Sozin's dragon
Chapter 2: Truths and Lies
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March 13, 2014

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Yin and Yang practice firebending in Master Zen's Firebending Academy. After training, both twins were informed to meet the Fire Sages in the Fire Nation Capitol. Upon leaving to reach the Capitol, the twins discovered Master Zen talking to an assassin swords master. The twins spied but received minimal information. It seemed as if they were implying both twins were Avatars. In the end of the conversation, the assassin, who was unsatisfied with the given information, slashed Master Zen. The twins unable to do anything else fled the scene before the assassin found them.

Chapter 2: Truths and Flaws

"We should've stayed there and fought," repeated Yin for the millionth time, who was obviously looking to avenge his master, who had been badly cut, but was currently being treated with the best Firebending Healers.

"Are you kidding me, if he was strong enough to be able to hurt or possibly even ki-" Yang stopped in his words and shook his head; he couldn't afford thinking that way.

"Master Zen would be fine; what could a guy with pathetic dual swords do to a Firebending master?" Yin said matter-of-factly although there was a hint of doubt in his voice.

"You never know," Yang said absently.

"Should we go to the Fire Nation Capitol, in order to meet those Fire Sages?" Yin asked eager to change the topic.

"If Master Zen needed us there we probably should go," Yang replied while Yin nodded in approval. They continued walking in silence neither of them talking. The village ahead of them was tiny and compact with a limit of houses. The Firebending Academy is the only part of the village that attracted visitors or citizens. Master Zen was renown throughout the Fire Nation as an honorable and powerful Firebender and master. Most of the Fire Nation's army trained with him at one point or another, but only a few have ever bothered to stay in this village. Yin and Yang had lived here all their lives ever since their parents had died in the fire. They seldom ever left which was probably why they were hesitant to leave their own village.

The Fire Nation Capitol, however, was much larger, beautiful, but that's all the twins had ever remembered about the Capitol, they only had been there once and for good reason. The Fire Nation Capitol was also filled with thugs and thieves, as well as the world's most powerful firebenders, who were, unfortunately, not the nicest.

"I miss the old days," Yang blurted out trying to tell his brother how he felt about this, about everything, ever since they were orphaned.

"You mean with Mom and Dad?" Yin replied thoughtfully while recounting the memories of their young childhood.

"Yeah, remember that time we went to Ember Island and watched the famous Ember Island Plays, which were- well disappointing considering the price we paid and what we expected?" Yang asked.

"How could I not?" Yin replied.

"I can't continue living like this on the streets; I miss having a home," Yang said.

"Well we have to cope with it for now," Yin replied dismissively. Yin had always been distant and detached. He rarely talked about memories, as if he never even cared at any point if his life. They walked several more miles along the dirt path heading towards the port; they needed to get a boat to enter through the Redding Strait, which was the only way to get into the Capitol. The twins had left the town end mark several hours ago and haven't seen much homes or signs of civilization since. All that was with them was flatland with a few rolling hills and Fire Ferrets, which were common creatures in the Fire Nation.

Many more hours went by, before a sound much like a violent wind came about. "What's that noise?" Yang asked inquisitively. Yin shushed him and listened keenly: something was moving fast, really fast. Yin instinctively pushed Yang to the side of the pathway and then ran towards the other side himself. A blue stream, perhaps water, flew past, in intensifying speeds. "What the-" Yang began to say but didn't have the correct words to finish. The stream then made a complete U-Turn and stopped in its tracks on the path between Yin and Yang. The twins stared aghast at the creature that stood before them. The electric blue color was extravagant and was equally matched with the creature's sharp fangs. It had blood red eyes that glistened in the sunlight in a metallic luster. The creature had scales running through its long and slender body. It was a dragon.

Dragons were highly prized creatures at the time and very few people saw them much like owned them. They were only owned by the richest or most important people in the Fire Nation, though they were thought to be very common in the islands on the outskirts of the mainland. The man that was riding the dragon was with no doubt from the Fire Sages. His tall red hat and red robe clearly marked him as a high-ranking member of the Fire Sage committee, which would also explain how he was able to afford such a beautiful dragon.

"Yin and Yang I suppose, I have come here to take you to the Fire Nation Capitol," the man said signaling them to jump onto the dragon. The twins reluctantly agreed with only the knowledge that this would be the fastest way to the Fire Nation. Once Yin and Yang were comfortably seated on the back of the dragon; the dragon instantaneously jerked forward in flight.

"How did you know where we were?" Yang asked.

"I didn't, I looked through the entire Nation looking for you," the Fire Sage replied.

"How long until we reach the Capitol?" Yang asked swarming the Sage with questions.

"A few minutes," the Fire Sage replied patiently. The twins looked forward and could clearly see the Capitol in the horizon. The dragon sped forward, not directly towards the Capitol but towards the rocks directly beneath.

"What are you doing?!" Yin screamed over the rushing winds. Before he could get an answer the dragon reached the edge of the rocks, that, in turn, jerked open. The dragon landed skillfully in the underground cavern.

Confused, Yin and Yang turned around to find a pair of Earthbenders. Wait Earthbenders, why were they in the Fire Nation? Earthbenders were banished from the Fire Nation, weren't they? Yin was eager to ask but the urge subsided when he saw what was in front of him.

The cavern was a spectacular view with beautiful and flawless crystal growths and several rooms and passageways. There were Fire Sages everywhere and they wore identical attire. They performed spectacular firebending skills, with fire of all colors. Most of them were minding their own business barely paying attention to the twins, however, one sage commanded the Earthbenders to keep the boulder doors locked shut.

Something wasn't right.

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