Aang in Escape from the Spirit World
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Chapter 1: Korra's Death

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Chapter 3: Azula

Ryu saw a flashing ray of light and before he know it he's in the Spirit World.


"Yes it is I, Korra. It is the Winter Solstice, that is why I called you here.

"Great danger is coming for you, Ryu. Dark spirits are coming after the city. You must save it.


"Through an ancient waterbending technique. Be warned, you can only perform this once.


"You will be able to perform it once you have mastered waterbending.

Korra held out her hand and used energybending to transfer the knowledge she once learned from Unalaq.

He returned to the real world and calmed the dark spirits while in the Avatar State.

He has never used waterbending before and soon he fainted.

When he woke up, he is on the boat to the Fire Nation with the White Lotus Sentinel.

"Where are we going?" said Ryu.

"To find General Ozai, a firebending master," said the Grand Lotus.

While on the boat, he was practicing his Firebending.

Meanwhile, in the Spirit World.

"Kyoshi," said Aang.

"Yes, Aang?"

"Guru Pathik is dead. That means we Avatars must be his spiritual teacher."

"Are you saying..."

"Yes, you are his spiritual teacher.

Meanwhile, in Ryu's Dream.

Avatar Kyoshi instructed him to go to Kyoshi Island to establish a spiritual link with the Avatar Spirit.

"Sir, I am sorry, but I need to go to Kyoshi Island. Avatar Kyoshi has called me and I need to go there, please."

"Fine," said the Grand Lotus.

So they changed course to Kyoshi Island.

Everything has changed in Kyoshi Island in the past 200 years. The temple of Kyoshi now has a celestial calendar and a temple where the celestial calendar would point at Kyoshi's statue when needed or at winter solstice.

Ryu arrive at the Avatar temple and looked at the statue then he entered the Avatar State.


"Yes, young Avatar."

"I am now your spiritual teacher. You can call me at anytime you need spiritual guidance, after your firebending training, you must begin your lessons with me."

"Okay, Kyoshi."

After that, he returned to the Spirit World, he then went back on the boat to the Fire Nation.

Soon that night Ryu called Yue.

"Yue, I need help, can you tell what was the destruction that will happen and how do I stop it?"

Yue held up her arm and Ryu saw a vision. He saw a city disappearing and the world befalling into darkness.

Yue then disappeared into the night.

That night, Ryu saw for the first time the shores of the Fire Nation.

Meanwhile, in the Spirit World.

"Hei Bai." said Aang.

"Please take care of the boy, I fear danger will come to him."

Hei Bai roared and traveled to the real world.

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