The Healer
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The Journey Of Flynn


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Chapter 2: The Healer

Flynn trudged up the muddy hill with his left arm hanging limp by his side, the spike of wood still wedged into it. He had tied his belt above it to stop most of the bleeding but it was still bleach white and Flynn had lost all feeling in it. His eyes bore black rings beneath them and his head lazily flopped from side to side with every footstep he took. He was physically and mentally drained from his earlier encounters. He was having flashbacks from earlier. His friend Will being shot. Him beating a man to death with a blind fury. His hands setting alight with fire. His house being destroyed. His parents dead. It was all so much to take in. Any more surprises today and Flynn wouldn't of been able to take it any more.

It had only taken him an hour and a half to reach the farmhouse but it felt like days. He had to avoid all the cloaks on the streets and take side routes so people didn't see his injuries. He was alone now, well and truly alone. He had lost his friend, his parents, his entire family and now he was willing to trust a stranger to try and help him. What was he thinking? They could rat him out, finish him themselves or it could even be a secret base for the suspicious men roaming the streets looking for him. He was getting too paranoid and started flicking his eyes around in every direction to check the area. "Better ditch the jacket." He thought but as he tugged at the sleeve something was stopping it, the wooden spike. He tried this earlier and it hurt like hell, but it was time to try again since he couldn't feel anything. He grasped the spike with his right hand started to pull at it. Instantly blood started to slowly ooze out and pain shot right through Flynn's left arm making him scream in pain and letting go immediately. "Yep, knew that was a bad idea."

Flynn walked up to the farmhouse. Its walls were white, spotted by green moss and worn down in places. The windows were thin, old and rotting. It was two stories high and the roof bore black slates. Flynn knocked on the door, which was surprisingly thick and tried to put on a normal looking face instead one of anguish and pain. An old woman opened the door and looked at him curiously. She eyed him up and down and saw his colourless, cut face, his blooded shirt, and the spike in his arm.

He looked at her ragged blue dress, her wrinkled face and piercing blue eyes. Flynn felt like those eyes could see right through him and go right into his sole. "What do you want?" She had a cranky sounding voice with a slight bit of gruffness to it.

Flynn was now wary of asking for help, she didn't seem like the friendliest type of person but he started to feel his head going light and his eyes started to sting and fade to black. Just before he was about to collapse he straightened himself up. "I need your help..."

"Well I never would of guessed that. Come in child" The old woman stepped aside so Flynn could enter the house. Flynn staggered past her and through the door. She took a few glances around the fields before shuffling back through the door and closing it behind her. The main living room was full of tribal decorations. Animal skins littered the floor and the walls, whilst paintings were hung over the fireplace of weird animals. One looked like a flying pig and the largest one looked like some sort of polar bear dog. Flynn was looking around for a while before the old woman appeared behind him.

"Why don't you sit down?" Flynn instantly flopped down onto the couch that lay in the centre of the room. All of his muscles relaxed and he quickly passed out from blood loss and exhaustion. A few minutes later Flynn awoke and saw the old lady looking down on him worryingly.

"Are you okay?" She asked whilst placing her wrinkly hand on his arm.

Flynn gritted his teeth together, "Yeah. I'm feeling peachy." He sat up, shrugging off her gentle hand. "Listen is there something you can do to help me? 'Cause if there isn't I'm going to set off again."

"I can only help you if you help me." She sat next to Flynn and gave him a reassuring smile that stretched from one side of her face to the other. "My name is Khana, what is your name?" She spoke to him as if he was a child, this didn't help Flynn's attitude any better.

"It's Flynn. Flynn Grant." He let out a large sigh before continuing. "Sorry if I don't shake your hand but I'm not the trusting type."

"Since when? It doesn't seem like you?" Khana had already perceived his character with her judging eyes before he even spoke.

"Since... Since... It doesn't matter, you don't need to know." Flynn kept his reason to himself in case Khana would rat him out. We need to take care of her. We can't trust her. Voices started to whisper and echo inside Flynn's head. Let me finish her, GIVE ME CONTROL. A splitting headache went straight across Flynn's forehead, making him cringe and wince in pain.

"Are you okay?" Khana put another reassuring hand on Flynn's shoulder when he flinched from the headache. "It's fine if you don't want to tell me, I didn't mean to pry. Now stay here I'll be back in a second." Khana got up from the couch and made her way to the kitchen.

Flynn leant over and buried his face in his right hand. His mind traced off into deep memories.

The sun was rising slowly over the hills of Greenbrokeshire and Flynn and his father were sitting down on the highest hill in the east of town. Their figures cast silhouettes against the Sun. "What are we doing here daddy?"

"We are waiting son." Flynn's father looked down at his son with a small smile.

"Waiting? For what?" He looked up inquisitively at his father.

"Peace son. We are waiting for Peace."

Flynn was quickly taken back to reality when Khana dropped a full bucket of water on the wooden floor. "Let me take a look at that arm for you." Flynn turned his pale face towards Khana and shot her a sharp look. "Don't worry, I'm going heal that." His eyes widened when Khana drew water from the bucket with a flick of her wrist and dragged it through the air and onto her hand. Flynn was lost for words, he just sat there with his mouth gaping open as Khana moved herself towards Flynn's left arm.

"My that is a big splinter," she said whilst examining it with her index finger.

"Tell me about it." There was no humour nor any other emotion in his voice, he was still full of shock and pain. That didn't help when Khana took a firm grasp of the wooden spike and quickly pulled hard on it. This got the spike out but didn't help Flynn's pain. He yelped out and the rage took hold instantly, setting his hands on fire. Finally a chance to-.But his stone cold rage was quickly soothed during the beginning of Khana's healing session. Her glowing hands stopped the bleeding instantly.

"That is a nasty one, I should be able to heal the wound but there will be a scar." Khana sounded more professional than the doctor in town and Flynn's trust was starting to increase.

"You know next time, can you tell me when your about to do that. And why aren't you surprised about my hands?" Flynn asked Khana. At least his emotions were coming back now and so was the colour in his skin. His face was its usual colour and his arm was slowly regaining feeling again.

"Because I've seen people like you before." Flynn looked at her curiously. "What, did you think you were the only one?"

"Well, I didn't know I had these powers until this morning. I don't exactly know what I am."

"You are a Firebender my dear." Khana said with a smile.

"A what now?"

"A Firebender."

"And what can a 'Firebender' do?" Flynn made air quotes to emphasise how little sense this made.

"As a Firebender you have the power to bend the element of fire to your will. It is an amazing gift that has been given to you by the Spirits. There are many like you." Flynn raised an eyebrow as if trying to say explain. "A long time ago, the Spirits taught humanity how to bend the elements around us. Water, Fire, Earth and Air became tools for our everyday lives, and soon they changed the way we lived and how we looked on life. The world became divided because of the four elements, creating the Earth Kingdom, the Fire Nation, the Air Nomads and the Water Tribes. Everyone was happy with their lives until the Authorities came."

Flynn found himself literally at the end of his seat listening to Khana's interesting tale, it made no sense but it felt right. Khana looked over to him to see if he was still interested and after seeing his expression, she continued.

"The Authorities were a group of Non-Benders who believed that we were stopping the advancement of humanity. We as benders obviously disagreed with this statement and so they set out to prove us wrong. They made deadly machines and new weapons to wipe us all out. And they did. They took over the world almost 350 years ago and they still control it now."

"Wait are you saying that they hunt benders?" It was obvious now, it was them who were roaming the streets looking for him.

"Yes, all the time. Recently they have made a device which can read the amount of chi in a persons body." The device Flynn thought. "It makes it much easier to find us."

"Why don't people fight them?"

"Because they can't Flynn. There are more of them than there are of us. People who might be able to bend don't know how because it is kept a secret in the world. We just hide and try to survive."

Flynn had the answers he needed. Who was after him, why they were doing it, but one thing was still unanswered. Why his entire family?

"Now you need to take off your shirt so I can see the rest of the damage."

"How did you know?" Flynn was wondering how far this old ladies' powers went.

"There is blood all over you, it's not that hard to miss." Flynn went to remove his jacket but parts of the leather had melted onto his skin from where his hands were on fire and the rest of the sleeves were charred completely. He squinted as he slowly peeled the leather off his wrists, his skin desperately trying to keep hold of it. When he finally got rid of the leather he took off his jacket and then his shirt. He'd taken more hits than he thought he did, Flynn's body was covered in bruises and the skin around his left rib was split by the bone sticking partially through it.

"Oh my, That is quite a mess." Khana drew more water from the bucket and placed it round her hand. "Let me just..." She moved the water round Flynn's rib in a rhythmic figure eight pattern. It was extremely soothing and all of Flynn's tensions released. He could feel the blood rushing through his veins and reparing the wound, he could feel the bone slowly shifting back into place and- CRACK. "There!"

The bone snapped back into its original place sending pain through Flynn's side, a feeling he had grown quite accustomed to over the past few hours. "Ah son of a..." Flynn quickly put a hand over his mouth to stop his next word. Khana raised an eyebrow towards him. "Sorry, instinct I guess. Heh heh heh..."

"It doesn't matter, here let me get those other injuries for you."

After another hour of healing the sun had set and the darkness covered the rural town. "There we go, all finished."

"Thank you." Flynn smiled at Khana, who exchanged exactly the same smile towards Flynn.

"Don't worry about it dear, it was nothing really. Just don't put too much pressure on that rib so soon, it could break again." Khana went to put the bucket back into the kitchen when she saw the time on her clock. She placed the bucket in the doorway and brought her hands up to her mouth. "My goodness look at the time. You better get some rest."

"No no I'm fine really." He put his hand out as a sincere gesture. "I don't want to burden you any more than I already have. I have to go anyway." He motioned his thumb towards the door.

"Nonsense, you will stay here and let your wounds heal. And where will you go any way?"

"I-I... I don't know really." Flynn scratched the back of his neck awkwardly.

"See? You will stay here tonight my little Firebender. You can have the couch and blankets are in the cupboard there."

"Umm... Thanks?" Flynn felt a little pressured into this. Why did she want him to stay so badly? When Khana went up the stairs Flynn rose up from the couch and walked to the cupboard to get some blankets. He held them in his hand wondering if he should stay or go. Where would he go? What would he do? All he had was a fistful of cash and a broken spirit, hardly enough to survive nights on the road let alone against those thugs that roamed the streets.

He had no choice but to stay. He lay on the couch and drifted offf into an uneasy slumber.

"What do you mean by peace dad?"

"Just wait son, it will be here soon" Flynn's father put an arm around his son and drew him in. Flynn let out a childish giggle. "There it is." He pointed a finger towards the hills on the west. The Sun's beams of light reflected off the blades of grass covered by the early morning dew. It brought out an array of emerald green across the entire west hill range. The wind began to pick up, "Here... We... Go." An almighty gust moved across the hills, blowing the grass onto its side and revealing a light shade of green which the sunlight reflected off again.

It was amazing. The grass was dancing with the wind, creating a beautiful cast of colours. A young Flynn could feel the warmth of the sun and he could see the performance of nature. He was truly at peace. He closed his eyes and a fire was created in the palms of his hnds without him even realising it. His father glanced over with widened eyes.

Suddenly the dream drained way into the black void.

"Will!" BANG!

Flynn shot straight up into a seated position with sweat dripping from his brow and forehead. He wiped the sweat away with the back of his hand and he glanced towards the clock.


Flynn had to get some fresh air, his head was swimming and he felt cramped in this small house. He left the farmhouse and quietly shut the door behind him so he wouldn't wake Khana. Flynn took a big breath in and opened his eyes as he breathed out. In front of him was the Sun gingerly peaking it's head above the horizon. He could instantly feel the heat from it, even though sunrise had barely even begun. The warmth flowed from his breath, in his lungs, down his arms and legs and before he knew it fire was created in his palms. He closed them to extinguish the flame. It felt good, surprisingly good. He felt rejuvenated, lively, better than he had felt in years, even better since... The Rolling Hills. The thought lingered in his mind for a while. He closed his eyes to try and picture it again, that perfect moment but he found something else, something dark, destructive. It was strong, covered in flames. It was him.

He saw himself. He was that monster. "The voice..." He thought to himself. And if just on cue it started to rise up and take control of him. He had to calm down, he had to think about this. Flynn sat cross-legged on the grass outside the house and let the rising Sun empower him. He took another deep breath in and released creating fire in the palms of his hands. He rested his hands on his knees and closed his eyes, beginning a sort of meditative state.

He was calm, at peace, deep inside his own thoughts. Memories of a time less hectic then today. He and his friend Will causing all sorts of trouble. The good times with his family, the holidays and the family dinners. Then it was all taken away so quickly. One shot, one hour, one day was all it took to change his life. Flynn had no purpose, no drive to do anything, he was a broken soul. Flynn's visions were lost though as his mind slipped into the unknown blackness that was the dark recesses of his mind.

Flynn continued to sit down on the grass for over an hour before he got up and went inside the house. When he entered, Khana was sitting on the couch watching the TV in the corner. The news was on and Flynn stood in the doorway watching it without Khana noticing his presence.

The female news reporter was standing outside the wreckage of his house, microphone in hand. "I'm standing outside of what remains of a house in Greenbrokeshire, where two bodies have been found by local police. The incident happened at around ten-thirty yesterday when a series of houses were blown up in a suspected terrorist attack. The houses targeted all belonged to the Grant family, who have been involved in stopping terrorist attacks for years. There is only one person who has not been recovered and that is the 16 year old Flynn Grant. Many questions still remain, but one thing we do know, is that this is a very tragic event. Back to the studio."

Khana's head dropped and she turned her head to see Flynn leaning against the wall in the door way with his arms crossed. "I'm so sorry Flynn." Flynn just grunted and turned his head away from her. Khana stood up and slowly walked towards him. "I truly am." Flynn turned his head back round to her. "Hey I've got an idea. Why don't you join me out back, we need to get those skills up my little Firebender."

"Fine." Flynn joined Khana through the kitchen and out the back door. The view was amazing. All you could see was fields full of grass and wild wheat which stretched for over 40 acres of land. The main garden was lush and full of plants and fresh green grass. At the end stood three tree stumps.

"Wait here." Khana went back inside and Flynn was left to admire the view for a few seconds until Khana came back out of the house levitating three watermelons by controlling the water inside of them. She set them down on the three tree stumps. "There we go. Hit the melons."

Khana stepped aside and Flynn put on a serious face and got into a wider stance, his fists ready in a boxing sort of position. His eyes narrowed on the right water melon, his fists set alight and he puched towards it, sending a fire blast in its direction. The fire however veered too far right and missed completely. Khana looked at him with a smirk on her face, Flynn looked back. "What? I've never done this before."

"Don't worry, just try it again. This time focus on the target." Flynn nodded and looked back at the watermelon. He took a deep breath in and shot out another fire blast with a punch. This one hit the watermelon and made it exploded into a thousand pieces, sending juice everywhere which covered Flynn's face whilst Khana held it back with Waterbending. Flynn just stood there with a blank expression as the red liquid slowly dripped down his face. He took the bottom of his shirt and used it to wipe it off.

"Very good Flynn. Now get the one on the left." Flynn hit that one straight away and turned to the one in the centre. With a bit more confidence he did two quick jabs of fire and blew up the centre watermelon. He smirked a little over his small triumph and faced Khana.

"See that? Fire throwing master right here." Flynn jabbed his thumbs into his chest.

"Yes very good, keep practising." Khana then went back inside her house and closed the door behind her.

"Your gonna leave me out here? Fine I'll just shoot some more fire, not like I've got anything else to do!" He shouted back to Khana who had already begun to ignore him.

After another hour Flynn came back inside. To find Khana streaming water and moving it fluidly between her two hands. She circled it round her and over her head before levelling her arms in a diagonal position which slid the water back into the bucket. "Cool." Flynn walked over, sat on the couch and looked over at Khana.

She joined him, gently sitting down next to him. "I'm guessing your not going to stay, are you?"

"I'm sorry Khana but I'll put you in too much danger. You just can't stow me away in here forever. I have to find my own way." he looked at her with a face full of regret and sorrow.

"I know dear. You know I wasn't always in this house. I lived somewhere far away from here."

"Really?" Flynn had suddenly become very curious to find the origins of this mysterious old woman.

"Yes, I once lived in a small colony in the South Pole." She sighed and looked up in thought. "It was a peaceful place, where benders lived a free and prosperous life. No Authorities, no dictators, just the council and the fair people who built it."

"Sounds like heaven. So why did you leave if it was perfect?"

"I didn't say it was perfect. Nothing is perfect really. Perfection is an illusion that is created by our arrogance and will never be achieved. No I left because I knew people needed my help. I could feel there suffering here on the mainland and I decided to leave my home, my daughter and granddaughter in a hope that I could guide people to safety." Khana's head hung low. "I sacrificed all that sixteen years ago and I have met nobody who needed my help..." She looked up at Flynn with a hopeful smile. "Until I met you."

Flynn smiled back. "Thanks, but where are you going with this?"

"I'm saying you should go to the South Pole and live a happy and peaceful life."

"I'm sorry Khana but I'm not running from these people. They need to pay for what they did to me." Flynn spoke with cold confidence, but it wasn't truly him, no it was something else inside of him. That monster.

"Listen Flynn, the road you want to take will only end up with more death, including your own. You can't find peace on this road."

Flynn quickly got up from his seat and frowned at Khana. "You think I want peace!? I want revenge!"

Khana then got up and grabbed Flynn by the shoulders and shook him vigorously. "Listen to me Flynn!" He tied to turn his head away to ignore her, but she just shook him more. "Flynn, you think you have nothing to live for. But that is not true." Flynn turned his head back round to face Khana. "Your families memory lies within you. If you die, their memory will be lost forever. Everything that they've done will be gone."

"But Khana I'm so lost. Your right about the memories, but that can't replace them."

"I know a broken soul is hard to mend. I was like you too once. In the South Pole my mother died when I was born and my father left me when I was two. I was lost and alone on the street until I found out about my families' true heritage. I then began to appreciate what my parents did, even if they weren't there."

"I don't know Khana I-" Flynn was cut off when a vase shattered into pieces. The two instantly flinched then the windows started to break as bullets penetrated the glass. "Get down!" Flynn grabbed Khana and dropped to the floor so the bullets wouldn't hit them. Before they knew it, gas grenades flew through the windows and began to leak out the poisonous gases inside them.

Khana's old lungs could hardly take the smallest of doses of the gas and she immediately began to cough violently. Desperate to get her to safety, Flynn shuffled across the floor on his stomach to get to the back door, dragging Khana with him. They finally reached the back door but the green gas had filled the room completely and started to take effect on Flynn, making him grow weaker. With the last of his strength he pushed the heavy door open and crawled outside, Khana still in hand.

As the fresh air from the outside began to refill Flynn and Khana's lungs they got up and started to run for the wheat fields, completely unaware of what was waiting for them. Just as they were about to get to the fields 10 men sprung up from them, knives in hand. They sprinted towards the tired duo with striding steps and arms pumping. Flynn and Khana tried to run away but it was pointless, these men were in perfect form and quickly gaining. Out of breath, Flynn turned around and launched two fire blasts into the line of oncoming troops. They easily dodged them and continued running.

They reached the already weary pair of benders and swarmed them like flies. One came from behind Flynn and went to stab him with the knife, he would have been done for if Khana had not hit the man with a water whip, created from the water from the grass. Flynn turned and nodded towards her to show his thanks before turning back to the opponents in front of him. One thrust a knife towards him but Flynn grabbed his wrist and shot a blast of fire into his ribs, knocking him back six feet. Another quickly followed with a swipe to the face but Flynn ducked beneath it and then jumped backwards as the man attempted to slice his stomach. The flurry of swipes didn't let up and Flynn was at his wits end. Every time there was an opening he would shoot a fire blast in his direction but Flynn's unsteady stance didn't allow for accurate shots and he missed every time.

Khana on the other hand was having much more success. She drained the water from the grass around her and turned it into 5 ice spears, one for each man. She sent one into the chests of each of the men, killing them instantly. She melted the spikes and used the water to send a wave towards Flynn's attacker.

Relieved, Flynn took the advantage to send fire blasts to the next three men, their clothes set alight which sent them into a mass panic. They didn't seem so professional any more. Their victory was cut short though when they heard the loud chukka of a helicopter. A man was sat in the side of it with a sniper rifle hilted up against his shoulder and his eyes aimed down the sight. Both Khana and Flynn's eyes widened and they started to run away in a mad frenzy but his aim was far too steady for him to miss.


The gunshot cracked through the air and went straight in Khana's thigh, making her topple onto the sodden ground. Khana then pulled up some water and froze it to stop the next bullet. Flynn, realising her struggle ran over to her whilst dodging bullets fired by the man in the helicopter. He slid across the grass into the cover of Khana's ice shield.

"Are you okay?" Flynn reached out with a helping hand but Khana pushed it away.

"I'm fine dear." she squinted for a moment in pain. "Listen, Flynn you need to get out of here."

"No, no I'm not leaving you. I'm not leaving another friend alone again."

Khana grabbed Flynn's hands. "You have to go. To continue your families legacy. To live a happy and peaceful life. They will kill you if you stay."

Flynn shrugged off her hands and he set his own alight. "I'll be right back, just stay here." He then leaned out of the ice cover and shot two fireballs at the helicopter, but they were too weak and they dissipated before they even reached their target. "Gonna have to get closer" He thought. Then it came to him.

He kept leaning his head slightly out of the cover so the sniper would fire, quickly pulling back when it skimmed the corner. "Come on he's godda run out of bullets soon". He leaned his head out again and there was no gunshot. The man in the helicopter pulled the trigger but it was only followed by a click. Angry at his stupid mistake the man began fumbling around for another clip.

"There we go". Flynn sprinted out of the cover and across the small field of grass with long strides, completely unaware of the row of 10 riflemen waiting for him. But when he did it was too late, he was fully committed to this now. He went into a low run in an attempt to dodge the bullets until he got to the range where they began to charge him with the bayonets attached to their guns. Determined to keep moving he ducked under one man's swipe, grabbed his left leg, put his forearm against his chest and, using the momentum, flipped the man over onto his back. He sent two fire blasts at another person, knocking him to the ground. Still running, he used the wet grass to drop to his knees and slide under two of the soldiers' swipes. Still sliding, he felt he was in range and punched a flurry of fireballs at the helicopter.

The sniper didn't find the spare clip and saw the fire storm heading to his way. "Dammit". He unbuckled his harness and leapt from the helicopter that was at least 30 feet in the air. The fireballs hit the helicopters' fuel tank and made it explode. The man who leapt from the helicopter broke his fall by rolling as he landed, forwarding his momentum. As he got out of his roll he stood up and instantly pulled out one of his guns from the holster and held it to Flynn's head. He was surrounded by the riflemen as well.

When the burning carcass of the helicopter hit the ground with a loud crash Flynn smirked slightly and raised his hands in the air. "Sorry about that."

"I have you now."

"Okay Darth, what you gonna tell me next? Your my father?"

"Don't you know who I am?" The man was getting impatient, he expected this bending scum to know who he was. "I am the Colonel!"

Flynn's grin turned into a full smile. "The Colonel? What, you cook chicken?" He burst out into laughter.

"Be quiet!" The Colonel smacked Flynn across the face with his gun. When Flynn recovered He placed the gun back to his head. "Goodbye, scum."

A rush of water wiped out the men circling Flynn. In the confusion Flynn knocked the gun out of the Colonel's hand went to punch him in the face, but he didn't know of his martial arts experience until he easily blocked the punch and elbowed Flynn in the face. He was knocked down to the ground holding his bleeding nose. The Colonel pulled out his other pistol and aimed it back at Flynn. He was about to pull the trigger, but Khana rose the water from the grass beneath him and froze him in a small pillar of ice, leaving his head exposed.

"Flynn you need to go."


"Go Flynn. NOW!" She pushed him away with her frail arms.

Flynn ran through the situations again. He had to go, there were too many of them. But he just couldn't leave her. Or could he? It would be easy, save himself and leave her to die. She was old anyway. What was he thinking, how could he? She helped him through all this and even now she still hasn't given up on him. Why did he have to be the one to make the decision? The men were starting to recover from the wave of water that knocked them over. So many questions. Only one solution.


"I'm sorry Khana." He got up and started running away across the fields, afraid to look back at what was about to happen. The other Authority soldiers began firing at him but he was far too out of range for them to hit him.

Inside the farmhouse...

An Authority trooper walked up to the Colonel and saluted. "Sir we've searched the area and have found no sign of the child."

He frowned and pulled out his gun. The soldier went to run away but the Colonel shot him dead. "Insolent." He turned his attention towards Khana who was handcuffed and being held to the ground by another soldiers foot.

"Why didn't you just kill me Colonel?" Her voice was so weak it was almost a whisper.

He leaned over to come face to face with her. "Because I'm not through with you yet."


  • It took me a while to write this due to a serious case of writers block.
  • A funny story goes behind one of the moves used in this chapter.
  • Please comment. Gives me a bit of a boost when I'm writing new chapters.

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