara is aging so I guess I should see her as often as possible."

"I think we have a plan Tenzin!"

"Yes, yes we do."

Later Korra is watching her children play with Tenzin's children. Mako walks by and sits beside her.

"So, Korra, whose side are you on?"

"I don't know."

"What do you mean you don't know?"

"Well personally I think that the Earth Kingdom should respect the island and give them what they need, not the island becoming independent."

"So, you think that the island should still be part of the Earth Kingdom but the Earth Kingdom should give them what they ask?"

"Pretty much."

"That's actually a pretty good idea." Korra looks at Mako and Mako looks at Korra. The wind blows with a sweet scent and they kiss.

"Yuck," Meelo says when he sees Korra kissing Mako.

"Ah, romance," Jinora looks pleased at Korra and Mako.

"Haha, I take that you guys see Dad is right, slow and steady wins the race!" Ikki says quickly.

"No fair. We were watching Korra and Mako!" Meelo argues. Ikki sticks her tongue at Meelo and makes a sound.

Chira walks over to Korra and Mako and disrupts their make out. Korra picks up Chira and makes airplane sounds. Chira laughs as Korra hugs her and then puts her back on the ground. Chira wobbles over to Ikki and gives Ikki a hug. Ikki picks up Chira and hugs her and then puts her back down. Pema walks over to Korra and Mako.

"Looks like Ikki has a new best friend," Pema tells Korra.

Korra looks at Chira and sees her getting along very well with Ikki.

"It's good to know that our children have fun with each other!"

"Don't forget that that's the best way to keep a child distracted!" Pema chuckles.

"I better check on the younger ones if they have woken up yet, I don't want them whining for too long if they have."

"I should come with you to check out how Kukri is doing," Korra replied.

Korra and Pema walk together to see the children that are napping.

"So Pema, did how did you deal with Chira before we decided that she didn't need a nap."

"Usually she just laid in the crib, she didn't even make a noise, but if you want to be close to her she would immediately get on her toes. It was tricky because I don't want her jumping around in the crib. But sometimes she did fall asleep... before she turned one. After that for some reason she wouldn't go back to sleep. I think she can't stand daylight, as there's always some daylight in their rooms. However the other ones, Koshael and Kukri are completely the opposite of Chira, they fall asleep in a snap of a finger."

"Wow." Korra replied.

"Shhh! They still may be sleeping!" Pema warned Korra.

Pema and Korra walked into the room, everyone in the room was still sleeping. Korra looked at her one old son. While Korra was looking at him, he woke up. Korra picked up Kukri, but then after realising that she should feed him, Korra put Kukri down and adjusted her shirt to expose half of her breast. Korra then picked up Kukri and started breast feeding him. Korra looked at Kukri, it seemed like he's enjoying her milk. Korra walked over to Koshael's crib, he opened his eyes. Korra picked him up to comfort him so he doesn't start crying. Then Korra put Koshael down so she could breastfeed him. Korra struggled exposing her second half of her breast, so she quickly put Kukri down and took her shirt and her bra off exposing her whole upper body. Then she grabbed both babies gently and allowed them to drink her milk. Korra noticed that all of her children seemed to enjoy her milk, she wondered to herself how good it must taste.

After the breast feeding was done, Korra placed her children and struggled putting her bra back on. She decided that she'll put on her shirt later as the temperature was mild outside. Mako was watching the kids play, Korra walked passed Mako and picked up Chira. Korra then took her bra off once again to feed Chira, she threw her bra at Mako and sat beside him while Chira was drinking Korra's milk.

"So how's my Korra doing?"

"Good, and you my Mako?"

"I'm having a fun time watching Tenzin's children air racing."

Korra chuckles, "I would race with them, but Ikki thinks using the Avatar State to win is cheating."

"It kinda is if you think about it."

"I know but I don't care... Well I actually shouldn't say that because I wouldn't like people cheating against me and then saying that they don't care."

Chira burped and wobbled off, Ikki then came over to Korra.

"Korra, can you race with us please?"

"Sure thing Ikki!" Korra immediately formed an air ball and blasted off. Mako attempted to remind Korra that she should put her bra back on but it was too late.

Korra was losing again in the race, she was in third place. As Korra usually does to win a race, she enters the Avatar State. Jinora realizes that Korra is about to pass her. Jinora and Ikki worked together and popped Korra's airball, sending Korra flying. Korra exits the Avatar State right before being sent off flying. Jinora pulled ahead of Ikki winning the race at the last minute.

After winning the race, Jinora turns around to see Korra laying motionless on the ground. She walks over to Korra and picks up her arm that was laying on the ground. Jinora is shocked to see a long scratch with blood coming from it, Jinora looks at the ground and sees a sharp rock sticking out with blood on it.

"Oh no! What are we going to tell Dad!? He's not going to be happy about this! Ikki, go get Dad, Meelo go get Mako, I think he would like to see this too."

Ikki and Meelo went off to do what they were told. Minutes later, Tenzin arrived as well as Mako, Korra finally woke up after being asleep since the injury.

"Korra, why are you half naked?" Tenzin asked in a strict and unhappy manner.

"Feed... Chira..." Korra replied.

"You see Tenzin, Korra was feeding Chira and then went of to play, I tried to remind her but she didn't hear me I guess," Mako said to Tenzin trying to make Korra not seem guilty.

"And Korra, what brought you into this mess?" Tenzin asked.

"Use... State... Cheat... Air... Popped... Fly..." Korra said, barely able to speak.

"Get her inside, she needs medical attention." Tenzin boomed.

Mako picked up Korra, Korra used her non injured arm to touch Mako's face.

"Thank... You..." Korra said to Mako.

"It will be okay, Korra. Only a rock did this."

Later, Mako approached Tenzin.

"Do you think she'll be okay?" Mako asked worried.

"Katara will heal her and remove the scar, as it's only from a rock," Tenzin reassured Mako.

"I don't know, I can't believe that just a sharp rock planted in the ground would do such damage."

"The scratch is not that deep as we thought. Katara will just do the finishing touches and then Korra should be back to normal."

"Great, that's good to know, I'll breastfeed my children with Korra and I guess that will be a day, or at least for them."

"We're leaving first thing tomorrow, and make sure that the temporary cast that I gave Korra stays on."

"Okay Tenzin."

Tenzin walks off, Mako brings his children to Korra to be fed. After Mako put all the children to bed and comes back to Korra's room and gets in bed beside Korra.

"Good night Korra," Mako says. Mako assumed that Korra was asleep because he never got a reply. Mako knew that tomorrow was going to be an important day for Korra, and for him too as this will be the first time that Korra's parents will be able to their children.

Mako then wondered, maybe Korra never even told her parents that she had children. Mako got excited but then calmed himself and fell asleep.

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