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Avatar: Rise of the Nations


Book 1: War



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January 20th 2013

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Chapter 1: Issues

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Chapter 3: The Extermination Begins

The world now seems divided. Earth Kingdom's Queen has been murdered. The Northern Water Tribe attacks the Fire Nation, which was unseen. Korra is now on her way to the Earth Kingdom to try to stop their invasion on Republic City, while Tenzin settles what's happening with the Northern Water Tribe and the Fire Nation.

"Korra, you need to sleep. We won't arrive into the Earth Kingdom for at least another 3 hours. You'll need the rest" Asami said.

"Alright, you steer the bison. As long as we make it there before they send out their invasion force we'll be fine."

While Asami was steering the bison, she noticed something in the far distance.

"Umm, Korra! Before you go to sleep! Tell me, what is that? It's over there!" She said while pointing.

"It' Is that a plane?" Korra asked.

"No, it's far too big to be a plane" Asami replied.

As the two watched this flying thing come hurling towards them, Asami began steering away from it.

"Asami stop! We have to stay on course if we want to make it in time!" Korra began to try and take control of flying the bison, when all of a sudden, the object came too close.

"Korra, please...tell me I'm dreaming. I can't believe what this is. This isn't real," Asami said. She looked completely stunned and uttered out a few more words. "Korra, I think it's a dragon."

The cyan blue dragon opened its large mouth. Its teeth were large, and it swallowed the entire bison, along with Asami and Korra.

Meanwhile, back in Republic City, Tenzin and his brother, Bumi were on their way to the Fire Nation.

"Tenzin, I would've recommended us going to the Earth Kingdom other than Korra. She's a woman. I'm not saying women aren't capable of fighting. But I don't think she has the military knowledge of how to create peace yet. She's had no experience." Bumi said.

"My own brother, how dare you say such a thing! Korra makes a splendid Avatar and I'm sure she can handle anything, if not, more than what you can! I've taught her everything she needs to know for something like this." Tenzin seemed angry. Bumi walked away and readied his fleet.

"Hey, Tenzin. I still don't understand why the council decided to move our protection over to help somebody else, while the Earth Kingdom is on their way right now. Are you trying to get us all killed?" Bumi said. He began to walk closer to Tenzin until he was directly in his face.

"Out of all of the ways to handle this. This is by far the most unwise decision the council has ever made, and you'll regret it once we're done for." Bumi said.

"Korra won't fail us in the Earth Kingdom. I know she won't. We need to help keep the peace up north! That is where we're needed, and that's where we are headed." Tenzin walked away, calm and collective. Bumi looked as if he had lost faith in the council's decision making, and his brother.

Korra and Asami were both screaming as the dragon devoured them. They closed their eyes, and when they opened them, they were in a new world. A world they have never laid eyes on. The Bison disappeared, leaving Korra and Asami standing on these mysterious grounds.

"Where are we?" Asami said.

"I think we're in the Spirit World." Korra replied.

Asami looked puzzled. She began to ask "But you're the Avatar, and I'm not. So how and why am I-" she stopped in mid-sentence. Staring at this huge demon inside of a cave.

"We have to find out why we're here. I'll try to contact Aang." Korra said.

"Korra we have to get out of here now!" Asami screamed. She began to drag Korra's arm to run. The demon began chasing them. He had many, many legs and was a giant. He then stopped, and contacted Korra telepathically.

"You and your friend are not welcomed here. Leave with haste, know your fate, fight with brace, lose your face!" the spirit demon said. Korra stopped running and turned around.

"Who are you and what do you want?" she shouted.

"I am the spirit Kahn, brother to Koh. Leave, and run, or you can't go. If you stay, you'll be disgraced. I like your taste. I need your face!"

He appeared right in front of Korra's face, but then, all of a sudden the world went dark. Korra then realized now Aang was sitting in front of her face with a fire separating both of them.

"Korra! The bridge between the Spirit World and the Physical World is dying! The grand spirits are separating the worlds slowly, only because they sense total destruction of the physical world! You have to end all of this tension now! Or the Avatar Cycle will be shattered, and the spirits will no longer look after humanity" Aang said.

"But tell me, how do I stop this? Where should I start first? Who is this spirit and why does he want my face. Please tell me!" Korra shouted. Aang started to fade away into the darkness.

"Make no expressions, or he will steal your face forever."

Everything brightened up, and Korra was face to face with Kahn.

"Asami, make no facial expressions towards him or he'll steal your face forever. Just please, let me handle this." Korra whispered. Asami shook her head in agreement.

"So, Kahn. Tell me, what do you want with me?" Korra said while folding her arms.

"All I want to do is enlighten you on your situation. Come with me and learn what you must do. You know you can feel the temptation, just keep the facial expressions to a few." Kahn said.

"But you'll steal my face with any expression. I'll make none!" Korra said.

"I'll let it slide once or twice, but make anymore I won't be so nice," he said.

He began to walk away, and Korra slowly and cautiously followed. They went into the cave where Asami had first spotted him. Torches on the wall lit up as Kahn walked by.

"Brother, I have brought you the Avatar. As you and Roku suggested." Kahn said.

"Wait Roku? Avatar Roku? Why would he want me here?" Korra said. Asami sat down and kept her straight face.

"So why am I even here too? Is it because I was with her when the dragon appeared?" Asami asked.

"All will be answered soon young one," Koh said as he emerged from the shadows. Roku then appeared behind Asami and shut the cave shut using Earth Bending. Aang and Iroh stepped out of the shadows and stood beside Koh.

"It's the time for you to be enlightened on the Spirit World and the physical world," Aang said.

"We only wish we could have done this sooner. We never expected such tragedies to happen out of nowhere in the physical world," Iroh said.

Roku stepped closer to Korra.

"It's time we taught you a secret to being the Avatar. We never knew this until you became the Avatar, and now is the perfect chance to tell you. Aang, proceed," Roku said.

"Korra, you know Avatar's can bend the four elements and also the energy within other people. You know how to do all of this, you even learned how to metal bend and shoot lightening. But now's the time to tell you, you can bend fate while being here in the Spirit World," Aang said.

Koh stepped in. "But we can't teach you how to do this. You must learn on your own. It is impossible for us to teach something that has never existed until now. Even we are new to it. But you may have noticed, you can't bend elements in the Spirit World. Fate is what you can bend. My only advice to you, is-" Korra then woke up while she was riding the flying bison and Asami was steering.

"Hey you okay back there?" Asami said.

"Just a little dream. I'm fine," Korra replied. She lie there in silence. Thinking of what just happened.

"Well, we're here. Omashu is only about 3 minutes away now! I can see it over there!" Asami shouted.

"But the army, weren't they supposed to be preparing? Where are they?" Korra asked.

"Oh no, we were too late," Asami said. She looked frightened.

Back on Air Temple Island, the fleet has already taken off. Bumi is leading the fleet of steam engine ships while Tenzin used Oogi to fly.

The world is now in war. Korra and Asami arrives to Omashu to find out their army has already departed. Tenzin arrives into the Fire Nation before the fleet and meets with Fire Lady Ursa to discuss what's happening. The spiritual world has failed to successfully reach Korra. The extermination of the world will now begin.

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