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July 26, 2016

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"Smoke and Darkness" is the second chapter of Book One: Start (開始) of Avatar: The Legend of Miranda.

Smoke and Darkness

In a mysterious lair, four armchairs were placed behind a glass wall. Each of them was empty, except for one. Guardian Su had been kidnapped, and she was sitting in the armchair, free to go. Or at least free to go inside of the glass wall. She was alone, but she felt like someone was looking at her.

"Lady Li-Hua?" she screamed. "Lady Li-Hua? I know you're here!!! L... Lady... Lady Li-Hua?"

Suddenly, someone was sitting in the chair next to her. Su didn't noticing it until the person said, "You called, Su?". It was Lady Li-Hua, who had kidnapped Su. She had brought a plate with tea and cakes. "Sorry I took so long," she said. "I was just putting together a little snack for us. Can I offer you in some tea and cakes?"

"I had preferred my freedom, thanks," Su answered. Li-Hua was making fun of Su by mimicking.

"Oh, my people do get testy when they are lonely," Lady Li-Hua said. "But don't worry, Su. Soon I will bring the company of all your fellow Earth Guardians. Won't that be nice? Then you will all be together to watch me take over the Earth Kingdom."

"You will never take over the Earth Kingdom," Su said. "The people in the kingdom are all loyal to the Earth Queen."

"Oh, why didn't I think of that," Lady Li-Hua said. "Oh, wait. I did think of that. PEI QI!!!" she screamed.

Then her assistant, Pei Qi, and some other helpers, showed up. "Yes, my Lady," he said.

"Show our guest the merchandise."

"Of course," he answered. He put on a mask, opened a door, and suddenly, the room filled with green smoke.

"Beautiful, isn't it?" Li-Hua said to Su. "My green smoke. It has the amazing power to weaken every bender in the Earth Kingdom. Those who breath it become so weak that they start to lose the power to bend," she said.

Su was shocked and said, "But that's not possible!"

"Isn't it?" Li-Hua said and smiled. "At this moment, my helpers are in all corners of the continent. Little by little, the weakness will set in everywhere. Imagine, a whole land of benders weak and frightened. And who will be the only one who can help them? Not their beloved Earth Queen and earth guardians." Li-Hua laughed her evil laughter and continued explaining her plan. "The only one to answer their desperate price for help, the only one with an antidote to their sickness, will be me." Su was scared. "And all of the Earth Kingdom will love me for it!" she declared. Pei Qi and the other helpers applauded.

Elsewhere, Team Avatar entered a spooky forest. "It's kind of spooky in here," Myrdin said.

Everyone looked worried around them, even Ming. Ming twittered, and Miranda answered, "I know. I'm not scared either."

"I think we're lost," Willy said.

"I'll bend a staircase of earth up to the top of the trees and have a look," Dandelion said and did so. "Hey, guys! I think I see a way, it's right over there!" she said, but unfortunately she breathed in some of Lady Li-Hua's green smoke. Suddenly she felt really weak, so weak that she dropped into the ground.

"Dandelion!" Miranda screamed, and Willy saved her.

"I think she should go home," Willy said.

"No, I have an idea," Miranda said.

"What idea?" Dandelion asked.

"I'm going to meditate into the Spirit World. Maybe I can find Avatar Korra and ask her for help," she said.

"That's a great idea!" Myrdin said.

Miranda managed to enter the Spirit World. There, she met Avatar Korra. "It's nice to see you again, Miranda," Korra said.

"Yeah, it's been a while," Miranda said, smiled, but then she started look worried.

"Miranda, what's the matter?" Korra asked.

"Well, my friend has become sick and lost her bending somehow."

"Hmm... Do you know how?" Korra asked.

"No. Or... I may have a clue. There are some rumors of an evil lady named Li-Hua who makes people lose their bending, but I don't know how."

"I see. Look, I can give you the power to energybend. I can give you the power to resist Lady Li-Hua's poison, and you will be able to do the same thing to your friends, as well as give them back their bending abilities," Korra said while she did exactly that.

Meanwhile, Mir had reached Ba Sing Se. As he went out of the train, he was met by a smiling woman. "Hello, my name is Joo Dee," she said. "I will be your guide as long as you are in our wonderful city."

He was scared, because he had heard the story about the Joo Dees. "Calm down, you are in Ba Sing Se now, everyone is safe here." He was still scared. Then the woman's face turned into a real human's face and she said, "Oh, I'm just kidding. We guides aren't like that anymore. Now that we have the Earth Guardians, there is no more Dai Li, and there is no more brainwashed guides. My real name is Yuki."

Mir was more calm now. The two of them greeted each other, and Mir asked, "When can I meet Earth Prince Kuei?"

"Oh, your meeting with the Prince isn't before next week. Meanwhile I will show you to your house in the Upper Ring," Yuki said and smiled.

"The Upper Ring? I'm not complaining about that," Mir said as he followed her.

Miranda returned to the physical world where Dandelion got her bending back, and Miranda gave all her friends the power to resist Lady Li-Hua's green smoke. As the group kept walking, they eventually got out of the forest.


  • Originally, Dandelion was going to stay sick and be sent back home, but I changed it so Miranda had her best friend by her side.
  • This chapter was originally going to be titled "Surrounded by Green Smoke".
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