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Chapter 2: Ripples from the Past
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26 July 2011

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Miyuki's mind was racing. Moments earlier, she had been sitting in her uncle's guestroom, listening to Captain Yuan tell her that she was the Avatar and that the very balance of the world was in her hands. Miyuki knew about the Avatar, but she never did she believe that the Avatar would affect her in any way, much less be her. What Captain Yuan told her sounded like it must be some sort of joke. But Yuan was quite serious in everything he said. Although it seemed like he had had more to say at the back of his mind. Miyuki had the uncanny feeling that he was hiding something from her.

Now that she was out of the room and walking alongside Ming – one of Yuan's men – in the hallway, the whole scenario carried the impression of a bizarre and extraordinary dream. As Ming and Miyuki walked and talked in the hallway, Miyuki was not paying attention to all he said. She felt in a way like she was still dreaming and as if she were racing fast and standing still both at once.

As she took all of this in, Ming explained to her what the plan was for her future. "While you master each of the four elements one at a time, you'll stay here at your uncle's house and remain under his care. Our platoon will guide your training, providing whatever resources are required and we will find you a new teacher for every element."

"You're picking out my teachers?" Miyuki questioned him, still unsure of herself. "Do I have a say in anything?"

"You needn't worry about a thing," he instructed her firmly. "All you need to worry about for now is learning each bending art. Until you are fully-realized, you will be confined to the grounds of your uncle's home."

"Why can't I leave?" Miyuki asked him resentfully.

"It's just safer if you remain here. Wait to travel until you are at your fullest potential."

"What do you mean it's 'safer?' What am I being kept safe from?"

Ming dodged the question. Miyuki felt that he, just like Captain Yuan, was not telling her the full story. "I know it's tough for you to understand, but this is the way it has to be now." Ming seemed lost in his own thoughts. "You went into the Avatar State at an unusually tender age. You're the real hope for the world this time. I can feel it."

"This time!?" Miyuki inquired, alarmed. "What do you mean this time?"

Ming looked uncomfortable, like he had just done something he was not supposed to. "Never mind..."

Miyuki could tell that he was determined not to go into the subject any further. She would have to wait to discover this piece of information later. She changed the subject. "So did you guys come from the same war my father fought in?"

"We were... a part of it, yes," he said, trying not to say too much.

"What's this war about?" asked Miyuki. She had hoped he would finally crack.

"It's, uh - well – uh..."

"It's what?" Miyuki insisted, irritated.

"Hello again. I suppose that there's no harm in telling her the basics," butted in Yuan. He had emerged from the room now and was standing behind them. "It's between factions in the Earth Kingdom. All of the bigger cities are fighting each other and taking over smaller ones for complete control."

"How did this all start? How will it end?"

"Miyuki, the girl of many questions," joked Yuan.

"I'm serious." Miyuki was unamused.

Yuan made a coughing sound, "Uh, well, you..."

"Me?" she was shocked, "Fine. If I'm so important, I want to live elsewhere."

"I'm afraid that's not possible."

"Why?" her irritation was back again.

"Because you can't. Stop with the questions." Yuan was now irritated, too.

"Tell me!" Miyuki went red in the face, and fire came out of her fists.

"Miyuki, calm down. I'll tell you when the time is right."

"Oh. Well, I'll be leaving now, I have unfinished chores to attend to."

Miyuki walked off to the dining area and began to mop the floors. Bojing then walked in, and he was furious.

"Where the hell were you?" Miyuki was shocked at his language. "Your meeting ended over an hour ago."

"I was having a conversation with Yuan and Ming," she said back, calmly.

"I don't feed you to stand around and chat! When I want something done, I expect it to be done, or I will have to ask you to leave."

"Well, I wouldn't have any reason for being late if my father had money."

"That was his fault, are you trying to blame me?"

"Well, now that I think of it, it is your fault. If you hadn't of laid him off from the family business years ago, we wouldn't be in this mess!"

"He was failing at it. He had met your mother around the time I asked him to leave. He was working less and less. I shouldn't have had to put up with it for so long."

"And then my mother left him. He only had me. He was forced into the army, at such a young age, and he... died..." a tear dropped down Miyuki's cheek.

"Yes, yes. We've all heard that story. Get back to work." this made Miyuki upset. He didn't care!


Bojing began to walk out the door, but stopped in his tracks, "What did you just say?"


"That's it Miyuki, if you refuse to do what I tell you, let me just force you!"

He walked up to Miyuki and grabbed both of her arms. He made them move back and forth mopping the floor.

Miyuki laughed, "You know, you're doing more work than me."

"Shut up, and do what I tell you, Miyuki!"

Miyuki was sick of this. She broke out of his grasp and forced fire into his face. He screamed in pain as Miyuki ran away. She went all the way to her bedroom and slammed the door behind her. She heard Bojing screaming at Lei. He was trying to make him feel better, but all Bojing would do was whine. I hope my father was never like that... she sighed. She missed him and her mother too. Why did she ever leave? Miyuki asked herself. If only anyone knew...

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