Aang restores Korra's bending
Trip Through Time
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Timeback Saga



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July 5, 2014

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Chapter 1: Nightmares

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Chapter 3: The Ends of the Earth

Korra arrives in the Fire Sages Temple. She sees Avatar Roku meditating, Roku opens his eyes and said, "I can see you, Korra. Dark spirits have taken hold of you,"

"What! What dark spirit?" asked Korra.

"You're in a time loop Korra. You're stuck in this loop forever," said Roku.

"How do I fix it?" asked Korra.

"As you reconnect with you past lives, you are strengthening your resistance to the dark spirit," said Roku. He places his hand on Korra's shoulder. "You meet at least 3 more Avatars, the dark spirit will reanimate and attack you! This dark spirit is a piece of Vaatu," said Roku.

"But I destroyed him..." said Korra.

"The spirit has begun to grow inside of you. If you don't destroy it once it reanimates, it will replace Raava and take over you," said Roku.

Korra's eyes begin to glow, she is surrounded by a swirling vortex of purple cosmic energy. She begins to travel back in time.

In Korra's conscience.

"Vaatu, what are you doing in my head?" asked Korra.

"Korra, it seems I cannot take over you fully," said Vaatu. "Every time you connect with your past lives, your body grows to resist me. I'll face you again, Korra," said Vaatu

"I'll destroy once and for all," said Korra.

Korra wakes up on the shores of Kyoshi Island. There she was greeted by Avatar Kyoshi's presence, who was meditating in the sand. "Korra, I want you to battle me," said Kyoshi. Kyoshi stands up and opens her fans, she proceeds to waterbend on Korra by using the beach's water. Korra intercepts with a fire blast. Kyoshi airbends Korra down to the sand and firebends at her. Korra blocks the fire blast and fires an airblast, but she's not there. Kyoshi appears behind Korra and airbends her, propelling her up and she lands down to the sand.

"You need to be aware Korra," said Kyoshi. "I'll teach you how to see with earthbending," said Kyoshi. Kyoshi transfers the ability of seismic sense to Korra. Then Kyoshi makes an air sphere around Korra. The air sphere begins to turn into cosmic energy and Korra greets Kyoshi goodbye and a thank you. Korra time travels again.

Korra appears in the Northern Water Tribe atop a temple. There he sees Kuruk gazing into the sunset. "Korra, I cannot help you any further, but we will help you in your battle," said Kuruk. Kuruk uses energybending to transfer an ability to Korra. "This ability allows you to call out your past lives to possess you to help you in your fight," said Kuruk. "I am sorry I cannot help you anymore, but the next Avatar is when Vaatu will reanimate. Goodbye and good luck," said Kuruk. Korra's body begins to glow blue and she time travels once again.

She appears in a meadow and she sees Avatar Yangchen. Her eyes begin to glow dark and black. "It's time!" said Vaatu from Korra.

In Korra's conscience.

"It's time, time for me to take over the Avatar and take the world," said Vaatu.

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