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Two days have passed after that fateful day. I have barely slept. What should I do? I love my uncle. He is the one man who can actually and war and chaos world wide. How I wish Avatar Wu was still alive! He lived for more than two hundred years. He managed to end every threat peacefully. Who am I kidding? Why am I thinking about him? He is dead and the new Avatar, probably some Air Nomad, has yet to be found. What should I do? I can not just let father kill uncle Zalon!

"Fuzu! How are you? You have not spoken a word to me since the war meeting two days ago." It was Azalia, daughter of uncle Azulion. She is tall with a beautiful face with it. She has long black hair. She is the most sweetest and kindest person I know. We have grown up together. She is also a great strategist and firebender.

"Hey Azalia!" I answered. Should I say anything to her?

"What is going on Fuzu? You look like a corpse! You haven't had much sleep lately don't you?" said Azalia with a frown.

"I...I have heard something bad yesterday. My father and brother plan to kill the Firelord!" I answered.

Azalia looked like the world collapsed. "Uncle Zulas? I know your father is not exactly man of the year, but he would not kill his own brother."

I answered, "I heard it myself Azalia. We have to tell Uncle Zalon!"

Azalia looked a little shocked as she answered, "But Uncle Zalon is leaving in two hours to lead an army into the Earth Kingdom. He made peace with the Air Nomads. But now he uses the soldiers from the Southern Air Temple region to aid his allies, the western Earth Kingdom. Yesterday, he heard that the west was attacked by an eastern army. It appears that Earth King Hao is continuing his ambition for world domination. No, Firelord Zalon leads an army to help defend his allies."

I knew then that I had no choice. "Then we are going to join Uncle to keep him safe!"

Azalia answered, "Oh, I am coming?"

I said again. "Yes you are!"

Azalia smiled as she said, "Oh yes indeed. Someone has to keep you from dying right? And who better then the person who kicked your butt like, twelve times already? I lost count! Haha."

I answered a little embarrassed, "That never happened! It was only five times! And I beat you last time remember? Anyway, we must get going if we want to catch up with Uncle's army."

We went to get our things and hurried together as fast as possible to the docks. When we arrived, we saw that we where just on time. I knew my father will be angry again. Azalia's father, Azolion, is left as regent until Uncle returns. My father has also been ordered to help defend the Fire Nation until he returns. I know I should say my father's plans to Uncle but if I do, I will lose my uncle. I will not lose my family. "Uncle! I am requesting to join you on your quest to defend our allies."

My uncle turned around happily. He walked to me and then hugged me and said, "Fuzu! And Azalia! I can use some help I guess. However, I do not like it. I do not want you both to get hurt!"

Behind Uncle, I saw my nephew Zulo. He is the very image of his father Zalon. He is heir to the throne. I do not have much with him. He is always grim. I walked to greet him and the other generals. Then my uncle ordered us to go aboard the ship. He doesn't like to sacrifice the dragons so we only use our ships.

The journey was long and cold. I never had been in a real battle, let alone left the Fire Nation. Now aboard the fleet we spent our time training and planning strategies. I can see by the look of Firelord Zalon that he has not been sleeping himself. We'd been aboard for two weeks before we finally saw the coast.

Now my servants help me into my armor. But I know that this will be hard. I can not shadow Uncle every second in hope of saving him. However, I must try! Only he can bring peace back to the world and stop the Earth King from taking the world. When the servants were done I went back on deck. I saw Uncle, Zulo and Azalia. Azalia looks so beautiful in that armor! But I must not be distracted. Then I hear the sounds of fighting and I look into that direction. There I see two armies fighting against each other. The battle is still raging on. If the Earth King defeats the king of Omashu then the west will fall and Earth King Hao will then use that power to take the world. I hear my uncle whisper, "Avatar Wu, Help me preserve the peace you tried to create."

Then Firelord Zalon screams into the air, "My brave warriors! Now let us aid our allies and bring down this terrible threat to peace!" I can hear all our forces scream in happiness as one. Uncle sure is popular.

We all follow my uncle as the battle starts. Boulders fly by me everywhere. I can see Uncle taking down five elite earthbenders with ease. He surely is one of the greatest firebenders indeed. Wow! I barely jumped aside as a huge rock almost crushed me. Others where not so lucky. I can see beyond a huge hill, Earth King Hao and a few elite. They did that. I see next to me Azalia fighting against two earthbenders; behind her, a man attacks her. I ran towards her and threw the biggest fireball I ever made. Azalia was saved and looked at me while blushing. She is so into me! Yes!

I bend as much fire as I can but for every foe I kill, five are in their place! Then I got an idea. I fought my way to uncle and said, "Uncle, let us join our power and shoot lighting together at that hill. If their king is wounded, the Earth Army will retreat!"

My uncle looked surprised as he said, "You are surely your grandfather's grandson!"

After we fought our way to a clear spot. Not long after, we both shot lighting right into the hill at the Earth King Hao. I saw him. A giant man. Just as big as Uncle. His long face with long black mustache was clearly to be seen way up here. I saw him defend against my lighting but my Uncle's hit him!. The Earth King collapsed on the ground! All his soldiers looked shocked. Then we saw them all retreating! "We won!" I said.

Then I saw Uncle raise a fist into the air as he screamed victory with the rest. After the battle, King Oeda of Omashu was talking with Firelord Zalon like they where brothers. We knew that this was only the beginning. Hao was not dead yet and neither was his ambition. Next time, he will surely win as I know what our generals are thinking. The Fire Nation attacked to aid allies. Wu did not do anything.

Later, we were celebrating. I think I had a little to much to drink. Then I saw Azalia walk to me and she took my hand and took me somewhere private. She said, "I just wanted to thank you for saving me. I want to do something but I know that nobody will allow it, so it will remain a secret." Then she kissed me. We did not speak of it again.

A week later, we were back. Peace was back for now as we know that Hao will attack one day again. When we got back, I remembered the reason again for joining the battle. Father will kill Firelord Zalon. I will keep it secret from him; perhaps this can be solved without telling Uncle. I went to my father's chambers. The door was closed but I heard him whisper to someone, "Not yet! We must be patient. Soon, my dear brother will be yours!" I knew now that this was only just beginning. I must protect Uncle even if it means to face my own father. It is better for the world. For the sake of peace!

Meanwhile in Ba Sing Se, Hao walked to the throne room and entered it. All his generals were waiting for him. Hao started talking, "Gentlemen, this was just a minor setback. We must wait with our invasion. Soon the Firelord will be dead and then we will attack the west!" Hao smiled as he knew that soon Omashu would fall, and then the Water Tribes, the Fire Nation and the Air domains and temples would all be his! And not even the Avatar can stop him!

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