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October 31, 2016

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Previously on Kun: The New Avatar

After Avatar Korra's death, Kun begins his earthbending training with Chief of Police Lin Beifong. Due to his lack of bending prior to being the Avatar, Kun has no idea how to even start his bending training. Lin tries many different ways of making him bend, and finally resorts to explaining how she learned how to metalbend. While this is going on, the masked man has made plans for the destruction of Republic City.

Author's Note

This is my second chapter. I think I did a much better job with this than I did with my first chapter.

Someone to thank for that. AvatarAang7, who is a good friend of mine, has given me some great feedback and just provided some great fanons that have inspired me to write better.

Some of you may know him for being a writer of fanfiction both on here and on the Avatar Wiki. Nevertheless, if it hadn't been for a 2-day binge of all of his stories, this chapter would not be nearly as well developed as it is now.

You can find the link to his profile on FFN here.

This also ties in to why it's longer than my other two stories combined, but that's because I had a lot of content that I wanted to write down.

That said, I hope you enjoy the story, and I'll see you on the other side.


It's been 10 years since Kuvira's defeat in Republic City. She was the fourth and most difficult of the villains that Avatar Korra had to battle since coming to Republic City. First came Amon, looking for equality between benders and nonbenders, then Unalaq, who wanted harmony between the spirits and the humans. Zaheer, who felt the world was too out of balance, and finally Kuvira, who wanted to unite the Earth Kingdom under one banner.

Each had a goal in mind: To better the world. All of them chose honorable problems to solve, but the saying, "the end justifies the means" did not extend to these people.

After Kuvira was defeated, and locked away for good, each member of Team Avatar did their own work to preserve the new world peace and help the less fortunate make their mark on the world. Whether world missions or helping smaller towns get back on their feet, there was no job too small for Team Avatar in restoring world balance.

Episode 2: Stand and Deliver

The large airbending foyer was packed with people, some new, but many familiar to the Avatar and her friends. Dressed in black, with the occasional dash of dark blue, all remained silent as they mourned the loss of Avatar Korra.

At the head of the hall, facing the audience, sat the members of Team Avatar, along with Lin, Kai, Tenzin and his children. Senna was present at the congregation, comforted by Asami. However, Tonraq was noticeably missing, attending to important business in the Southern Water Tribe. He was crushed with the news, and promised Tenzin that he would sail to Republic City at the first opportunity to teach Kun waterbending. Kun was a part of the group, and sat between Bolin and Mako, at the end of the stage.

Tenzin stood up. He discarded his traditional orange and yellow robe for one much darker, bordering purple, and much less like a gown than a suit. His voice is rough, and tears slide down his face as he speaks. "We have come here to honor one of the greatest friends and heroes that has ever graced the Earth. Korra was a proficient bender, one of the best, and she did her best to keep the world safe. I am proud to be her mentor, spiritual guide, and most importantly, her friend. In times of need, Korra knew that all of us here today would be beside her, and we all knew that we could count on Korra to help us. We shared the tightest of bonds, through thick and thin, and no one has been worse off as a result of meeting Korra. May she rest in peace, and be with the other Avatars of the past."

With the heartwarming speech, Tenzin moved back, and let the others on stage deliver their eulogies as well. Asami went first. Dressed in her normal engineer's outfit, her speech shook the room as she described Korra's recovery after Zaheer's imprisonment in shocking detail. Asami revealed that Korra was never truly at peace with herself until after she met Zaheer in prison, and focused on their continuous bond and relationship throughout the 3 years. Tearfully, Asami completed her eulogy, and moved back to let the others continue.

Slower than a treadmill, each close friend of Korra's gave a sincere speech, recounting the past 14 years with her and ending on how they were proud to have met her. The tragic end to one of the world's greatest heroes, savior of humanity many times over, was given a proper and grand farewell.

At the end, the assemblage was led outside, where, on top of Air Temple Island, the most experienced benders, including Tenzin, Mako, Bolin, Kya, and many of the airbenders, built a statue made of 4 elements in Korra's likeness. When they finished, they stepped back to admire their work. Tenzin turned to face the group, and spoke in a voice loud enough for all to hear.

"While we mourn the loss of one Avatar, we introduce the birth of another. Without him, the Avatar cycle would have been lost forever. For that, we must thank Avatar Kun. As his airbending mentor, I will do all in my power to ensure that those responsible for Korra's death will not go unpunished, and that Kun will herald a new age of greatness, peace and balance."

Kun stepped up next to Tenzin. Dressed in clothing that resembled Avatar Wan's original garments, Kun was an imposing figure. His body was molded by constant exercise and practice in the swamp. He was light on his feet, had a twinkle in his eye, and was completely prepared to shoulder the burden of the world, if it meant being the Avatar. Even his awkward smile was not enough to deter his positive spirit from emanating the leadership and strength that an Avatar required.

All those present stepped up to Korra's statue and humbly bowed. Nearly as large as the Aang statue across the bay to her right, Korra peered out over the vast blue ocean, as if protecting Republic City. Her eyes sparkled blue, a courtesy. She would remain enshrined as a guardian of her city that she gave her life protecting.

As the group of people began to disperse, tearfully dabbing at their eyes with handkerchiefs, Tenzin stepped up to Kun. "It makes me joyful that what Korra couldn't accomplish, she passed on to you." Resting a hand on Kun's shoulder, Tenzin peered into his eyes. "Tomorrow, we shall begin your training as an earthbender." A smile breaks out on Kun's face, and he bows to Tenzin. "Thank you, Teznin. I won't fail you."


Early the next morning, Kun is woken up by a series of loud thuds outside of his room in the men's dormitory of Air Temple Island. In his groggy state, Kun believes that the temple is under attack, and so wildly falls out of his bed, crashes through the door and runs down the hallway.

"We're under attack!" Kun's screeching wakes up even Meelo, who charges out of his room wearing his Oogy pajamas. "I told you, I need my beauty sleep in the morning!" Kun finally busts out the front door of the temple and races out into the yard. He is shocked to see that the source of the booms is Lin Beifong earthbending huge rocks.

As she saw Kun trailblazing his way into the yard, along with Tenzin, Kai, Bumi, and other male acolytes behind him, within their pajamas, Lin smirked. "Now that you're up and running, let's get you to work." Upon hearing this, Kun promptly collapses.

After a few minutes of freshening up and grabbing a bite to eat, Kun leaves the Temple in his regular clothes, he sees Lin with some simple pebbles to start bending.

Lin, much like Tenzin, still retained her immense bending strength and figure, even into retirement age. She continued to wear her Chief of Police uniform, although with her Medal of Honor badge tacked next to her chief insignia, for showing courage and bravery against Kuvira's army. The scar on her right jaw twitched with every facial expression she made, and she still had a slight limp from her encounter with the arm of Kuvira's robot.

Kun stumbles out the front door of the temple, and half crawls his way over to Lin, who looks at him with a smirk. "Get up, rookie. We have a lot of work to do today." Kun scrambles to his feet, alert and ready. "You've never bent any element before, right?" "No." Within the simple, curt response, Kun embodies years of hope and disappointment, that he couldn't achieve the one thing he always wanted and hoped for, the one thing that would make him like his father.

"That's alright. You've got your chance now. Here, catch." Lin tosses a couple of pebbles at Kun, who barely manages to snatch them out of the air. The error is not lost on Lin, who raises her eyebrows. "You're going to have to be a little more athletic if you want to be a bender." Kun blushes a bit. "Its not me, I'm just tired." Lin laughs, a dead laugh which makes Kun want to curl up and hide. "You'll have to ditch the excuses too. In a real fight, if you're tired, you're done."

Kun was slightly taken aback at her forwardness, but relented. "All right, you got me. What do you want me to do?" "Lift the pebble." The pebble in Kun's hand shot out of his palm and began to spin around his head. The second one, in Lin's palm also began to rise, performing random actions, completely separate from Kun's pebble. "I don't expect you to get that far on your first day. Just lift the pebble, and hold it there."

Kun stared at the pebble in his hand. He looks up at Lin, and asks, "How do you want me to do it? I can't bend, so I don't know what you have to do." Lin shrugs. "I don't know how I began to bend, or how anyone began to bend. The way we do it now is with our actions, but as you could see there, I didn't have to do anything to lift those pebbles. Just...focus. That's all I can tell you."

Kun nodded. He took a deep breath. His gaze zeroed in on the pebble. His eyes outlined the irregular shape, traced the crevices and lumps on the surface, and rested right in the center of the small piece of rock. As he continued to look at the rock, he could feel himself tense up, his considerable muscles tightening, to a point where he could feel that the rock was a part of him. It seemed to reverberate, back and forth, in tune with his pulse.

And nothing happened. The stone sat in his palm. His mind was envisioning the most extravagant movements, but the pebble remained where it was. This continued for an astonishing ten minutes. After ten minutes of clearing his mind, doing nothing but focusing on the pebble and trying to earthbend, all Kun got for his troubles was a profound lack of movement.

It was as if Raava herself was testing Kun, who got infuriated. Enraged, he flung the pebble at the temple, which ricocheted directly back at him with a small "ping!". Unsure of what to do, Kun's reflexes kicked in and he held his hands up to his face.

About a foot from his hands, the pebble stops, quivering in the air. Kun looks down at his hands, as the pebble continues to hover, before it drops to the ground without warning. Kun turns around, shocked and amazed, and starts to blabber off: "What the - I can't - wow, Lin, did you - ". He cuts himself off as he sees Lin with her arm outstretched towards him. "Last thing you might want to work on: your temper," she says with a sigh.

Pema brings out the supplies for Tenzin, Jinora and Kai. "Now, are you sure you don't need anything else? Because I can whip something up real quick if you need it since you're going to be cold - ". Tenzin stops her in her tracks. "We don't need anything, darling. I might look old, but I'm not out yet."

"Come on, Dad! We're going to be late! And I don't think that Quonghai has much time left!" Jinora yells down from Pepper. Behind her, Kai is stocking their supplies, containing the majority of their food, warm clothing, enough material for tents should they need it and their advanced gliders.

Courtesy of Asami's engineering genius, the new gliders harnessed the power of air currents to increase the user's capacity for control and speed. Essentially, the larger surface area allowed for less of the user's airbending energy to be spent on controlling their glider, allowing them to be prepared to fight should they need it in a pinch, and allowing them to travel long distances on small amounts of energy.

"I'm coming darling," Tenzin calls up. He looks back at Pema, who says, "Be safe. I know this is routine airbender business, but since you're so close to - well, the Forgotten City, I want you to take every precaution." Tenzin takes his wife's hands in his own. "Pema, I'll be alright. I'll come back, safe and sound."

Tenzin leaps onto Pepper's back. Pepper promptly flies off in a northwestern direction, leaving a very worried Pema behind.

Leaving behind the pebble concept, Lin decided to go for the throat and put Kun in danger in order to "hopefully understand that the world is in danger and not stick to your prissy idea of not bending", as if Kun could control whether he could bend earth or not. Lin's extremely safe method of accomplishing this was by letting a large stone slab fall on Kun, by dropping a rock on his head, and by rolling a giant boulder towards him, among other things.

Understandably, Kun was doubtful, but he trusted Lin's instincts in training him. Lin also had a second reason for attempting to put Kun's life in danger: through all of her exploits, she understood and had come to accept the constant danger and pain she was subjected to. However, Kun did not have that "luxury", and therefore, needed to be toughened up for battle. He was used to physical labor and hard work, but the perseverance and determination that accompanied most battles was lost on him. It was Lin's pleasure to change that.

Lin, a lifelong earthbender, had no idea how to ignite the spark of bending that Kun obviously lacked. Hopefully, she expected that Kun would earthbend in response to the dangers posed to him. Otherwise, she hoped that he would be able to weather the pain and bring himself up to the fighting standard he would need to be at. Kun, on the other hand, was focused with intensity on being able to earthbend, making his and Lin's goals align for a few days. Both were willing to go to lengths in order to start Kun's earthbending, and both were ready to sustain as much pain in order to do it.

Lin's stone slab stood 3 meters tall, 3 meters wide and was a foot thick. Even with Kun's considerable height, the slab towered over him. He looked over at Lin, who was holding the thousand pound rock with ease. With a quick nod from Kun, Lin's hand clenched and jerked back.

For a second, the massive chunk of stone teetered on its edge, almost defying gravity, before toppling down on Kun with the force of an elephant. Kun's large hands extended, he bore the brunt of the half ton weight surprisingly well. Kun's arms straining to their maximum, his legs attempt to find purchase in the smooth stone of the airbending field. However, he relents after a few seconds, dropping the stone with a resounding "BOOM!"

He looks over at Lin, who nods approvingly. "Nice job, kid, but you're going to need to do better than that." She raises her hand, and an identical sized block of stone rips itself out of the ground. Kun smiles a weary smile.


Kai had seen all types of airships, and in his humble opinion, the one before him was purely ineffective and ridiculous. In fact, it seemed to represent the opposite of the goals of airships.

Kuvira's and Republic City's airships were very similar in design, intended to be defensive and could sustain damage. The Equalist airships (of which Kai had seen pictures) looked poised to strike at all times, with space for the holding bay of Sato's airplanes. And Future Industries' airships were designed with speed and grace in mind, able to evade other airships. It was also designed with comfort, able to hold a large number of humans, and, incidentally, a polar bear dog and a sky bison.

However, the clunky airship that was in front of Kai looked poorly made. Constructed from bits of scrap metal, the airship was too wide across, which, coupled with its immense size, forced it to spend an asinine amount of room and space on keeping itself afloat. This left very little room for any storage space, defense or even any crew members' dormitories.

Kai shrugged to himself. The aircraft was still being fixed, so he expected that the overseer of the project would rail on the crew when he had the chance. He turned around, saw Jinora and Tenzin safely asleep, and decided not to wake them simply to point out an ill - conceived project designed to fail. He urged Pepper farther northwards.

Below him, a small projectile launcher lined up Pepper's line of movement. Anticipating where the sky bison would be in a few seconds, a finger wrapped around the trigger, and slowly tightened its grip...


Kun's arms hung at his side as he sat down on the fresh grass, for the first time in over half an hour now. The stone slabs and giant boulders he had been forced to hold or stop from rolling had destroyed any feeling in his arms. He knew, from years of experience, that he would not be able to do so much as bow to Lin the next morning.

Lin, also quite tired, sat next to him. While she did only have to perform simple tasks, the tedious mental task of both keeping hundreds of pounds in place at once while also yelling instructions - and insults - at Kun took a toll on her. Lin was the most powerful earthbender on the planet, but even she tired eventually, and much easier in her older age.

Lin looked over at Kun, who had his arms splayed out as he fell onto his back. "Nice job, rookie," she finally managed to grunt. In response, Kun groaned loudly, which elicited a small chuckle from the Beifong. "Ah, I remember when I did stuff like this every single day with my mother. Those were the good times, before I got this scar" - she gestures to her face - "and this cursed leg," with a flick towards her right leg.

Kun smiles a little at the thought of a young Lin trying to hold boulders over her head while Toph yelled, "Even my mother could do this stuff, and she's a prissy queen!" As if reading his mind, Lin said offhandedly, "My mother was a pretty good teacher, even though she did reference her own rich and overprotective mother a lot."

"What's your mother like?" Kun starts at the question, directed towards him. The entire day, Lin had been hard as a rock, never letting her feelings, or more commonly, Kun's pain, get in the way of his training. But now, she opened up like a ripened fruit, likely the result of a long day's worth of constant training. "I don't really know how to describe her. She's pretty, and she loves me and who I was before meeting Korra and who I am afterwards. She used to be in love with my father, a powerful earthbender, and the one descended from Kyoshi, but he left me when I was 12. It's been a hard life, living alone in the swamp, but my mother managed it."

Lin becomes intrigued at the mention of Kun's father. She queries further: "Your father, this powerful earthbender, was he part of the police force?" Kun thinks for a moment, before finally replying, "I don't know. The last thing I remember about him is my mother and him having a big argument. I don't know what it was about. The next morning, he vanished."

Lin falls back next to Kun. "Yeah, I hear you," she growls. "I barely met my father. Growing up, he was the sack of trash you would find on the side of the streets, but somehow my mother was enamored. He left once I was born, and I've hated him my entire life." Lin scoffs, before spitting to her right. "Who would have thought that Toph Beifong would be part of the lower social order: a single mother with two kids?"

Kun rolled onto his side once more, and stared into the sky. As he did, he noticed a slightly more rosy tinge, and just thought he was hallucinating. But no, the sun was going down. He was so surprised he quickly got up, eliciting a groan as his arms hit the ground hard. Lin looks up as well. "Wow, I can't believe it's already the evening. Well, I guess we're done with your arms for the day. You don't need to worry about straining them."

Kun sighs away his worries for the next 12 hours, and lays back down to rest. All of a sudden, a rock rams into his backbone, propelling him upwards and onto his feet. "Oww!" he yells, rubbing the small of his back, the farthest he could reach without more pain from his shoulders. Lin is standing up as well. "I didn't say you could stop! We're working on legs now! Get your bum into the middle of the field. This is going to be fun."

By this point, any thought of Kun earthbending as a result of these activities were gone. The whole point had devolved to Kun's training to be a fighter, rather than an earthbender. Lin's hope had been that putting Kun's life in danger would have helped stimulate his prior acts of bending once more, but to no avail. Kun's body seemed hell - bent on refusing to bend earth to save Kun's life, so Lin reserved such training for the next day.

The new exercise that Lin had planned for Kun involved his legs, and balance, rather than arms. As Lin explained, "Your legs are the focus of your entire bending strategy, and they are especially important in earthbending. Without proper stance, and without agility, you can't win a fight. Working on your legs means developing your fighting, as well as bending abilities."

The challenge consisted of Kun standing on a plate of stone, while Lin would "rock" the stone plate with outcroppings of rock, lifting one side of the stone with rocks and otherwise trying to throw Kun off balance. Lin could not bend the stone directly, and Kun could not use his hands to touch the stone. Any balance had to be acquired using his legs.

Initially, Lin went a bit easy on Kun, who was used to physical exertion but never the specific type of challenge this "game" posed. A slight lifting of the stone in front of him forced Kun on his heels in order to regain his balance, and a quick uppercut with stone on his left titled the slab slightly. Kun managed to remain standing, but once he fell, the game was over.

All of a sudden the slab tilted forwards almost 45 degrees, and with Kun scrambling backwards to stay on the slab, another rock hit the left side, knocking him to the right. What happened next was lost to Kun, but his eyes fluttered open to see Lin standing over him. "You knocked yourself out, kid. You really did well out there. Take a break, and let's work on your earthbending later." Grateful, Kun closed his eyes once more.


The door to the large metal bunker slams open, creating a resounding echo within the room. Naoki opened her eyes, shielding them slightly from the sun. Dressed in nothing more than brown linen, Naoki's hands were rough, her wrists and ankles were sore from the rope that dragged her all the way from the swamp, and she hadn't washed since she was imprisoned.

One of the guards stepped forward. Dressed in pure black platinum armor, he towered over the weak Naoki. Grabbing her roughly by the shoulder, he lifted her with no discernible effort, and threw her to the other guard. As Naoki was taken away, she noticed the gold insignia on his breastplate, one that resembled the Earth Kingdom symbol.

She was led through a dizzying maze of tunnels, shafts, elevators and hallways. As far as she could tell, with her breath steaming out of her mouth, that they were in the northern Earth Kingdom. Finally, at the end of her journey through the kilometers of tunnels through the ground, she ended up at a simple door, with nothing more than two indentations of gold handles to break the smooth metal.

The guard in front of her nods to the door, which prompts two guards to run out from the behind the walls with earthbending and clamp her in chains, retreating back through the walls with some method of earth travel. Leaving her immediate vicinity for the first time since she left the bunker, the guard pulls out some sort of electricity rod from his belt, tracing the outline of the door. With a hiss, the door creaks open.

Naoki is shoved forward, and under the weight of the chains, falls on her front. Her chains open with a soft "clink", and Naoki scrambles to her feet. The room is somewhat large, sustained by small lights dancing around the perimeter of the ceiling and the walls are covered with paintings of various bending forms. The wall which Naoki came from shows pictures of earthbending, while the opposite wall is dedicated to airbending. At the far end of the metallic room, a picture of the four elements slowly breaks open, revealing an intimidating figure.

"Welcome to my humble abode." Naoki shivers, as she realizes this is the same man she met the day that Kun left. As he steps forward, into the light of the room, his full attire is visible. Dressed in a cloak of some sort, the man seems to be emulating a tribal leader. Gloves wrap around his hands, and his feet are protecting by large boots that thud on the floor. The cloak is open in the front, a mixture of a posterior robe and a full - length cloak. His black pants are crumpled, suggesting he was seated prior to entering the room.

When Naoki searched for an expression, she found none. All that she could see above his broad shoulders was a pointed mask covering the right half of his face. The other half was milky white, blending perfectly with the red mask covering his eye and cheek. His mouth, however, was left untouched, in a mix of red and white to create the darkest face imaginable.

"I see you've met my henchmen." He gestured to the doorway, presumably as a ruse for Naoki to turn around. She didn't budge. He finally seemed to notice her attacking stance. "Please, sit down. Can we not have a civilized conversation? Let's put this unwanted aggression behind us and talk like humans." Like before, Naoki refused to move. The masked man noted this.

All of a sudden, his pure white eye flashed red, and Naoki lost control of her body. With smooth and simple movements, she stood straight up, folded her legs and sat down. The man smiled, a twisted representation of how normal people would smile. It carved along his face, mixing with the red of his mask and the white of his face. "There, that's better." The man sat down himself. "Now that we have each other acquainted, let's discuss your son."

There was a sharp intake of air from Naoki. "I see you know him well. Now, according to my sources, your son is training with the masters of bending at Air Temple Island. I'm going to give them a slight problem."

"Now, don't worry, I won't kill him. Yet. And even when I do I must make sure I do it properly, so I don't have to chase him again. But I still have some other business to attend to. And once he finds out about some people with me, I won't have to go to him. He will come to me." And with that, the man abruptly left the room and the crack in the opposite wall closed behind him. The guards from before barged into the room and dragged Naoki away, but before the door could fully seal, she heard the remnants of a cackle, one she had heard before in Republic City's deepest underground triad.


Kai cracked one eye open. He couldn't remember anything after he hit his head on the ground, and his cranium pounded against his skull if he tried recollecting his memories.

He tried to get up, and fell down immediately. His hands were chained to a metal pole, which stretched upwards for almost 10 meters. As he looked around, he noticed Jinora and Tenzin imprisoned in a similar manner, Tenzin with a black eye and Jinora with a cut on her forehead that ran parallel to her tattoos. They were chained in a circular manner, so that each person was facing the two other two people evenly.

They were below ground, in a holding cell designed to restrict their airbending. Above them was a series of criss crossed metal bars, so that even if they did break free of their chains, they couldn't leave the cell. Food and water was thrown in from the side of the cell by carving out a hole just small enough to squeak the meals in, and then immediately closing the hole once the food was in the cell.

Kai blinked as he tried to figure out why he was in there. All he could remember was -





Kai jerked around, his eyes opening. The last thing he could solidly remember was flying on Pepper, and seeing the airship. And far away in the distance, a city in the mountains...


Kun groaned. He had been battered the day before, through all of his exercises and activities that left him not much more than pure sore muscle. He rolled out of bed, and stood in the mirror. Hitting his head on the ground gave him a slight bruise on the right side of his head, but he felt stronger - and in more pain - than the day before.

And he felt wonderful. Because today was the day that he would take whatever measures it took to become an earthbender. His father's dreams, his mother's hopes and his own fantasies would all be accomplished today. After showering, eating and generally tidying himself up, he left the house, where Lin was waiting for him. She smirked. "You're up early, rookie. At least you're not waking the Southern Water Tribe with your bellowing like a sky bison." Kun blushed a little, and held out his hand for the pebble. Lin tossed him a pebble, and he caught it with a deft flick of his hand. "I guess I'm learning," Kun retorts.

Within a few hours, Kun was just as frustrated as the day before. He had spent the good majority of that time staring at one pebble for so long that he felt like it was a part of him. After seeing him rant and rave about the injustice of it all, Lin decides to sit him down, mainly to shut him up, but also, just to talk.

"Get your head in the game, rookie! This isn't some kind of tangible thing that you can just have because you're determined! You have to use your head about this! I can't believe that the safety of the world rests on your shoulders. Think straight, for spirits' sake!" With that, their talk was over. Lin begins to storm away from their training grounds.

Kun, feeling ridiculous, calls Lin back. "Wait, Lin, I have a question!" Lin turns around fast enough to give herself whiplash. "What is it?" she groans. Kun, swallowing his pride, probes further, "How did you become a metalbender?"

Lin, with her mouth open to snap at him, quietly retracts her venomous statement. She sighs, obviously struggling with herself, and then gestures for Kun to follow her. Kun follows her tracks to the hillside, where she is sitting towards Republic City. The Arena glows golden, and in the middle you can make out City Hall, wrapped in spirit vines from 13 years prior.

Lin spreads her arms. "My mother made this. Along with Aang, Zuko, Katara and Sokka, my mother was one of the leaders of the new world revolution. She wasn't the best mother, but she represented something I strive to be every single day of my life." She turns to Kun. She whispers, "Some would say I've made it. But some don't know the extent to which my mother was a part of the new world order. The first metalbender, the strongest earthbender of all time, the first and most successful Chief of Police...can one mortal accomplish all of that?"

Lin straightens, and continues in her normal voice. "I learned metalbending when I was 8. I was on my way home when I tripped on a rock and over a bridge. I tried to use my earthbending to save me, but a piece of metal just ripped itself out of the wall and grabbed me. I didn't even know I was bending it." She chuckles. "You hear the stories of how people get their bending through long journeys and trials of courage and whatnot, and I got my metalbending through tripping over a rock."

"But the point is that I wasn't thinking of anything else but what my mother would do. I've always thought of her as such a role model, that the first question that came to my mind was: 'What would mom do?' Of course, this was before I found out that my dad was a deadbeat druggie, and that my mom never told me about him. But for those few moments, it was my mother and how she would think of me that stimulated my bending." Lin gets up and moves to go inside. "Take that how you want, kid. Just remember: Your parents aren't the only ones here for you know. It's all of us. This was a good little talk."

Kun, who said not one word during the whole explanation and history, finally takes a long look at Republic City. Behind the city and the mountain, he sees a few small dots, that appear to be circling the mountainside. "Hey Lin!" In the distance, he hears a groan. "What is it now, kid? When I said we're here for you, I didn't mean right now!"

Kun had had enough. "Lin, get over here and see this right now!" Lin stopped halfway down the hill. "I don't care who you are, kid, but no rookie ever talks to me like that!" She raises her hands towards Kun. "You're about to get it!" Kun is waving his arms, shouting, "I don't care what you want to do to me later, but see this!"

Lin runs back up the hill, muttering, "These kids and their stupid imaginations. I should make you..." Her voice trails off as she peers into the distance, and the dawning realization is evident on her face. "Oh spirits...PEMA!" With one foot, Lin uproots and chucks a rock over the tree line towards the temple. Kun is taken aback. "What the -"

"Stay here, kid! This isn't the time to be brave! As for what you can do, you can alert the airbenders to get their butts over to Republic City!" With that, Lin jumps into the bay, and earth bends a rock bridge to Republic City. As she runs there, the bridge disintegrates after her.

Kun puts all of his energy into sprinting towards the temple. He gets there in record time, and barges through the doors to the men's dormitory. "Everyone, get outside! It's an emergency in Republic City! I repeat, an emergency in Republic City! Meelo, tell Pema and Ikki what's going on! Let's move it people!" Within minutes, the airbenders, a considerable number of which are advanced members of the nomadic culture, are flying over to Republic City.

Pema has stayed behind to take care of the children. "Kun, please help me get the children inside! Kun!" Kun is standing there, feeling helpless. His first task as the Avatar was to keep balance, and to do that he had to participate in the protection of the people. But for some reason, he couldn't even begin earthbending, let alone protecting people.

Pema comes up next to him. "Look, dear, I was around when Korra was feeling depressed after her fight with Zaheer, and I told her the same thing I will tell you now: 'If you want to stop moping about the past, build your future now.' Of course, it didn't help that she decided to leave us after that. But still," Pema says, taking Kun's hands in her own, "if you want to show the world that you're the real Avatar, you have to do something about it. Now go get them!"

Kun looks down at his nonbender hands. He recalls what Lin told him, about her mother, being a role model to Lin and so many others, and how his own father was such a powerful earthbender that even Lin Beifong recognized his description. With a deep breath, he ran to the hillside where he recognzied his own destiny, and without hesitation, dived headfirst into the water.


Lin finally reached the mainland, and was absolutely shocked to see the goings - on. Her police officers and the airbenders were in disarray, trying to coordinate action but failing miserably. Already, the buildings were in ruin and the enemies were taking advantage of their confusion.

The dots that Kun had noticed were really just gliders, much like the ones that Asami made for the airbenders. The small gliders could each hold a person, and were hands free, meaning that they could bend from their position, causing havoc while also being out of reach of the mostly grounded police force.

Lin snarled to herself, and leapt upwards towards two parallel flying gliders. With one shot from her coils of metal, she punctured both of their wings. Landing atop a building, she yelled down with her magnanimous voice, "Republic City Police and airbenders! I order you to unite and take down these gliders! Two people per glider! Take back our city!" The police force and airbenders cheered and begin following the gliders, rather than running from them. Within minutes, the gliding force is retreating, and the police begin to help those affected by the attack while the airbenders gave chase to the gliders.

Lin turns around to survey the damage, and sees two gliders with gold insignias on their wings charge towards her, blasting fire and rocks. Lin brings up a wall as a shield, and nullifies their attacks. The firebender yells to the earthbender, "Oh look at that, what do we have here? The late Chief of Police, waken up from her nap. We wouldn't want her to miss her beauty sleep, would we?"

Lin growls, "I'll show you who needs to go to sleep!" Propelling herself upwards with earthbending once more, Lin drags behind her a massive boulder and several other large stones uprooted from the ground. With two quick airborne punches, Lin throws the rocks at the offending gliders, who quickly veer away from the rocks. They both attempt to attack Lin, but her coils of rope and walls of rock prevent any lasting damage.

The fight continues for such a while, with both parties attacking each other but being too nimble, in the case of the gliders, or too defensive, in the case of Lin, to severely wound the other. That is, until the gliders separate, forcing Lin to defend from two angles. Their strategy worked. As Lin focused on the firebender's burning fireballs, the earthbender snuck behind her and was able to bypass her defenses.

Lin was struck by a rock square in the back and tumbled over her protective wall of rock, straight into a building. The gliders lowered until they were about 6 meters off of the ground. With a sneer on his face, the firebender began to blast a fireball towards Lin, but before anything could happen, a large rock was thrown at him. The firebender tumbled over and over down the road, his glider ripped to shreds and himself scraped up. Both the earthbender and Lin turned in the direction of the rock to see an amazing sight.

Kun stood there in his "ready" stance, prepared to attack the earthbender should the need arise, with a large indentation in the ground near him. Lin was outraged. "I told you to stay at the island! What are you doing here? How did you even get here?" Kun winked. "You're welcome Chief."

He turned back to the earthbender. "Now, are you going to leave or should I make you?" The earthbender laughed for a solid 10 seconds. "Aren't you the Avatar who can barely bend? Why should I leave?" Kun smiled a knowing smile. "I have my ways." With a wave of his hand upwards, a rock jutted out from the ground and punctured the glider's wings from behind, keeping it in place. And with a heel to the ground lifting up a large rock and a punch, the rock flew towards the earthbender, knocking him down the road to where his firebending friend was being arrested by the police.

Kun jogged over to Lin. "Are you okay? Do you need help?" Lin's mouth was hung open. "Did you just - how - when - " Kun's smile was infectious, and Lin couldn't resist reciprocating.

"That was some amazing bending," adding "for a rookie" under her breath. "It's all thanks to you. If you hadn't told me the story about your mother, I never would have been able to save you. I also have to thank my dad, for being such a father figure for 12 years that all it takes is me to think about him and I can earthbend," says Kun. "Here. Give me your arm." Kun carries Lin back to the shore of Republic City, with her arm over his shoulder.

The guard enters the elemental room, knowing full well that Arnaq could hear his every word. "The gliders did their job, sir. We got information about the new Avatar that confirms he was a nonbender until today. Additionally, he learned his earthbending from Lin Beifong, daughter of Toph Beifong. We believe that he will be taught by the masters of each element that reside in the world." Arnaq leans back in his chair, thinks to himself for a few moments, before formulating a plan and whispering, "Well then. This is an interesting development. I guess I should have a talk with his mother."



If you're an avid reader of fanon in the Korra subcategory, you might see a small reference that I made to the Legend of Lin, written by Leia Rayn Storm. I was inspired by Lin's hard backstory, and tried to make it the focal point of Kun's bending. Please check out Legend of Lin, it is a really fantastic series.

I also apologize for the lack of humor in the first chapter, so I tried to make up for it here. I would have included some humor in the first chapter, but having the previous Avatar die is kind of a downer.

However, my concept of humor is poor and probably is only funny for me.

If you have any feedback, by all means, write a review or send a PM. I accept any criticism.

Watch out for the third chapter in this series, "Breath of Fire", coming out on 11/11/16 or 11/12/16.

Hope I see you again for Chapter 3!

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