The Spirit Oasis
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Legend of Misty





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November 27, 2013

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The Swamp Avatar

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Fighting the Barbarians

Misty and Kara entered the palace. Inside were Chief Kreon and his advisors.

"Hello, Chief Kreon," said Kara.

"Hello Kara," said Kreon, "and this is..."

"I'm, apparently, the Avatar," said Misty.

"You're the Avatar!?" asked Kreon, "I admit, I thought you would look different, not like a young northern lady. But where are your guards? Where is everyone else?" Kara and Misty told him about the barbarians.

"I could help you know," said Misty, "I mean you do have the Avatar on your side."

"That's ridiculous. I don't need a girl's help, even if that girl is the Avatar. Now's not the time to talk about this. There is a feast planned when the Avatar arrived. We should get ready."

The last time Misty was at a feast, it was in the Foggy Swamp Tribe on her birthday. Northern Water Tribe feasts were nothing like the ones back home. There were many different delicacies, ranging from giant sea crab to tentacle soup. Many more people attended, despite the fact it wasn't the entire tribe. Misty sat as an honored guest next to Kreon, though she didn't feel that honored. Next to Kreon were two younger versions of him, as they had brown hair instead of gray.

"Ladies and gentlemen," said Kreon, "I would like to introduce you to our Avatar, Misty." Everyone applauded. "She came here all the way from the Foggy Swamp. In this way, she will connect our tribes like never before." Misty translated that as We'll change her tribe like we tried to change her.

"What about the barbarians?" someone asked.

"Yes, the barbarians," said Kreon, "Most are southerners, but some are northerners from smaller villages. They've been attacking ships and villages."

"It's true," interrupted Misty, "When the ship I was on was approaching the city, it was invaded."

Everyone was surprised. Not only has a girl spoken without being spoken to, she also interrupted the chief.

"As I was saying," said the annoyed Kreon, "I fear our city might be next." Everyone started panicking. Our city will be attacked? they thought, What do we do?

"Everyone calm down," said one of those young men sitting next to Kreon.

"Thank you, son," said Kreon, "Listen to Mekarius; he knows what's he's doing."

"Thank you, father," said Mekarius, "Since we suspect an attack from them, we can defend ourselves better. But now is not the time to talk about it. Now it is time to celebrate the arrival of our Avatar."

"Things are always discussed at wrong times," muttered Kreon.

The feast ran on for all night. All the ice made her miss her greenery of the swamp. Most of the time she wondered if there was any green in the tribe while she was feeding Shrill food while she was hiding under the table. It seemed like all the colors the people know are white, blue, and sometimes purple. She saw a good-looking young man and asked him "Is there was any place green or warm here?"

"Yes there is," he answered, "The Spirit Oasis."

Then it hit her. "I recognize you," said Misty, "You sat next to Kreon—I mean Chief Kreon."

"Yes. He's my father. I'm Kaimon."

Misty was wondering if Kaimon was like his father; she was hoping he wasn't. "Would you take there?"

"I would love to me."

"Well aren't you a gentleman."

They arrived at the Spirit Oasis. It was comfortably warm, green, and spiritual.

"It's so beautiful," Misty said.

"Legends say Tui and La created the Spirit Oasis to help people learn waterbending," said Kaimon, "It's their connection to the physical world."

"So it's a spirit portal?"

"Pretty much."

Misty pointed to the two koi fish. "What about those fish?"

"I don't know. Decoration, maybe, to go along with the whole spiritual-living feel."

"Well, thanks Kaimon. You can go now. Why are you staring at me?"

"It's just you look very pretty in the moonlight... Did I just say that?"

"Yes, you did." Misty giggled. Part of her thought, He only thinks you're pretty because you look like a Northern Water Tribe gal. Don't get your hopes up.

"I'll leave now." Kaimon exited, embarrassed.

Misty decided to meditate, maybe get into the Spirit World. She's only been in the Spirit World once in her life. She was meditating at the base of the Banyan-grove tree with her parents a few weeks before her finding out that she was the Avatar. She was only there for a few seconds because she thought she was seeing things so she scared herself back to the physical world. Now she was willing to try entering intentionally and not get scared. After meditating, when she entered the Spirit World she started hearing two voices. One was a feminine voice, as soft and beautiful as moonlight, the other was a masculine voice, as deep and dark as the bottomless ocean. "Hello, Avatar Misty," they said in unison.

"Who are you?" Misty asked.

"I am Tui, the moon spirit," said the female voice.

"And I am La, the ocean spirit," said the male voice.

"I'm talking to spirits?" Misty said in amazement, "This is unbelievable... um, where are you?"

"In the water, of course," said La.

Misty looked down and realized the truth. "The moon and the ocean spirits are fish?"

"We are not really fish," said Tui, "We took this form in order to stay in the mortal world. Spirits can't stay in the mortal world unless they give up their immortality."

"Does that mean you're gonna die?"

"We can, but let's hope we won't."

"Can you waterbend?"

"Yes," said La, "We are the first waterbenders."

"Does Tui heal and you fight?"

"What type of question is that? We both can heal and fight pretty well."

"But we choose not to fight," said Tui, "Is there any other questions you would like to ask us?"

"Can I meet other spirits?"

"Of course. You are the Avatar, the bridge between the spirits and the mortals."

"What other spirits can I meet?"

"Well, have you tried your past lives?"

"I guess I could try." She ventured further into the Spirit World. She saw a bald man with an arrow on his head. Before anything else happened, a loud scream shattered her concentration. When she re-entered the physical world, Misty found out the scream was from Shrill. Something was wrong, or else Shrill wouldn't have been screaming. She decided now it was a good time to leave the Spirit Oasis. Before she left, she looked back at Tui and La. She said, "Thanks for helping me out," and left.

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