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Chapter 1: From the New World

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Air. Water. Earth. Fire.
After a long, fulfilled and yet exhausting life, Avatar Korra passed away, being succeeded by Sari of the Earth Kingdom, who died early and nearly didn't play a role in history.
The current Avatar is Asura of the Fire Nation, who mastered the elements quickly.

But her greatest task lies just upon her.

Previously on Avatar: The War of the Worlds

Grand Admiral Přemysl discovers a new yet familiar world, sharing the dominating species and a the major language, naming it "Avatara" because of a special person living on this planet, the Avatar, maintainer of balance on the planet.

Avatar Asura sees what might be her task: A "Spaceship" under the command of a "Grand Admiral" "discovers" her planet and starts a research campaign a week later.

After a month on Avatara, Přemysl and his fellow officers are ordered to Washington by the de facto-Dictator of the USA, Lloyd F. Johnston, for a war meeting.

Washington D.C.

The Nemesis flew over the capital of the United States, slowing as the ship came closer to its destination, the Washington Space Port, a huge structure built nearly on the centre of the city. The Nemesis, the Queen of the Galaxy, was about to land in the capital of the least free country in the whole Galaxy, would be about to commit the worst crimes humanity could imagine - if all went according to Johnstons plan.
A plan the four officers aboard the huge spaceship, a Grand Admiral, two Admirals and a Commodore, would never support, a plan which would be revealed today - in the Washington War Room, a structure that was added to the White House when Johnston raised to power. These four officers were the last ones who were missing, all the others, from Commodores up to Grand Admirals, from Brigadiers up to Marshals, were ordered to come here.
"Wow. Johnston's even sent us a taxi and babysitters to get us unharmed.", said Olaf sarcastically as they saw an armoured car and a few men of the CIA at the exit of the Space Port who were about to take them to the War Room.
They drove fast and directly to the building, where dozens of soldiers stood lined up, their coil-assault rifles being ready to fire but shouldered.
The four of them walked through fast, heading to the concrete structure where a heavy door of steel swung open, letting them enter. The soldiers who had saluted the four as they had walked by now marched in as well to take their posts inside. Mike burst the door to the War Room itself open, seeing he had shocked a few of the - mostly - men inside, also seeing Johnston sitting on a kind of throne, overlooking the whole room and saying, "I'm glad you decided to join us, I gathered all of the higher officers of the CHP here, since what I am going to present you will require the support of all of you."
No of the four said a word as they positioned themselves in the last empty seats at the huge table. As they had seated themselves, a man, appearing to be the Grand Admiral of North America, began, "However, the world our fellow Grand Admiral of Europe had discovered lately is of high interest for the aryan people. We need it as living space, these inferior 'humans' don't deserve an own planet." The Grand Admiral continued his rascist speech, and as Mike wanted to interject, another US officer spoke, "I agree with you, Grand Admiral. The so-called 'Earth Kingdom', 'Water Tribe' and 'Air Nomad' people are not worth living. They must be destroyed. ..."
Mike stayed silent as more and more of US officers stood up and held rascist speeches, he waited for the right moment to strike verbal. He soon realised that all they wanted seemed, in some way, familiar to him. "These guys... are Nazis!", he whispered into Olaf's ear, who simply nodded in agreement.

An evil Plan

As all of the US officers had spoken their rascist speeches, Johnston descended from his throne and held one of his own, "Well, the cleansing of the Galaxy of unworthy life is something everyone of us has to take part in. For centuries the Aryans were oppressed by such 'humans', 'humans' that were lower than animals! It's our holy task to free the Galaxy of this inferior life! But it can only work if all of you will support my final solution."
"I need you, men of the aryan race, to get rid of those unnecessary life! Jews, slavonics, bolsheviks and such are unworthy! It is the legacy of our ancestors to bring an end upon this inferior life! I ask you: Do I have your support?"
A single voice rang through the erupting silence, a clear and confident voice belonging to a Grand Admiral who had stood up, saying, "No."
"We - or at the very least I - will never, must never support this plan of pure evil! Such plans caused the death of sixty millions within six years in history - something like this must never happen again! I am not going to let you attack a planet just because of its existence! Neither shall you commit a genocide on this planet nor on that one! It's me, Grand Admiral Michael Přemysl, against you, 'President' Lloyd F. Johnston."
As he got onto the table they were sitting around, a female voice called out, "No!" Continuing with, "You don't have to do it alone Mike! You always have your Space Fleet!"
"As the Ground Forces of your home continent!", a male voice stated.
"Oh, how cute, a rebellious, traitorous continent against the rest of humanity, how cute...", Johnston said with sarcasm in his voice.
"The last time you forgot to count our mighty nation in, half of your Pacific Fleet got destroyed!", an elder man, Grand Admiral Taro Yamamoto of East Asia, stated his support for Mike.
"And the last time you forgot ours... the City of New York remembers...", the Grand Admiral of West Asia, Ahmad Saûd, called out.
"Also don't forget the Gliese 370, Gliese 581 and Kepler 22 colonies!", a lesser known Grand Admiral called out for himself and two of his comrades.
"Well, I guess it's more than a continent by now...", Mike stated, who turned his back to Johnston and walked out, flanked by all the officers who supported him.
"Cowardly traitors!", Johnston screamed in fury, causing Mike to stop.
"At least I'm no traitor to humanity!", he shouted back at Johnston, continuing his march out of the Washington War Room.

More than talk of war

Zolu had just received a message of a war meeting of all officers of the United Forces, from Captain and Colonel up to Admiral and Marshal, which was about to begin. He hurried and drove fast through the streets and avenues of Republic City towards the City Hall, beneath of which the meeting would take place, in a secret bunker complex, similar to the one beneath the Fire Nation Capital, but bigger. It was, being secret, a military facility, meant to protect the high-ranked politicians and military officers in the case of a bombing raid. He rushed through the tunnels in order not to be the last one to come to the meeting, ending up at a security check. Two soldiers checked his identity, searched him for weapons other than his more than two-hudred years old sword and finally let him pass. As he entered, he saw that he was, even if he had hurried that much, the last one to enter but still was in time.
As soon as he was seated, a man who attired the rank of the Grand Marshal, the highest rank of the United Forces, rose and spoke, "Now we are complete, I finally will reveal the reason I called you all here. As Olizon took the throne in the Fire Nation, we and the Earth Kingdom had sent spies there to investigate their situation. These spies provided us with important technology and even more important information: since he took the throne, he had prepared for war. His troops were training amphibious operations, airborne units were formed, their industry quadrupled their output of war machinery. Ladies and Gentlemen, we're going to be at war with the Fire Nation. Probably not all of their troops will we fight, but many."
Zolu was shocked, as well as many others, and stood up to ask, "Sir, what makes you say they will attack soon? Why now? Why not... two years ago?"
Everyone looked at the Captain who now personally had spoken with the Grand Marshal, who answered, "Well, Captain Zolu, their Telegrams say they wait for 'reinforcements', probably some of those 'CHP' forces will be these 'reinforcements'."
Zolu sat down again, listening to the plans of defense his fellows had, not being satisfied with a single one of them. He stood up again, returning the attention to him.
"All these defensive plans I've heard around here skipped one very important point: This 'CHP' has freakin' spaceships. If we want to survive, we have to beat the weaker of the two, the Fire Nation, now!-"
"And how do you want to justify such an attack?"
This indeedly was a point Zolu has left out, a very important point, too. How would they justify such an attack? The Fire Nation wouldn't justify their attack, he, every body knew.
Zolu stayed quiet the rest of the meeting, which came to the conclusion that they were going to concentrate their forces on the coastal and AA defense posts, in order to keep the Fire Nation on the seas and the CHP in the space, and eventually the introduction of military service for every man between eighteen and forty-five years. In the end of the meeting, every of the officers had to sign the document, and so Zolu walked up to the piece of paper, took the brush and wrote his name down.
Zolu entered the Nemesis' bridge and went to one of the ship's telephones, dialing his sister's number.
"Avatar Asura speaking, with whom do I have the honour?"
"It's me, sister, come here, bridge of the Nemesis, in five minutes. I've gotta tell you something very important."

Five minutes later Asura had arrived and asked, "So what is it?"
"We're going to be at war... with... the Fire Nation."

Alpha Centauri - once again

The Nemesis ascended into the sky over the capital of a dictatorship it was about to bring down. Starboard of it flew the two battleships Caliph, flagship of the West Asian Space Fleet, and the Tenno, flagship of the East Asian one.
The three mightiest battleships in the whole Galaxy ascended into the space, three Grand Admirals guiding the force that gathered itself. First, the Churchill, the Nelson, the Invincible and the Victory arrived first, later the rest of the East Asian Fleet at once.
Mike, Taro and Ahmad stood in the front part of the bridge, discussing their options.
"We won't have a second Alpha Centuari, they don't have a flagship that holds their morale high.", stated Taro as a matter of fact.
"True, but what will we do instead? What are our options?", asked Mike.
"How about we abandon a few ships, steer them into the enemy's lines and then - BOOM!", said Ahmad, soon continuing, "So, basically, fire ships... Ah, nevermind..."
Taro and Mike both looked at the man who had defeated the Córstán a few decades prior this discussion.
"I do have an idea! I guess you know submarine warfare?", said Mike, grinning like if he was retarded.

The three rebellious Space Fleets prepared to jump into the hyperspace to get the three other Space Fleets that were missing from their force, only seeing the immense force of seven Space Fleets which had gathered, commanded by Johnston, barely.
"He knew we would betray him...", stated Taro stunned as everyone around him.
As he spoke, the stars they could see in front of them became lines from their point of view and as the spaceships shot away, the stars seemed to fade completely. Mike looked out of the bridge's many windows, seeing the blueish waves of light ouside it and - all of sudden - the Alpha Centauri system. In their force's back there was the one of Johnston, preparing to strike.
"We can't beat them, they're too many, nor can we break their morale. We still can win, but not today.", Mike spoke, "You must now continue the fight against Johnston on another front. I... will try to warn the people of Avatara. Maybe they'll listen. Maybe they'll not."
Mike walked out to his room, where he packed the stuff he needed for the journey which awaited him. As he wanted to leave for the hangars, Anna's voice rang through the corridor and asked a question that he already had answered, "What will you do now?"
Mike stopped and turned to her, laying one hand on her shoulder, repeating what he had said before, "I will try to warn the people of Avatara...", but continuing differently, "And it's your duty to lead the Space Fleet. It runs through your veins. Farewell, Grand Admiral Visconti!"
Anna was left stunned in the corridor. With Mike temporarily gone, she was the Grand Admiral in charge now.
Mike walked towards the Valkyrie, opened the ramp, positioned himself in the pilot's seat and flew out of the hangar, seeing Johnstons force still preparing to fire, but in the moment they fired, the rebels jumped into the hyperspace again. Mike sighed, entered the coordinates where he was headed to and pulled the levers, causing the small spacecraft to jump into the hyperspace as well.

Notes and Trivia

  • The submarine warfare Mike suggested would have worked like this: a few fast cruisers and such fly under the enemy lines and shoot their less protected bottom.
  • Grand Admiral Taro Yamamoto is a descendant of Isoroku Yamamoto. Grand Admiral Ahmad Saûd is the brother of the King of Saûdi-Arabia.
  • Johnston planned to humiliate Mike by defeating him in the place of his greatest victory.
  • The technology that the URN's and Earth Kingdom's spies provided them from the Fire Nation will be seen in the fourth chapter and was provided to the Fire Nation by Johnston.

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