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Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan


Book 2: Water



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King Bumis Heir


King Bumis Heir

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April 9, 2013

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Chapter 1: Royal Allies

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Rong Yan and Aloi meet Unaraq's crew and enjoy a festival.

Chapter 2: The Crew

Book 2: Water

Chapter 2: The Crew

The next day had arisen, Aloi and Rong Yan had just woken up, both walking out of their respective rooms they find the palace filled with various servants. The servants were moving about, putting decorations around the palace walls, and preparing other things as well. Tanaraq, walked up to Rong Yan and asked him, "Would like to get some breakfast in town?"

"I would love to." Rong Yan replied.

Rong Yan and princess Tanaraq walked out of the palace, and into the busy streets of the Southern Water Tribe. Back at the palace, Unaraq had just woken up and saw Aloi bored sitting in the courtroom doing nothing other than playing around with air making mini tornadoes on her palm. She let out a light sigh, Unaraq walked over to Aloi, sat in a squatting position to meet eyes with Aloi.

"Would you like to go fishing with me?" Unaraq asked.

"Sure." Aloi replied, in a bored tone.

"Alright, where's Rong Yan and my sister?" Unaraq asked.

"They left." Aloi replied.

"Where?" Unaraq asked once more.

"Breakfast, somewhere." Aloi replied.

"Oh, I see. Well let's get on with it then." Unaraq said, walking out of the palace.

Rong Yan and Tanaraq reached their destination, a little restaurant out on the main street. They both walked in and a fat Water Tribesman walked up to both of them and asked, "Princess...what an unexpecting visit! What can I get for you today?"

"Sea prunes would be nice." Tanaraq replied.

"What about you, kid?" He looked over at Rong Yan asking.

"Steamed salmon." Rong Yan replied.

"Alright, your orders will be out soon, please find a seat, we have just opened!" the man said walking off into the kitchen.

Tanaraq and Rong Yan, had sat down at a table at the end of the restaurant, as a waiter had arrived asking what they wanted for drinks and left behind an appetizer.

"What beverages would you be interested in?" the waiter said.

"Two waters." Tanaraq replied.

"Two cups of water are right on their way!" the waiter replied as he ran off into the kitchen.

They began eating the appetizer slowly as the waiter returned with the two cups of water, and set them onto the table. The restaurant owner had come back out of the kitchen with plates on his hands. He placed both meals on the table. The steamed cod for Rong Yan, and the bowl of sea prunes for Tanaraq.

They began to eat their meals and drink their beverages. Meanwhile, Unaraq and Aloi were at the docks preparing the fishing tools and carrying them onto the fishing boat.

"Pardon my manners, Aloi." Unaraq said.

"This is Sakana, my second in command of my fishing crew." Unaraq introduced the man.

Sakana was a tall, muscular man, with dark brown hair, skin, and blue eyes. He had a patch of facial hair under his lower lip as it looks as Sakana shaves often. He wore a blue coat, blue gloves, blue pants, and large brown boots. He was a large man indeed, Sakana slid out his hand awaiting for the airbending girl to shake his hand.

Aloi shook his hand as he gently but firmly shook hers. "Nice meeting you Sakana." Aloi said.

"Nice to meet you too. Please we must hurry on loading the tools onto the boat so that we may begin our fishing trip." Sakana suggested.

They quickly began placing everything onto the boat so that they can get started and come back at the right time as scheduled to before the festival starts. Again, it goes back to Tanaraq and Rong Yan who are just walking out of the restaurant, and walking down the street towards a small park where children are playing and parents are watching their kids.

The small park had a little pool there strange enough though it was cold in the South Pole, that little spot and other spots around the entire South Pole was warm. Though small heating pools were extremely rare. The children weren't really allowed to swim in it because it was pretty deep an estimate of at least five feet deep. Though anyone who could swim was able to do so just fine.

Tanaraq took stance and bent a small amount of water out of the pool. With the swaying of her arms she made it slither like a snake, twirling it around her body with her left arm she lifted the water shaped snake up and shot it into the air, as it was coming down she formed it into an icicle, she melted the icicle and formed it into a ball of water. She then froze the ball of water, and flicked one side of the ice ball, and a cylinder fell out.

Tanaraq placed the ball of ice right on her right eye and peeked through it to see the firebender. They both laughed, Rong Yan looked around the snow to try and find a flowers. Luckily, for him he found three purple flowers who were already popped out of the snow, plucking them from the ground, he removed the stems of the flowers and places the flowers into his palms.

Rong Yan lifted his left palm which was on top of his right palm, and he forms a small air funnel between his hands, the flowers gently spun within the funnel, as Tanaraq reacted with a smile and small amount of clapping. Dropping the flowers from the funnel, the air dissipated from his hands.

He then pointed upwards, Tanaraq rose her head to look up, Rong Yan spread both arms apart from each other and shot an air blast from his left and a fire blast from his right at exact same time. Tanaraq clapped excited when she saw the two elements fly into the air, and vanish.

All of sudden she tugs Rong Yan and says, "Oh my gosh, I'm late I just remembered we were supposed to meet Unaraq at the docks half an hour ago!"

Tanaraq grabs Rong Yan's hand and pulls him with her, as she runs towards the docks, with Rong Yan behind. Meanwhile Unaraq, Aloi and the crew begin to unload fish nets loaded with fish and all sea creatures like octopi and squid. Sakana and the others were take out of the boat as well. Rong Yan and Tanaraq ran towards the docks finally reaching them within fifteen minutes.

Catching their breaths, Tanaraq speaks up, "Unaraq I'm sorry I just got caught up and having fun with Rong Yan I forgot about coming here and going with you on the fishing trip!"

Unaraq looks over at Tanaraq and replies, "Its alright, Aloi decided to come along and help out on the trip, don't sweat it sis."

"I've learned how to fish yet, I don't understand why you guys have to eat them...they're innocent creatures." Aloi said.

"Well we need them to survive, there will be plenty of other foods, like vegetables and fruits for dietary at the festival so don't worry about starving yourself for the night." Unaraq said.

"Rong Yan I want you to meet some friends of mine." Unaraq said.

"This here is my second in command and my most trusted ally, Sakana." Unaraq introduced the big man to the Avatar.

"It is truly nice to meet you again, Avatar." Sakana said.

"We've met before?" Rong Yan asked.

"You do not remember? It was during the summer of last year." Sakana replied.

"Well its been awhile, I honestly did not recognize you." Rong Yan said.

"This here is Gyomo, Kuma, and the twins Tako and Sake." Unaraq introduced.

"Nice to meet you again, Avatar." all four of them replied.

"I like Tako, he and I have become friends now, he's really interesting." Aloi excitedly said.

"That's about right!" Tako replied, putting his arm around Aloi, they both smile big looking at everyone else.

Unaraq looks up at the sky, and sees that it is beginning to turn into a yellowish color.

"Guys, we need to run to the palace before dark, we need to get these fish to the kitchen before the festival starts." Unaraq said.

They all picked up tools and nets of fish and walked their way to the palace, and in between they would run to get to the palace a lot quicker. Eventually after an hour they reach the palace and run up the set of stairs that lead up to the Southern Water Tribe palace, they rush into the kitchen and drop the fish nets.

One of the cooks said, "You're earlier than the other hunters, there's other hunters still out in the wilderness collecting meats. You guys did a good job."

"Thanks, we did it in godspeed." Unaraq replied.

Later on tonight

"Tonight, we celebrate the arrival of a airbender from the Eastern Air Temple, and she has brought with her someone very special, someone whom many of us have the utmost respect for... the Avatar!" Chief Unirak announced.

Rong Yan stood up, as everyone within the palace courtyard had gotten on both knees and bowed down to the Avatar.

"Thank you, everyone." Rong Yan said.

A man in the crowd shouted, "I know about what is going on in the Earth Kingdom have you made any effort to rid of the problem?"

"Yes, the traitor general of the Earth Kingdom is dead, you should have no worries or no problems having to do anything with him. Most of the Water Tribe rebels were slain along with General Senlin and Admiral Palartok. The few remaining surviving of the rebels who were still on the Air Temple grounds were sent off to Ba Sing Se and imprisoned for life for their heinous acts against the Earth Kingdom." Rong Yan replied.

"Alright, we do not want to discomfort our guest, the Avatar. May the great Ocean and Moon Spirits watch over us during these times!" Chief Unirak said.

"Please everyone enjoy the festival!" Chief Unirak added.

The music began, and several people skipped the food and began to dance, the rest enjoyed the music and began to eat and conversate about life and the like. The cooks arrived with more food every hour as there were plenty of guests and plenty of food to go around, there was literally enough food to feed the entire palace for the next three days.

Rong Yan, Unaraq and Tanaraq began to eat the meat, while Aloi stood up and grabbed some vegetables, fruits, and grains from the buffet table. After an hour they were full, and Unaraq walked off to the far side of the courtyard. Tanaraq and Rong Yan, walked off to another part of the palace, walking onto a balcony to hang out. Aloi all alone went on to follow Unaraq to wherever he was going to.

"Hey Unaraq, was just wondering if you wanted to talk or something?" Aloi suggested.

"Me? Oh yeah sure, what's on your mind?" Unaraq asked, looking at Aloi.

"Anything really." Aloi replied.

Aloi glanced back and saw Rong Yan leaning against the balcony talking to Tanaraq making her giggle, turning back to face Unaraq she tries to ignore what she just saw. "So why a fisherman? You're a big strong guy, shouldn't you be like a warrior or something?" Aloi asked.

"Thanks..I guess..I don't know, I just have a knack for fishing, I find myself spending time fishing than having to deal with politics. I mean I will eventually be the chief, when my father retires or passes away. I am a warrior, I've learned from the best, which is my father. Haven't you seen the trophies he has?" Unaraq replied.

"That's true politics are pretty boring. Well all I've seen were trophies, you have hides and heads of animals all over the palace room walls." Aloi said.

"Where's your mother?" Aloi added.

Unaraq stopped looking at Aloi, and looked to the floor filled with snow, without uttering a single word, after a few seconds of silence Aloi then said, "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to-"

"No, it's alright. You didn't know. My mother died eight years ago when I was fifteen years old. Tanaraq was only twelve. We try not remember her death, only try to remember how she was in life. She was a very strong woman." Unaraq said.

"You poor thing." Aloi replied. Aloi approached Unaraq and gently hugged him. Off in the distance Rong Yan looked down to see Aloi hugging Unaraq, he looked into Tanaraq's eyes and said, "Do you think your brother and Aloi, you each other?"

"It could be a possibility." Tanaraq said.

Hours pass through the night, the festival had ended and everyone had left, the servants were left to pick everything up while the chief, his children, the Avatar, and the Air Nomad went to bed for the night.

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