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January 7, 2014

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Below is a transcript of an alternate second episode of Legend of Korra: Book Two. Titled Resurrection, it explores a world in which no cure to the late Amon's bending blocks has been found.

Edits to Trivia, Goofs, grammar and choreography are encouraged.


Shiro Shinobi [Narrating a newsreel.] Previously on Legend of Korra! Avatar Korra has mastered airbending, but feels lost without her connection to earth, fire and water. Refusing to compromise her principles by working with an Equalist, Asami may have hurt the future of Future Industries. In the match of the year, the Fire Ferrets won the Pro-Bending Championship Cup, but that same night Mako was expelled from the Pro-Bending league for firebending at a fan! Hounded by the press, Mako suggested a trip to the South's Glacier Spirits Festival, where Korra is excited to reconnect with her Water Tribe roots.
Open to the Southern Water Tribe Docks. The cruiser Team Avatar took from Republic City is pulling into port, guided by bending-powered tug boats. On the crowded deck, Korra points down to the dock and begins to wave.
Korra [to Mako] Look! There's mom!
Bolin [Distracted by the massive yacht docked to the left of the cruiser.] Awesome! I wonder if I could buy one of those with the prize money.
Deckhand [Joining Bolin in appreciating the yacht] She's a looker alright, I hear Varrick's tricked her out with all the latest doodads and gizmos.
Bolin Varrick? Who's that?
Deckhand ...Varrick? [looks at Bolin like he's a complete idiot] Of Varrick Global Industries? [Bolin blinks blankly] The genius billionaire shipping magnate? You're on one of his boats right now? [zoom out to show the massive Varrick-Global logo on the wall behind them'. Bolin still shows no signs of recognition, and the deckhand sighs] ...sponsors the Rhinolions?
Bolin Oh no! But I just beat the Rhinolions in front of thousands and thousands of fans! [hides face in shame] This is so awkward. What if he takes away my ticket? [holds up tickets for the voyage home]
Deckhand [walks away in exasperation] Tourists.
Cut to Bolin, with a look of resolve on his face and Pabu on his shoulder. With a running start, Bolin jumps undetected from the cruiser to the top deck of Varrick's yacht. Rounding a corner, Bolin spies Varrick, who's laying on a deck chair under a set of massive heat lamps, in lounge wear and sunglasses. Zhu Li, his assistant, stands out from under the lamps, wearing poofy snow gear. She fans Varrick with a large palm frond as he sips from a cold drink.
Bolin Hey, um, Mr. Varrick sir, my name's Bolin, I'm a fire ferret, well, not actually a fire ferret, but I do Play for the fire ferrets and as you may know we did just hand your team's tails to them in the pro-bending championship match [laughs nervously] so I wanted to say good match and no hard feelings? [extends a desperate handshake]
Varrick [lifting up sunglasses in surprise] I have a pro-bending team? Zhu Li? Why wasn't I informed of this? Pop a squat kid, tell me all about it. [pulls Bolin down next to him under the heat lamps] How'd we do? [presses face up against Bolin's]
Bolin Well... uuh, You lost.
Varrick Zhu Li! Tell my team they're fired! [throws an arm around Bolin's shoulder.]
Bolin What?
Varrick I like you kid, you're a real straight shooter, just like me. Zhu Li, who am I talking to?
Zhu Li [Adding a tiny umbrella to Varrick's drink] Bolin, Championship Pro-bender sponsored by Future Industries.
Varrick Sounds like a photo op! [Whisks Bolin over to the front of the yacht, where they wave and are lit up with camera flashes] Zhu Li, was this on the agenda? I'm not wearing my front page pants.
Bolin Oh, actually I broke onto your boat.
Varrick [Laughs] Zhu Li, you didn't tell me the kid was a lion shark! [yanks Bolin into a lavish cabin.] feast your eyes on this, it's my latest venture. Moving Pictures! Zhu Li, do the thing. [Zhu Li, who is in the process of serving tea to Bolin, hands Bolin the tray and starts up a projector] You're gonna love this! [a moving image of a running ostrich horse appears on a screen behind Varrick.] Mind blowing, right?
Bolin [impressed] Yeah!
Varrick Now forget that! That's the past! Shut it off Zhu Li! [Zhu Li turns off the projector] Imagine watching this! [gestures toward his left] Ginger, come here and do your poses.
Bolin gasps in amazement as a red haired woman walks towards them. She drops her shawl and strikes a number of poses, as lights flash behind her.
Varrick Spectacular! And, we tell a story: there's romance, action, some funny animal stuff for the kids, whatever! Thanks, Ginger, go rest your gams. [Leaps forward and sits next to Bolin] How about that, lion shark? I'm riding the wave of the future with these "Movers" as I call them.
Bolin Looks great, but I kinda have to get back to my friends [Ginger powders her face in the background.]
Varrick Leaving? Without a pair of these? [holds up a basket of sunglasses] Zhu Li, get this man a card. [Varrick puts on a pair of shades, and whispers to Bolin] Palookas in the public eye like ourselves need to go incognito. [Bolin, listening intently, also puts on a pair of shades] If you ever want to stop by again, the password is "swordfishfly." You'd be surprised how many people out there are trying to steal the berries from this genius pie. [taps forehead]
Cut to Korra, Mako, Senna and Katara on the docks. Korra, in a visibly better mood, hugs Senna.
Korra I missed you mom.
Senna Welcome home, Korra.
Korra It's good to see you, Elder Katara.
Katara [smiling] And you too, dear.
Photographer [A skinny kid, wearing Water Tribe clothes but wearing his hat styled after Republic City reporters, takes pictures of Mako]: Mako! Osen of the Southern Star here! How's it feel to bring shame to pro-benders everywhere?
Senna [to the photographer] Osen, cut that out!
Osen Senna! [shocked, but quickly recovers] Ma'am, the people have a right to the free press!
Senna Isn't it a school night? [Osen flinches] Your mom tells me you're having trouble keeping your grades up. Does she know you're out here?
Osen [turns to Mako] Lucky for you I've got journalistic business elsewhere. [to Senna] But before I go I have an important message from the Editor of the Weekly Southern Star.
Senna You mean your dad?
Osen The Editor would like to send Tonraq his regards, and asks if he would like to contribute to the Southern Star's political column. [looks around] I thought he'd be here.
Korra Yeah, where is dad? [Bolin, wearing sunglasses, stealthily pops back into frame. He whips off the shades, and acts as if he never left. No one notices.]
Senna [frustrated] What do you expect? Look who's here. [Senna waves to the large Northern Water Tribe ship to the right of the cruiser.]
Mako Who's that?
Senna That's Unalaq, a highly respected spiritual scholar and Chief of the Northern and Southern tribes. [Unalaq descends from the ship in a formal procession, flanked by an honor guard, flag bearers, and followed by Eska and Desna.]
Bolin Woah! Who are the lovely ladies? Or dudes, I can't really tell.
Korra That's Eska and Desna, the chief's children. Desna is a guy.
Mako [cut to a closer view of Unalaq's clothing and banners, which bear the Water Tribe and White Lotus insignias] Is he part of the Order of the White Lotus?
Korra [rolling her eyes] Yeah, when he visited the compound he was always going on about how "few still remember the ancient ways." He kept wanting me to help out with all his stuffy research, said the Avatar was bound to be filled with insights about the spirits. ...After a while he gave up. [As Korra narrates, cut to a flashback scene where an eight year old Korra kicks her heels in a cramped room full of scrolls as Unalaq reads a scroll from behind small librarian-style glasses. Young Korra firebends out of boredom, setting some ancient and probably priceless text on fire. Unalaq gives her a stern, disapproving look from over his glasses]
Back in the present, Unalaq cuts a regal figure. He and his procession stop and meet Katara.
Katara [bowing slightly] Chief Unalaq, The Council of Elders welcomes you to the South.
Unalaq [bowing deeply back] Thank you, Elder Katara. I hope I may consult with you later on my most recent findings.
Katara [smiling] You may have the chance to put your research to the test. Korra! Won't you join us dear? [Korra blanches]
Korra Chief Unalaq.
Unalaq Avatar Korra. [Both bow formally. Korra is mildly embarrassed.] I was not aware you would be joining us for the Glacier Spirits Festival. I would be honored if you would attend the ceremony later tonight.
Korra A ceremony? What for?
Katara Never mind that, Korra, for the past six months Chief Unalaq has dedicated himself to finding a cure for your bending block. I've reviewed his work, and it's very promising!
Korra [suddenly gloomy] Oh, I see.
Unalaq [folding his hands behind his back] It may be premature to make such a claim, but with your permission, I would like to attempt a new form of treatment. At the very least, even failures can deliver significant data.
Senna Oh Korra, this is great news! Of course she will!
Katara [To Unalaq] Korra is so lucky to have you on her side. I'm sure you must be busy with your duties as Chief.
Unalaq Indeed. Sadly, the Avatar's profound spiritual disconnect mirrors that of the entire south. So much knowledge, and so many vibrant traditions have faded into the ages. I see it as my responsibility to reconnect the south with its former glory. We will be one tribe again.
Cut to Senna and Tonraq's house.
Senna A cure! Just think, Korra, you could have your bending back by this afternoon!
Korra Could we talk about something else?
Senna Oh, okay. ...Well what about the Glacier Spirits Ceremony tonight? I heard that Unalaq uncovered a set of scrolls detailing the spiritual rites of the South. He'll be holding a ceremony that hasn't been performed since the Hundred Year War.
Korra Now that you mention it, I think I know more about the traditions of the airbenders than I do about my own people.
Senna Did you know that your great great grandmother was one of the last people to ever witness the Glacier Spirits ceremony?
Korra Really? [Flashback to a small group of battered Water Tribe refugees. Korra's great great grandmother, age 4, peeks out over her mother's shoulder where she sits in a backpack. Colorful lights play over her delighted face.]
Senna She was only a little girl at the time, and couldn't tell me much, but she wanted me to know that the entire south had lost something important and beautiful. [There is a fiery explosion off screen, and immediately a blindfold is pulled over the 4 year old's eyes.] That it had been taken from us. [Her mother, scarred and battle-hardened, grips a spear in anticipation of the approaching Fire Nation troops, while Korra's great great grandmother tries to look around through the blindfold, groping and oblivious to the oncoming violence.] It pained her deeply that all she could remember of that night was how pretty the lights had been.
Tonraq Aah, the South's better off without all that boring spirit stuff. Believe me, you've seen one ritual you've seen 'em all.
Senna Well I wouldn't know, since I didn't grow up in the North! It's fine if you want to turn your back on your heritage, but I never got to make that choice!
Tonraq I'm just saying that the Glacier Spirits Festival, no, the entire South, is fine the way it is!
Senna But spirituality is an important part of a person's life! Bolin, Haven't you ever wanted to visit the Earth Temples of Ba Sing Se?
Bolin Where's that? [Senna's face falls.]
Tonraq See? [claps Mako on the back] They're Republic City boys. They grew up fine without all of Unalaq's yammering.
Senna And there it is. Tonraq, you're a highly respected member of this tribe. Everyone knows you're going to be voted onto the Council of Elders the moment you sprout a grey hair. But when it comes to Unalaq you start acting like some moronic teenager! --No offense to present company.
Bolin None taken!
Senna You didn't even come to the docks to pick up Korra because you thought Unalaq might be there! But like it or not, Unalaq's doing great things for this family and this tribe.
Tonraq He's shoving his nose where it's not wanted.
Korra Actually, I'm glad he's here. [cut to Korra] I want to know more about where I come from.
Cut to the front door of the Sato Estate. A tax collector rings the bell, and is answered by a doorman.
Tax Agent Where is Asami Sato? She can't keep dodging me forever!
Doorman My apologies, Miss Sato has gone to the South Pole with the Avatar.
Tax Agent But she still hasn't filed her taxes!
Doorman Yes, quite. Good day.
He shuts door in the tax collector's face. Inside, Asami is flattened against a wall, keeping clear of the windows. She sighs with relief
Doorman For how much longer will you be remaining in the South Pole, Miss Sato?
Asami It's not forever! If I pay my taxes now, Future Industries will go under, but if I can put the last of the cash towards helping the company, maybe I'll buy enough time to find a real solution and pay the taxes later! [Asami smiles desperately, and the doorman looks doubtful.]
Cut to a hallway on Avatar Island. Ikki and Meelo dance around Tenzin's ankles.
Ikki But they're soooo boring!
Tenzin For the last time, Ikki, we are not dying Oogie's fur purple!
Abbot The new Air Acolytes are ready, Master Tenzin.
Tenzin More of them? Already?
Abbot Yes, double the number who joined last week. [Pan across the room of roughly 20 seated new acolytes. The Fire Flakes Vendor, now in Acolyte robes, catches sight of Ikki and Meelo and waves wildly.]
Tenzin I swear, we never had this much interest before Amon.
Ikki [Noticing fire flakes dude] Who's that guy?
Meelo No idea.
Tenzin and the Abbot enter and sit at the front of the room.
Tenzin Today marks the start of your new lives. You have all chosen to dedicate your lives to spirituality, nonviolence, and the preservation of Air Nomad culture, and for that, each one of you has earned my profound respect. It is my great privilege to welcome you to the order of the Air Acolytes.
Abbot Master Tenzin, there is one new acolyte who deserves your attention. He's shown himself to be selfless, dedicated, an exemplar of Air Nomad ideals... [Vendor guy's chest puffs up with pride as the praise continues] Monk Jikoh. [Pan over slightly to the guy sitting next to vendor guy. Vendor guy deflates] Before joining the acolytes, Monk Jikoh distinguished himself in the wake of Amon with his volunteer work; helping to rebuild Republic City physically and socially in the Air Temple Public Outreach Program.
Tenzin Monk Jikoh, you have my sincere gratitude.
Jikoh I owe it all to the teachings of the Air Nomads, Master Tenzin. I think their ideals are what every bender should aspire to, and every non-bender, like me. In spirit, we're all children of the air.
Abbot I see great potential in Jikoh. I think he would do well working under Abbot Shung at the Southern Air Temple.
Jikoh No!
Abbot Excuse me?
Jikoh I'm sorry, but I still have so much more work to do here in Republic City. Please, let me stay with the Outreach Program, I'm begging you.
Abbot This is highly unusual. Acolytes spend at least 2 years studying Air Nomad culture before residing on Air Temple Island.
Tenzin I think an exception can be made. Monk Jikoh seems to have an admirable calling for public service. Air Acolytes from Republic City, working for Republic City, could be just what the city needs.
Cut to the healing huts at the South Pole, where Korra and Tonraq meet Katara and Unalaq.
Unalaq Elder Katara has ...unique insights into the specific damage dealt by Amon's blood bending. It was at her suggestion that I first began to research this. [opens an insulated metal box to remove a pale green crystal]
Korra What is it?
Unalaq Ice, taken from deep beneath the Northern spirit oasis. It was first frozen ten thousand years ago, back when the spirits walked the physical world, and hasn't melted since. I'm hoping it's unique properties will aid in the Avatar's recovery. [Unalaq places the ice in the healing pool, where it cracks apart and melts, giving the water a shimmering green tint. Katara helps Korra into the pool.]
Unalaq Elder Katara, could you please ask the father of the Avatar to step back? [Tonraq's eyes narrow and he backs away]
Unalaq and Katara perform complicated bending forms in tandem, surrounding Korra with a series of vortexes. The tails of the whirlpools latch onto Korra's chi-points and begin to glow.
Tonraq Is it working? [Katara and Unalaq exchange glances, and cease waterbending. The glow fades from the water]
Katara I'm sorry, Korra.
Korra Why? This is Amon's fault, not yours.
Unalaq This is exactly what's wrong with the South today. So much knowledge was lost in the Hundred Year War, for all we know, the cure might have been common knowledge. At least before the Southern Tribe lost touch with itself. [Katara helps Korra out of the pool]
Tonraq Are you blaming the South for this?! For falling to the Fire Nation?! You should be ashamed for getting my daughter's hopes up for nothing!
Korra [Still cold and soaking wet from the pool] It's okay, Dad. I never expected this to work.
Tonraq [looks like his heart just broke a little] ...Ok, sweetie. Let's get you into some dry clothes.
[Tonraq and Katara lead Korra out of the room, leaving Unalaq behind wearing an expression remarkably similar to Tonraq's.]
Cut to fairgrounds, where Korra and Bolin play a carnival game, the goal of which is to squirt water from guns into a chibi Aang's mouth. Korra, cheering, wins the game, causing the chibi Aang's arrow to light up and ring. Mako holds cotton candy. Bolin despairs.
Korra [Taunting Bolin] Aw Yeah! That's how we do it in the South!
Bolin No fair! You're all juiced up with magic spirit water. [Korra and Mako feed each other cotton candy]
Korra Trust me, that stuff's got no kick to it. But carny games, [Korra makes a snowball, and throws it clear across to the dunk-tank opposite the water game booth. The snowball lands squarely on the bullseye, and drops the clown. Korra crosses her arms proudly.] Those're the catgator's meow.
Bolin [spotting Eska and Desna nearby] Oh! Wish me luck. I'm making my move.
Korra [arm in arm with Mako] I don't get what Bolin sees in those two weirdos. Asami's mechs have more personality.
Mako [laughing] It's good to see you back to your old self.
Korra I don't think I am.
Mako I didn't-- I mean-- I know they'll find a cure soon.
Korra No, it's okay. I'd defined myself by my bending for so long, I couldn't even imagine who I would be without it.
Mako [Surprised] But you're you. Amon's bending blocks don't stop you from being the Unagi's knees.
Korra Exactly, I lost touch with what's really important. My family, my friends, my tribe... I think today helped me realize that I don't need to be a waterbender to know who I am.
Mako Wow, I'll have to keep that in mind.
Korra Huh? What for?
Mako Well I'm basically going through the same thing you are, now that I've been kicked out of Pro-bending.
Korra Are you kidding me?! I can't believe you would compare our situations! [Korra storms off]
Mako I don't understand! Why're you upset?
Cut to Tonraq and Senna, who've caught sight of Korra and Mako. Senna is dressed up.
Tonraq I hope Korra's alright
Senna She's strong and she has her family. We'll take care of her.
Tonraq You look nice tonight.
Senna It's for the ceremony.
Tonraq Hmph. Just like Unalaq to require a dress code.
Senna Ugh! I can't talk to you when you're like this. [She leaves, and takes her daughter by the hand.] Come on Korra.
Mako and Tonraq are left standing next to each other.
Tonraq ...You're being respectful to my daughter, aren't you?
Mako Uh! Yes, sir!
Tonraq Of course you are! Because you're a forward thinking young man, who doesn't have his head stuffed full of oppressive, outdated Northern customs.
Mako Um...
Tonraq [exasperated, gesticulating.] You know barely any Northern women ever learn waterbending? It may be legal now but healing's what's traditional. Non-benders always sit behind benders at the temple, and Spirits forgive if a fisherman ever bumps elbows with a Tsungi Horn master.
Mako I grew up in the city, I don't really know anything about that stuff.
Tonraq [Becoming serious] Look around you. [Cut to a food stand surrounded by Southern children, where the vendor offers a group of three Northerners something fried on a stick.] Northerners and Southerners are here, but none of us interact. [The first two northerners turn up their noses and wave the food away.] The North sees this festival as gaudy and insulting, but many Southerners are just as insulted by their rejection of our hospitality. [The third northerner waterbends at the vendor, encasing her hand and the offending fried food in an icicle. The vendor and the group of children bristle with anger. Cut back to Tonraq.] The North calls for unity, but will only have unity on their terms, and those terms are based in Northern spiritual orthodoxy.
Mako But, aren't you from the North?
Cut to Bolin, Eska and Desna.
Bolin Heeey! You're from the north, right? That's cool, that's ummm, like, my favorite direction. And Wow, I'm just, I am loving these robes.
Desna [To Eska.] I think he is trying to establish some kind of bond with us based on our geographic point of origin.
Eska I concur. Brother, this could be an opportunity to test our theory that we have been poorly socialized.
Desna Indeed. One of us should engage in a relationship with this person.
Eska While the other remains as an unattached control subject.
Desna To do otherwise would betray sloppy methodology.
Bolin Wait, so, one of you wants to go out with me?
Eska Correct. We must decide who in a manner devoid of bias. [Eska and Desna play a fair-game in which they fish for snappingturtle-ducklings. They check the bellies, revealing a red dot painted on Eska's snappingturtle-duckling's shell, while Desna's has none.]
Carny We have a winner!
Eska We must begin collecting data. [Desna whips out a clipboard] Express your affections for me quantifiably.
Bolin Umm... How do I do that?
Eska Win me prizes.
Cut to the center of the fairground where a large crowd has gathered in front of a stage. On stage are Varrick and Unalaq, who wears ceremonial robes. The entire area is decorated with electric lights.
Unalaq You strung up lights on the sacred spirit pole?
Varrick I know! Really livens the place up! [elbows Unalaq in the ribs] But feast your eyes on this razzle dazzle! [Varrick pushes a button on a remote control, and sets off a display of fireworks and confetti from the top of the spirit pole. The crowd cheers, and Unalaq looks on in horror and disgust as the confetti falls.]
Varrick [speaking into microphone] Give it up for Chief Unalaq, everybody!
Unalaq As your chief, it is my honor to speak at this festival, which was founded to bring our tribes together and restore the ancient balance between our world and that of the spirits. [Cut to Varrick who is using the remote's antenna to pick at something in his teeth.]

But I am saddened to see what it has become: a cheap celebration of humanity's greed, nothing more than a chance to watch some rube try to stick an entire arctic hen in his mouth. [Cut to Bolin with an entire arctic hen in his mouth, carrying a giant armload of prizes for Eska. Desna writes on the clipboard.]

I feel the time is fast approaching when the North can no longer stand idly by while our Southern brothers slip into total spiritual decay. [Members of Unalaq's guard begin unplugging the lights strung up around the fairground center.]

Tonight I will be holding a ceremony in honor of the glacier spirits. [cut to an excited Senna and Korra] Every member of the Water Tribe is welcome to join me. I only hope we are not too late to save you from yourselves. [Cut to Tonraq with his eyes narrowed as lights go out behind him.]

Varrick Chief Unalaq everybody, always great to have him in town. Now, let's have some fun with Wacky Wushu's Dancing Otter penguins! [A man dressed in purple dances onto the stage, and bends a stream of water onto the platform. Three otter penguins slide along the water, before sliding back, stopping in front of Wushu. All four of them take a bow.]
Cut to Korra and Senna entering a large tent, suddenly cut off from the lights and noise of the fairgrounds. A hole has been cut deep into the ice in the center of the space, down to the ocean below, and a skylight opening lets light down onto the ice well and Unalaq.
Unalaq The South's identity was eroded by war, but it has not healed in the years that followed. [Unalaq's subordinates direct people to different positions around the tent based on gender, age, and bending ability. Korra goes to the non-bending section, and Senna joins her.]
Unalaq [voice-over] You have lost your connection with the spirits, your knowledge and traditions, even your deep ties to the North. [Eska and Desna pull off their robes to reveal equally shapeless ceremonial garments beneath.]
Unalaq [voice-over] I urge you to remember our past glory, that we are one tribe, and one people, for it is in unity that we discover our true strength. [The ceremony begins, as Eska and Desna draw up swirls of water from the ice well. Unalaq bends with a technique similar to healing, and the water begins to glow yellow.]
Unalaq [voice-over] The united spirits of every person here shine out as a beacon for the spirits. [The three of them shift, pulling the water into a constantly flowing curtain. The light plays off of the faces of the participants, and new colors begin to glow and move behind the thin curtain of water.]
Unalaq [voice-over] Welcome them, for this is your legacy, your long-lost inheritance, now resurrected! [The glow begins to ripple off of the participants, resembling the southern lights. Shapes resembling animals and made of light move out through the curtain, spiraling up and out of the tent to the sky above, igniting the southern lights in the sky. Older fairgoers stare up in wonder while children run around, oblivious to the sight above.]
Korra looks on with tears in her eyes, when suddenly Hooligans Attack! The same crowd of kids from the food stand crash through the tent, armed with bending and slingshots. They knock over banners, people, guards, and a tent pole. One kid hits Unalaq squarely in the face with a slingshot of fried food.

The spiritual connection broken, the rising spirits fizzle out like a scream on the radio tuned to static. They turn dark and more tangible, tearing and collapsing the tent as they try to fly up and out. Unalaq, standing under the skylight, attempts to calm the spirits, but fails as the tent falls around him, trapping the people inside. Tonraq rushes over to help.

In the dark, Korra uses airbending to lift the heavy tent off of the terrified attendees, but without access to the avatar state, can only manage to lift one section of the tent at a time.

Unalaq This never would have happened when the children of the Water Tribe knew what was sacred! When they had respect for the spirits and their ancestors! I cannot believe how blind I have been to the South's ruination. [Tonraq helps to pull the hooligans and other trapped people out of the tent. Unalaq sees Tonraq with the hooligans.]
Unalaq You! You sent these delinquents to desecrate the ceremony! [to guards] Seize them! [The guards grab several of the hooligans. Tonraq easily defends two of the others, blasting the guards away with waterbending.]
Tonraq I didn't tell them to do anything. And they're just kids, they don't know what they were doing.
Unalaq [Working with Korra, Senna waterbends ice-poles, lifting up the tent to allow attendees to escape. Korra searches under the tent for any remaining trapped people.] That's just the problem. They should know. And I am guilty for letting the next generation fall into ignorance. [The guards throw the hooligans to the ground and restrain them with ice shackles. One of the guards gets hit in the head with a piece of trash.]
Parent Get away from my kid!
The crowd of southerners is angry, and begins to throw more trash at the northern guards. The Northern guards waterbend back at the crowd. Tonraq intercepts some of the northern guards' waterbending, and the Southern crowd begins to attack the Northerners with icicles. Unalaq raises a wall of ice and snow, shielding his guards, and sends the wall outwards at the attacking Southern mob. The wall crumbles, however, when Tonraq bends the ice out from under Unalaq's feet, breaking his form and sending him tumbling to the ground.
Unalaq [scrambling up from the snow] How dare you! This could have been a great day for the Water Tribe!
Tonraq [angry] Oh, am I embarrassing you, little brother?
Korra [Airbending up the edge of the tent while others escape] What?
Unalaq I had a brother, and yes, he was an embarrassment. [Unalaq waterbends at Tonraq, and Tonraq redirects it back at Unalaq.] But you're nothing but a criminal. [Unalaq sets a jet of water at Tonraq from the side, knocking Tonraq down to one knee.] You stopped being my brother the moment you were sentenced to exile.
Korra is stunned out of bending, and the tent fabric begins to sink back down over her.
Unalaq You're pathetic. [Unalaq bends a blast of ice at the camera]
[Cut to credits.]


  • In the booth where Korra wins a plush Appa, there are six players with water guns, but only five targets.
  • When Bolin speaks to a deckhand about Varrick's yacht, the deckhand's eyes change color.
  • When the Glacier Spirits Ceremony is interrupted, Korra's sleeves become full length gloves and change back to sleeves in the same scene.
  • When Bolin first greets Varrick, the dark green collar of his shirt is missing.


  • The moving picture Varrick showed to Bolin is similar to Sallie Gardner at a Gallop, a sequence of photographs depicting a galloping horse considered as the first film.
  • Osen's name is a nod to comic book character Jimmy Olsen. This choice of name is attributable to creator Bryan Konietzko, a self-avowed "stalwart fan of Mr. Jack Kirby."
  • Along with Unalaq, Iroh is also notable for declaring that "few still remember the ancient ways."

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