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Chapter 1: Motivation - Kuruk's Redemption

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Chapter 3 - The Spirit World

Chapter 2: Old Advice

The sun rises. The sound of turtle seals echoes through the tribe. Kuruk awakes from a surprisingly undisturbed sleep considering what he must do today. He dresses in his blue Water Tribe robe and steps out from his home. It's a sunny day, and on a normal occasion he would go surfing with the aid of his bending. But not today, today was serious for both him, and the fate of his wife. As he starts to make his way to the Spirit Oasis he hears a voice.

"Kuruk! Where are you going? I hope you aren't chasing spirits again." Sokin ran up to Kuruk and gave him a slap on the back. "Not now Sokin, and it isn't your business," Kuruk said. Sokin stayed quiet for a minute and then said "Look I didn't mean to make you mad it's just its been many years now and maybe it's time you move on, there's lots of ladies here who would love to hang out with the avatar himself!" Sokin laughed but Kuruk remained serious. "I appreciate your concern but I need you to let me tend to my business," Kuruk stated. Sokin shook his head "Suit yourself."

Sokin walked away and Kuruk kept walking till he arrived at the Spirit Oasis. He entered. Something about this place always calmed him. "It is a shame I always have to come here on such bad terms," he muttered to himself. He walked up to the grassy patch right in front of the pond. He sees the moon spirit Tui and the ocean spirit La circling each other as they always do. He sits down and clears his mind. Before he enters the Spirit World he wants to contact a past Avatar as he planned to seek advice. Kuruk sits still for a bit, and then Avatar Yangchen appears before him. She was the airbending Avatar before him.

Kuruk instantly spoke "Avatar Yangchen, I need your help. It is my wife and I's anniversary once again, and every time I have tried to go into the Spirit World and save her I have failed to find Koh. I cannot fail this time, I have to redeem myself for being a foolish avatar, and I have to save Ummi."

Avatar Yangchen sat and thought for a minute, then decided to speak. "Kuruk, you have been a naïve avatar, and I fear it will be your downfall if you don't learn your place as avatar in the world. Yes there isn't much danger in the world at the moment, but do you really think it is wise to chase after this woman who was taken by Koh the face stealer? It is a dangerous task you are getting into. You cannot even bend in the Spirit World."

"I am aware of these things, but I cannot live with this weight on my shoulders, just tell me how I can achieve my goal," Kuruk pleaded.

Yangchen responded "Although I do not find this as a good idea, I will help you. The advice I can offer you is this: When you are in the Spirit World you must be patient, don't make rash decisions or anger any spirits because you have little means of defending yourself. Some spirits may help you, others may try to hurt you, so use your judgment Kuruk."

"What about finding Koh?!" Kuruk interrupted.

Yangchen scowled and then replied "I was getting to that. Koh's realm is hard to find, but if you use your judgment as I mentioned earlier and talk to the right spirits, you will find your way to his lair. As for when you see him, no matter what he does or says you cannot show any emotion. Doing so will end you, and let down the whole world."

Kuruk nods "I understand, thank you for your wisdom, Avatar Yangchen." Yangchen nods, and then fades away. Kuruk sits and ponders on her advice for a while. He knows that he is doing this to redeem himself, but Yangchen makes a good point that if he dies, the whole world will be let down. "I need to be extra careful this time, especially because I may need to seek help from some of the spirits" he thinks to himself. The Avatar now clears his thoughts once more and focuses on the gyrating motions of Tui and La. He slowly closes his eyes and enters a deep state of focus and meditation. Kuruk now enters the Spirit World.

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