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The First Attack
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May 20, 2013

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The Southern Air Temple is hosting a group of merchant sailors from the Southern Water Tribe who were fleeing from impressment into the Northern Water Tribe Navy. Roku and Gyatso have spotted mysterious shapes on the horizon...

The Southern Air Temple Courtyard, 65 BG

"Right off there, in the North. See? Those are the warships that were chasing the merchants," Roku told the elder.

"Hmm... they are ships alright, but we must see their purposes for coming before any action is taken. Fighting is a last resort, and should be avoided if at all possible," Elder Choden replied. "I will send a negotiation party to the ships at once to divine their goals."

"Thank you Sir," Gyatso interrupted. "Roku and I would like to volunteer to be part of it."

"Err... Gyatso? I never said anything about that," Roku tried to discreetly whisper to his friend.

"We're scheduled to be shoveling bison poo," Gyatso told Roku out of the corner of his mouth.

"Yes Elder Choden, we would very much like to accompany your negotiation party!" Roku suddenly chimed in.

"Very well. We will depart from the stables at once," Choden answered.

The Sky Bison Stables

When Roku and Gyatso reached the stables with Choden, they saw another elder with two more younger monks waiting.

"Ah, Brother Cepla," Choden said to the older monk, "Are the bison packed?"

"Yes they are, Brother Choden, and that crazy dragon of the Avatar's," Cepla replied.

"We're taking Fang?" Roku asked.

"He seems to be just about as eager to fly this mission as you yourself are Roku. We could barely keep him down long enough to put his saddle on," said Cepla.

"That seems unlike him. I know how much fang loves a good long flight, but normally he's very calm. Something must be bugging him," Roku spoke.

"Even Seba seems worried about something," Gyatso said as he approached his own Bison, "I think we'd all better go down soon."

The six airbenders climbed onto their respective mounts, and were just about to take off when one more monk rushed in.

"Brothers! The ships are attacking!"

"From the base of the mountain? How?" Choden exclaimed.

"A wave! It's coming! I don't-"

Suddenly the monk's words were cut off by a rush of seawater into the bison stables. The animals instinctively broke their ropes and raced off through the open roof.

"Hold on Roku, I think we're flying!" Gyatso shouted to his friend over the din. Fang and Seba surged upward away from the force of the water. Gyatso saw his friend the Avatar race off madly toward the sun as he his own bison were blasted around by the spray.

"How is this happening? How cold they do this?" Gyatso yelled. Gyatso turned his head around, when out of the corner of his eye he spotted a cluster of people at the top of the temple.

"Seba, yip yip!" Gyatso called as he turned his bison toward the group. He coughed as he battled through the spray of the mysterious wave. When he reached the roof he saw three of the Water Tribe merchants trying to stay above the flood. At the front was Alkenara trying to bend back the wave from the assembled crew.

"Need a lift?" Gyatso offered once he reached the merchants.

"That might be helpful right about now," Alkenara replied, "Thanks."

Gyatso loaded the three people onto Seba's back and took off. He spotted Roku and Fang soon afterward.

"There must be dozens of waterbenders on that one ship in front down there alone. I flew down and saw it myself," Roku told Gyatso, "That wave is some of the strongest bending I've ever seen. There's no way to stop them."

"Then we'll have to flee and fight another day. We're headed for the South Pole."

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