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The Scent of Cinnamon
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November 30th, 2012

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The Darkness Always Has Another Dark Way

Ty Lee sprinted across the dirt roads. She stopped at an intersection, which had four ways to go. Have I taken the wrong turn? She thought to herself. Ty Lee had been separated from Suon in a huge mob. When she got off the ferry she wanted to talk to Suon about the ninjas she had saw earlier this morning. She took a deep sigh, then she heard some rustling in a few bushes.

"Oh, not the ninjas again." Ty Lee said putting her hand on her forehead.

"Who are you calling a ninja?" A female voice echoed from the bushes. She obviously had a bad day already. Ty Lee was just making it worst. The girl appeared brushing leaves out of her blonde hair. She had on a light blue tunic with dark blue boots. She was holding two broadswords fiercely.

"Oh, I didn't mean to assume-" Ty Lee started, but the girl cut her off.

"You assumed, don't try and say you didn't. Anyway, I'm Nia... And you are?" She questioned Ty Lee.

"I'm Ty Lee! Do you know how to get to the western Fire Nation colonies from here?" Ty Lee asked.

"It's the Southern Fire Nation Colonies actually. Just follow me Bubbles." Nia replied sarcastically. Ty Lee put on a poker face and followed Nia. She already had a nickname and it fit her perfectly. Nia put her swords away and continued walking.

They made it to the Southern Fire Nation colonies in about five minutes. If only Ty Lee knew she had to take a left at the intersection, she wouldn't be in this situation. She saw children playing and adults talking. The were enjoying life, while it lasted for those few minutes of daylight.

"Well here we are, one of the "rich" colonies in the Fire Nation. Who or what are you looking for?" Nia asked Ty Lee.

"A guy named Suon." Ty Lee repiled looking around to see all the four nation flags. They were marked on each house by category.

"I know him." Nia motioned for Ty Lee to follow her, once again.

"I see your interested in the flags," Nia paused glaring at Ty Lee, then she continued, "Part of this street belongs to Fire Nation, Water Tribe and Earth Kingdom citizens. Everyone lives in a different part or section. Right now were in the Earth Kingdom section. The Fire Nation thought that putting everyone in the right category would make peace and harmony. Also to prevent street fights. I never believed it. The colonists should try and put aside their differences and make friends with their neighbors." Nia said concluding her speech. After the Hundred Year War, Ty Lee thought the Fire Nation had changed, but that was only a small percent that would actually interact with Earth Kingdom or Water Tribe citizens. Ty Lee glanced around and saw ruthless men threatening innocent citizens of the Water Tribe. Besides that, everyone else seemed pretty fine. Ty Lee and Nia crossed over to the Fire Nation section.

"I think your little friend is over there." Nia pointed to Suon. He was picking vegetables in a small plot of dirt.

"Suon!" Ty Lee shouted and jogged over to him. Nia walked slowly towards the two reunited friends.

"Hey Ty Lee... Nia." Suon responded standing up and brushing dirt off his pants.

"Suon." Nia answered back irritated. She folded her arms and gazed at the ground.

"Listen, I need your help. I forgot to tell you this on the ferry ride; some ninjas attacked my house earlier today." Ty Lee said as Suon picked up his gardening tools.

"Hmm, ninjas are a sign of the, "Lethal Ninjas". They tried to blow up the colony... They succeeded. Many lives were lost. Traitors of the Fire Nation, especially their leader. Neither of them have respect for anything having to do with the Fire Nation." Suon shook his head. Ty Lee felt as if her heart had snapped in half.

"Well let's try to stop-" Ty Lee was interrupted by Nia. This time, politely.

"Um speaking of ninjas," Nia was staring down the street, "Are those the ninjas you guys are talking about?" She finished taking some water from a well and circling it in her hands. The moon was starting to peek over the tall trees behind a shed.

"Yep." Ty Lee took her battle stance. Suon stood next to Ty Lee and took his battle stance.

Suon, Nia, Ty Lee, and some other colonists that held pitchforks and torches were surrounded by the Lethal Ninjas. People were screaming frantically. Animals ran trying to find shelter or their owners. Suon shot fireballs at some of the attackers and they collapsed to the ground, their flesh burning. Nia started shooting sharp shards of ice rapidly at the ninjas, spearing them in the head. One ninja grabbed Nia's hand, but she took her broadswords out with her other hand and sliced the ninjas arm clean off. Ty Lee cart-wheeled over to the ninjas and chi blocked them and kicked them in their face. This was no ordinary street fight. Then a mysterious lady wearing Fire Nation armor appeared. She was riding a komodo rhino. She got off her rhino, dusted off her sleeve and looked Ty Lee dead in the eye. The female had a top knot, what everyone didn't know was that she had two darts hidden in her hair. They were both filled with poison.

"Who are you and why are your people destroying this colony?" Ty Lee asked seriously. The female put on a smirk. This infuriated Ty Lee. She ran at the woman and stood a few inches from her face. A strong scent of cinnamon blasted Ty Lee in her face.

"Answer me!" Ty Lee exclaimed. Suon and Nia walked quickly behind Ty Lee to protect her.

"Who are you? That is the question. Don't you know who I am? Think about the note, Ty Lee. And I'm a leader, that is your only clue." Ko-yu said with a straight face. She resembled Azula in so many ways.

"Hey... You're the person who left me that note," she said, thinking about the note.

"Indeed I am. I'm also your worst nightmare." Ko-yu took a small step forward.

"I suggest you leave," Nia said, appearing at Ty Lee's side.

"Alright, you'll be hearing from me soon." Ko-yu said turning away. As soon as Ty Lee, Nia, and Suon turned away, Ko-yu shot both of her darts at Ty Lee, but Nia reacted to this. She froze both of the darts and shouted, "Run!" They sprinted into the woods away from the colony.

"Very soon." Ko-yu breathed deeply and sat atop of her rhino. She ordered her troops to stop attacking and led them into the very woods Ty Lee had run towards.

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