Young Azula
The Challenge
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Christopher's Journey


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The Electric Match

As a new day in Republic City dawned, Christopher went to the marketplace to buy some fruit. As he walked up, he saw a little girl on a bench, crying. She had red clothes on, just like him. She was clearly a firebender. Christopher walked up to her and asked her what was the matter.

"I-I'm a firebender," she said, sobbing. "A-and I lost m-my master!" She burst out in crying. Christopher wished he could help.

"Well, I'm a firebender," he said, thinking of something. "I'm not that good yet, but I could help train you."

"W-would you really do that for m-me?" her sobbing got quieter now.

"Yeah. I'm on a journey to home my skills. Maybe on the way you could learn a thing or two also!"

"That would be great!" she cheered. She and Christopher walked down the road back to the arena. When he brought her in to the attic, Mako was surprised.

"And, who might this be?" he asked.

"This is Ally. She's a firebender," Christopher replied. "I'm taking her in as my apprentice. We'll train together."

"And that concerns me why?" Mako asked, puzzled.

"We want to train today," Christopher replied. That day, all three of them trained as hard as they could. The next day, Christopher would need it, even though he didn't know.

The Next Day When Christopher got up, Mako was still in bed. That was strange. Usually Mako was up first. Christopher went to check on him. When he went in, Mako was coughing and sneezing.

Oh no, he thought. Today's a big match. What is he gonna do?

Ally got up and came in the room with them. She walked up to Mako. She was so surprised. She had never saw anyone come down this sick in one night!

"What are we gonna do?" Mako coughed. "Today's the challenge and I can't fight."

"I'll be in your place," Christopher said. "I can't let your team lose. Ally, tell Bolin I'm fighting in Mako's place today."

To be continued...

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